Day 3 Preview

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The Eagles have a total of 6 picks today:

4th round – Pick 101

5th round – Pick 136

7th round – Pick 210
7th round – Pick 212 … from Cleveland   (David Sims deal)
7th round – Pick 218… from Tampa ( A Benn deal)
7th round – Pick 239 … Comp pick

There isn’t a specific goal of “let’s add position X or Y” so much as let’s go get the best players. There are some good players left to choose from. I’m still kinda hoping the team could make a deal to move back and add a 5th round pick. I’d love to be able to get another quality guy today. The 7th round picks are generally longshots.

One thing I have to caution you about is the big names. Jesse Williams had 1st/2nd Rd talent, but is still on the board. Clearly there is a serious medical concern (knee). You are better off waiting to the 7th round or taking him as a UDFA. Remember how Chris Polk fell last year?  Williams isn’t the only big name with concerns. Guys who fall a long way have some issue that has scared teams. Depending on the player and the circumstances, it might be worth the risk.  The Eagles are trying to rebound from 4-12 so I’d focus more on guys that are likely to pan out than those that have issues.

Here are some 4th round targets for me:

CB Jordan Poyer
FS Phillip Thomas
CB Sanders Commings
LB Michael Buchanan
FS Bacarri Rambo
WR Ryan Swope
OL Barrett Jones
OL Brian Schwenke
QB Zac Dysert
QB Matt Scott

Risk/reward guys would be LB Quanterus Smith and WR Da’Rick Rogers. Smith is rehabbing a torn ACL. Rogers got kicked out of Tennessee for failing multiple drug tests (no word on if there were other issues).

My preference is to add a pass rusher or DB, but I have no idea who the Eagles have rated highly. They’ll trust the board and take the highest rated player. I left RBs off since I think this would be early for us to add a runner, but I can’t say that it definitively won’t happen. There are still a lot of good RBs left. I’d rather pass for now and get one later, but you never know if Chip Kelly will love Jonathan Franklin or want to take the chance on Marcus Lattimore.

Let’s remember to think about who the team has shown interest in.

VISITS TO PHILLY (most important)

