Answering Some Chip Kelly Questions

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We’ve got a lot to talk about.  Rather than trying to cover everything in great detail, let’s just cover a variety of the hot topics.

Why Chip?  What Happened? Chip was their top target all along.  It was hard for him to leave Oregon, especially since the Eagles were talking to him 48 hours after his team’s season had just ended.  I think Chip still liked the idea of the NFL, but decided to stay put.

As time went by, the thought of going to the NFL tugged at him.  Think about last weekend’s playoff games.  The Niners won with a college style offense.  Their coach, Jim Harbaugh, was just at Stanford going against Chip a few years back.  Seattle scored 28 points with a rookie QB…on the road.  Should have had 31 or 34.  Their coach, Pete Carroll, was just at USC taking on Chip a few years back.  They were beat by Atlanta, whose offense is run by Dirk Koetter, former Arizona State coach who pushed a an aggressive, sped-up attack when he was in college football.  The Pats scored 41 points and won.  Their no-huddle offense was influenced by Chip himself.

I’m sure part of Chip was seeing this and wondering how he would do on the big stage.  Could he make his ideas work at the highest level?

Howie Roseman is a very persistent man.  He doesn’t take “no” lightly.  Chip said no to the Eagles, but Howie stayed in touch with his agent, just in case.

My guess is that last night after the Eagles talked to Gus Bradley and had met with Ken Whisenhunt and Lovie Smith and Jay Gruden and Brian Billick…Lurie and Roseman decided to take one more run at Chip.  Why settle?  Go for your first choice, if you can get him.  They made a final pitch and this time Chip said “yes”.

Is Chip a bad guy for leaving Oregon like this?  Less than 48 hours ago Chip was at a recruit’s house trying to get him to come to Oregon.  Does that make him a liar and a jerk?  I’m sure some feel that way.  If at the time Chip intended to stay at Oregon, I’ve got no problem with him.  If he knew he wanted out, then recruiting kids is questionable.

Some will say that Chip found out about pending NCAA sanctions and bolted.  Maybe.  He knew about them back in early January, but didn’t leave.  I really do think this was a case of an idea nagging at him.  It wouldn’t surprise me if part of this is Chip’s desire to prove that he’s not Steve friggin Spurrier, 2.0.

Will Michael Vick be the QB?  I don’t think so.  Chip is a demanding coach that puts a ton of pressure on his QBs.  They must make the right reads in the run game.  They must make the right reads in the passing game.  All sacks are blamed on the QB.  Chip has high standards and will not settle for less.

Vick has been a running QB, but that doesn’t mean he’s been a good decision-maker while running the option.  Those are two different things.  Vick isn’t an ideal decision-maker in the passing game.  He also takes too many sacks and turnovers have been an issue for years.

Maybe Chip will want him.  Possible.  I just think it is unlikely.  And the real key here is money.  Vick would have to take a major pay cut before the discussion about keeping him could even take place.  I don’t know if Vick will do this.

Schemes?  One huge misconception is that Chip needs a running QB.  That is not the case.  He needs a good QB.  At Oregon Chip used mobile QBs because they were available and fit what he was trying to do out there.  I’m sure Chip would love a gifted passer with running skills, but passing ability, leadership, and decision-making skills are more important than mobility.

Chip’s offense is built on the run game.  He does like to run some read-option.  In order for that to be effective you need a QB who can run a little, but it is the threat of the QB running that is the key to freezing the unblocked DE.  That allows the RB to have space.  If Chip can find a QB who can occasionally run for 5 yards, he can do a lot of what he does.  If he has the right pocket passer, he’ll use that guy to pass and his RBs to run.  Chip will build based on his personnel.

I do expect to see plenty of no-huddle.  Chip wants to run a lot of plays.  He wants to put pressure on the defense.  This isn’t always easy on his defense, but don’t think that Chip is purely a one-sided coach.  He’s not Mike Martz.  Chip has ideas, but isn’t stubborn.  He’ll adjust to fit the NFL game.

As for defense, I think he’s more of a 3-4 guy, but we’ll have to wait and see what he says.

Staff?  I have no idea who Chip will hire on offense.  Will he bring in NFL guys?  Oregon guys?  I’d love for him to have an older NFL coach on the staff so he could use that guy’s experience when some strange situations popped up.

On defense Chip needs to hire a strong, veteran coach.  Lovie Smith has said he will not be a DC this year.  The Bears are paying his salary for 2013 so why work as a DC when you can get ready to make a run at being a HC in 2014.  I’d forgotten about the Bears paying him this year.

There are some other veteran coaches available.  We’ll see who Chip goes after.  I’d prefer a DC with NFL experience, but would be open to a college coach with the right track record.  The key is to hire someone with an established system and plenty of experience.  We’ve had brand new DCs for 3 of the last 4 years.  We need experience.

Uniforms?  The crazy uniforms were an Oregon/Nike thing, not a Chip Kelly thing.

* * * * *

There’s lots more to discuss, but we don’t need everything covered at once.

I know that I’m excited.


  • Jonzee72

    Good stuff! Made my day.

  • I read where Roseman and Kelly have a mutual friend that helped the process. I think the Nike booster talked Kelly out of the NFL originally.

    • bdbd20

      I believe the mutual friend was Ben Franklin.

      • Mac

        When in Philadelphia you can always count on the spirit of brotherly love, and that legendary figure Benjamin Franklin (aka the original ladies man).

  • JM_77

    Nick Foles in Kelly’s offense reminds me of whichever member of the Leaf clan was running the Ducks’ offense after Dennis Dixon went down with his knee injury in 2007. I don’t see it working.

    • D3FB

      God those games were painful to watch.

    • TheRogerPodacter

      for some reason, i got confused and assumed you were talking about the Ducks…the hockey team. this was really strange to me….

