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Okay, the draft is now just 13 days away.  Let’s take a look at another draft scenario.  Keep in mind that this isn’t my fantasy scenario, but rather something that could happen.  I’m trying to figure out which players the Eagles will like and take.

1 – OT Lane Johnson – Oklahoma – 6-6, 305

2 – TE Zach Ertz – Stanford – 6-5, 249

3 – WR Marquise Goodwin – Texas – 5-9, 183

4 – QB Matt Scott – Arizona – 6-2, 213

5 – S Tony Jefferson – Oklahoma – 5-11, 213

7 – LB Quanterus Smith – Western Kentucky – 6-5, 250

7 – DE Jared Smith – New Hampshire – 6-3, 302

7 – CB Marcus Cromartie – Wisconsin – 6-0, 195

7 – RB Knile Davis – Arkansas – 5-11, 227

A few general observations first.

* I really want more picks in rounds 2-4.  Just an extra pick or 2 would make all the difference in the world.  Or if we could wait and take a QB late in the draft…that would help.

* Loading up on offense?  It does feel like this might happen.  Chip Kelly wants to score points.  He needs the right players to make that happen.  He focused on defense in free agency so he can go offense in the draft (if the value/fit is there).

* It kills me to wait so long for DBs.  Not ideal for me at all.

* Remember…this is just one possible scenario.  Next week I’ll post another that goes for different players/positions.  We can’t get caught in a rut with ideas.  You must see the different possibilities.  That doesn’t mean you will like them all.  Point is to see how things play out and if that affects your thinking in the future.

Now for the players.

Johnson is an easy explanation.  He steps in at RT early on.  That allows Todd Herremans to move to OG.  Johnson started at RT for Oklahoma in 2011 so the position isn’t totally new to him.  He played LT in 2012 and can slide over there should Jason Peters have any complications.  Johnson is a great athlete and perfect fit for Kelly’s offense.

Tony Pauline mentioned on Twitter that Zach Ertz might be the Eagles top rated TE.  Ertz seems like what Kelly wants.  He is an effective blocker, with room to grow.  He has a good frame at 6-5.  He can play in-line, in the slot, or as an H-back.  Ertz caught plenty of passes out wide or downfield.  He’s not just a checkdown receiver.  This is a guy you get the ball to creatively.  Versatile, athletic player.

I’ve mentioned Goodwin and the Eagles before.  Some fans think this is dumb with DeSean Jackson and Damaris Johnson already in place.  I get that, but it is faulty thinking.  Goodwin is a different guy.  He has DeSean’s speed and Damaris’ ability to play the slot and work the middle of the field.  Goodwin is excellent on end arounds and running plays.  Jackson isn’t completely comfortable with those and I think Kelly wants to use them.  Goodwin is a good KOR.  You’ll also be impressed to know that on some KOs he would block when the other guy got the ball.  Goodwin isn’t some rugged WR, but he’s not the finesse player that you might expect.  Really feels like a player that Kelly could love.

The Eagles want a QB.  They could take one anywhere in the draft.  In this scenario, I have them waiting for Matt Scott in the 4th.  Scott could go in the 3rd round, but he is a project and I think there is a decent chance he’ll last to the 4th.  Scott isn’t ready to play.  He needs work.  Scott is a good fit for what we think Kelly wants in a QB.  His passing skills are the main area to fix.  Scott has the raw skills, but playing for Rich Rodriguez isn’t the ideal way to prep for the NFL.  Lots of quick throws and screens.

Safety is a tough position to evaluate.  If Kenny Phillips is healthy, it could be a strength in 2013.  If Nate Allen has a bounce-back year, it could be a strength.  If Patrick Chung regains his 2011 form…and so on.  The Eagles may already have the answers on the roster, but I’m not willing to bet on it.  I’d love to take a Safety earlier, but Jefferson would be good value in the 5th.  He is big enough for SS and athletic enough for FS.  He’s almost 20 pounds heavier than Kurt Coleman was when he was drafted so I think Jefferson can adjust to the NFL game.

The Eagles do appear to have a solid set of LBs for 2013.  The future is up in the air and that’s where Quanterus Smith could be a good pick.  He tore his ACL in 2012 and is rehabbing.  The Eagles don’t need him to play in 2013.  If he’s healthy and can play, that’s great.  It isn’t a need, though.  Smith can get healthy and focus on the future.  He’s got excellent size and big time talent.  Smith had 2 sacks this year against Alabama.  He beat the RT for one and split the LT/LG for another.  Could be an excellent value pick, assuming the doctors give his knee a passing grade.

Jared Smith is no relation.  He played DT for UNH, but I think could be  5-tech DE for the Eagles.  Smith is a grinder and overachiever.  That’s the kind of defensive players the team loaded up on in FA.  Smith played in the Shrine Game and had a solid performance.

Cromartie is a size/speed guy.  He ran well at his Pro Day.  He is a press corner that will tackle and play the run.  No one will mistake him for Ronnie Lott anytime soon, but compared to Nnamdi and DRC, he’s lethal.  Cromartie broke up 12 passes in 2012, but only had one INT.  Heck, that’s the only pick of his career.  He just doesn’t have good hands.

Davis is a player that the Eagles worked out.  He is a bit of an enigma.  He was great in 2010, but injuries have ruined the last 2 seasons.  Davis then had a great workout at the Combine.  You are rolling the dice by taking Davis, but I do think he could fit the Kelly offense.  And at 227 pounds, he would be the biggest RB on the team.  I’m not sure Kelly cares about adding a big back, but he can spend this pick on Davis and then turn around and add a UDFA that is a smaller, quicker type runner.

Speaking of UDFAs, you can bet the Eagles would be aggressive in landing a NT, DE, OLB, ILB, and more DBs.

By next year we’d know what to make of Ced Thornton, Brandon Graham, the DBs, and so many others on defense that we’re unsure of.  2014 would then be the draft to focus on the defense, depending on how the new/young players fared.  You can’t fix the whole team in one offseason or one draft.  You must pick and choose what to do first.

* * * * *

Many of you asked questions yesterday that I have yet to answer.  I’ll do that in a post on Saturday.


138 Comments on “Eagles Mock Draft”

  1. 1 BlindChow said at 1:22 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Cromartie: any relation?

  2. 2 Ben Hert said at 2:36 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Probably one of his 35 children.

  3. 3 Iskar36 said at 1:28 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Two questions about Lane Johnson. First, this is obviously not a 32 team mock draft, but at this point, are you taking Johnson of Fisher or Joeckel if either of them reach 4 because Johnson is the better fit? Or do you think there is a decent chance both guys get picked before 4? Second, seems to me that one of our best baits we can use in order to get a team to trade up would be Fisher or Joeckel if they fall. If the hope is to target Johnson anyway, how far do you think the Eagles could trade back while still having a decent shot at drafting Johnson?

  4. 4 Geagle said at 1:33 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I dont see any chance Lane gets passed Arizona…depend how the draft unfold. If the Lions are drafting the second OT off the board, than you can probably trade back to 6 ahead of Arizona and still get Lane. but if Fisher n Joek come off the board before the Lions pick, the Lions would pounce on Lane

  5. 5 TommyLawlor said at 3:12 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think the Eagles will like Johnson a lot. I can see them going for him over Joeckel or Fisher. That’s just a guess, though. No inside scoop.

  6. 6 Geagle said at 1:30 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Love your work Ty law…but your mock is a nightmare scenario for me.
    I’d focus on defense, not draft a single QB, only give the offense 2 picks in the first 5 rounds, Kyle Long and Gavin Escobar/Kelce who I both think will be better NFL players than ertz and Eifert….Dion, if he isn’t on the board,trade back(although Lane is my fav OT) and draft star if he falls, or fletcher Cox Jr, aka Sheldon Rich. But to each his own,n13 days and we all find ou

    Question, Kiper gave an interview with Bruno and Marks this morning on the fanatic. they asked him if Fisher and Joekel areas can’t miss as everyone says…and Kiper responded by saying in a normal draft class, Fish n Joek would get drafted between 15-20….do you see it the same way? Would they have cracked the top 10 of last years great QB class?