* QB Matt Scott – Arizona … also scheduled to work him out in Arizona
* QB Tyler Bray – Tennessee
* QB E.J. Manuel – Florida State
* QB Geno Smith – West Virginia
* OT Eric Fisher – Central Michigan
* OT Dallas Thomas – Tennessee
* OT Lane Johnson – Oklahoma
* OT Luke Joeckel – Texas A&M
* TE Gavin Escobar – San Diego State
* TE Travis Kelce – Cincinnati
* WR Robert Woods – USC
* RB Marcus Lattimore – South Carolina (medical issues)
* RB Spencer Ware – LSU
* LB Tank Carradine – Florida State  (medical issues)
* LB Quanterus Smith – Western Kentucky (medical issues)
* LB Dion Jordan – Oregon
* DL Star Lotulelei – Utah (medical issues)
* DL Shariff Floyd – Florida
* DE/LB Ziggy Ansah – BYU 
* DE Joe Kruger – Utah
* DE Quinton Dial – Alabama
* CB Darius Slay – Mississippi State
Visits / Private Workouts
* QB Zac Dysert – Miami OH
* QB Ryan Griffin – Tulane
* QB B.J. Daniels – South Florida
* RB Kerwynn Williams – Utah State
* TE Zach Ertz – Stanford
* TE Luke Willson – Rice
* TE Matt Furstenburg – Maryland
* TE Chris Gragg – Arkansas
* TE Demetrius Harris – Wisconsin-Milwaukee (basketball player)
* OT LaAdrian Waddle – Texas Tech
* OT Patrick Ford – Eastern Kentucky
* C Khaled Holmes – USC
* LS Kevin McDermott – UCLA
* LS Billy Johnson – Tulane
* P Bobby Cowan – Idaho
* DE Abry Jones – Georgia
* DE Jake McDonough – Iowa State
* DE Stefan Charles – Regina  … met with him at Super Regional Combine
* NT Kwame Geathers – Georgia
* LB Mike Catapano – Princeton
* ILB Kevin Reddick – UNC
* ILB Michael Clay – Oregon
* ILB A.J. Klein – Iowa State
* ILB Jake Knott – Iowa State
* FS Phillip Thomas – Fresno State
* FS Don Jones – Arkansas State
* FS Josh Hill – Cal
* CB Sanders Commings – Georgia
* CB Brandon McGee – Miami
Special Interest
* Chip Kelly attended the Pro Day for Georgia and LSU … multiple defensive prospects on each team
* QB Jeff Tuel – Washington State …. Eagles are one of teams showing the most interest
* WR Ryan Swope – Texas A&M … WR coach Bob Bicknell was at his Pro Day
* WR Damian Ford – Stillman College … showing interest
* WR Josh Boyce – TCU … WR coach Bob Bicknell was at his Pro Day
* WR Sky Dawson – TCU … WR coach Bob Bicknell was at his Pro Day
* TE Lucas Reed – New Mexico … showing interest
* TE Murphy Holloway – Ole Miss … basketball player
* DE Earl Okine – Florida … Eagles showing interest
* NT Byron Jerideau – South Carolina … showing interest
* LB Paul Hazel – Western Michigan … showing interest
* LB Zach Anderson – Northern Michigan … showing interest
* LB Steven Means – Buffalo … showing interest
* LB Kentrell Harris – Virginia Union – showing interest
* CB David James – Weber State … showing interest
* LS P.J. Mangieri – Nebraska … scout closely watched him at Pro Day
Small School/non-BCS Pro Days attended by Eagles scouts
* New Hampshire (DL Jared Smith)
* CaPa (FS Rontez Miles, C Eric Kush)
* Eastern Kentucky (WR Tyrone Goard)
* Lehigh (WR Ryan Spadola)
* Penn (LB Brandon Copeland)
I know many of you would like the team to focus on defense today. That’s completely logical. The problem is that you don’t want the Eagles to pass on better players if they’re available. Don’t get yourself into a mentality that the team must draft a CB or LB. The Eagles have done a good job of taking the best player available so far.  Smart way to draft. Stick to it. If that means we add a RB and WR in the 4th and 5th…so be it.
We all agree the defense needs help. You just don’t want to force things.

  • GermanEagle

    About time! 😉

  • SteveH

    Trade Maclins for Ziggy Ansah strait up!

    • Arby1

      We might have to throw in Antonio Dixon to swing that.

    • Baloophi

      If we actually had two Maclins I bet we could swing that deal…

  • Baloophi

    What’s the deal with Barrett Jones? Lis franc?

    Also, any speculation as far as trade-mates? Jags, Chiefs, Raiders could all go QB in front of us so we won’t have much leverage on that front. Perennial trader NE is right after us so no help there…

  • I’m hoping any of those 3: Swope, Rambo, Spencer Ware.

  • This is my “guys” on the last day:

    QB Jeff Tuell
    OLD Quanterus Smith
    OC Dalton Freeman
    TE Mychal Rivera
    RB Andre Ellington
    CB Brandon McGee
    FS John Boyett

    What do you think of this list? Give me two of them, and I’ll be a happy camper…

    • Baloophi

      Rivera is interesting. Internet meltdown if we take another TE but if they are “board” purists he could absolutely be in the mix…

      • IF they took Rivera, I guess he would replace Clay Harbor. He’s not a need, but could be BPA in the 6th

        • Baloophi

          Yeah – it will be interesting. As Arby1 pointed out in the last thread, we’ll find out whether they’re really “following their board” if it’s all offense or 3 TE’s or whatever.

          You’d think at a certain point you have to look at your roster and decide if you have room, but I think if we step back and assume this is a two year rebuild, then that helps you take BPA…

        • ICDogg

          I think we’ve already replaced Clay Harbor, but maybe not. You could look at Casey as a replacement for the fullback, and Ertz as an Avant replacement.