    • RC5000

      Foles is smart, capable of running hurry up, maybe making audibles (good ones), fakes, etc. Nothing like the Leafs. Not at all a running threat. Kelly will be modifying his offense some. Nick may not be the ultimate answer. Foles is his own QB, why do people always compare players and they are never right.

    • xeynon

      Kelly gushed about Foles when he had no reason to after facing him in college, so it seems he likes him. Seems like he is flexible enough to design an offense that does not use as many designed QB runs if he decides to go with him as “the guy” next year.

    • Cafone

      We don’t even know yet if Foles is good enough to be a starter in any system in the NFL. The sooner we find out, either way, the better.

  • Rage114

    I think I read something today about Chip having a discussion with Jon Gruden about being the Oregan OC once upon a time?

    What do you think of that possibilty now? I would be concerned that Gruden would be TOO overbearing but he does fit the “veteran presence” criterion.

    • Anders

      I wouldnt mind Gruden as a veteran OC.

    • TommyLawlor

      Chip offered Gruden the Oregon OC job once, but Mrs Gruden killed the idea. That was going to be a temp thing if it did work out. Jon isn’t leaving MNF to be Chip’s OC in the NFL. Won’t happen

  • McLane put on twitter that a source (that always reliable guy!) said that Kelly was looking for a pass heavy OC and wants to switch to attacking 3-4.

    Do you think he’s looking for pass-happy OC to help keep him balanced? Targets?

    I’ve also seen the DCs of Florida and Georgia being mentioned as candidates. Grantham runs the 3-4 has NFL experience, albeit with that group of thugs down in Dallas. Thoughts on those guys?

    • TommyLawlor

      Pass happy OC? Mike Martz. Chan Gailey. Cam Cameron

      DC? I know little about Dan Quinn at Florida. Not sure what I think. Todd Grantham has NFL, college experience. Could be of interest.

      Say no to Rob Ryan. Romeo Crennel is a solid coach, but hasn’t put out a great defense on his own. I’ve got to do some more research.

      • Thanks for responding. Those OC names are not comforting, and 100% with you on Rob Ryan. Coasting off name and personality, nothing to back it up.

        • Mac

          somebody has to be a bottom 20 DC in the league since there are 32 teams. Rob Ryan is a team player in that regard.

      • shah8

        I’m strongly against the 3-4 unless we draft Star–it’d be a conversion process that eats up a year or two. Dion Jordan?

        I would interpret that tweet as Chip thinking about coaching up QBs, whatever he has. Philly doesn’t have WR personel suited for an aggressive mid-range attack–think of Gronkowski and Hernandez/White and Gonzalez. I doubt that Chip will want to move away from what could be a dominant rushing attack, given the health of Peters.

        • D3Keith

          And the drafting of Joeckel, if not Star.

        • RC5000

          Probably going to a 3-4, like we have a lot of talent on defense.. We’re starting over. When are people going to get it through their thick skulls. What does it take. Let Chip do what needs to be done. Pisses me off to no end the impatience of fans. Let a rebuild take place. People whine when they sign fas, people whine when they build through the draft.
          This is the time to do it when we don’t have a sure franchise QB.

          • Neil

            This sentiment is completely ridiculous. We have players on defense. They fit the 4-3 a lot better. You only make the switch if you have the utmost faith in the coordinator being brought in to build a great defense.

          • RC5000

            You will find out you were wrong. What can I tell you? You think it’s going to stay the same and it’s not. You make a hire like this and you hand the keys over. You’ll find out. Next two offseasons/drafts and there will be 35 new players and the defense besides a handful will be gone. You’ll also see player trades. We have Cox , Kendricks, Ryans (better suited to a 3-4 anyway), Thornton….maybe Graham .. Safeties are already crap. Nnamdi is aging , DRC is not physical. Watch and learn.

          • Neil

            Well, all the players you mentioned are better in a 4-3. Not sure how Ryans is better suited to 3-4. I think you can agree, though, that the goal should be to hire the best defensive coordinator possible. I get the impression reading these comments that you think a 3-4 is just a superior scheme. Is that what you mean to say?

          • Cafone

            One of Kelly’s selling points is that he can adjust to the talent on the offense. Yet on defense, we should do the opposite and try to get players to match a scheme? I don’t see the logic there, especially when we have 2 young DEs that probably can’t play in a 3-4.

    • goeagles55

      I’m surprised no one has yet to make a joke about a recently fired, extremely pass happy offensive coordinator who we are very familiar with.

      I can’t bring myself to mention his name.

  • R G

    Chip Kelly!!!! Finally, so tired of ESPN rumors. I guess its better than TEBOW-TV. I hope we don’t have to wait for 12 interviews of a DC. should use your original Chip Kelly article as the definitive break down.

    Its time to talk about the draft!!!!

    1. Dee Milliner CB Alabama

    2. Lane Johnson OT OU

    3. AJ Swearinger S USC

    Matt Scott QB Arizona Somewhere late

    • RC5000

      Meh…swearinger isn’t that fast. Scott , meh. i’m not sold on MIlliner at all at 4. They’ll be looking for 3-4 pass rushers. they’ve been loading up on OTs also which doesn’t mean you don’t take one but they need to do a lot of BPA picks with a new system

      • A_T_G

        Yeah. But his name is Swearinger! With all the deadwood we need to trim, he could be our guy.

  • D3FB

    What I imagine Tommy is doing right now:

    • TommyLawlor

      Is my webcam on again?

  • Mark823

    It’ s an exciting time. Kelly fits the bill as an innovator and leader. Big questions will need to be answered about QB and DC, but I’m sure this hire wouldn’t have happened if Kelly didn’t have good answers to those questions.

    • D3Keith

      This about sums it up.

      The best part is that the biggest move has been made but there are other shoes to drop.

  • scott_mather

    I’m having trouble determining how to celebrate:

    Chip Chip Hooray!
    Chip Chip Chipadelphia

    Please help.