    I have been screaming for months to anyone that will listen, and even ones who don’t want to listen, that Dee Millner is nothing more than a good #2 CB, and there is no shot that he gets drafted 4…. Do you have the scoop on why the eagles canceled their workout with Millner? is it common in the past for the eagles to cancel workouts with prospects?

  7. 7 Ben Hert said at 2:36 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I agreed with your draft scenario a month ago, but this great note that Tommy made changed my mind all the way:

    “By next year we’d know what to make of Ced Thornton, Brandon Graham, the DBs, and so many others on defense that we’re unsure of. 2014 would then be the draft to focus on the defense, depending on how the new/young players fared. You can’t fix the whole team in one offseason or one draft. You must pick and choose what to do first.”

    We have SO many unknowns on defense. More than we could ever remember for a long time. We have a new coach, system, philosophy etc. We’ve had such a dysfunctional defense the past two years that the only thing I can be confident anymore is that we haven’t had a legit, consistent star on defense since Dawkins left. Spending tons of draft picks without knowing what we truly have back there would be, in my uninformed opinion, a bad draft strategy. You’re not

    Offense, on the other hand, the only true position we have unknowns at besides QB (and lets be honest, this , can be easily addressed in the early parts of the draft. Getting a legit tackle with #4, and an athletic TE to imitate NE, makes sense (I’m not saying Foles is Tom Brady, but I think he could do a lot better than people think he can with CK. I really really hope he wins the job.). We have an offensively minded coach, and I think in his first year, its best to give him the tools he wants to succeed. Setting up a functioning offense should be our number one priority this year.

    Also, don’t forget, people are much more inclined to come watch the Eagles play and have interest in the team, if they’re putting up 35 points a game and allowing 42 versus putting up 10 and allowing 17.

  8. 8 Geagle said at 3:28 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I’m sorry, but I think RIGHT now, without adding a single player…Just by going from a stale play book that everyone knew exactly what we were running, to a fresh and new coach who is a quick thinker and will make in game adjustments to counter everything a Dcoordinator throws at us…we will be able to move the ball and put up points…I see the defense as being so far behind the offense at this point in time. I mean, we don’t even have a 5tec that we can fathom starting in our wildest imaginations…We don’t have a single OLB that we wouldn’t crap our pants watching drop back In coverage…We need a young safety that can beat out Chung sooner or later, we need an outside corner in case Fletcher’s knees don’t hold up…..Honestly, I think Graham, Cole and or BOTH are getting traded on draft day(yes I know about the Cap hits), I also happen to be one of Bgrizzle’s biggest supporters since he has bee drafted by the birds..

    I would not be surprised if Chip gets to the predraft minicamp, and says, no way that these guys can be anything but 4-3DE’s…I don’t know that, but I do think it’s a possibility..

    graham is in a very tricky situation…He burst on the seen as a good 4-3DE, and now he has to change position in a contract year. if Graham hits the open market, he will be as good as gone. There is a cut off date during the season for contract extensions…so Graham has to prove to the Eagles that he is worth a contract extension that pays him comparable to what a 4-3 TEM would pay him on the market…and he doesn’t have all that much time to prove it…It’s a very delicate situation if you ask me, and I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if he is traded on draft day..

    these aren’t chip Kelly’s guys…A guy like Pete Carrol, tweaked his roster like 60 times before he found the 53man roster he liked last year..He kept signing players from the waiver wire, trading for fringe players, cutting them, signing others, and he did this over and over til he found 53 of HIS GUYS! I think there will be ATleast a handful of good eagles that won’t be here in 2014

  9. 9 Ben Hert said at 8:08 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    This is what happens when you write half a comment before you go to lunch, then try and finish. Apologies on my terrible grammar and…whatever these trailing sentences and unclosed parenthesis are generalized as.

    Downvote the heck out of this.

  10. 10 TommyLawlor said at 3:01 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Joeckel is a LT who can pass block. Those guys always go in the Top 15. Fisher? I’m not so sure about. I don’t like him as much as other people so my answer is biased. I don’t think he’d normally be a Top 10 guy, but he would be somewhat highly rated.

  11. 11 Geagle said at 3:16 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Thanks for the insight

  12. 12 Scott J said at 1:36 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Although it makes for an agonizing draft to watch, I hope they trade down. I would love another 2nd rounder.

  13. 13 Iskar36 said at 1:47 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I completely understand the logic behind Goodwin and can admit that I am definitely intrigued by his athleticism, but would top of the 3rd round for him be a little early for him? He never had more than 33 catches in a season or over 421 yards receiving in a season. Not to mention only 7 TDs throughout his college career. His athleticism is intriguing as hell, but a high 3rd pick for a guy with those numbers seems like way to high of a pick in my opinion.

  14. 14 Baloophi said at 2:44 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I would guess the counter to this would be that Texas runs a Pop Warner offense and doesn’t throw the ball much… or with great precision. How many McCoys did they have as QB’s the last few years?

    Also – in an admittedly limited sample size – he looked pretty legit at the Senior Bowl both in practices and in the game. I know I know – so did Tony Hunt.

  15. 15 Iskar36 said at 3:01 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Here are the top 3 WRs the last two years in Texas.

    Mike Davis (JR) – 57 Rec/939 YDS/7 TDs
    Jaxon Shipley (SO) – 59 Rec/737 YDS/ 6 TDs
    Marquise Goodwin (SR) – 26 Rec/340 YDs/3 TDs

    Mike Davis (SO) – 45 Rec/609 YDs/1 TD
    Jaxon Shipley (FR) – 44 Rec/607 YDs/3 TDs
    Marquise Goodwin (JR) – 33 Rec/421 YDs/3 TDs

    Did they have a QB who was lighting it up? Definitely not. But WRs were still making more plays than he was.

    Having said that, my point isn’t that Goodwin can’t develop into a quality slot WR. It’s that with a pick at the top of the third round, I just don’t think Goodwin is good value.

  16. 16 Baloophi said at 3:05 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    No no. Your anti-Goodwin agenda has been crystal clear since the Olympic trials!! You’ve got it out for that guy and will stop at nothing to see his demise!

    Just kidding. I see your point. I wonder if he’s in a similar position to all those Arkansas receivers from last year… remember those guys? You had the #3 guy going first in the draft because his game translated better to the NFL, etc.

    Anyway, solid use of statistics, my good friend.

  17. 17 austinfan said at 3:19 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Actually, they’re pretty wide open, it’s just that they have a lot of fast athletes but no one stood out, Davis, Monroe, Goodwin, in fact their best WR was Shipley, a possession guy. Jonathan Gray, freshman RB, was their best player on offense. Some of it’s coaching, they’ve been dazed and confused the last few years, but Goodwin did not stand out at any point in his career, other than running fast when he had an open field. They threw 30 times a game, for 260 ypg, so the opportunities were there.

    Goodwin’s development was slowed by track and field, but he was a senior, so he still had plenty of practice and game reps over the years.

  18. 18 Iskar36 said at 3:24 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Question for you. Is there any concerns about dedication? Obviously he had track and field to focus on in college, but is there a risk that he will not be 100% focused on just football in the NFL?

  19. 19 TommyLawlor said at 3:04 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Goodwin would be a 2nd round pick if he played in the right offense and lit it up in college. The guy has big time potential. And he’d be a great fit in Kelly’s offense.