    • austinfan

      Teull is a UDFA

      Smith will go earlier if his knee is OK

      Freeman is a possibility

      I’d go Griffin, Willson or either Reed over Rivera, upside

      Ellington should be gone unless he really is that slow, in which case he’s a bad fit

      McGee is a tease, but I expect someone to date him earlier

      Boyett depends on health

  • bdbd20


    Any theory as to why Barkley and Nassib have fallen? Is it that teams just don’t see value? Are they now seen as career backups?

    • Ya was curious if they’d have value to us in the 4th on, using a pick in the first two days I can see not being best use of resources, but in 4th on you don’t really expect them to be a starter (not saying they can’t be). Barkley I don’t think is as good as two seasons ago or as bad as last season. If we do pick up a QB I suppose it shows how the offense might lean more instead of us guessing however (though it might already show with him picking up Dixon, however that might be more familiarity based then scheme.)

    • ICDogg

      I think spending 1st and 2nd day picks on a QB is a commitment that teams prefer to avoid unless they feel strongly about a guy.

      I mean, even though the Jets only spent a 2nd for Geno Smith doesn’t mean that they haven’t committed themselves to seeing it through.

      But if you take guys in the 4th and later rounds, there’s not much risk in taking a shot. The salary commitment is low, if he doesn’t pan out you just cut him. You feel no obligation to start him or play him at all, he’s just a developmental guy for you, until he proves otherwise.

  • Arby1

    I would take Swope off the board because of his concussions. He could be another one of those guys teams are avoiding for health reasons.

    • Baloophi

      Crap. Right. He’s had four!

  • Dan

    As an LSU fan, wanted to add a few thoughts on Bennie Logan:

    1) Really surprised by the pick.

    Thought it was a mistake for him to leave early and he could have come back and gotten a better pick. Like you, Tommy, didn’t see him as an “Eagles” guy. He doesn’t have great size and seems to be more of a true 4-3 DT.

    2) Will never be a question about work ethic/leadership

    You’ve all probably heard the story by now, but Bennie wore 18 this year. 18 gets handed to a the team’s “lunch pail” type. Not less talented, but just guys known for working hard, leading by example, etc.

    Further, Bennie was a really late take at DE from a small, small town in Louisiana just down the road from Baton Rouge. LIke you said, surprising quickness and he’s been a lot of things in his college career… always doing as he’s asked. Bennie worked really, really hard to get qualified and to get D1 attention. Paid off.

    He’s a great, great kid.

  • I expect us to draft guys who are good special teams guys today.

  • Dan

    Tommy, how does Ertz compare to Fleener in your eyes?

  • ACViking

    Re: Scott v. Foles II


    Firt, if you have the Eagles’ trigger, do you pull it to select QB Matt Scott (assuming he’s the top-rated guy on the board)?

    Second, if the Eagles add Scott (draft / RFA), is the message to Foles that the Chip Kelly’s Eagles want a QB who can run?

    By the way, Scott played at 195 lbs during a good portion of 2012 (per NFPost), though he came to the Combine at 212 lbs.

    Scientifically devised milkshakes aside, any concerns with Scott’s size and durability?

    • austinfan

      Other than 3 concussions?

  • Baloophi

    I don’t know who they’d want, but Carolina (108), Tampa (112), St. Louis (113) and Minnesota (120) feel like possible trade buddies.

    They seem to be intent on making a splash this year…

    • Baloophi

      Strike Carolina… didn’t realize they only have three picks left.

    • Baloophi

      Tampa has 2 4ths and 2 6ths which is interesting, and I could see them coveting a WR… Rogers?

  • austinfan

    Here are some 4th round targets for me:

    CB Jordan Poyer

    FS Phillip Thomas

    CB Sanders Commings

    LB Michael Buchanan

    FS Bacarri Rambo – no

    WR Ryan Swope – we’re dumping WRs

    OL Barrett Jones

    OL Brian Schwenke

    QB Zac Dysert – a little early? lots of big name guys are going to go off the board as teams decide to gamble.

    QB Matt Scott

  • ICDogg

    Here’s a running back name to throw out there– Zac Stacey out of Vanderbilt.

  • ICDogg

    and….we’re off.

  • ICDogg


  • Baloophi


  • Baloophi

    If we’re trading in here, it’s QB, or choice of safety (Phillip Thomas)??