    • D3FB

      +1 for the Its alwasy sunny reference

      • TheRogerPodacter

        same here. lol. i was actually signing it to myself when i saw “adelphia” out of the corner of my eye in the next line.

  • Jyolteon

    I said a few days ago Chip reached back out to the NFL after his first two interviews with CLE and PHI. But I had absolutely no idea this news was set to come down…I’m shocked.

    I hear he reached out to Cleveland first, not the Eagles. The Browns felt he burned some bridges the way he handled the situation, so they said no to him the second time around. Sounds a lot like Joe Banner being stubborn….

    Of course, the rest is history. Look for him to possibly bring his DL coach from Oregon, Jerry Azzinaro, with him to Philadelphia.

  • mlopy

    Ricky Santos is dusting off the bowflex as we speak!

    • TommyLawlor

      Ricky Santos is Tom Brady, but better.

  • Cvd52

    i would love to snag ray horton. if we would have hired him two years ago Andy may still have a job.
    too bad this all didnt happen last year. the number 4 pick last year could have easily gotten up to number 2 and take rg or taken wilson later on. we sucked one year too late, man we suck.
    are there any good mobile qbs that may go in round 2 or 3?

    • steveg1us

      I just heard that Arians is on the verge of becoming the Cardinals coach but said he’d hire Tod Bowles for his DC and drop Horton. If that somehow happened Horton would be available for us to get if he doesn’t get a HC job somewhere.

      • Cvd52


      • holeplug

        would love Horton for DC

      • deg0ey

        I assumed that was some kind of joke, because why the hell would you fire the only good thing about that team and hire someone that showed absolutely nothing in his last job. But apparently it’s actually something people are reporting.

        Well damn, let’s hope it happens.

  • eagleizeit

    Signing John Gruden as OC/QB Coach would solve the QB issue, help Kelly quickly adjust to the NFL, whole,team, vastly different media, etc. etc.

    • TommyLawlor

      No way Gruden is settling for OC. Won’t happen.

    • Gruden is a WCO guy… why would he come here to run some sort of option?

  • ICDogg

    Attacking 3-4… rut roh, does that mean Rob Ryan might be coming here?


    • deg0ey

      Don’t even say it…if we say it too many times someone might hear us and actually do it!

  • shah8

    Of course, I will agree to disagree with you about Vick. I think Kelly makes it more likely that Vick returns. I think he’d be looking at that 2006 Falcons season–with Greg Knapp, merely a Warrick Dunn, and terrible receivers, and see what could have been. Who knows, we’ll see soon enough, I think.

    Will have to say that a QB who can run it for 5 yards will not cut it. Such QBs probably can’t get out of bounds well enough such as teams are afraid to simply guess wrong, crash the RB, and let a safety smack the poor thing around. It *does* have to be a QB capable of big gains on the ground, at least Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck class runners. You have to have a *threat* at QB such that you compel the DC’s attention.

    • bdbd20

      It’s certainly possible, but I do think Chip has the stones to bench Vick after his first 2-int game.

      • D3Keith

        It’s got to be tempting, though, for a coach who can get the most out of offensive players to look at Vick’s talent and drool.

        Still, as noted, there are obstacles. Vick is 33, owed a gang of money that the Eagles need to lose to get under the cap, and the Eagles need to make a decision by Feb. 6, which would give Vick almost a month to be the only free agent QB on the market, a negotiating advantage that would be hard for him to give up if he were convinced he could go somewhere else and have success.

        But, if Kelly wants it — let’s say he believes he can quickly fix his decision-making — and Vick, for the price of say, not moving his family, was intrigued enough by the opportunity (or lack of them elsewhere) to do something cap-friendly, all Chip would have to do is sell Vick on it.

        Besides the money though, Chip gets one opportunity to have a crappy year and start from scratch. By Year 2, Philly is going to want to see some results, and if we’re just then starting to train up a QB, it could be bad.

        But if they switch to the 3-4 this year, they might as well break in a new QB too.

    • TommyLawlor

      We’ll talk about the running QB situation at length in the future. Don’t think you fully understand what Chip does.

      • shah8

        Wouldn’t be so sure about that. Spent a lot of time watching at least Vick and Culpepper. Watched the triple option at GT. I remember Young, Cunningham (towards the end), and McNair.

        Why don’t I offer you a challenge in turn? Many QB plays have to go through the B and C gap, depending on the set of the end and the LBs behind–it’s usually quite hard to make a corner, you know. Knowing this, don’t you have to admit that you need a reasonably capable QB accel in order to succeed in most plays–even just to force the defense to attend to gaps such man advantage can happen in plays on the run or pass?

        I’ve seen Oregon a couple of times, in bigger games. Pretty much based on forcing a defense to think faster than it actually can as a unit, and really, It’s not *that* different from a triple option in terms of what it tries to achieve. Definitely not like Urban Meyer’s or Holgorson’s spread. Not that different from what NE currently run, either, except that Brady is much more conservative a scrambler (but note, that QB draws are definitely a part of the NE playbook).

        • Cvd52

          Foles seems like a better scrambler than Brady. If Kelly would run somnething similar to what NE runs than Foles being so slow shouldnt hold him back

          • shah8

            No, no he’s not. Brady isn’t that slow and incapable. Just has no wiggle, but he’s pretty capable of 5 yard QB dives through uncovered gaps and does a reasonable job of that. Guys like Foles, Henne, and Mallet are *young*, immobile, and slow. It’s one thing for Leftwich to run for a 30yard TD. It’s a fatboy TD. That sundial run is more of condemnation of the TB defense…

          • deg0ey

            Nick Foles ran a 5.14 at the combine last year. Tom Brady ran a 5.28 at the combine 13 years ago. Their 10-yard splits were almost identical. Based on those numbers alone, I’m backing Foles in a foot race.

          • shah8

            Brady showed up at that combine fat, flabby, and sick. He’s better than a 5.28, just like Burfict mess-up of a combine.

