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Chip Kelly ain’t playing checkers. He’s playing chess.

There are only so many real plays in the world. The best offensive minds are those that know when to call the right ones and also how to set them up. You can spend part of a game setting a play up or part of a season. I think I’ve told the story before, but there was a CFL coach who called a run play to open each game and in the season finale faked off that run and got a TD pass. That’s long term thinking.

Kelly’s brilliance is his ability to set up plays and to adjust to what the defense is doing.

Chip didn’t use James Casey or Damaris Johnson much on offense. Don’t write them off. They simply weren’t in the Week One gameplan. Both guys could be big this week or the next. Kelly will use all of his resources at some point.

I’m excited to see the give and take between Kelly and defensive coaches. They’ll adjust to something he does, but there is a decent chance Kelly will be anticipating that move and already have a good counter move ready. He thinks big picture. Kelly isn’t out there running a couple of gimmick plays. He’s running an offense that is built to adjust to whatever the defense tries.

The other thing to love about Kelly is that he won’t out-think himself. If something is working, he’ll stick with it. Once you stop him, then he adjusts. If you don’t stop him, he’s certainly not going to stop himself and help you out.

* * * * *

Jeff McLane wrote a fantastic piece. He covered a variety of topics in medium form. These aren’t just quick notes, but they also aren’t full stories. Love the format and hope to see this on a regular basis.

First up is Shady trying to repair his image. There was one nugget in here that I’d not heard before.

But he (McCoy) and Chip Kelly got off to a rocky start when the new coach didn’t allow McCoy to make up a missed workout day that cost him $100,000, a source close to the situation said. Once practices began, McCoy fell in love with Kelly’s up-tempo scheme.

Wow. $100,000 is no joke. I love the fact Kelly didn’t cave in and let Shady get the money. When in a new relationship, you need to set boundaries like that and hold players responsible. Andy Reid was too player-friendly at the end of his Eagles tenure and that hurt the team. Kelly wanted to let players know they had to be responsible and disciplined. Close isn’t good enough. Do what is specifically expected of you.

Next up was a bit on Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry. Both players are saying the right things, despite the fact they have to be disappointed by not playing as much as they’d like. Graham made his mark on STs on Monday night.

Like Trent Cole, Graham was more than willing to learn a new position, but he has drifted into the background as a reserve and special-teams player. The former first-round draft pick played 15 snaps on defense in the opener and 21 on special teams.

“It’s cool. I’m going to do whatever they ask me to do,” Graham said. “Right now, if it’s special teams or how many plays I get in there, I’m going to just do it.”

Good things should happen for both guys if they work hard and continue to buy in.

Next up was a note on players working hard after practice.

All three running backs – McCoy, Bryce Brown and Chris Polk – took passes from rookie quarterback Matt Barkley. Wide receiver Riley Cooper, working with an assistant, was the last man on the field. Rookie tight end Zach Ertz, who has struggled with drops, has become a devotee of receiver Jason Avant’s post-practice jug machine catching routine.

Love the fact that so many players are not settling for good enough. Kelly has got these players doing whatever it takes to succeed.

Next up, Trent Cole and Connor Barwin with some misc comments. Is there any doubt why I love Trent?

Defensive coordinator Bill Davis gave Trent Cole a strong compliment on Wednesday when he said that the ninth-year linebacker has never given less than 100 percent in a game. Cole, who signed a four-year contract extension last year, said he wouldn’t have it any other way. “The Eagles signed me to a contract,” he said. “If they go tell me to go be a kicker, I’m going to be a kicker. This is my job. I’ve got an obligation.”

And finally some stats of interest.

3  – After 32 missed tackles in four preseason games, the Eagles had only three against the Redskins. They didn’t have a game with less than four last season.

24 –  The Eagles blitzed 24 times, acording to PFF. The most they blitzed in a 2012 game was 11 times.

Be sure to go read the whole piece. I’m only posting some highlights from it. The Shady section has lots of good info.

* * * * *

Les Bowen wrote about Mychal Kendricks and his strong showing in the opener. Kendricks seems to love the new scheme.

“It’s exciting to know that I’m going to be freed up” when Davis puts Kendricks blitzes in the game plan, he said. “It lets me know he has full confidence in us to get there,” but “just as many times as he installs a plan for me to go, there might be a week when I don’t.”

Kendricks said he has learned a lot playing with fellow inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans, the former Houston Texan who has worked in both 4-3 and 3-4 schemes.