  20. 20 Geagle said at 1:49 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    What if we traded back 5 spots in each of the first 3 rounds? Prob end up with an extra 2nd, a couple 4ths that we could even package into a 3rd….

    wonder if you add up all the value points of our draft picks, and you added up all the value of the Niners 14 draft picks..how much more would the niners picks be worth?…It would have probably been close, but the fact that they were able to get KC’s 2nd round pick, ahead of ours is what really skewed the value in their favor…Let’s enter dreamland for a moment: how cool would it be to just swap all your picks to the niners for all of there’s? They will get to add 5 prospects at the top of each of the first 5 rounds, and we would get to turnover 25% of our roster. We would probably have to throw in a player(wonder if Vick would backup KAp? Lol gearing up for a Super Bowl run with a running QB), and throw in. 2014 pick….Of course this would never happen…but how fun would it be to do an eagles mock draft with the niners 14 selections?

  21. 21 TommyLawlor said at 3:08 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I would love to trade back.

  22. 22 Geagle said at 5:25 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    You would be down to trade back in each of the 1st 3 rounds? Trading back 3 times would probably get us an extra 2nd and ATleast two 4th….Something is going to happen Tom. I just can’t see this being the draft that howie doesn’t have extra mid round picks to play with. he has been spoiled with extra picks in the past..I have to think he is looking at the mid round depth, and the wheels in his head are churning day and night to figure out how we are going to get more than 5 players in the first 5 rounds

  23. 23 Chris Horn said at 1:52 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I see your point about Kelly loading up on offence but I still think there will be at least one defensive lineman high in the draft. Reasons:

    1) The Eagles were not very agressive pursuing defensive lineman in free agency, given their current roster they barely have enough people to play on the line.

    2) As much as Kelly will have influence there are other decision makers involved and the Eagles have always placed a high importance on drafting the line positions.

    3) Their whole philosophy is supposed to be around taking the best player available and the linemen are supposed to be the strength of this draft.

  24. 24 ohitsdom said at 2:28 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    A couple counter arguments:

    1. The Eagles didn’t overspend, but they certainly made attempts to bring in linemen. But a valid point for sure, they are thin here.

    2. I don’t have much confidence applying old Eagles thinking to the Chip Kelly era.

    3. Lane Johnson, if available at 4, would absolutely qualify for “best player available”. You could make the case for a few other players too, but it’s definitely not a reach or drafting based on positional need. Johnson can play LT and RT. Not to mention he’s a freak of an athlete.

  25. 25 Baloophi said at 2:38 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think what we’re not seeing are the decisions Tommy had to make in this scenario… so if it was between an average DL and an above average receiver (Goodwin, let’s say), then – to your 3rd point – they would take the best player available (Goodwin). Stating that “lineman are supposed to be the strength of this draft” is great in a vacuum, but when you sit down to do a mock draft it doesn’t always work that way. In fact, if lineman are indeed a strength, you’d expect to see one later rather than earlier because of depth. (Quanterus Smith and his injured ACL being a prime example).

    As to your 2nd point about the Eagles always placing a high importance on drafting the line positions, that may have been the case for the last 13 years, but there’s a new sheriff in town now – we’ll have to wait and see where their priorities are.

    As far the Eagles not being aggressive in pursuing DL in free agency, I would refer to my last point about it being a new regime, or — if we ignore that point — I’m sure Jevon Kearse, Darren Howard, Juqua Parker, Chris Clemons, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, Derek Landri, Isaac Sopoaga and Connor Barwin would have several million reasons to disagree.

  26. 26 TommyLawlor said at 3:02 PM on April 12th, 2013:


    You must remember that the DL in a 3-4 or hybrid scheme aren’t as valuable as in the pure 4-3. The old Eagles rules of drafting will be changing somewhat due to the new scheme.

  27. 27 Phils Goodman said at 3:06 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    You must remember that the DL in a 3-4 or hybrid scheme aren’t as valuable as in the pure 4-3

    Could you expand on that? It seems a bit suspect to me. Linemen are extremely valuable in Houston, New England and Baltimore’s hybrid schemes.

  28. 28 Geagle said at 3:31 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    My guess is, that a DE in a 3-4 isn’t valuable as a DE in a 4-3… 4-3DE is a premier position..it’s equivalent in a 3-4 isn’t on the line, it would be the OLB

  29. 29 Phils Goodman said at 3:59 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I know that the roles are different, but that doesn’t mean they are less valued. Interior pressure is highly coveted.

  30. 30 austinfan said at 5:04 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Caveat – the “5” is worth less, but note that Davis had Campbell at the “5”, so he might value pass rushing more than most, and they used a 2nd on Dan Williams at the nose.

    Since the Eagles have a top “3” in place, that does make it easier, but if they’re looking for a “1” rather than a true NT, that requires drafting higher (better athlete).

  31. 31 Bebin Abraham said at 1:53 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Tommy, expect a few death threats. 🙂

  32. 32 TommyLawlor said at 2:57 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Only a few?

  33. 33 Anthony Hart said at 3:58 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    You sure seem to like telling mock drafters this 😉

  34. 34 ezgreene said at 2:22 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    This mock really seems like a joke. Is it?

    Is Fisher gone on your mock?

    Goodwin makes no sense to me. Nor does Ertz. It seems you are trying to think like Chip Kelly, without any knowledge of his methodology or thinking. That’s a fool’s errand.

    On Goodwin, does your hypothetical evolve to his starting? Replacing Avant in the slot?

    Similarly, Ertz…

    With Casey and Celek already on the roster. Do you see the Former playing FB? do you see three TE sets?

    You talk about two conditionals at the safety position. If Phillips is healthy or if Nate Allen bounces back. There are no such hypotheticals at WR and TE, for those positions draft picks are completely superflous on the roster. They’d be, AT BEST, the 3rd stringer at both positions. For safety, best case they start alongside Phillips. At CB the start in front of Williams.

  35. 35 Neil said at 2:49 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Very likely Fisher and Joeckel will be gone by 4. Even if not, Johnson is a better fit for what I would expect Kelly to want than either, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the eagles make Johnson the second tackle taken if they can’t trade down.

    I can’t say I like the Ertz pick much myself, but this is just a hypothetical. It’s possible the draft could fall such that taking him makes sense, and we can’t see every other team’s picks in this scenario.

  36. 36 TommyLawlor said at 3:08 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    RE: Ertz … did you see the comment above? Tony Pauline has heard from some people that Ertz may be the Eagles #1 rated TE. Ertz looks to be what Kelly would want.

    Casey is not a pure TE. He is an H-back. He won’t play the same position as Brent Celek. In this scenario, Celek and Ertz would be the 2 TEs and Casey and Emil Igwenagu would be the 2 H-backs.

    And I am trying to think like Kelly. I thought like Andy Reid for 14 years. Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong. Me putting up mock draft after mock draft of what I want is irrelevant. Much more interesting to me to try and guess/understand what may actually happen.

  37. 37 ezgreene said at 3:48 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Tommy. This is exactly my point. Casey won’t be the lone back in a 12 set-up. McCoy and Brown ARE ALWAYS going to be on the field. You are looking at an offense which has 2RB and 2TEs a lot? That doesn’t sound like any kind of realistic future. I can see the Eagles going TE to give them flexiblity options, but a 2nd round pick with Celek already there? As Dean Wormer would say, zero point zero.

    Further, because Pauline heard from “SOME people that Ertz MAY be” something is a stretch of all kind of conditions.

    With Reid we have, as you admit, 14 years of history. We have zero point zero with Kelly.

  38. 38 TommyLawlor said at 4:00 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Pauline has lots of ties to the Eagles. That comment may or may not be true, but deserves to be taken seriously.

    Kelly is going to be creative on offense. There would be sets with Celek and Ertz on the field at the same time. There would be sets with both of them and Casey on the field together. There would be other sets with Celek and Casey.

    The Eagles are very likely to spend a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a TE.

  39. 39 ezgreene said at 4:50 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I’ll bet you a bottle of wine that doesn’t happen. TE in 2nd or 3rd.

    BTW, did you hear/see this:


  40. 40 TommyLawlor said at 4:51 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Wine? Which flavor of Mad Dog are we talking about?