          • TommyLawlor

            Brady is slow, but is 10 years older.

            You are right that Brady wasn’t in great shape back then. Pre-Combine training wasn’t as common, especially for QBs. Brady in top shape would easily run by Nick.

      • I agree tommy, this is by far the must frustrating thing about the hire, OMG VICK IS BACK OMG, uh no he isn’t accurate, is a turn over machine and is 134 years old. Kelly wants an accurate qb who avoids turn overs and sacks over mobility

        • eagleizeit

          Agree. Tom Brady isn’t a running QB yet has success in the no huddle offense.

      • eagleizeit

        If N.E. is using the no huddle with Tom Brady(least athletic or slowest running QB at combine) and haveing success with their offense wouldn’t that mean a running QB isn’t important at all?

      • eagleizeit

        Would you consider trading Foles(a 3rd rd pick who showed some success & would fit better backing up Joe Flacco) to Baltimore 4 Tyrod Taylor(a 6th rd pick who might show amazing promise in Chip Kelly’s offense at some point) along with Baltimore’s 4th rd pick in ’13 draft and a ’14 undisclosed draft pick? Maybe pick up Alex Smith from S.F. to compete, along with someone else. Who do you think would be a good QB that we could grab from another team, or pick up as a FA that might fit nicely as a starter, or compete as a starter, in Kelly’s offense? Also would you consider drafting Denard Robinson (Michigan) later in the draft, or prefer someone else to grab in the mid-late rds to develop/compete for 3rd string, or Practice Squad?

  • eagleizeit

    Lovie Smith DC and John Gruden OC/QB Coach???

  • FunkinGoNuts

    Chip Kelly “Green”

  • Steag209

    Now my #1 Priority is finding a veteran DC, the OC can be whoever keeps Chip on his toes but is not even close to as important as finding the guy to run the defense, and we all know our history/love affair with defense

  • ian_no_2

    You guys know where I stand – as long as this means Fenuki Topou is coming back, I’m down with it.

    • TommyLawlor

      The voice of reason.

  • I’m not a huge fan of this move. I’m very wary of a coach who doesn’t have any NFL experience let alone so little experience as a head coach period.

    I really hope he can find a good DC. With his high tempo offense, I gotta think Lovie Smith and his turnover-forcing defense would be the PERFECT fit, but like you said, he’s getting paid by the Bears to do nothing this year if he wants. Why become a DC when he could recharge and get ready to go for an opening next year? I just hope whoever is brought in to run the D they can make our defense into at least a respectable unit. As it stands now, they’re a little less intimidating than a box of kittens.

    And please, for the love of shit, JUST SAY NO TO ROB RYAN.

    • D3Keith

      I’m going to wager that the Eagles are not going to hire someone who’s never coordinated a good NFL defense to go along with someone who’s never coordinated an NFL offense.

    • P_P_K

      I agree with you on all three counts: wariness about Chip’s lack of experience, hire Lovie, and no to Rob.

  • ian_no_2

    Apparently there’s no rule against signing a player from someone’s practice squad during their playoff run. And, Dennis Dixon told reporters he’s “in awe” of the Eagles’ decision.

    • ian_no_2

      Just to go back to what I was saying about offense v. defense, all five hires have been offensive guys because of what the NY Times says is ‘an offensive tilt to the league.’ But 3 of the 4 guys who won last weekend were defensive coaches. But go Chip.

  • ACViking

    Re: Priorities – Mutual Promises from the Kelly Interview

    1. Kelly will take a Chainsaw to the Eagles roster and cut out the dead wood. There’s more than just a little. Roseman will not interfere. Lurie will close his eyes as he watches the Ben Franklins go up in smoke.

    2. Lurie agrees that if the Eagles go 2-14 next year, that’s okay — as long as the Kelly’s putting his imprint on the Eagles via (a) attitude/toughness, (b) no-toleration-for-avoidable-mistakes standard, (c) personnel, and (d) scheme . . . in that order.

    3. Kelly promised he’ll use whatever scheme fits the players on offense. On defense, Lurie/Roseman insisted he bring in a D.C. who (a) is creative, and (b) will build a BIG, PHYSICAL, NASTY defense.

    4. Mutual agreement that Free Agency is a dead end.

  • These “talkingheads” in the latest “what they are sating” never read Tommy’s stuff or they wouldn’t say such stupid things.

    I am not looking forward to the next month as people who have no clue what Chip Kelly is about try to explain how his Offense will not work in the NFL. Just because you watched 4 Oregon games in the last 4 years does not make you an expert on what Chip Kelly is about. The Hoodie has some sense of what he is about… but not these reporters and ex-NFL players.

    Also not sure about switching to a 3-4? Who said that? Chip Kelly hasn’t even signed the contracts yet.

    I am excited that my main man Jerry Jones has seemed to make another blunder by hiring Monte Kiffin. I am not a fan of the Tampa-2 but I know it can work with the right personnel. Tommy explain to me how a 6 year old 3-4 defense converts to a Tampa 2 4-3 under front in one off-season.

    • I’d say the 3-4 to tampa 2 switch starts with Ware, Crawford and Spencer(SAM possibly) to DE Ratliff, Hatcher Spears at DT. Lee at MLB, Carter at WLB and maybe Connor/Draft Pick at SAM? CBs same, Safeties- who knows, but they have Sensebaugh and Church locked up for awhile

  • ACViking

    Re: Note on the NFL draft / Kelly and Jimmy Johnson — The Will To Power

    No one did better over the 4-year period after he left college in the draft than Jimmy Johnson.

    Wasn’t true several years later with the Dolphins.

    But when Johnson left *The U*, it was as though he had inside information on the college kids he’d recruited, tried to recruit, and played against.

    One hopes Chip Kelly has some of that same of that same magic for the next 3-4 years in April. Roseman or no Roseman.

