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I’ve gotten several questions from people so I decided to answer them in the form of a post.

Which of the top OTs in the draft are best suited to play G?

I don’t like Carimi or Solder at G.  Castonzo played G in the Senior Bowl and really surprised me.  He wasn’t great, but was much better than I would have guessed.  Tyron Smith really looks like an OT.  Derrick Sherrod isn’t a guy you want on the inside.  He’s not a tough, physical blocker.

I don’t think Ben Ijalana is worth a 1st round pick, but he has the size and skills to be a good OG.

What mid-late round SS prospects do you like?

I don’t think the Eagles will spend a high pick on a SS.  They think Nate Allen can be a star at FS.  They like what they see out of Kurt Coleman.  The Eagles could take a Safety in the later rounds to build depth.  The player might eventually become a starter, but wouldn’t have those expectations initially.

* Shiloh Keo, Idaho – Goes almost 220 pounds.  Tough, physical, competitive player.  Could be great on STs.  The question is whether he can cover.

* Da’Norris Searcy, UNC – Mid-round guy most likely.  Good career, Senior Bowl, and Combine.  Almost 220 pounds.  Productive.  KOR.  Real interesting prospect.

* Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple – Played FS in college and has more of a tall, sleek build.  Tough enough to play in the box.  Good hitter, tackler.

* Eric Hagg, Nebraska – Unique player.  Played LB, S, and CB, depending on the scheme and the offense.  More of a coverage guy, but solid tackler.  Could be very good STer.

I was asked about Joe Lefeged from Rutgers.  Possible target, but never a guy that stood out to me.  He is a good KOR and that would be nice to have in a backup DB.

This isn’t a question, but there is some confusion about free agency and restricted free agents.

Prior to last offseason players were UFAs after 4 years of service.  The fact that 2010 was the final year of the CBA meant that new rules kicked in and players suddenly needed 6 years of service to be unrestricted.

We don’t know what the rules will be when the offseason starts.  Teams tendered players with less than 6 years just to be safe.  I think it is likely that any agreement done in the next 3 or so months will involve the old rules.  That benefits both players and teams.  It means a lot of players hit free agency and can get that big signing bonus they so greatly desire. It puts more targets out there for teams to pursue.

We can’t count on the old rules being in place, but I just think that is the more likely scenario.

What is going on with the DL, especially DT?

I’m working on a post that will focus on DT.  Confusing situation because of the coaching change and the amount of unknown variables.  Lots of guesswork to be involved.

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  1. 1 T_S_O_P said at 4:31 PM on March 20th, 2011:

    Just an interesting note on Justice and his poorly knee in the PO game with Green Bay. Vitali Klitschko beat Odlanier Solis last night in Germany in a very unspectacular Heavyweight Championship fight. Apparently Solis has been nursing a poorly knee but thought it strong enough to go ahead. With about 40 clicks left of round 1, he lunges forward to throw a punch and then changes direction to avoid one, and bang, there goes his knee.

    In TATEland, I do find it strange how there is so much optimism about Washburn and what he will do with his bunch of under-performers (Cole aside); yet Mudd requires a RT, a RG and possibly a Center too, otherwise we have no hope.