  41. 41 austinfan said at 5:07 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Hold out for a box, carry you through draft weekend.

  42. 42 Baloophi said at 5:14 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    My favorite flavor was always “purple.”

  43. 43 Arby1 said at 5:24 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    FYI, “purple” is NOT a flavor; it’s a type of grape!

  44. 44 Baloophi said at 5:31 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Whatever it is was delicious and cheap. Second place? Lime green.

  45. 45 TommyLawlor said at 5:32 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Arby = elitist. BOO!!!

  46. 46 austinfan said at 2:25 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Glad you’re not the GM – hate this draft, too weak on defense, which is still the primary need, they’re gonna score 25 ppg with the current personnel, but last year they were allowing 30 ppg down the stretch.

    1 – OT Lane Johnson – Oklahoma – 6-6, 305

    No problem here, great athlete who’s raw but has tremendous upside. Might prefer defense, but a top OT is a safe pick.

    2 – TE Zach Ertz – Stanford – 6-5, 249

    Why? I don’t see a complete TE who can block in-line, and we have plenty of H-back candidates. If you’re gonna replace Celek in a run oriented offense, take Kelce or McDonald later, you want one TE to be a good run blocker (or have the size and potential to become one). I’d go defense here (and probably the first, all things being equal, the point of Chip at HC is to score on offense with average talent, use your resources to build the defense). Jesse Williams at NT for example.

    3 – WR Marquise Goodwin – Texas – 5-9, 183

    No, not unless you make a draft day trade of DeSean and/or Maclin. How many smurfs do you want on your team? Plus he’s raw, he’s small, and has small hands. Speed is overrated. Underachiever in college, never showed me great elusiveness (and I’m a Longhorn fan of course).

    4 – QB Matt Scott – Arizona – 6-2, 213

    Meh, if they have to take a QB in this draft, at least this isn’t a horrid reach.

    5 – S Tony Jefferson – Oklahoma – 5-11, 213

    4.7 guy, the cutoff for NFL starters at safety (see draftmetrics) seems to be 4.65. If he’s not starter material, go for a fast safety who will help on STs and might be coached up. I want a safety earlier, no guarantee that Phillips, Chung or Allen are starting in 2014.

    Cooper Taylor is my guy here, if he doesn’t work out at safety (Chancellor), then add 10 lbs and put him at LB. At worst, a SS/LB who can help in subpackages and be a force on STs.

    7 – LB Quanterus Smith – Western Kentucky – 6-5, 250

    Doubt he’ll last that long if his knee checks out. But a good choice

    7 – DE Jared Smith – New Hampshire – 6-3, 302

    Doubt he’ll last that long . But a good choice.

    7 – CB Marcus Cromartie – Wisconsin – 6-0, 195

    Fits their MO, is he physical enough?

    7 – RB Knile Davis – Arkansas – 5-11, 227

    Meh. Though at this point it’s less about talent than which players you know you can sign that you expect to make it through the draft, and which players you have to draft to be sure to get them.

    Guys I’d be looking at in the 7th rd:

    Reed – Nebraska, H-back
    W Jacobsen – T/G
    R Lohr, Pericak – “5”
    E. Kush, D Freeman – G/C
    Any S or big CB who runs under 4.6, has upside and plays STs. If they play STs, I can spend two years coaching them up.

  47. 47 Ark87 said at 2:38 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    He provided the disclaimer, this isn’t what he wants. That’s not the point of a mock draft.

    This is his projection on what Chip and Howie will pick, out of who he thinks will be available when they pick.

    I’m hoping he addresses my idea of doing a mock Eagles Board in the next post. I think that would be handy to have a hold of with all the trading and unexpected picks that wreck mock drafts almost immediately.

  48. 48 Baloophi said at 2:53 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Can you flesh this idea out? Is this with us (the idiot commenters) throwing our thoughts into this in an interactive, pick-by-pick or round-by-round fashion? Or Tommy assembling his list of “players the Eagles my like” per round?

  49. 49 Ark87 said at 3:06 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Basically there will be 254 picks in the draft this year. The ultimate goal: Order the top 254 players as we project the Eagles to see them. Given personality, health, upside, and of course fit into our system.

    This would be a tremendous process that would need to be done by someone who is both well acquainted with the prospects, and a specialist in regards the to team in question (Eagles in this case).

    Naturally the vast majority of us wouldn’t qualify (I don’t even get close). But it would be an interesting exercise to have prepared for draft day. Basically we have a draft board in front of us on draft day. Cross players off as they get picked. When it’s time for the Eagles to pick. We use whoever is at the top of our board to predict our pick. Heck even if it’s one of our projected top 3. We can have as much fun as we want with it on draft day.

    The downside: lots of expertise is required and it would be time consuming to prepare.

    The Upside is that regardless of how many trade ups or trade downs or additional picks that we pick up, regardless what other teams do, we will have a tool to help us be prepared.

    Also this would be a huge source of discussion. Tommy can make it a huge collaborative project with his sources and fellow football people/sources.

  50. 50 Phils Goodman said at 3:09 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I get your idea, but most teams have boards that go no deeper than 150 prospects. This works because boards become so divergent by the latter rounds of the draft. This is why teams are able to sign so many UDFAs that they had draftable grades on.

  51. 51 Ark87 said at 3:29 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Yeah, 254 is overkill. Basically that’s so if you end up with picking Mr. Irrelevant through a trade or what have you. It is literally impossible to have no one left on your board. Once you get 20 or so people who might not be drafted onto your board, you can stop.

  52. 52 Baloophi said at 2:51 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think we’re all anxiously awaiting the full 7 round A-fan mock!

  53. 53 austinfan said at 3:13 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Don’t believe in mocks, too many variables.

    Do believe in strategy:

    1st rd, trade down, if not, BPA, which is probably one of the three OTs, Ansah, Jordan, or Star. Star is probably a character issue (how much of his improvement was maturity, how much was greed), otherwise he’s a perfect fit. Think Floyd is a bad fit b/c it’s a waste to move Cox to the “5”. Richards is a trade down possibility. Don’t like Mingo, refusal to lift scares me.

    2nd rd, depends on 1st rd, take an OT, Asomah is off your board, take Star, Jesse Williams is off your board (unless they’re clearly the BPA and you can’t trade down). Trading down is a real possibility because my draft board goes “flat” at this point, is there a big difference between Cyprien, Wolff, Swearinger, Elam? Not sure I want Long or Pugh that early, or Gratz (CB/S).

    3rd rd, depending who drops, I might look at Wreh-Wilson, a safety, or someone like Hunt, Lemonier, S Williams or Kelce, McDonald, Sims at TE (though again, judgment call, if I think a big TE I like will fall to the 4th, I might wait or trade down).

    4th rd, mobile OGs like Schwenke, Winters, Bailey, Watford, Tretter start making sense, though some might be 5th rd candidates,M Buchanan at OLB, Wilcox or Evans at S.

    5th rd, now the RBs and slot WRs make sense to me, Barner, Murray (unique skill set, 6’3 RB with great speed, kind of guy Chip would use in various ways), Spadola at WR (might fall to the 7th, but I think he might also rise), Wooton at CB (might be able to move to S), Keelan Johnson S (who I think is more suited to press CB – but STs would decide, at this point in the draft you want ST guys and backup who you can coach up).

    7th rd – who knows, by this time I guarantee your board is a mess, as guys you had as 7th rounders are gone, and guys you had as 4th rounders are still available and you’re rushing to the phone.

    I think the talent is flat enough that you might want to trade down a few times, since the Eagles are rebuilding a roster, once you get past the first couple rounds, quantity may make more sense if there’s no one you’re head over heels in love with – look for SF to take the opposite tack, they don’t need a bunch of guys to stash on the bench, they want the right guys to get them over the top.

