The Man In The Middle

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  • http://Website Snoopy

    Stew’s injuries…

    torn ACL in college
    torn ACL in pros
    dislocated elbow

    Some people are obviously injury prone and unfortunately, it appears Stew may fall into that category. The concussion bothers me the most since he was visibly wobbly. Beyond Buck, I really can’t remember somebody on the eagles who actually got healthier with age.

    I agree with the 1 year plan but beyond that, Stew’s injuries scare me.

  • http://Website Zack

    I wish these idiots would hurry up and get a deal done. I hate reading about the guys “the Eagles are interested in”….these reports make me think we’re going to have another off season of the Eagles outsmarting their competition…

    As for MIKE – I feel we should pass on Stu, unless we get him dirt cheap. He’s had bad injuries and only really has 1 good season to his name. You can’t pay a guy like that. Chaney should man the middle this year if you ask me.

    and as I should in all my comment….Vote Nnamdi

  • http://Website Name

    say keep stew as long as it is a 1 year deal for not too much $$. i hope he can make it back cuz i was a huge stew fan, but he just seems like he is very injury prone.

    Zack, i get the feeling if its not Nnamdi, you will be very upset with whatever happens. U might be setting ur self up for disapointment. Dont get me wrong i am in love with the idea of him here but there are 30 other teams out there and there are other moves we could make that could get us over the hump. i think we get someone like hayneworth and he performs at a high level and we get someone like ike, i would be more than happy

  • http://Website CVD

    Zack and on the last post from below. i get what u r saying when u said instead of paying some guys 30mill, why not pay 50 mill to a stud, and i agree especially since signing someone like nnamdi seems like you know for sure he will be a stud and the other guys u arent sure how they will work out. but he may not want to come here or someone might blow him away with $$.

    i belive in the organization and i know that is not common in philly. i really belive in andy and i know that is also not common. i really dont get why there is so much hatred in philly towards the eagles. outside of philly the eagles and reid get the credit they deserve but not in philly. i feel like the talk show hosts brain washed eagles fans.

    if we had brady and pats had dmac, who do u think would have won all those superbowls? i like dmac but iv always felt reid made him better than he seemed.

  • http://Website CVD

    on my above comment

    thats why i love this site and BGN. they arent like the other negative sites, and they are not overly positive like the has to be, although i like fandemonium on the site

  • http://Website Thunderlips

    Fandemonium??? That guy is a hack…

  • Tommy Lawlor

    Hack is putting it mildly.

    You’d get better writing if you puked in a fountain pen and mailed it off to the monkey house.

  • http://Website OZ

    I wanted the Eagles to trade for Morrison last year, don’t know about him in the new system though…

  • http://Website Mike

    Tommy… What are your thoughts on Adam Caplan’s report about Darryl Washington being a potential trade target in a Kevin Kolb deal with Arizona?

    I remember reading a lot about him before the 2010 draft. Scouts seemed to be really high on the guy, many mocks had him has a late first round pick. I was hoping to Eagle would draft him in 2010.

    Washington at WILL and Chaney at MIKE could make for a good young LB combo for years to come.

  • http://Website Jeppe

    Is it possible to set this page up in a way in which we log in, so that we don’t have to always type in our name, mail etc. when we want to make a comment?

    How would you like it if we traded Kolb straight up for DRC and Washington? That would leave us with only LDE and possibly DT as questionmarks for the season. Is that too little compensation for a starting QB??

    I just bought a brandnew computer, and want to watch some of last seasons games on full HD. Is it possible to buy some sort of Eagles 2010 gamepass on How do you watch all of your film, Tommy?

  • http://Website DB

    Could Stew possibly be used as a rush end in our new defense?

  • http://Website Mike

    @Jeppe… If it happened I would love it but I doubt the Cardinals make that move. They aren’t going to give up 2 starting defenders. At best I think we can hope for a starting defender + pick or 1st round pick + another pick.

    I may actually like the idea of trading for Washington better than trading for DRC given that there are a couple of different options at corner in free agency and not great options at LB outside of Tulloch.

    I’m interested to hear Tommy’s thoughts on Washington based on his 2010 draft scouting.

  • Cliff

    @ Jeppe

    As far as I know, the only way to legally watch NFL games on your computer is to buy NFL Sunday Ticket.

  • Cliff

    I like watching Jon Gruden make these rookie QB’s feel uncomfortable (currently watching Gruden QB Camp), but I think he’s just off his rocker. I know his mission is to make these guys squirm, but some of his questions are just pointless. Half these questions he’s asking Pryor have nothing to do with Pryor. Haha. Gruden is going to be absolutely senile in a couple decades.

  • http://Website ATG

    I don’t know about Stew. I want the old Stew back. On the other hand, if he was on another team, would I want us to pick him up? Probably not. Since we are changing systems and since we don’t have any preseason workouts on which to base a decision, our situation seems similar to deciding on a guy from another team. It i kind of sad, but I don’t think we should put a lot of chips on 55.

    Maybe, but senile and fiery should make for good viewing.

  • http://Website mcud


    You and I have disagreed (somewhat) on Stewart for awhile now, probably going back to when he was drafted. I’ve never been terribly impressed with Stew at the MIKE, even going back to ’08. No doubt, the Eagles’ defense was rockin that year, and I was fine with Stew in the middle, but I’ve always thought he was perfectly suited for SAM. People wanted the next Trotter, and I don’t blame them. I just always thought Stew would have been better off trying to be the next Carlos Emmons for us.

    Overall, Stew has okay tools for everything we ask of our MIKE. Perhaps even “pretty good”. He covers very well for a guy his size, but that’s not the same as covering “very well.”. I guess it would be different for me if he was a true impact hitter. He’s not. Never has been. To me, when watching him, Stew exceeds my expectations in coverage for a man his size, but is disappointing when it comes to being a real impact tackler and hitter. With the way McD had our DTs taking up blockers, Stew should get some real kill shots. He really doesn’t, right?

    No. If it were up to me, I’d move him to SAM, where he (again, arguably) should have been all along. Put Chaney at the MIKE, with Casey on deck.

    Just my opinion.

  • http://Website SadPeguin

    @mcud….I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I really like Stew, at SAM. He’s a capable MIKE LB, but I think he would make for a great SAM if he could lay off the injuries.

    I really want to see Chaney at MIKE. I don’t want the job handed to him, but the way that 7th rd rookie came in and played last season in crunch time shows me he has potential to be something special. He’s fast, smart, communicates well pre-snap, and is always around the ball…I’m in.

    Still not sure where Casey fits in though. Is he better suited at MIKE or WILL?

  • T_S_O_P

    Wouldn’t the Browns be a team that might offer Stew an equally attractive 1 year deal?

  • http://Website Greg

    That’s interesting that you think we are going to get Chad Greenway. I didn’t think the Eagles have any inclination do sign a new LB, since we got 3 in the last draft. But your point makes the most sense – sign Stew to a 1-year deal and groom Casey Matthews to be the next Clay.
    I honestly thought Stew Bradley was going to be the next Clay Matthews last year. The idea of letting him go this year hurts. I think he deserves one more shot, considering he has so much upside. With so much on the line for this year, I see Stew emerging as a stud again, and reclaiming the MIKE spot.