“I feel I’ve come a long way,” Kendricks said. “It’s a blessing to have a great, great, great friend and a great player-coach in DeMeco Ryans. That guy is something else.”

That last point is crucial. Ryans can truly be a mentor to Kendricks now since they’re playing the same position. And Ryans is absolutely a guy you want to learn from. He is talented, but also does the little things it takes to succeed. He can’t teach talent, but he can teach the little things. That’s the kind of stuff that can push Kendricks from being a talented player to being a great LB.


79 Comments on “Chip & The Big Picture”

  1. 1 bushisamoron said at 11:19 AM on September 13th, 2013:

    Having never been a fan of Reid I can see how refreshing it is to have a coach with a plan. Andy and Co. would “try” a few plays but it felt as though there was no structure to what was being called. In the one game I saw Kelly call it was clear that he was ahead of Haslett (former head coach) in his adjustment. We dictated to the defense. Some plays worked and some did not but there was a clear plan as to the pace or the offense and to the plays being called.

  2. 2 ACViking said at 12:52 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Not sure about regular season . . . but no game seems to validate your point more than the ’02 NFC Title game.

  3. 3 TheRogerPodacter said at 1:16 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    AR would script the first X number of plays on offense for each game.
    i’m not sure how this works because i remember many games starting with a 3 and out. did AR abandon the script at that point? was that acceptable/expected as part of the script? or did he just blindly continue with the scripted plays until he got through them all?

  4. 4 Mark Sitko said at 2:54 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Chip scripts plays too, similar to how Andy did it – In both cases it is more complicated than simply saying we’re gonna run play A, then B, then C, then D.

    Down and distance is part of the script – so is field position – even alignment in the hash marks (Chip made reference to this in a press conference recently – this week I think) – you maybe want to think of it more like a chart to start the game…it dictates a series of plays, or a few series of plays…and it kinda functions like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

  5. 5 Mark Sitko said at 2:55 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I am not saying it is simply a play chart, because it is designed sequentially, but with branches and options.

  6. 6 Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran said at 1:39 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    NY Yankees manager Joe Girardi is sometimes referred to as “The Binder” for his stubbornness in sticking to his own rules that are written down in a binder he carries around (there’s even a Twitter account called Girardi’s Binder).

    AR was/is the Joe Girardi of football. Unfortunately, AR’s binder was/is:
    1) D: Let JJ handle it (no JJ? – quick, find someone else – anyone, Bueller, Bueller?)
    2) ST: Picture of David Akers, the rest is blank.
    3) O: 99% of pages are pass or gimmick plays; 1% regular running plays.

  7. 7 Mark Sitko said at 2:51 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    We don’t need to bash Andy – the man set and reset the franchise high for scoring several times – he holds our team’s scoring title until Chip beats it, I think the man knows a thing or two about play calling.

    I may be older, but clearly you guys are not thinking of the years before Andy…you wanna see bad play calling? Or how about the Jets – have you watched a Jets game in the last 5 years…Schotty and Sparano were running offenses that look like Madden’s from the 80’s compared to what Andy was doing (Marty is going to be a God in NYC).

    Just cuz Chip is great does not make Andy stupid – he is/was a great coach, and play caller. Why the hate?

  8. 8 GEagle said at 2:53 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Was Great…then refused to evolve, got stale and was left behind…..I’m glad he was a given a chance to redeem himself by KC…let’s see what he does with it

  9. 9 A_T_G said at 3:16 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Agreed. Andy was a great coach that put this franchise right. He lost coaching talent that he eventually was unable to replace, he got stale in terms of ideas and personality, and he let his discipline wane, but that doesn’t erase what he accomplished here. He was a great coach, and I hope he recaptures that in a new setting (with a short-term setback Thursday), even though I believe it was time for him to go and I am very excited about his replacement.

  10. 10 GEagle said at 3:17 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Perfectly said ATG!! Classy,appreciative,but honest..

  11. 11 planetx1971 said at 3:44 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    HERE HERE. Too soon to forget that he made us contenders in more seasons than most head coaching careers even last. I owe him alot of good memories.

  12. 12 Weapon Y said at 6:41 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    As always, the truth is generally between the two extremes regarding the opinion of Andy Reid. National media outlets talk about Andy like he’s a genius and that the Eagles were foolish to fire him. Then, there are fans who don’t give the man any credit for assembling the 2000-2004 unit of McNabb, Thomas, Runyan, Dawkins, Jim Johnson, etc. that was so successful. Andy used to be a great coach. Not anymore though. The times seem to have caught up with him after Johnson’s death, Dawkins’s departure, and McNabb’s trade. His offensive schemes are outdated and he no longer has the inside track on knowing the up-and-coming assistant coaches. Andy did great things, but it’s time to realize that once the binder ran out of pages (circa 2005), he had no idea what to do. The NFL is becoming more oriented to the spread offense and fast tempo. Chip is the future. Andy is just part of the past. It’s time to embrace the future.