    Basically, I think there are obvious priorities:
    1) DL – Thornton, Geathers, Sopoaga, long-term answers?
    2) CB/S – no sure fire long-term starters on the roster
    3) developmental OL because of age of the starters, how high probably depends on how they view Kelly at RT

    4) TE to replace Celek, with AR, Ertz would make more sense, with Chip wanting to run, need one big boy to block, one H-back
    5) Tinker toys can wait, they’ve already reshaped the WRs, they’re reshaping the RBs, they have to decide what to do with DeSean, Maclin and Avant.

  54. 54 Ark87 said at 3:17 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    how bout a mock draft board, your top 254 prospects in order for the Eagles. How bout it A-fan? You’re one of the few people here that I think could pull it off.

  55. 55 austinfan said at 5:02 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Actually, I put a draft board together each year, which I try to finalize a few days before the draft. I’m not a film watcher, I just steal from everyone, filter it through my deranged brain, and come up with my consensus – my experience is that the better amateurs tend to agree (they see the same things) on the basic qualities, they disagree on how to value them (overrate speed and arm strength, underrate instincts and intangibles, overrate big college performance, underrate athleticism). And since they’re trying to value them for 32 teams (as if Warmack would have the same value for a man or zone blocking team), they end up missing a lot.

    Of course with Chip, it’s harder this year, but we have some clues what he and Davis are looking for, what Stoutland is looking for, who knows?

    My theory of drafting is simple, the first 100 picks are for guys you’re confident will start, after that, go athlete with upside (i.e. brains and instincts enough to coach, so small college over big college, since the later should be in the top 100 if they’re that good, they’ve had a pro level weight room and coaching for 4-5 years). Guys I hate later in the draft, big college players who are limited athletes whose upside is “backup.” Save your UDFA slots for those guys.

  56. 56 Baloophi said at 3:19 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I like this strategy mucho. Especially the OT in round 2 (pending the 1st round selection).

    If you swing a trade with Arizona or Buffalo, who would hope to snag at 7 or 8?

  57. 57 TommyLawlor said at 2:59 PM on April 12th, 2013:


    If you’re counting on us going heavy on defense, you might be disappointed.

  58. 58 austinfan said at 3:59 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Is that inside information or your opinion?

    I don’t presume because Chip is an offensive coach he’ll want to draft offense – like I’ve said, I think it’s the opposite, he’s put together offenses in Oregon with average talent (especially on the OL), so he has confidence that he can max out his offensive talent.

    On the other hand, Davis wasn’t his first choice at DC and he may not have confidence that his DC can perform miracles, so building up the talent on defense would be the optimal strategy.

    Also, since defense has to react, while an OC can scheme his away around athletic limitations, you want the better athletes on defense in any case.

    The interesting thing to consider is that Howie was moving away from AR’s tendencies last draft and offseason:

    Brown, Polk at RB
    Emil, Carrier at H-Back
    Cunningham, McNutt, Salas at WR

    Since then end of the season they’ve added Dixon, Kinne, Benn and Momah.

    So to me, they’ve got lot’s of what I’d call mid-round athletes at RB, H-back and WR who fit Chip’s schemes. OL is the only immediate priority I see, unless as I’ve said, they’re moving DeSean or Maclin.

  59. 59 Arby1 said at 4:51 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    FWIW, I agree that defense is still the top priority, along with OT/OG. A TE will be added by the 4th, I think.

  60. 60 RC5000 said at 6:12 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think they’ll probably go more defense than this mock but they should go BPA Kelly is building a team not just a defense. The biggest need may be 3-4 DE/NT or backup NT but it’s not necessarily a position you have to take early in the draft.
    They can also take CB and safety almost anywhere in this draft.
    And a new coach that’s offensive could take players. This is the NFL not Oregon. I am curious to know how they will view OL with Stoutland and Kelly but this is also a good OL draft.
    I also don’t think they take Matt Scott in the 3rd/4th round because of his lack of experience. Maybe not even in the 5th round. They need a franchise QB not a developmental one unless they plan to stash him on the PS.
    Also Mayock called this the deepest WRs in years (meaning through the3rd/4th) so it is possible they surprise and take one though I don’t think it’s likely.

  61. 61 RC5000 said at 5:58 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    It’s not necessarily about “candidates”, it might be about “best candidates” and “best players”. How do you know they aren’t going to add defensive players later in the draft? They’ve already added Sopoaga, Barwin, Williams, Fletcher, Chung, Phillips (well 2 actually one of which is a backup). Geathers, Acho.

  62. 62 Anders said at 6:34 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Seems you want to draft based on needs instead of who might be available. Also last year was a fluky year in terms of both defense and offense. The year before we almost the same personal we kept opposing teams to 20 ppg as opposite to last years 27 ppg, but that was also with one the worst stretches of defense I bet you will ever see again.

    Also I think this offense has the chance to score in the area of around 28 ppg and will will most likely give up around 22-25 ppg with no additions through the draft.

    Also I honestly think there is a great chance we go like this, but it will all depends on how the draft goes and what does Kelly really prioritize Maybe he will want a dominating offense and are okay if the D isnt super good, but good enough to force a lot of turnovers (you can force a lot of turnovers and still have a bad defense)

  63. 63 Gregory Post said at 2:30 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Tommy, how about 2 OL in the first round? Assuming a trade down, what if we can get D.J. Fluker and Chance Warmack? We saw what happened with San Francisco a few years after they drafted Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati.

  64. 64 Anders said at 2:37 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Neither of them have the condition to play in an up tempo offense and Fluker does not have the feet to play tackle and might be best served going inside.

  65. 65 Phils Goodman said at 2:38 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    That made more sense for SF since they already had Joe Staley in place to anchor the o-line for the long-haul.

  66. 66 TommyLawlor said at 3:11 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    No way. We’ve got Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans, Watkins, and Kelly right now. Adding one early player to that mix is all that is needed. Adding depth later on is fine.

  67. 67 Phils Goodman said at 2:36 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think this is good except for rounds 2-5.

    -If Chip Kelly wants the kind of TE you describe, why not take Travis Kelce instead?

    -Goodwin seems redundant with Maclin or Jackson. It would be nice to have a WR who can go up and take the ball away from DBs, especially in the RZ. The RZ has been the Achilles Heel of this offense for several years largely because they have a set of Rs who can’t make a physical one-on-one play. Goodwin won’t be fixing that. I am confident that this offense can move the ball between the 20s. The main problem is increasing RZ efficiency.

    -Unless Chip is going to be able to produce system QBs at the NFL level like Shanahan did with RBs, Scott doesn’t excite me. I see fringe starter upside at best.

    -I would be upset if Tony Jefferson is the best safety we walk away with from such a deep safety class. I think there are some quality safeties that will be tough to pass on in rounds 2/3.

  68. 68 TommyLawlor said at 3:10 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    We aren’t small at WR anymore. Arrelious Benn and Riley Cooper are both big and will have roles in the offense. Chip Kelly likes big WRs. He will use them.

    Goodwin is a weapon. He can play in the slot and outside. He can also be a KOR and possibly PR. He is not redundant at all. DJax and Mac are not comfortable in the slot. Goodwin is. Huge difference.

  69. 69 Phils Goodman said at 3:13 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I was thinking you’d say something about Benn. I am not ready to rely on a guy who has been a body-catcher and was acquired for next-to-nothing.

    I like what Cooper did in the RZ last year too, but they need more. Cooper alone is barely adequate for the RZ passing attack to rely on. If this RZ offense is going to be great, it needs great RZ weapons.

  70. 70 TommyLawlor said at 4:04 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Benn was also given a 1-yr contract extension. That doesn’t mean anything significant, but does show that they’re not looking at him just as some camp body.

    You’re also making the mistake of thinking in terms of starting WRs. I think Kelly is going to be more package oriented. The Saints and Packers do a great job of this. They rotate players situationally and get the most out of them. Benn won’t be a starter, but he’s likely to be a RZ player. Same for Cooper. When we’re at our own 20 with lots of space to work with, DJax and Mac will be on the field.

