Talking 10

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The Eagles have a lot of options at pick 10. While Howie Roseman hasn’t loaded up on elite free agents, he’s added capable players to fill roster holes. That will give him the freedom to focus on drafting who he wants, not who he needs.

I still think OT Peter Skoronski is a viable option. The Eagles have Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson signed for the next few years so OT isn’t a need. Skoronski can also play OG. This season Jason Kelce will be the center and Cam Jurgens at RG. In 2024, Kelce might be gone. Jurgens could stay at RG, but likely would move to C. Skoronski could then take over at RG.

Andre Dillard left in free agency. Jack Driscoll is in the final year of his deal. That means the Eagles will need depth at OT. Skoronski could start at RG, but also provide depth at both OT spots.

We also have to acknowledge that Lane Johnson will turn 33 this spring. He hasn’t played a full season since 2017. Johnson is still an elite OT, but injuries could be more of an issue as he gets older.

Skoronski is the best OL prospect in the draft. He could start at any position with his combination of size, skill and athleticism. If he makes it to 10, the Eagles might not be able to pass him up. We know they love good OL. It isn’t often you have a pick high enough to get the best OL in the draft.


I still don’t know what to think of DT Jalen Carter. He is my favorite prospect in the draft, in terms of play. Off the field, there are major questions. That’s how he might fall to the Eagles.

They need Big Dom to pull out his shovel and dig, dig and dig some more. If they think Carter can get past the issues of recent months, he’s absolutely worth taking a chance on. If they aren’t sure, pass on him. Plenty of guys fail in the NFL because they don’t have the maturity to act like a professional. It isn’t a game, it’s a business.

When you watch the tape, Carter is special.

Carter would be an ideal fit for the Eagles. He’s got the power to 2-gap and the athleticism to get upfield and be disruptive. He can play all up and down the line. It will be interesting to see how far he falls and who takes a chance on him. There is risk, but the reward could be tremendous.


I’ve written plenty about the top CBs, Christian Gonzalez and Devon Witherspoon. Both would make sense for the Eagles. Gonzalez has the higher upside, but Witherspoon is incredibly impressive. He’s the best hitter/tackler among corners in the draft.


I don’t like the idea of DL Lukas Van Ness at 10. I’d rather trade back and take him. Van Ness is a physical, athletic rusher who can play inside or outside. There is a lot to like about him. At the same time, he never started at Iowa. He’s talented, but raw. I’d be nervous about spending 10 on him.


Jaxon Smtih-Njigba is the top WR prospect. Pick 10 feels a bit early for him and I’m not a fan of the Eagles going for a WR in the first round. That said, I do love JSN as a prospect. This video is so fun to watch.

You see a receiver who has great body control and is ultra-competitive. He has outstanding hands. JSN isn’t a burner, but you see him still making big plays. That’s where his competitiveness comes into play. JSN battles for every possible yard. He is at home in the slot and working the middle of the field. He’s good in the red zone. He also can be your punt returner.

I just don’t think the Eagles need to spend a high resource on a receiver with young stars like AJ and DeVonta already in place. If they did trade back from 10 and took JSN, I wouldn’t complain. One of my favorite prospects.


I’ve had a few people ask about Brian Branch, the star safety/nickel from Alabama. 10 is just too early for him. Branch lacks ideal size and isn’t special athletically. He was great for Bama and is a very good prospect, but I see him more in the 15 to 30 range. If the Eagles move back, Branch would be better value. It just doesn’t feel like the Eagles want to spend a resource that valuable on a safety.


Streets of Fire

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The Eagles theme for the offseason has been loading up on cheap veterans. That trend continued on Thursday when they signed DT Kentavius Street away from the Saints.


Most sites list Street with 3.5 sacks last year. According to my records, he had 27 sacks last year. I guess PFF and the other sites need to get their facts straight. Pretty embarrassing for them.

How did the Eagles get this Hall of Fame candidate? Sources tell me other teams were too intimidated to negotiate with him. Howie Roseman, fearing no man, called up Street’s agent and offered him some cash, a case of PBR and unlimited Funyuns. I don’t need to tell you what happened next. No mortal could resist that.

Street is an athletic DT. He lists at 6-2, 287. He came into the league as a DE/DT hybrid, but he’s found a home playing on the inside. The Eagles needed depth on the DL and Street gives them that.

Look at front seven for now.

DE Josh Sweat ……….. Brandon Graham
DL Milton Williams ….. Kentavius Street
NT Jordan Davis ……… Marvin Wilson
DL Fletcher Cox ……… Marlon Tuipulotu
SAM Haason Reddick …… Patrick Johnson
LB  Nicholas Morrow ……. Christian Elliss
LB  Nakobe Dean ………… Davion Taylor

The Eagles still need depth on the DL and at LB. Street does offer a pass rusher off the bench.

Good signing. Street isn’t going to come in and be an impact player, but he can be a good role player. He’ll have good pass rushers around him so that will help. Street just has to do his part and be disruptive.


If you want to know more about safety Terrell Edmunds, here is Jonny Page’s write-up on him for BGN. His conclusion:

Last year the Eagles’ defense had a Pro Bowl-level player at nearly every single position. That is unsustainable and the fact is that the Eagles needed to sign some low-cost average starters this year. Edmunds is exactly that. He profiles as an average safety who isn’t going to win you any games with his play-making ability, but he won’t lose you games with backbreaking errors either (hopefully!). He’s a reliable starter who could be replaced pretty easily in the future but will give the Eagles someone who can play meaningful snaps from day one.

That’s fair.

I watched parts of a couple of games to get a feel for Edmunds. Talented, but frustrating player. I wonder if playing in a different scheme will help him. We saw CJGJ have his best year in this scheme. Marcus Epps developed in this scheme. Reed Blankenship had a promising rookie year in this scheme. Maybe they can get the best out of Edmunds.

Or not.

He’s versatile. But that’s kind of a double-edged sword. He is okay in a variety of roles, but doesn’t really stand out in any of them. Edmunds gives the Eagles a player who can start and be functional. Maybe he can be better than that. You just don’t count on it.

The Eagles will keep looking for better options. Last year they found CJGJ in late August. They may not get that lucky this season. Edmunds is both acceptable and replaceable at the same time.


This is fantastic.

Mike McCarthy = ?

I think you’ll love the answer.


The Eagles continue to look at DL and CBs. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about them and OL, beyond a couple of top guys who visited.

The Eagles won’t “have” to go with any position. They’ll have the freedom to choose the best player. It will be interesting to see who that is because there are some really talented choices at a variety of positions.


If you don’t get the reference in the title of the post, here you go.

An under-appreciated 1980’s cult hit. Great action. Cool music. And Diane Lane in her prime. Grab some Funyuns and check it out.