Big Win

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The Eagles now have the inside track to winning the NFC East and they are still very much in contention for having the best record in NFC. We don’t know how things will turn out, but the team put itself in good position with Thursday’s win.

I think the biggest shock was the play of the defense. They limited DeMarco Murray to just 73 yards on 20 carries, and he had to break tackles on some runs to get his numbers to that level. The Eagles didn’t sell out to stop him. They just kept him under control. The Dallas passing game didn’t fare much better. Tony Romo had thrown at least one TD pass in 38 straight games. That ended on Thursday against the Eagles. With Dez Bryant going against Bradley Fletcher and Cary Williams. Wow. Jason Witten was all over the TV as usual, but instead of this being highlights of his catches it was highlights of him relentlessly yelling at people on the sidelines. As Tony Bruno would say…”Beautiful”.

Speaking of beautiful…

I wrote a piece the other day about how the Eagles might have some advantages due to the quick turnaround. My point was that the Eagles Sports Science program would likely help the players recover quickly and be physically ready for a Thursday game and that the Eagles superior coaching staff would help them to be mentally prepared for the game. Sure looked like both things happened on Thursday.

Jason Garrett is now 2-3 in Thanksgiving games. His wins came against a Miami team that finished 6-10 and an Oakland team that finished 4-12. Those wins don’t say much about the Dallas staff and their ability to handle a short week.

Eagles players now have an extra few days of rest before they report back on Tuesday for practice “training”. The coaches have plenty of time to study Seattle tape and put together a gameplan. The interesting thing about going from Dallas to Seattle is how opposite they are. You need to score points against Dallas. They have a crappy defense, but powerful offense. Seattle is just the opposite. They have the #1 defense, but only a so-so offense. You must be able to play a low-scoring game against them. The hope is to score your usual amount of points, but you can’t count on that against such a stingy defense.

It was very encouraging to see the Eagles win the battle up front so decisively on Thursday. We had a good feeling about the O-line vs the Dallas D. That favored the Eagles, but if you remember the season finale from last year, Dallas kept the game close by having the DL actually make some plays. The Eagles just dominated yesterday.

And the matchup of the day…Dallas’ dominant OL against the Eagles front seven…that wasn’t close. The Eagles were the dominant unit. Murray didn’t have big holes to attack. Tony Romo was under constant pressure. I couldn’t help but think back to Sunday night when Romo had 7.6 seconds on some plays on the final drive. Just how bad is the Giants D? Yikes.

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That just sounds pathetic.

Now that’s just funny.

Just so you know, Dez Bryant isn’t looking past his next opponent (Chicago), but he is focused on the rematch with the Eagles. Let’s hope his teammates have the same level of concentration and focus. Should make the Bears game a lot more fun.



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33-10. Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray combined for fewer yards than LeSean McCoy. The Eagles scored 33 points and ran for 256 yards, but the real star of the show was the Eagles defense. Simply put, they kicked ass. The guys up front talked some smack before the game and they backed it on the field. Fletcher Cox was a beast.

The Eagles are now 9-3 and all alone in 1st place. There is plenty to be thankful for tonight.

More to come.


PHI 23, DAL 7 – 2nd Half

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This is fun. The Eagles have 292 yards of offense and 23 points. Dallas has one TD and one turnover. DeMarco Murray has 13 carries for 46 yards. And Witten/Bryant have been kept under control.

The Eagles would be dominating this if they didn’t get bogged down in the Red Zone on the last couple of possessions. This easily could be 31-7.

There is still plenty of room for improvement, but this is a great start to the game. The Eagles are playing at a high level and Dallas looks tired and sloppy. We’ll see what happens in the 2nd half. You would think the Dallas defense would be extremely worn down and might really fall apart, but desperation does funny things to people. We’ll see if they rally or the Eagles continue to romp.


PHI at DAL – 1st half

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No major surprises with the inactives.

QB N Foles
WR J Maehl
OL D Kelly
OL J Vandervelde

DL T Hart
DB J Watkins
R Carmichael

Lets slow down Murray and keep pressure on Romo.

And I won’t complain if Mark Sanchez decides to stop throwing INTs.

Go Eagles.


Gameday, Turkey Style

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Are you ready for some Turkey Day football?

The Eagles played Dallas on Thanksgiving back in 1989 and won 27-0. You might remember the game by its nickname…The Bounty Bowl. While I’d love a repeat of that, it doesn’t seem likely. Still, one can dream.

I’m not a huge fan of playing on Thanksgiving. I am basically the only football fan in my family. Trying to explain to them the significance of today is like trying to explain the joy of eating turkey to a vegetarian. Simply a lost cause. I am definitely fired up for the game. I wrote a few weeks back about how I hated the Cardinals because they always seemed to bring out the worst in the Eagles. Dallas often brings out the best. I look forward to seeing which players step up today, either in terms of having a great game or making that one crucial play that impacts the game.

I’m curious about screen passes. Dallas struggled with them in the Giants game. Dallas took away the screen pass in last December’s game vs the Eagles. Will that be a point of emphasis for Dallas or not? Darren Sproles caught 7 passes vs Dallas in 2013 and 2012. Was that due to Sean Payton’s design or did Dallas simply not have anyone who could cover him? That is something to watch.

Last year Nick Foles was 17-26 vs Dallas in December. No player caught more than 3 passes. The Eagles are throwing more this year. It will be interesting to see who gets fed the ball. Dallas could try to take away Jordan Matthews. I’m sure Mac and Coop would be just fine with that. More balls for them.

Bill Davis did a good job against the Boys last year. They had 39 total points in 2 games. To put that in perspective, Dallas had 3 games where they scored 36 or more points last year. The Eagles didn’t shut them down, but did limit their success. I’m fine with that same formula today. Give up yards between the 20s if you have to, but keep them out of the end zone.

The Eagles don’t need to do anything special to win today. They just need to play good football. They have more talent. The backup QB angle is a factor, but Mark Sanchez is good enough to lead this team to 28 points. That should be enough to win if the D and STs do their part. The big challenge is for the defense to play well enough to limit Dallas. Every stop is crucial.

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Here is Fran Duffy’s All-22 preview. Great stuff as always.

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In case you get bored and want some reading material, here is my DGR for last year’s 24-22 win over Dallas.