    DJax and Mac will play the most, but I believe we’ll see the backups used more and more creatively.

  71. 71 Phils Goodman said at 4:19 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Benn has 5 career TDs. What if they like him more because of special teams and blocking? I think he could be more of a utility man than a scoring threat.

    Special packages ARE the reason I would prefer Rogers or another big body over Goodwin. They need to supersize in short yardage and RZ situations. Jackson must come off the field. Maclin could too. Imagine Brown/McCoy and Cooper, Rogers, and Kelce as part of the RZ grouping. That would be a load to stop.

  72. 72 Geagle said at 5:35 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    If healthy, I could really see Benn being someone we look at next year as baffled as to how we got him for so little. that kid has a high ceiling in a chip Kelly offense IMO

  73. 73 Anders said at 5:22 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Healthy Peters paving the way for McCoy and Brown should give us alot of RZ TDs

  74. 74 Phils Goodman said at 6:41 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    The Eagles had the #14 Red Zone offense in 2011 with Peters and McCoy. 14 isn’t that great.


  75. 75 Anders said at 6:43 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Consider it was MM/AR calling the plays and half the time didnt rely on McCoy down there, but instead called 3 pass plays? Also we had quite a few RZ turnovers that year as well.

  76. 76 Phils Goodman said at 11:53 AM on April 13th, 2013:

    AR and MM were once two of the most respected offensive minds in the game. Now their names are being thrown around like trash. Their calls helped get McCoy to 20 TDs that year. I am not expecting Kelly to significantly better that total (though it would be great).

    The point is that McCoy alone excelling in the RZ is not enough to be top tier. You need big, skilled targets. Teams with the Gronks, Grahams, DTs, Boldins, etc. are the ones you’ll see in the top 10 of RZ efficiency the most.

  77. 77 Baloophi said at 3:15 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Also, Maclin’s a free agent at the end of the year. If he doesn’t accidentally learn to block, we may not want him back anyway (at whatever $$ he commands).

  78. 78 Phils Goodman said at 4:05 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I see a lot of TO attributes in Da’Rick Rogers. Look how he chumps Matt Elam. Catches the ball in his face and runs through his tackles. I would be ecstatic if the Eagles steal this guy in Round 3 because of weed. He is an elite talent.

  79. 79 Baloophi said at 2:58 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    If I had to characterize the collective response so far to Tommy’s mock in just one word: Rosy?

    Hats off for the hard, speculative work on this one, T-Law… but maybe for the next mock put the disclaimers and general observations in enormous, BOLD FONT.

  80. 80 Baloophi said at 3:01 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Apparently we can’t actually do bold font in here… which is probably for the best… so I guess OBNOXIOUS CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE HOW MY MOM WRITES HER EMAILS.

  81. 81 TommyLawlor said at 3:13 PM on April 12th, 2013:


  82. 82 Baloophi said at 3:16 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    he is the ying to my mom’s yang.

    That doesn’t sound right…

  83. 83 TommyLawlor said at 3:56 PM on April 12th, 2013:


  84. 84 Ark87 said at 4:02 PM on April 12th, 2013:


    i get it
    i feel silly
    im gonna git
    before it gets chilly

  85. 85 Baloophi said at 4:20 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Very nice. Keep those chops sharp for the next Iggles Blitz Haiku Festival.

  86. 86 laeagle said at 3:12 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Tommy, thank you for being clear with the aim for this mock draft. I think people get confused when making mocks, including the big name guys. There are basically two ways to approach a mock draft: base it on who the team SHOULD pick versus who the team WILL pick. Both are interesting for different reasons. But most mocks out there blur the lines between the two, moving back and forth, and the results are muddy.

    When you get into who they SHOULD pick, it’s fun because you’re playing armchair GM. If you’re a fan of the team, it’s even more fun because you generally know the needs inside and out. If you’re dealing with who they WILL pick, it’s also fun because you get to try to determine who will make the Al Davis or Matt Millen stupid move, and see how that would affect the whole draft.

    Who they WILL draft is more useful in predicting what actually will happen, because you’re accounting for things like GM proclivities, quarterback rushes, trade possibilities, etc. Who the SHOULD draft is usually all about BPA and team needs (and I mean BPA in the “stacked” board way, not the “pick a punter if he’s the best player” kind of way).

    Long story short, I really appreciate if when people are specific about what they’re doing with their mock drafts. Would love to see a SHOULD draft from you, as well as more WILL drafts, exploring possibilities.

  87. 87 Noah Drauschak said at 3:19 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I have a major problem with Ertz. His arms are 31 3/4 inches. This limits both his blocking and his catch radius. This is also something nobody in the media has mentioned.

    Eifert’s 33 1/8 inches
    Vance McDonald’s 34 3/8 inches
    Travis Kelce’s 33 3/4 inches

  88. 88 Mac said at 3:43 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I’d pick Kelce over Ertz. But I wouldn’t be 100% sure he’ll be available at our 2nd pick, plus Tommy mentions that Ertz has traits the Eagles may place a value.

  89. 89 Noah Drauschak said at 3:51 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I will admit that I have something of a preternatural concern with armlengths. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Oakland Raiders. In the 2004 draft, with the 2nd overall pick, they took Iowa OT Robert Gallery. He was called the safest pick in the draft, one of the best OL to come out in years, etc.
    His arms were 32.25 inches. He was a mediocre LG for a few years and is now out of the league. The Raiders picked over…an endless list of good players.
    In short, no, I hate Syracuse’s Justin Pugh at OT, and I am not interested in Ertz. And Shariff Floyd troubles me.

  90. 90 Baloophi said at 4:28 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I get the physiological argument over arm length from a theoretical standpoint, but until I see a statistically significant study (as opposed to anecdotal) that correlates performance (or lack thereof) to arm length, I’m leery of throwing guys off the draft board based upon that one measurable.

    Also, it does seem like something that makes more sense for OL (in your example, Gallery), but less so for a TE. A more important measurable to me for a TE would be 10 yard split in the 40 or 3-cone time, maybe? Or – obviously – the most important measurable, the videotape.

  91. 91 Baloophi said at 4:08 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Oh my God his catch radius is smaller?! Hie thee to Novocare with this information, Noah!

    No wait!! His hands are 9 and 3/4″ long, but Eifert’s hands are only 9 and 1/8″!!! Maybe we shouldn’t take a TE at all! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  92. 92 Baloophi said at 4:17 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Also, I think we’re looking at different types of players here… Ertz is more Witten-esque with his blocking ability whereas McDonald is more of a slot guy. Eifert’s gonna go in the first round, and Kelce isn’t as polished a product.

    All of this is to say that ranking tight ends solely on arm length may be selling some guys short… ironically.

  93. 93 Noah Drauschak said at 4:29 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    You misunderstood me. I’m not saying that arm length is the definitive, make-it-or-break-it factor for looking at these TEs. What I’m saying is that you have to bear it in mind. It is as important as, say, straight-line speed or vertical jump.
    It impacts how a TE can separate from whomever is covering him. It impacts how he can serve as a pass blocker. It impacts his ability to block downfield. It is a tangible that cannot be overlooked.
    Additionally, I don’t get what you’re saying with your Witten/Ertz and McDonald statement. McDonald weighs 270 lbs for gosh sake. That makes him one hell of a viable blocker.

  94. 94 Baloophi said at 4:50 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Oh. I guess I was confused because you said you had a major problem with Ertz because of his arm length. Also, I disagree with the assertion that arm length is as important as straight line speed or vertical jump for a TE, but that’s my opinion, and as it turns out I’m not a GM or a scout!

