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Julian Vandervelde is on his way to Philly.  There is some question about whether he’s coming here to join the roster or the practice squad.  After having a discussion with Les Bowen on Twitter, it seems like the best bet is Vandy being signed to the practice squad.  Kyle Nelson was added there last week when the team wasn’t sure about the health of Jon Dorenbos.  Now that Dorenbos is all good to go, there is no real need to keep a second LS around.

Vandervelde is a player that Howard Mudd liked quite a bit.  He struggled in the summer as the Eagles had him try to learn the position of C.  He was very erratic there and that hurt his confidence.  He wasn’t terrible at LG, but simply didn’t show much progress from his rookie season.

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Someone in the comments section shared this link and it is worth posting here.  A former Pitt teammate tells a funny story about Shady.

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Speaking of Shady…apparently Jim Rome made the comment that the #1 threat to player safety in the NFL is Shady McCoy in space.  That was a wicked move he put on Kenny Phillips.  Knees and ankles aren’t meant to have to move like that.

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Shutdown Corner on Yahoo has some good NFL coverage.  This story about the final minute of the Eagles-Giants game would not be described as good.  I’m sure LeShon McCoy would agree.  Ugh.

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This edition of Spudcam shows some good Dawk coverage.

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At halftime, Chicago leads Dallas 10-7.  Tony Romo has thrown 2 TDs…one to Dallas, one to Chicago.

Go Bears.


  • TommyLawlor

    My Bears are now up 17-7. More please.

    • P_P_K

      Mine are up 24-7 on Lance Brigg’s td! Did you see Romo on the turf? Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • TommyLawlor

    Bears now lead 24-7. Romo with another giveaway. Lovely.

    • ICDogg

      DA Bears.

      • A_T_G

        Now we could use a spirit-crushing, division-causing comeback attempt that comes up short because of a few delightfully boneheaded plays.

        • Daz

          romo throwing an intercept every ten attempts = fun to watch!

          • A_T_G

            Yep. We won’t be tied for last in scoring any more. And if this keeps up, we won’t be last in turnovers either.

          • drichwine

            He was jealous of all the press Vick has been getting…

  • SteveH

    As much fun as watching the Bears trash the Cowboys is, that garbage time TD to Brandon Marshall cost me some money.

  • So I get to watch the Cowboys crap the bed against a Bears team that we don’t have to play, and it also gives the Eagles 1st place in the division?

    I… feel unworthy.

    • TommyLawlor

      :Pretty good Monday night, huh?

  • A_T_G

    Let’s see Orton throw for two quick TDs and start a controversy.

    • TommyLawlor

      Would have been nice.

  • Yuri

    Shutdown Corner article author is highly qualified: “Frank Schwab writes about college football and offers unsolicited opinions on pretty much everything else too.”

    Personally, I like LeSHONN McCoy!

  • Davesbeard

    Those clips of Dawk were incredible, love that the Eagles put on a show like that for him. Hard to imagine a greater Eagle in my lifetime. (Relatively new Eagles fan)

  • Eagles&Orioles

    Wow. I enjoy Shutdown Corner but that article was garbage. I thought the PI call on DRC was the right call. I was in standing room only on the other end of the field, but in either my view or the replay on the big screen that they showed on the big screen the Asomougha PI call looked very questionable. When I watched highlights the next day, though, it didn’t seem as questionable. But Barden’s OPI? Come on. He grabbed Namdi, who was in good position for the INT by the head and threw him down. Textbook OPI, and not a bad play by Barden.

    Insane ending. From my vantage point, Tynes’ second FG attempt looked good.

  • Eric Weaver

    Tommy, any ideas as to why the eagles no longer have a defensive rep meet with the media after games now?

    • nicolajNN

      Is Vick the only player now? It used to be 3 players a few years ago

    • Ark87

      I noticed that too. Who would be the player be? Cullen and DeMeco don’t seem to be terribly media friendly. Nnamdi is articulate, but is flat and isn’t really a leader of the D (CB’s are too focused in on their islands to speak to the rest of the D’s performance anyway). I would nominate Coleman, media friendly, smart, seems to be respected by his team. I think Kendricks will be the Face of the D in the future. Any other nominees?

  • drichwine

    Anyone else think Brian Urlacher is done after watching the game last night?

    • Anders

      He looked primed for the redskins 🙂

  • Shutdown Corner article sucked… but not as bad as Tony ROmo SUCKED last night.

    I wish I could have followed Big JJ down to the locker room to here him talk to his Band of Losers. Jerry Jones the GM is a genius… he has single handedly made the Cowboys a .500 team since 1997. Oh the joy!

    As for the Bears… I hate them and Lovey (cause he seems to have our number) but I was screaming for them last night.

    Seeing Romo benched made me happy!
    I realize I have nothing of value to say but as a long time Eagles fan I have this… Cowboys Suck.

    • P_P_K

      One can never say “Cowboys Suck” too often.

  • Zach Reese

    A Tommy man-crush gets cut. Shocked to see the Eagles release Rolle at this point in his 2nd season.

    I understand the move as it relates to STs, but surprised to see a young LB that showed promise as a rookie on the scrapheap. The Eagles must have grown sure that Rolle would never develop into a spot-starter on defense.

    • Ark87

      It’s tough, but second year players are expected to make a huge leap in their second years. When they stagnate or regress, and they don’t have the physical gifts (upside) that coaches cling to…they become vulnerable to this sort of thing. Ironically it happened to Vandy earlier this season, who also showed promise last year.

      • Joe Mays all over again~!

        • Anders

          and Joe Mays is a actually the starting MLB for a good Broncos defense

    • TheRogerPodacter

      did he really fit our scheme defensively, either?
      i felt he was more of an attacking style of LB while we needed someone who was more instinctive and could make better decisions.

  • This is an outrage! I like Brian Rolle.

    • ICDogg

      Is he being blamed for the kickoff coverage issues? Seemed to come out of the blue.

      • Anders

        From what I understand, he was terrible on KO coverage

      • Mac

        Agreed… I was surprised as I had pegged Casey Matthews as being inept in coverage. On one play last Sunday he stood still and watched Wilson run past him.

  • teltschikfakeout88

    Brian Rolle….He Gone…He Gone…Wish him the best and makes me wish we kept Clayton because he was good on teams and in passing situations.

  • P_P_K

    I was thinking about Dawk and the tribute. Imagine if TO hadn’t freaked out and the Eagles had won a Super Bowl, or two. We might be retiring Donovan’s number and giving him a tribute night. He did carry the offense on his shoulders for all those years. I know, I know he was never loved in Philly like Dawk, for solid reasons. Still, I continue to feel that DMac was held responsible for failure in a way that didn’t hold for any of the other leaders on the team. Ah, what coulda’ been…

  • Tommy, your son is a failure.