  13. 13 jshort said at 7:00 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    He’s 1-0 too. AR will never get anyone excited like Chipper. Still think he has a lot to offer (chiefs). Tell me no one out there thinks the Chiefs can’t come in here and beat us.

  14. 14 Weapon Y said at 9:50 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    It’s always a possibility because weird stuff can happen at any point in a game, but I seriously doubt Andy or his assistants can think on their feet as quickly as Chip. That is a huge advantage for the Birds. I’d say I have 90% certainty that the Eagles will win that game.

  15. 15 ian_no_2 said at 11:30 AM on September 13th, 2013:

    I was telling my TV screen Mon. night.. “you’re playing checkers, Shan! Kasparaov showed up to your Landover checkers club!”

    It will be interesting to see how Kelly adjusts to more players in the box as Derek predicts in the Daily News. One obvious strategy is to get vertical more with DJax and Damaris.. This can be done against SD since their secondary is bad.

  16. 16 TommyLawlor said at 11:46 AM on September 13th, 2013:

    The vertical passing game will be important very soon.

  17. 17 TommyLawlor said at 11:47 AM on September 13th, 2013:

    And that’s funny about you yelling that at the TV.

  18. 18 TheRogerPodacter said at 1:14 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    i can’t help but think the counter for this offense is to load the box and run blitz on the way to the QB, just going man coverage on the outside. the hope is that someone either stuffs the RB or gets to the QB before the WR can get open…
    its a dangerous game to play when trying to stop djax, though.

  19. 19 GEagle said at 1:48 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I honestly don’t know how you defend this run game, and screens on both sides at the same time, when Vick is throwing those quick darts with touch to Celek

  20. 20 shah8 said at 1:50 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Unlike what you saw with Lions Vikings game, Vick will kill that every time because DJax will blow the top and Vick can get it to him. Run blitz to pass pressure situation happens when you don’t think the QB is any good at all.

  21. 21 TheRogerPodacter said at 2:22 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    but as a defensive coordinator, wouldn’t you want to force the offense into a play that has the lowest chance to succeed? if that is the deep ball, make them throw it. if you can get a guy in vick’s face, it likely won’t be on target. if you can press the WR off his route, he wont get to the ball.

    its a lot of ‘ifs’ though!

    i’m just crossing my fingers that opposing defenses don’t force us back into playing Marty Ball on offense!

  22. 22 A_T_G said at 3:06 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    If they load the box and run blitz, we don’t need to go to the low percentage bombs as our only recourse. The bubble screen would be an effective counter as well. The key seems to be getting the ball to where the defenders aren’t as quickly as possible.

  23. 23 shah8 said at 3:14 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Bubble screens are a bad idea. Most defenses will be looking for that short outlet. A run blitz isn’t the same thing as a QB blitz. They blitz the gaps, and not deeper in. When a run blitz turns into option run-pass blitz in a game, it’s because the QB is totally not respected. You have WRs one on one everywhere, and professional QBs will burn any defense that tries to do that on a consistent basis. It will not be a bubble screen, you can’t really hide potential bubble screen, either. It will either be a stick throw to the TE or a longer pass over the top.

  24. 24 A_T_G said at 3:25 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Why would we hide it, we haven’t so far. If they choose to load the box and ignore the screen threat, we will start seeing a lot of them. If they load the box and sell out for the screen, we will go over the top, quickly and with a much higher success rate.

  25. 25 GEagle said at 3:14 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    As soon as you start slowing us down, chip will dial up some insane foreign formation that opposing players probably have never even seen and it’s just brilliant…

    We practice this funky formations..then Chip shows our players the options for the opponents scattered defense for how they can lineup against it, and we practice against all variations of how they can lineup against it…so when we get to the games, we have experience and know what to do against whatever way the defense can scatter to line up against it…And since we are ten times more prepared for it then our opponent, there is a great chance we will do some damage…Love It!!

    not to mention when he does show something crazy, opposing coaches and players have to spend time thinking about it, taking away time to work on something else…Chip will have opposing teams preparing for stuff they won’t even see lol…He maximizes everything…he is creative with every position on the team….It’s just mind blowing for fans who got used to a stale playbook

  26. 26 OregonDucker said at 3:22 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    You mean like the “Emory & Henry”??