    Chip Kelly is unmarried. Loves football.

    Jimmy Johnson’s first *transaction* after joining the Cowboys was firing his wife. (True story.) Didn’t need her to be an NFL coach.

    Kelly’s talked about having an identity as a coach (see Sheil from today).

    Johnson’s identity was about imposing his will on you via a very physical offense and a very fast defense. [Parcells’ similarly was about imposing his will.]

    Kelly’s identity is imposing his will on you via the tempo of his offense (no info on defense yet).

    Both men essentially dared you to stop what were, at bottom, straightforward schemes based on precision and execution. .

    Both men made football very simple. Impose your will on the other guy then break his will. Elegant in its simplicity. And very Lombardi-esque.

    (I never sensed that AR was about that. More of a mad scientist.)


    I look forward to seeing the Eagles — for the first time since the Vermeil era — play a brand of football that about imposing our will on the other team. Then stomping on their throat, at least offensively, using the same 2 or 3 running plays time after time.

  • P_P_K

    I really hate the fact that only two weeks ago he told everyone he was returning to Oregon and, as Tommy pointed out, only two days ago he was recruiting. Lurie better get him to sign his contract before he changes his mind again.

    • RC5000

      I’m not disagreeing completely but it’s just a nasty business.. He was tired and needed time to decompress and think. He stayed through the bowl game. How many college coaches left before their bowl games? Recruits know it’s a business and it does suck. Not saying it’s great he changed his mind but there are 30 new head coaches in FBS. it’s a business. People move around in this world and it’s not ideal but Oregon thought he was leaving.

      • RC5000

        thought he was probably leaving at some point was waht I meant to say.

      • D3Keith

        I’m with RC here. And I hope the original comments are not to suggest we have a Petrino/Saban on our hands, but I suppose it’s a fair worry.

        Here’s the thing: It seems like almost the opposite. Rather than make the jump intially, then go back to where you never wanted to leave, he played it cautiously and didn’t leave, then decided (or was persuaded) it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

        Even if he knew all along he wanted it and it was just wrangling over the power and the contract, while the Eagles interviewed others, I don’t have a problem with this. Going back to Oregon to get the house in order before you leave is a good thing. Taking some time to make a decision that will alter the futures of so many doesn’t bother me either.

        The idea that people are supposed to know exactly what they want to do with their lives at all times, and on a moment’s notice — even if they had some idea that there was interest — is odd to me.

        Glad it worked out in the … well, beginning.

        • RC5000

          There are going to be a few issues to work through, major ones. Certainly you have to worry about it and it’s risky but look at the alternatives. They are all risks. I think this is one that is high but I do feel he is an innovator and has detailed knowledge. The transition though is not automatic. it is a worry. But Bradley had never been a HC (few games at whatever small college it was).
          I would have much preferred he had previous NFL experience.
          The thing is about his decision is he’s going to be 50 and this was a pretty good situation. You can’t wait around forever for the perfect one.

  • goeagles55 clearly had a scoop on Kelly. I had bought “The Essential Smart Football,” so they know I like football. Today, at 6 am I got an email telling me I should buy:
    “Coaching the Spread Offense: By the Experts ”
    “Coaching the Spread Option Offense ”
    “The Hurry-Up, No-Huddle: An Offensive Philosophy ”
    “101 No-Huddle Spread Offense Plays ”

    Facebook has nothing on Amazon.

    • TommyLawlor


  • D3Keith

    Comment moved to more relevant place.

    • A_T_G

      So, you found a better audience on some other blog, huh?

      (Looks suspiciously around room.)

      Probably that D2 crowd over there. Well, I hope that “more relevant place” makes you happy.

      Tommy, I still find you very relevant. Granted, you site is the only one where I can make the font large enough to read with my LASIKed eyes, but still…

  • ACViking

    Re: Who Blinked?

    Over at Sheil’s place, he quotes’s Mike Freeman:

    How this deal came together doesn’t exactly show the Eagles at their best. This was a flailing, desperate hire. Various league sources say the Eagles caved in terms of money and power. They will deny this, but it’s absolutely true. Kelly got massive say in personnel.

    That makes more sense than the converse.


    Look at Cleveland. Banner wanted — reputedly — a strong say in personnel.

    Kelly reached out to Cleveland last week (it’s reported). Why? To blink? Or see if Banner/Haslem were willing to move on their structure? A couple days later, Cleveland picks Rob Chudzinski as its next HC. Chud may be the next Belichick. But Banner was shooting for the moon.

    Look at the Eagles. 9.5 hours with Kelly. The guy goes back to Oregon. Sanctions or not, he’ll run up another 12-13 win season. The Patriots, using his up-tempo scheme, will have another great year. More teams will incorporate what the Pats did. And Kelly would have another shot at the NFL.

    The Eagles were down to what I think nearly every fan would agree were — regardless of merit — unexciting recently fired coaches and a pretty good D-coordinator. Not exactly Chip Kelly.

    Someone blinked here. And — in terms of motivation — why would it be Chip Kelly?

    I think Howie Roseman’s the man that blinked — but in a very smart, big-picture way.

    Rosweman actually wins not by keeping his power, but by (1) delivering the hottest coach on the block to his boss (with whom he visited in November and may have started for Lurie the “I want Chip” dream), (2) delivering a coach who will re-awaken a very stolid fan base, and (3) delivering a coach from whom Bill Belichick is taking ques. And Roseman’s still the guy who’s putting the grades on college and pro personnel.

    With that, I believe the big winner here is in fact Roseman.

    Not because he may have insisted on retaining his power and then hiring a very hot coach who’s eying Roseman as a pain in the ass — and who eventually needs to be eliminated (see Andy Reid / Tom Modrak).

    Roseman’s the winner because delivered the guy his boss wanted. And gave some in the process.

    If Kelly’s successful here, Roseman’s looks great.