    In terms of the player comparisons and ability to block, I believe McDonald was used a lot from the slot (i.e. – as a receiver). I will admit I watched zero Rice games this year so I’m basing this on reading various scouting reports… many of which question his ability to hold up in-line as a blocker, because he was not asked to do it. Also, I don’t think his weight automatically makes him one hell of a viable blocker – things like willingness to block, technique, and footwork matter much more than mass (just ask Max Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole!).

  95. 95 austinfan said at 4:54 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Rice had a ridiculous trio of TEs – McDonald, Willson and Cook. Cook is a sleeper, former QB (2010), converted to TE. Only caught 18 passes over the last two years, not surprising given the guys ahead of him.

    6-7 262 [4.71 1.65 20 4.39 7.30 37 10’2]

  96. 96 xeynon said at 9:18 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I would bet that there are only a handful of plays over an entire season on which two inches of catch radius make a decisive difference. Speed, quickness, leaping ability, and sure hands are far more important for receiving. As for blocking, reach is more of a factor in pass blocking than in run blocking (as a former offensive tackle who used a 6-9 wingspan to good effect in the passing game but was somewhat less effective as a run blocker I know this from experience) and ideally you don’t want your tight end doing any one-on-one pass blocking if you can help it. I think making short arms a deal breaker for a TE prospect who is solid in all other regards like Ertz is kind of silly.

  97. 97 Baloophi said at 4:29 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    (I voted myself down once on this… glad to see I have company)

  98. 98 RC5000 said at 4:42 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I was aware of Ertz small arms and it is a small issue but since he was highly productive and is a very good player, it’s not a big deal. He has more talent than McDonald and much more production and is a better receiver.

  99. 99 Geagle said at 5:19 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I actually think both Gavin Escobar and Kelce will be better than Ertz and Eifert

  100. 100 RC5000 said at 5:43 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Ertz is the best route runner, he is like a wide receiver in and out of his breaks and sets up his routes well. Kelce is faster than Ertz, Kelce was split out wide a good amount but he’s a little sloppy in his routes to me.
    Escobar looks really good but I still would take Ertz over him and I don’t know if Escobar will be there in the 3rd.
    Kelce is very fast after he makes the catch. Ertz is a marginal blocker though but he’s a playmaker.
    Eifert and Escobar can both go up and get the ball. Those aren’t the strong points for Ertz or Kelce though they are both tall.

  101. 101 Geagle said at 7:45 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think Kelce is Witten..Esco could be Jimmy Jam graham

  102. 102 Mac said at 3:31 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I like this mock… a lot.

  103. 103 LostInChiTown said at 3:36 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Tommy – sorry if someone asked this already, but, say we trade back from 4 to the 7-12 range. Would you prefer a 2013 3rd rounder or a 2014 2nd? 2013 4th or 2014 3rd? This draft is deep with talent in rounds 2 and 3, but all signs point to 2014 being better up top. Do we draft the deep rounds now, or load up to be in position for anything next year (i.e. QB or elite DL)? Seems like a no-lose, but I’m curious what you would want.

    Anyway, love the site and your writing. Living in Chicago, this is my go to for news and analysis on the Birds. So thanks for the great work! It is very appreciated. Also, I’m sorry for your recent loss. I’m sure your father was proud of what you’ve created here.

  104. 104 TommyLawlor said at 4:00 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I don’t think teams will give up 1st Rders from 2014. Those could be too valuable.

  105. 105 Iskar36 said at 3:47 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I’m not sold on Goodwin at the top of the third, but if you want to differentiate Goodwin from DeSean, this video might help:


  106. 106 Phils Goodman said at 4:08 PM on April 12th, 2013:


  107. 107 phillychuck said at 11:55 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Looked like he hit him shoulder/forearm to the chest, possibly had some helmet contact. Not that dirty.

  108. 108 Baloophi said at 3:55 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    ESPN taking the bait on the Eagles cancelling Dee Milliner’s visit. They just introduced a segment with him by saying “Todd McShay tells us what the Eagles could be passing on by not taking a player who’s expected to shut down opposing passing games.”

    Ha ha!

    Then, after Dee himself suggested that maybe they cancelled the interview because they like what they see, Michael Kim asked him if the Eagles pass on him whether that would create a chip on his shoulder. After Dee answered “yes” – Kim then issued a warning to Eagles’ QBs and Chip Kelly.

  109. 109 TommyLawlor said at 4:04 PM on April 12th, 2013:


  110. 110 Mac said at 4:27 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I’m not afraid of a CB who can’t catch passes.

  111. 111 Baloophi said at 5:10 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Ha! That’s not bad…

  112. 112 RC5000 said at 4:48 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I don’t think the Eagles will take Milliner. They have Williams and Fletcher starting with Boykin in the slot and they can take a corner later.

  113. 113 Baloophi said at 5:10 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    How much brinksmanship goes on, do you think? For example, do the Eagles cancel the visit, to smokescreen the smokescreen? In other words, does their apparently lack of interest in Milliner read as transparently to other teams as possible interest?

    I tend to agree with you – that they won’t take him (at least at #4). But if you’re sitting behind Detroit and desperately want a CB, are you willing to take that chance?

  114. 114 RC5000 said at 4:24 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Very creative mock. Ertz is probably going to be one of the BPAs at 35. I think Lane Johnson is a good choice for Chip Kelly.

    Goodwin is a 4th round WR at best but I get he looks the part and he’s a poor man’s Tavon. To me you’re taking a part time role player. He just doesn’t have the production at the position. He only had two games with over 28 yards receiving this year. Basically he had two big games, one against Ole Miss and the bowl game against Oregon State. I realize he had a great combine and is fast and he had 181 yards rushing but it seems he is more track star than WR. Just feel like you can do a lot more there – starting interior iineman at center or OG, DE maybe Devin Taylor, maybe a cornerback.

    Scott is a developmental QB. I really don’t like taking a role player and a developmental QB who would need to be stashed on the practice squad. That is high risk for what is almost a third round pick. We can’t afford another Jaiquawn Jarrett and Casey Matthews type picks.

    We may not hit on the picks either way but we don’t want to reach and not reach twice. We do not need a QB that is developmental, we need a franchise QB. Take a guy like Kyle Padron in the 7th (or Scott if he is there).

    Like the 7th round picks a lot though Jared Smith could go earlier but you can say that about a lot of 7th round potential picks, you never know. Here are two alternatives with Johnson and Ertz and the rest of your mock I like. just for fun. I mostly like your mock.
    3. CB Robert Alford
    4. ILB Kiko Alonso
    3. LB/DE Devin Taylor
    4. CB/S Sanders Commings (who I think the Eagles have interest in and who could enable the Eagles to go with less safeties possibly which I think they would like to do if possible due to Kelly’s uptempo)
    5. CB Terry Hawthorne instead of Jefferson
    7. LB Jake Knott in place of CB Marcus Cromartie since I took Hawthorne and Commings. Jake played WLB but could probably play either LB position, he was a leader at iowa State and is considered a guy who is like a coach on the field almost.

  115. 115 ACViking said at 4:48 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Re: Trade Back

    Accepting as true the premise that the 2013 draft has only 4-5 players worthy of being drafted that high . . .

    then does it make sense for the Eagles to trade back in Rd 1 and thereby (i) forfeit their their chance at one of the few highly rated players the best players in the draft, (ii) end up with a mediocre (for this draft) 1st-rounder who — on paper — doesn’t come close to the player the Birds passed on, and (iii) pick up 1 or 2 lower round picks whose likelihood of making an impact decreases geometrically as you move down the board.

    Maybe another way of putting it is, “would you rather than one player projected to step in on day one and dominate, verus two or three players of whom one may be solid but not dominant player and a couple of other players who are a cut or two below that”?

  116. 116 Baloophi said at 4:58 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    This seems like a leading question.

    I have difficulty accepting the premise – that there are only 4-5 players worthy of being drafted that high. Or at least, that a player you can get at 7 or 8 will not be worth as much as the first 4 or 5.

    I guess that’s why I would be okay trading back.

