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I’ll post a Steelers preview after lunch.  For now I’m going back to answer questions from the DGR and yesterday.

No Lindley notes?  I went back and re-watched parts of the game again to see what I could pick up on Brandon Hughes and Trevard Lindley.  Both guys looked fine, but neither had any stand out moments.  Hughes played both CB spots and in the slot.  There was one play that really confused me.  He lined up like a Safety in the box.  Hughes seemed best at press coverage.  Both Hughes and Lindley seemed pretty solid in coverage.  Didn’t see any major mistakes.

What’s up with Akeem Jordan?  He didn’t play much.  He was on the field in the 2nd Qtr, but the Ravens played a lot of 3 WR sets and that meant the Nickel D.  Rolle and Clayton were out there for that.  Jordan looked okay when he was on the field.  There was one play where he looked a bit lost while chasing a player, but it was hardly anything to get fired up about.  It is sorta interesting that Rolle is playing on the #2 Nickel defense and Jordan isn’t.

Does Phillip Hunt look bigger than he lists?  Yes, he does.  He also plays bigger.  That is one of the reasons I think the Eagles will have to put him on the roster.  I was really impressed with what I saw.  He played quick, fast, and strong.  That said, the Ravens OTs were awful.  That means we need to be a little bit cautious with our excitement.

How did J Jarrett do in coverage?  I was pleasantly surprised.  His INT was nothing great, but he made a play when the ball came his way.  That’s what you want a S to do.  Have the awareness to see the ball and the ball skills to make the catch.  Jarrett lined up in the slot at least once and looked comfortable.  Good opening game for him.

How does the new KO rule affect Colt Anderson?  It makes a huge difference.  Combine that with the impressive play of Jarrad Page and I’m now projecting Colt to be cut.  There are 3 games left and a lot can change, though.  I want to stress that Colt has been fine, but the situation around him has changed.  Page played really well last week.  I’m interested to see if he can have another strong game.

Any worries about PK Alex Henery?  Sure.  Rookie kickers are frightening.  The thing I have to point out is that kickers are weird mentally.  Some are supremely confident.  Others take a while to get into a comfort zone.  I remember watching the Jaguars version of Hard Knocks years ago.  Their rookie kicker was a mess for all of TC and a couple of games.  Then the light went on and he got better.  He pretty quickly became a good kicker.  Let’s see what Alex does tonight and next week before getting too nervous.  We can add a veteran kicker at the last minute and be okay there.  Not good, but okay.

What happens if Reid doesn’t win the Super Bowl with such a loaded team?  Does that mean he can’t win the big game?I don’t believe any coach can be labeled “a guy who couldn’t win the big game”.  There has to be a marriage between coach and team.  The style/personality matchup is critical.  It also helps to have a little luck.    Bill Belichick didn’t win in 2007 when he had his best overall team.  Jimmy Johnson won back to back Super Bowls in Dallas with great talent, but couldn’t do squat in Miami.  Look at Mike Shanahan.  Give him great talent and he’ll win big.  Give him anything less and he’s erratic.  Tom Coughlin had more talent in Jacksonville, but won the SB with the good, but not great 2007 Giants.

The question really is this:  what kind of team does Reid need to win the big game?  This is a discussion to have on another day when we can really think about things.  Interesting topic idea.

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  1. 1 Iowa Eagle said at 9:58 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    If Hunt and Teo show great things in the preseason, would it be out of the question for the Eagles to carry 6 DE’s?

    * Even though we’ve only seen one preseason game, could you do a quick shout out of what/who you currently think our DT and DE roster will be?

  2. 2 Tommy Lawlor said at 10:01 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    6 DEs is a definite possibility.

    After tonight’s game, I’m going to work on a projected roster. Will be a weekend column.

  3. 3 americanfoot said at 10:03 AM on August 18th, 2011:


    If Chad Hall has a couple more good preseason games, continuing last week’s effort, do you see him making the final 53-man roster? This feels like another Danny Amendola situation…

  4. 4 Matt Verhoog said at 10:15 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    I think it’s safe to say this year that we have more then 53 NFL quality players.

  5. 5 Iowa Eagle said at 10:23 AM on August 18th, 2011:


    I agree… like Reid said in his press conference: “We’re going to be cutting some quality players”

  6. 6 Iowa Eagle said at 10:29 AM on August 18th, 2011:


    One of the ESPN analysis had to pick out 5 WRs to have break out years, and Danny was one of them… Anybody remember carrying 7 WRs because we were so impressed by Brandon Gibson? Haven’t watched the Rams much.. I wonder how that kid is doing, looked amazing in camp and preseason before trading him.

  7. 7 JakFTW said at 10:39 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    I have this feeling that Chad Hall is going to make the team. Not because of his receiving prowess, but because of his flexibility – He’s a WR, can return both punts and kicks and can spot in at RB in an emergency, as well as contributing on special teams.

    Of course this assumes that they keep 6 WRs (D-Jax, Maclin, Avant, Sunshine, Smith and Hall), which I’m guessing would mean keeping only 2 TEs.

  8. 8 Nick said at 10:40 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    Tommy, I know you wanted to save it for a future post but here’s my two cents:

    I think this is the team built for Big Red to win a Super Bowl. A passing offense built to take quick leads and build on them (so that we don’t need to worry about Reid’s clock management skills). A dynamic quarterback who can run with the ball and supply leadership in crunch times (one of McNabb’s failings). A pass rushing, turnover causing defense.

    About the only thing lacking is a dominant offensive line, but Vick may be able to cover for that.

  9. 9 Nick said at 10:43 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    … and I think Reid needs a leader on defense, maybe Castillo and the Big 3 CBs?