    If not, Roseman lives to see another day. He’s become a master intriguer.

    • D3Keith

      I agree and was having the same thoughts earlier. If Roseman is truly ’bout it — wants what’s best for the Eagles rather than just himself — then he did what it took to get Kelly in the fold.

      Otherwise he delivers Gus. Either way I think he comes out looking good, but the only way a GM/Personnel man really comes out looking good is if the team wins. So if the best available coach takes the players and turns em into a Super Bowl team, everybody wins.

      If only T.O. had had “everybody wins” foresight.

      • austinfan

        I suspect Howie gave up less power than people think.
        For one thing there were reports that Chip didn’t want power over personnel, probably a veto, but all HCs get that.
        And Lurie has seen two HCs crash and burn with that power.

        More likely Chip just changed his mind, but most importantly, the interview process went both ways, Chip probably felt a lot more comfortable working with Howie, who takes pains to listen to his coaches and get them want they want (even when they’re wrong), v Joe, who likes authority.

        And that probably is why both will report to Lurie, because it creates incentives for them to compromise, and not bring every dispute to the owner, because at some point you’ll try his patience. If they can’t work together, no matter what the formal structure, the end result will be an uncomfortable mess.

        • ACViking

          Well said.

          Regarding the “uncomfortable mess,” it’s why I think — in some way, small or less small — Roseman gave up something to Kelly.

          And it may not have even been yesterday or the past week. Whatever the deal is, the framework may have been reached 10-12 days.

          And Kelly’s been mulling it over.

          More likely though, I think there was some sort of movement from the Eagles side — even if not particularly substantive — to make sure they were getting a *happy* coach.

          • CTAZPA


            This is a more in-depth analysis than anybody is doing in the main-stream media. Um, first he said no, then, he, er, just changed his mind.

            It’s simple, duh.

            Still think the front office played from strength and scored big-time!

          • ACViking

            Don’t disagree re: Front Office strength.

            The Eagles had something Kelly wanted: an NFL HC job for a good owner.

            I also believe the Eagles always had wiggle room on the personnel side.

            Yes, Lurie publicly seemed to draw a line in the sand on Roseman’s role — though we never heard chapter, verse, and sentence on *exactly* how far Lurie was willing to move on this front without feeling as though he’d gone too far.

            Privately, I think there was room to move. Contracts are drafted with wiggle room.

            And CK is certainly no NFL expert . . . so inertia will keep Roseman well positioned.

            Bottom line — Lurie and Roseman hired the guy they wanted.

            And at the price they’re paying, they want him happy.

          • RawMean

            lol’ed at the use of ‘inertia’.. brilliant!

    • holeplug

      “How this deal came together doesn’t exactly show the Eagles at their best. This was a flailing, desperate hire.”

      just lol at these national media guys. They really can’t let go of the fact that the Eagles actually know what they are doing.

    • adena lavin

      Really don’t see Roseman conceding personel power, nor Laurie wanting to take it away from him given his statements. Seems more likely that the power concessions were “sourced” from good ole Joe, who I’m sure is smarting like hell right now.

      • ACViking

        Have to disagree.

        No other way to explain CK’s move to Philadelphia.

        The guy wasn’t desperate. Certainly not financially.

        And he’d have choices next year, too.

        He wanted some say on the personnel side. And Lurie wanted a happy new coach coming here.

        Roseman’s a smart guy. He’s playing the long game. The better he performs for CK, the more CK will cede to Roseman on personnel.

        (And, as I’ve written elsewhere, I don’t think were talking about much here — just enough honey to sweeten CK’s attitude.)

        • A_T_G

          As another possibility, what about taking what Chip said when he got off the plane at face value? He liked Philly, but it was difficult to leave his players and organization in Oregon, so he needed the time. Too naive?

          • ACViking

            Not necessarily.

            I’m just so struck by the timing.

            Either very fortuitous for him to change his mind just when the Eagles were about to hire Bradley.

            Or the Eagles came back to him and moved some on, what ultimately, won’t be that big an issue (since CK has no NFL personnel experience anyway).

          • xeynon

            It’s very possible the timing was prompted by the Eagles being on the verge of hiring Bradley. Ever been in a situation where there’s some girl you’re lukewarm on, then she starts going out with another guy and you realize you really want her? Similar thing could have happened here. As Tommy said, Chip liked the Eagles’ pitch but found it hard to leave Oregon, but the idea of proving himself on the highest stage nagged at him and when he saw that the team was about to go in a different direction he suddenly realized he was in love after all. There are a lot of possibilities.

    • Yuri

      I am still curious… was $ a factor? I mean, we all can sit back and say what Phil Knight promised to give you is plenty for money not to be “important,” but if the Iggles opted to up the ante? (Of course they could have moved on other things as the comments suggest)

      This is from a thread on

      After the Eagles interviewed a whole bunch of better candidates, I
      get the sense that the candidates weren’t willing to get involved.
      Kelly originally went to them, saw the same thing, and said he’d do it
      for sixty gazillion dollars. After everyone else saw the state the
      Eagles were in, they ran away, and the Eagles went ahead and paid the
      sixty gazillions dollars.


      • ACViking

        If CK was asking for $60 GZs, I suspect he was also asking for more personnel control than Lurie *publicly* offered when he announced Reid’s firing. And maybe CK asked for more control privately than Lurie and Roseman wanted to give — at the start.

        But Lurie wanted to shake up the football world, the fan base, and shoot for the moon.

        And I believe Roseman is playing 3-chess moves ahead. He brought CK to Lurie, he wanted to deliver to keep the boss happy, and if CK blows up then it’s his own fault because the Eagles gave him what he asked for — all of which keeps Roseman as safe as he can be.

        Choosing Gus Bradley and Kelly, I think Lurie was more than willing to give a little on the personnel side to get CK. After all, Lurie wants a happy coach coming here — and one who won’t, in 2 years, make a power play to get Roseman tossed (a la Reid v. Modrak in May 2001).