  • Baloophi

    Hopefully this was for 3 7ths…

    • Baloophi

      Hey… just one! Not bad!

  • scratcherk

    I dont think there would be a need for trade up for Matt Scott. Must be Barkley

    • Arby1

      Good call!

  • ICDogg


  • DamonL86

    wow hate the pick

  • Baloophi

    Yowza. Barkley. Pac 12 bias?

  • SteveH

    yuck, barkley.

  • Baloophi

    Agree with Mayock – Foles and Barkely are kind of clones…

  • ICDogg

    Not going to pretend I’ve paid any attention to Barkley beyond a YouTube highlight clip

  • Baloophi

    Roseman must have known that Reid was hot for Barkley?

    • Baloophi

      Great, now Mayock’s stealing from me!

  • Barf.

  • ACViking

    Okay . . . so Kelly’s not interested in a QB who can run.

    Is Barkley better than Foles? Arm strength, agility, speed, leadership — all reportedly the same

    What the hell’s goin’ on out there?

    • Neil

      Kelly just wants the best QB possible. The most important part of playing quarterback is how he throws.

      At this point, I don’t think Barkley is better than Foles. We’ll see.

  • GermanEagle

    Trade Foles please! Absolutely hate the pick.

    • Baloophi

      What would you take? a 4th and 7th?

    • Just release Vick. Then you don’t have an issue where you’re trying to do two very different things with your starter vs your backup QB. Foles (assuming they do actually like him) and Barkely I guess could be like a poor man’s version of the Skins drafting of RG3 and Cousins.

  • I am so confused.

  • ACViking

    Would someone mind posting the trade.

    • ian_no_2

      Eagles traded one of their sevenths.. didn’t hear them say which one.

    • BreakinAnklez


    • Crus57

      4ths swapped and JAX gets our 7th (#210 according to

  • D3Center

    I guess Barkley in the 4th is pretty good value, since he would have been top 10 last year, although I still don’t love the pick. Does anyone else think this means Foles might have a leg up in the QB competition since Barkley is very similar from a mobility standpoint or am I reading too much into this?

    • I guess Chip really doesn’t care that much about mobility. Anyway, 4th round not bad for a backup quarterback who could possibly turn into a good starter.

      • D3Center

        I kind of guessed all along that Chip didn’t really care about mobility since that’s what he’s been saying and I do like the value here although there are other players I would have preferred.

  • ACViking

    Kelly’s presser: “We had Matt rated in the Top 50 in this draft.”

    Regarding Barkley: “Off the charts interview at the Combine. Matt and Bennie Logan.”

  • Baloophi

    Barkley DID win some games despite Lane Kiffin… so there’s that.

  • ICDogg

    Like I said before, drafting a qb in the 4th, even if you give up the 7th to move up, is such a low committment pick, that we shouldn’t be making too much of it. It’s a low risk, potential high reward selection. They can carry both Barkley and Foles behind Vick and see how it shakes out.

  • ACViking

    Re: Foles / Barkley

    One of these guys is getting traded in the next couple years.

    • Mac

      I get that but why can’t we enjoy having a capable backup for awhile 🙂

  • ACViking

    Re: Why Barkley?

    Another reason besides the “it factor” . . . Barkley’s hands measured at 10 1/8″

  • Baloophi

    From Chip:

    “Repetitive accuracy is the number thing we look for.”

    Let’s store that in our memory banks for future QB picks…

  • ian_no_2

    Happy with the pick… the Eagles got the best QB in this year’s draft for a 4th and a 7th. Barkley is just a step faster than Foles but rolls out more. They can give him the playbook and still not have invested much if there’s a opportunity for a franchise next years. Foles is a solid NFL QB but I think Barkley is better. Completely under the radar – I don’t know of the Eagles reporting any visits and I wondered about this but only posted that I liked him in general.. the guys say that Howie really liked Barkley and wanted to snatch him from Andy.

  • Wow, Totally surprised by the Barkley pick.