    Obviously the big question is how the pieces fall before us. If it’s (for argument’s sake):


    And we drop back a few spots (for a team coveting Fisher or Milliner), couldn’t we get Floyd or Dion Jordon… who could also dominate?

  117. 117 Geagle said at 5:18 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think we are very lucky if Dion falls to #4. I also don’t know that he would get passed the Browns at #6…I think, if you are trading back from 4, the player with the best chance of falling to you from the 7-11 range would be Star. If you are willing to draft one of the guards or Sheldon Richardson as fall back options if Star doesn’t slip, then it might make sense to trade back. me personally, I can’t see Dion being on the board at 4, and us not taking him and RUNNING home to celebrate..but I’m really starting to believe he won’t get to 4

  118. 118 Baloophi said at 5:22 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Yeah, I get the fear. The key will be Jacksonville. They could do a lot of different things at #2.

    Ironically, if they do take Jordan, that might put us in a better trade position (Smith, Fisher/Joeckel) – of course then he wouldn’t be a target for us dropping down. (BUT, then we’d have ammo to move up at the top of round 2 where i think the value sits).

  119. 119 Geagle said at 5:34 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Yeah Jax really makes me nervous…I try to rationalize them passing on Dion by convincing myself that:

    1) If they don’t like Gabbert, they will take Geno
    2) If they aren’t ready to pull the plug on Gabbert, that they will want to give him an OT to try and give him a chance to succeed(They chose not to extend Eugene Monroe which surprised me, but they need a RT anyway)
    3) Gus might prefer a guy like Ziggy as his Leo/Predator.We would draft Dion as a SAM, which iMO is a much better fit for him than Predator

  120. 120 JJ_Cake said at 10:22 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Why, just because a lot of mocks have him going to Jax at 2? Look at the mocks where they predict Jax not taking him and falls anywhere between us and the Jets. I think the point is that teams aren’t sure what Dion’s true value is.

    If Chip picks him at 4 then you know there is a good feel for his value; if he slips past us at 4, then that says a lot.

    I like the idea of getting Lane Johnson with our pick if Dion is gone, or Chip isn’t interested.

  121. 121 Iskar36 said at 5:03 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I think your premise is what is not accurate. I think the general feeling is that this is a deep draft with lots of talent, but the top of the draft, the first few players that will be drafted, ARE NOT significantly ahead of the players behind them. In other words, instead of there being “only 4-5 players worthy of being drafted that high,” there are no players that are can’t miss prospects.

  122. 122 Geagle said at 5:13 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Stepping in and dominating from day one doesn’t matter to me..but if we could get a kid who in 3 years will become a perennial probowler, then I wouldn’t pass that up regardless of the position, or what we have on our roster

  123. 123 Baloophi said at 5:03 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I don’t know how I missed this, but the Rams hired Matthew McConaughey as their GM?

  124. 124 Baloophi said at 5:05 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    “That’s what I like about these prospects: I get older, they stay the same age.”

  125. 125 TommyLawlor said at 5:33 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Now that’s funny.

    Wonder if he’s ever looked at Fisher and said “Say man, you got a joint?”

  126. 126 Baloophi said at 5:37 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Ha! Fisher looks like he may have had one rolled and ready back in the day…

  127. 127 A_T_G said at 5:15 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Using first-pick.com, I tried to keep it more of what could happen, rather than how I could manipulate the program (and extra first for next year was a goal):

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 23 (MINN): John Jenkins, DT, Georgia (A)
    Round 2 Pick 1 (JAX): Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 5 (CINN): Phillip Thomas, FS, Fresno State (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 2 (JAX): Darius Slay, CB, Mississippi State (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 5: Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU (B-)
    Round 3 Pick 22 (CINN): Barrett Jones, C, Alabama (A)
    Round 4 Pick 4: Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina (B)
    Round 5 Pick 3: David Quessenberry, OT, San Jose State (B+)
    Round 7 Pick 4: Anthony McCloud, DT, Florida State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 6: Matt Scott, QB, Arizona (A)
    Round 7 Pick 33 (COMP): Sam Schwartzstein, C, Stanford (A)

    Your Future Picks:
    2014 Round 1 Pick (MINN)
    2014 Round 1 Pick
    2015 Round 1 Pick

  128. 128 Baloophi said at 5:17 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Nice haul… what were the trades, and how do you enact them? (I’m scared of checking out the website for procrastinative purposes… because today’s been so productive and all…)

  129. 129 A_T_G said at 11:18 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I traded down a few times to add extra picks. It is pretty fun. On your pick there is a list of trades being offered, and on other teams picks you can choose to offer a trade. No negotiations, they either take it or not.

  130. 130 GvilleEagleFan said at 8:15 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Great overall haul, not trying to cherry pick out one selection I didn’t like, but who else was on the board when you grabbed Thomas? In theory I’d like that pick to be a high-upside CB or G/T prospect, but from doing a few of these I know the board varies widely. I’ve seen drafts where you have 3 CBs in the top ten, 2QBs in the top ten, no Qbs in the whole first, etc. Really crazy to think that none of those outcomes are entirely impossible. Odd draft this year.

  131. 131 A_T_G said at 11:16 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Yeah, I was hoping for a corner sooner too, but most of the guys I wanted were gone early. I had a chance at Warmack mid-first, but I wanted to add another 1st for next year.

  132. 132 Geagle said at 5:29 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    two Questions:
    1) What are the odds that one of our better players, (who we probably wouldn’t expect) getting dealt on draft day(Cole,Graham,Maclin,Celek,Curry,Vick)?

    2) If a QB is drafted in the first 3 rounds, is there a better chance of Vick being traded, or ST. Nick?

  133. 133 Anders said at 6:45 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    1) 0.1%
    2) none of them

  134. 134 dislikedisqus said at 5:41 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    I liked this much better than the last one

  135. 135 Liam Garrett said at 7:12 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Hey, Tommy. I haven’t commented (or, for that matter, read the comments section) in a while, but I read your posts every day. Have we talked about center, yet? If I recall correctly, we were really affected by the poor center-play last year after Kelce went down in Week 2. I love Kelce’s personality and the way he plays, and I’m glad he’s back, but here’s the thing: He had a good-not-great rookie season, and now he’s coming back from a serious injury. Are we sure he’s our guy? Did we sign anyone who could push him this year? And if not, why aren’t we talking more about drafting a guard/center? With Kelce being more of a question mark (in my honest opinion) than we like to admit, shouldn’t we be discussing targeting someone like Jeff Baca (or whomever) in the mid-rounds? Especially if we’re going to have a high-octane offense that needs to make reads and line up quickly.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, lately, so I hope you get a chance to address this, or direct me back to a previous comments-conversation where it was. Thanks.

  136. 136 xeynon said at 9:03 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    This is alright, but I’d prefer to see them take a CB and some 3-4 linemen earlier than the late rounds rather than load up on more offensive toys. This team still only has 1.5 starting 3-4 DEs and 1 NT, and even with the additions of Fletcher and Williams there is still not much CB depth. Conversely I think with the addition of Casey and the continued presence of Celek and Harbor (who I haven’t given up hope for) picking a TE in the second round would be a huge luxury.

  137. 137 Iskar36 said at 11:32 PM on April 12th, 2013:

    Our new backup ILB:

    Emmanuel Acho

    Howie Roseman (GM of @Eagles) says to me: “So we traded u for a bunch of Oregon gear huh?” Lol, watch what you tweet! Cuz somebody else is

  138. 138 Joe Garcia said at 3:21 AM on April 13th, 2013:

    I get it by adding weapons on offense it makes our strength even stronger n it’ll make life easier for da lil guys on da outside n the late round picks r on point.. i jus hope they go straight defense with da first 4 picks I’m thinkin more this…Star1st. Okafar2nd McDonald3rd Queensbury4th Catapano5th Foketi7th Smith7th Cromartie7th dcJerferson7th.