        But I don’t think Lurie gave Kelly the kind of Reid/Holmgren control that ultimately led to their teams’ degeneration.

        As for money? I don’t think that was ever more than something to bargain over, but never a deal-breaker. As it would be with, for the example, the Bidwells in AZ.

        Just a theory, obviously.

        • xeynon

          Seems like a lot of pure speculation to me. Kelly said he was sold on the Eagles the first time he met with them but that it was hard for him to leave Oregon because of personal ties there, and that’s why he wavered for so long. Until we have some solid evidence that that’s not the cause, I see no reason to question the truth of it.

          Most of the media have been wildly off base in their reporting throughout the entire process, so I see no reason to place any more faith in this Freeman guy than in LaCanfora, Rapoport, Eskin, Peter King, or any of the other reporters who have gotten things spectacularly wrong over the last two weeks.

  • ACViking

    Re: Immediate Success

    I hope we don’t hear from Kelly that the Eagles can get back on top next year — just a few tweaks needed.

    It’s possible. But this defense is terrible on the back end . . . and the NFL is a passing league.

    All Kelly needs to say is he’s patiently going to build a very aggressive team on both sides of the ball — and that starts when the press conference is over.

    Get rid of the deadwood. The rest will take care of itself.

  • bodhicheeks

    Tommy, what are your thoughts on Bradley as our DC under Kelly? Bradley could run his own defense and step out of Carroll’s shadow. Could this have been discussed during yesterday’s interview? Seems to me a good fit for the Eagles and a step up for Gus from running Carroll’s defense

    • holeplug

      No that would be a lateral move and I think Seattle could block it if they wanted. But he won’t come here to be DC.


    Do I love the front office too much? Is it possible that they told Chip Kelly that he was their #1, but they wanted to interview other guys? He went back to Oregon to wait for the process to play out. In my happy scenario, there’s no flip-flopping, just a thorough front office which is confident that they have a great choice.

    So much of the media stuff is bull crap. I think I’ll slap on the rose-colored and love the Birds-process and Chip Kelly’s decision making.

    “Our definition of greatness is to be better than your former self.” -Chip Kelly

  • Chris

    I wonder what Kelly will think of Dion Jordan at 5!

    • D3FB

      I don’t know what Kelly would think of the Lions picking Dion Jordan with their fifth overall pick.

  • Chris

    Looks like Chip is targeting Todd Granatham from Georgia. Tommy do you like this pick if it’s true? Also, what are your thoughts if we do in fact go to the 3-4? I have always preferred 4-3 but I can see certain players suiting a 3-4. Maybe we could have Cox become JJ Watt 2.0 haha

    • Steag209

      I feel that we have the personnel for the 4-3 and would be hurting for at least 2 years trying to build a 3-4 type of team. I don’t feel it’s worth it, but I am personally biased towards the 4-3. I see the advantages of the 3-4 but I’ve seen way too many disadvantages to want to make it the base defense. As a part of the defense? Yes please, more innovation the better, but in critical moments I prefer the 4-3

      • PK_NZ

        Cox and Jenkins should be amazing as 3-4 DEs, I think Cole and Graham both could make the transition to OLBs, Ryans and a bigger MLB would work in the middle. Still – I think you’ve got the get kendricks on the field so maybe he could be MLB, he’s way too small to be OLB in 3-4… That would pretty much just leave NT as a big question mark, but otherwise I’d say we’re not too bad…

        • ACViking

          Sounds good.

          But highlights the age on the Eagles’ D-line (Jenkins / Cole / Patterson — all 31+).

          It’s why Dixon’s potentially a key re-acquisition (NT).

          It’s why Thornton’s continued development is key (DE opposite FCox).

          AND . . . it’s why the Eagles may draft TX A&M’s DE Moore or UGA’s J-Jones to play the rush-LB position opposite Graham.

          • PK_NZ

            Yeah, in a nutshell – it’s not impossible for this defence to switch to 3-4 if Kelly and the new DC decide that’s the future…

          • tad

            I am actually really excited about this draft

          • Anders

            I dont want Jones at all. That spine disease scares me and I also got a huge man crush for Dion Jordan.

        • phillychuck

          What makes you think Cole or Graham could cover at all? And Graham’s strength is a bull rush, not the quickness that rush LBs need in the 3-4. I’d think Kendricks could play the weak OLB in a 3-4, but he’s a much better 4-3 LB. I just don’t see the personnel for a successful transition to a 3-4. Maybe a hybrid, but not a full time 3-4.

          • Kendricks thrived as a blitzing 3-4 ILB at Cal, if memory serves.

          • xeynon

            Kendricks actually would make a fine 3-4 ILB – he played it in college, and very well.

            I agree that Graham and Cole are not good fits though.

          • PK_NZ

            Well, if we assume Dixon or a free agent can man the NT, then I’d say we could do way worse than having an early round draft choice with graham&cole on the outside…It’s all hypothetical and of course 4-3 does suit the current roster better (duh), but people shouldn’t be so negative about possible change to 3-4…

            What’s the book on Vinny Curry? Would he fit 3-4 in any circumstance?

          • xeynon

            Dixon can probably play NT, but talent-wise is not good enough to be a long-term starter there. To have a really dominant 3-4 you need a stud NT like Wilfork or Casey Hampton and Dixon doesn’t have that type of ability.

            Graham I think can be a nice player but he’s an undersized DE who doesn’t have elite quickness and relies on leverage and power to make plays and that skill set doesn’t really fit for OLB. Cole is getting older and seems to have lost some of his quickness. Curry supposedly ran a really slow 40 which made people question his ability to play rush LB. I think we’d need to use a high pick on somebody like Jarvis Jones, and/or bring in a FA.

            I’m not against the 3-4 in principle; provided you have the right personnel I actually prefer it. It would take us awhile to accumulate the right personnel though.