  10. 10 Tommy Lawlor said at 10:50 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    RE: Hall

    I’m on the fence about him making the team.

    PROS: versatile (WR/RB/RS), tough, reliable, no problems with him (ego, character, etc.)

    CONS: short + slow isn’t good, limited upside, hasn’t stood out as RS

  11. 11 ATG said at 11:05 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    @ Nick

    Your comment rings true to me. The style that seems to have had the most success for us is one that is built for a snowball effect. To some extent, that would be true for any team, in any sport, but I think it fits for Andy more so.

    I think our staff’s in game adjustments have taken unfair criticism to some extent in the past. I think partly because the pre-game planning is such a strong suit for us. I don’t remember many times where I thought the other team was better prepared for the game. Because of that, a team that is built to strike quickly, then protect and build on the lead is a good fit.

    The leadership aspect I see as more necessary to keep everyone together when that plan doesn’t pan out and we are in a dogfight. I think the combination of high character guys, veterans who have won it all and guys that are hungry give us that leadership.

  12. 12 JakFTW said at 11:30 AM on August 18th, 2011:


    RE: Hall – I agree with your assessments both pro and con – I just think that the pros are more significant.

    – He may be short and slow, but he seems to have a knack for getting open, he knows the offence and I think his ability to play RB as well gives you some flexibility when deciding who to activate on game day.
    – He may have limited upside, but my impression is that others who could take his spot don’t either. You probably have a better idea of Moss’ and Higgins’ ceilings, but my impression is that they don’t have significantly more upside. Lee is the other player I think could take his spot, and I think that is more about what packages the coaches want to use.
    – My impression from the snippets I’ve seen from training camp is that Higgins and Moss have not stood out as returners (Although there are still PS games to show up). If the new kickoff spot is going to decrease the number of kick returns, and assuming that DeSean is still going to return a significant percentage of punts, Chad’s mediocrity as a returner doesn’t really put him in front or behind any other players for a roster spot, in my opinion.

    I think Chad’s definitely a bubble player, but I think he’s going to make it.

    Tommy, do you think that Moss or Higgins are more likely? If the FO isn’t enamoured with any of those three, who else has return experience? Who do you think will be the primary KR and backup PR?

  13. 13 Iowa Eagle said at 11:47 AM on August 18th, 2011:

    I’m sure Reid will give him some help, but with the 1st team playing an entire half… is anyone else concerned about King protecting Vick’s blind side..?

  14. 14 Fran35 said at 11:47 AM on August 18th, 2011:


    On eof the big concerns I have going into this season and I think is really going under the radar a bit is Michael Vick’s health. I understand he is a running QB and is prone to big hits. However, I was always a bit disconcerted last year when Vick would refuse to slide. He stated that “he didn’t know how and couldn’t do it”. This is BS in my opinion. Our season is totally reliant on his health. I think he MUST learn to get down. His toughness is noble, but bordering on shortsighted and selfish. I don’t buy his excuse that he never learned to slide and can’t do it properly. The guy is a world calss athlete.

    You have to know that defensive players across the league and our division are just waiting to lay him out this season. Vince Young is a frightening proposition for me.

    Rant over. Do you think Reid will get some compliance out of Vick this year with the sliding thing?

  15. 15 J.O in steeler country said at 12:23 PM on August 18th, 2011:

    @ eagle Iowa…I am a diehard eagles fan living in PGH. I here about Lamar Woodley day in and day out on the radio and TV….I am scared to death about him going up against the “King” I see a lot of Celek/Harbor/Lee lining up on that side and at least chipping, and also Shady looking right first when he stays in to protect!!! On the other side of the ball…the steeler’s oline is a weekness, look for the DLine to win a lot of battles….Just grab big bens right arm when you go for the sack, or he will still try to throw the ball!! The eagles should REALLY throw the ball a lot tonight…No Ike Taylor, No Mcfadden, leaves William Gay as their #1 corner. He is the player that got abused by Jordy Nelson in the SB. He’s got Desean tonight!!! Steelers safeties will do a lot of coverage over the top to help Gay. Let’s Go EAGLES!!!

  16. 16 Tommy Lawlor said at 12:51 PM on August 18th, 2011:

    RE: Dunlap

    Eagles will give him help at times. They’ll also test him. After all, we’ve got to find out if he can play RT in the new scheme.

  17. 17 Tommy Lawlor said at 12:53 PM on August 18th, 2011:

    @ fran35…

    I hope the coaches have beaten it into Vick’s head to choose his battles more carefully.

    I hope the fact the team dealt Kolb and made it clear this is his team will help him to dial down his aggressive instincts. Not every yard is worth taking a hit for. Play smart. Forget the battle, win the war.

  18. 18 Tommy Lawlor said at 12:54 PM on August 18th, 2011:

    @ JakFTW…

    You make some good points on Hall. There is definitely a case to be made for him. If we had a 58 or 60 man roster, he’s the type I’d absolutely want. Sticking with just 53 makes it trickier.

  19. 19 iskar36 said at 3:32 PM on August 18th, 2011:

    For me, the issue with Hall is not that he doesn’t have talent, but I just have a hard time seeing him on the team over several of the other guys who are on the bubble. Hall would be the 6th WR on a team with a lot of talent at WR. While he CAN return kicks and/or punts, he didn’t look great doing it last preseason and honestly, I’m not sure he is a guy I would fully trust. On the other hand, we have deep competitions along the Oline, TE, DT, S, and CB with bubble players that I think can make bigger contributions than Hall throughout the season. On top of that, I think if you keep 6 WRs, keeping Higgins makes more sense because at least we have a solid returnman then.