  • Just curious why arm strength is such a huge criticism? Is that not something that can be developed or is it accuracy when throwing deep that they are really dinging him for?

    • aub32

      I’m curious of this as well

  • ACViking


    Looking forward to your breakdown on . . .

    1. Barkley’s mechanics
    2. His pocket awareness
    3. His athleticism

    Also, how much of Barkley’s success — in spite of Kiffin — was because of guys like WRs Woods and Lee?

  • nickross23

    Wow I guess at this point Barkley’s grade was just too high to pass on in comparison to Matt Scott. I just would like to know the qb plan. You think someone would have to get traded or cut, there’s only so many reps these guys can get not to mention how important these reps are when your installing a new offense

  • Baloophi

    DirecTv people:

    Barkley’s Gruden session is on Demand on 1206 and 1208

    Non DirecTv people:

    Check ESPN U tomorrow, 4/28, in the AM (it’s on at 3am Pacific… so hopefully 6am EST).

    • Thanks! Got it on the DVR schedule. On Philly suburbs Verizon FiOS ESPNU ch 573 at 6AM tomorrow, per their listings.

      • Baloophi


        Per Mark’s update above, if you have space in your Barkley post, I’m sure the masses would love to know when Barkley’s Gruden’s QB Camp is airing…

  • HazletonEagle

    nooooo Duke Williams is gone! Thats the last of my favorite safeties. Reid, Swearinger, Elam, Cyprian, Duke Williams. Last big hitter is Shamarko Thomas. I can settle for that, but not sure we would take a 5’9” safety.

  • Really happy with the pick. Good value. Good potential without a lot of investment.

    Which QB doesn’t seem to fit the so-called “mold” now…

  • And have to say that even though I am still not enthused about the Barkley pick, I have to say that it is nice that we have not reached ala JaiJar this year.

  • Baloophi

    Mayock delivering KC’s spin! “Going to be Nico Johnson all along.”

  • ACViking

    Re: Mike Mayock’s reaction to Barkley pick . . .

    “He’s the best value for the Eagles on the board.

    It’s intersting to me because the spread offense is a little bit of a misconception. You can spread it and throw the football.

    What does that tell us about the staff and what they think about Nick Foles?

    Barkley might be the most developed pro-style quarterback built similar to what Foles was going to be.

    So, now I’m really confused.”

    T-Law . . .

    Is this choice all about (i) staying true to the board, (ii) more competition at QB, and (iii) that we should expect to see a New England-style spread offense?

  • nickross23

    I don’t think Bark is gonna be able to pry that no.7 from Mike

  • HazletonEagle

    damnit now schweke is gone. Im starting to dislike this draft.

  • ACViking

    Re: Draft so far

    Kelly’s stamping the Eagles OFFENSE with his personality.

    We thought defense was gonna be the principal focus. (I did, at least.)

    Maybe if Jordan’s there at No. 4, he’s an Eagles. (I think T-Law believes that.)

    But now we have an ATHLETIC offensive tackle . . . “freakishly athletic” per Mayock.

    ATHLETIC tight end in ZE.

    And a QB who, maybe he doesn’t have a cannon, apparently he’s a great leader with an accurate arm who’s nifty in the pocket.

  • ian_no_2

    I also like getting the ‘declared too early’ discount on Logan and the ‘declared too late’ discount on Barkley. I’m not comparing the two, but Dan Marino fell in the draft after a senior year that raised questions. At that age, it’s easy to get senioritis when you’re under pressure, everyone’s gunning for you and you don’t feel in your gut you have as much to prove.

  • Baloophi

    David Bakhtiari, or David Dothraki?

    • No bells in his hair. Pass on him for a more experienced Dothraki.

  • Baloophi

    Giants loading up with Syracuse guys…

  • xeynon

    Not a fan of the Barkley pick. Smart and accurate he may be, but he has a rag arm – as Tommy said, even his routine intermediate throws are lollipops. He’ll have to be far above average in both accuracy and anticipation to overcome that at the NFL level. Can’t complain too much since it’s only a fourth rounder but it’s the first pick in this draft I don’t really like.

  • Baloophi

    (New thread alert)