    • phillychuck

      Kelly needs an experienced, veteran NFL coordinator on D. He doesn’t like to coach the D, and reportedly doesn’t really understand it. He needs a take-charge guy who gets the NFL. Grantham wasn’t really successful as a coordinator with the Browns, and his other NFL gigs have been as a line coach. I’d aim higher.

      • Chip wouldn’t be successful as an offensive guru, if he didn’t understand how Defense works.

        • phillychuck

          Sort of like Juan Castillo must understand defensive schemes if he’s had his line blocking against them?

          Seriously, it’s one thing to beat a defense, and another to build one.

          • nobody said build, you said understand. Not the same thing. Fun Fact: Chip Kelly was a Defensive Coordinator in his early college days.

          • BC1968

            I gotta say, that was pretty fun.

          • bc castillos downfall had nothing to do with getting stuck with washburn

    • ian_no_2

      3-4 Bad news: DeMeco Ryans wasn’t good in a 3-4 in Houston. Antonio Dixon won’t hold up as a full time NT, has endurance problems which makes him a rotational guy. Unless the DEs do play better as OLBs, the 3-4 would be a drag until new personnel comes in.

      3-4 Good news: It would open up the draft board so that they can take the best player available. Star Lotulelei can play 4-3 DT, 3-4 DE or NT so he’d be good either way. If they take OT Luke Joeckel it doesn’t matter what the defensive scheme is. The difference is they can take OLB Jarvis Jones if he falls, or perhaps OLBs Demontre Moore or Bjoern Werner.

      • ian_no_2

        Curry’s also a bad fit for 3-4.

      • Can Patterson play NT?

        • ian_no_2


      • ian_no_2

        Also of note is that if this rumor is true, Jarvis Jones’ college DC would become the Eagles’ DC, so I get the feeling he’d be a target.

      • Mac

        Most people that I read were saying DeMeco was over priced as a 3-4 ILB not that he wasn’t good at it.

    • I also feel like Georgia’s defense didn’t get nearly as much as they could have out of all that NFL talent. I’d be happier to hear we’re hiring an NFL guy.

  • A_T_G

    Food for thought:

    “I catch myself watching him in awe sometimes … Nick [Foles] is a hell of a football player. That kid’s a warrior. He’s as good as anyone in the country.”

    -Chip Kelly, 2011

    • P_P_K

      That’s so mind blowing I did a web search to make sure you didn’t just make it up. Sorry for doubting you, bro.

  • phillychuck

    Tommy–we need you and Jimmy’s H2H take on this!!

  • JulzPE

    Choking at some of the national media types being so incredibly bitter about this hire. They’ll all be there week 1 ready to scream failure when the Eagles don’t put up 40pts.

    This is easily my favourite so far:

    “NFL @nfl Heath Evans: “I am going on the record calling Chip Kelly one of the worst hires in pro football history.”


    I think what we need to focus on here is that the Eagles went out and successfully got their guy, I’m not really bothered about who got what/did what etc etc. We have a bloody exciting new Head Coach and a new direction for the franchise, isn’t that what everyone wanted?

    Next thing to be excited about is what staff Chip hires, I think that has more bearing on whether he will be a success than if he can get his offence to work in the NFL.

    • D3FB

      Evans is a former FB, no suprise he hates the up-tempo spread concept. Not to mention more than any other player on the field, FBs job description is to run full speed and put their helmet in a LBs chest, cant be good for his mental health.

  • A_T_G

    So, a veteran coach with DC experience? I think Castillo is available.

  • nickross23

    With the exception of the QB position the real excitement is what to make of the D and who can be our new DC. From reports coming out that coach Kelly would prefer the 3-4 and that the UGA DC was an apparent early target my head starts to spin with questions about potential draft targets at 4 with the likes of Star, Jarvis Jones is he checks out medically, Oregons Dion Jordan. 2 of the 3 would have played for their college coaches and would know them best. I look at that UGA D and the players like Sanders Cummings, Alec Ogletree, Bicari Rambo,Big John Jenkins, Kwame Gathers. I know some of these guys can be had in the later rounds but I’ve watched alot of SEC football and im always impressed with a college program running a 3-4 because of the difficulty of finding the right personnel out of high school.. really exciting times

  • nickross23

    Also who would stay and who would go Cox can play the 5 although i see that taking away from his strengths, Cedric Thornton could possible play the other 5 tech, Cullen Jenkins has played in a 3-4 scheme,Brandon Graham and vinny curry could be your stand up edge rushers, Kendricks has played in the middle at Cal and I’m sure Kelly still remembers him. Guys like Ryan, and Patterson might not make the cut and could find new homes via trade. What to do with Trent Cole pure 4-3 ends like Dummervile, Tamba Hali where forced into that edge rusher role and have thrived in it, Dwight Frenny, and Robert Mathis just made the switch and played well in their new roles could Trent play rush end in a 3-4? SCould he be traded as well ? So many interesting thoughts just keep coming to mind. What are your guys thoughts?

  • nickross23

    Thinking about the QB situation just now and Tommy idk if this guys on anyone’s roster but last yr Oregon QB Darron Thomas surprised alot of ppl by leaving early and wasn’t drafted or picked up by another team so why not bring the guy in to see what he’s got.. can’t hurt till you find your guy

  • Cliff

    Geno Smith?

  • Penn7980

    RE the DC, Todd Bowles is still around and he has the NFL experience as coach and HC. Will he be a candidate as the veteran coach to show Chip the rope and run the defense?

    • GermanEagle

      Please. Say. No.
      Have u not followed the Eagles season???

  • Starting QB for Eagles next season…Alex Smith. Good decision maker with the threat to run.

  • “Uniforms? The crazy uniforms were an Oregon/Nike thing, not a Chip Kelly thing”

    Thank God! Leave those awful uniforms in Oregon!

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