    Scroll down this page to see the various iterations:

  27. 27 GEagle said at 3:23 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I’m sure that formation is one of many…I’m sure there are funky unseen formations that will be used 3 years from now…thanks for this..gonna check it out now

  28. 28 OregonDucker said at 5:44 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Nuclear submarines changed the nature of the Cold War. A nuclear strike from a submarine, with mirv warheads, made defense impossible.

    Conventional NFL defenses will learn there is no defense to Chip’s packaged plays run a Blur speed. The only defense is a strong offense that can keep pace with Chip’s Blur Offense.

  29. 29 ACViking said at 12:44 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Re: Chips Chess Board of Pictures and Rabbit Ears


    Do you think any NFL team with the Eagles on its schedule is photographing what’s happening on the sideline with Chip’s pictures etc. when he’s calling a play, and then linking it to the coach’s tape?

    Or is that cheating (assuming one can make sense of it) — or merely “attempted” cheating (because what sane person not in green could make sense of it)?

  30. 30 Anthony Hart said at 1:13 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I’d assume they change meaning from week to week. If kelly just used to same pictures every week it’d be way too easy to figure out what they mean unless they’re only used to show formation which wouldn’t provide any kind of advantage.

  31. 31 OregonDucker said at 1:22 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    As I said in the last thread, AC it really does not matter. With packaged plays the D determines the option in real time. Besides, the DC has to communicate to the D captains, who then have to communicate to their players – THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME!!! Plus the correct role players may not be on the field, and they can’t substitute, heeeheeeheee.

  32. 32 TommyLawlor said at 2:15 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Teams would be dumb not to try that. However, some of those pics are dummy signals. Chip mixes it up so that sometimes those are key, sometimes the hand signals are key and other times he’s just called the play in. Chip is too smart to have one obvious pattern that other teams could study and break down.

    And Oregon Ducker is right…even if they know the play, the offense still has options built in that would allow them to adapt on the fly.

  33. 33 shah8 said at 2:24 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    The more material thing the DC will pick up on is which of the plays in the package the offense doesn’t do well, and slope the call into that direction whenever they see a particular package.

  34. 34 OregonDucker said at 2:27 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    The Skins tried that with the Casey package. They brought up the safety and LB. We burned them with a Shady run. If the D overcompensates then that opens a weakness elsewhere. Cover the run also and we bubble-screen. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  35. 35 shah8 said at 2:43 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Not enough plays run, though. Midway through the season, there will be the successful tweaks and some packages will have to be retired.

    Remember, the downfall of Martyball was that DCs decided not to honor the run at all. They’ll lose a bunch of times, yes, but they’ll get their hits, sacks, and holding calls and keep the Eagles offense scoring few points overall. No play is an island unto itself. Expectations and fear is what does it. A QB keeper option with Foles does not make DCs feel bad. Even when Foles did that sundial run, the Tampa DC was probably more mad at the defense than giving Foles any credit. If Tampa sees him again, they’ll crash the RB every time and make Foles keep it. Foles will get a few first downs, much like Martyball when it’s going right. Long term, something wrong happens and things go to pot, like an injury to Foles, CB staying home unexpectedly and stuffing for a loss, etc. A Vick that can take off, make the safety miss and grab 36 gifted yards will make a DC be afraid of Vick, rather than be upset with his defense.

    That’s why all those gifs of Shady being a terror? Well, Shady is an effective terrorist as far as DCs are concerned, and that, specifically, is what makes him really useful on a team with other stars like Vick and Jackson. Too many guys on that offense, including the tackles, man, are capable of being true HAMs and leaving the defense trapped in a dream of bondage sex play, as a sub, without safe words.

  36. 36 Neil said at 4:59 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    This is only true if one of the options built into the play can’t be executed well enough to menace the defense. Could happen with an injury or two, but otherwise I don’t think it will.

  37. 37 theycallmerob said at 7:54 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Many have tried, none have succeeded. Great read about it, from his time at OU:

    “[…] we reached out to Mark Kozek, a math professor at Whittier College in California. Kozek is a code-cracking buff. He also used to play and coach football.”

    My favorite part:
    “In the military, there’s a concept called ‘actionable intelligence’ —
    that is, information you actually have time to act upon. Suppose you’re
    an Oregon opponent. You somehow crack the code. Now what?”

  38. 38 ACViking said at 12:45 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Re: Flagging Franchise (reposted)

    I can’t think of another team that’s nose-dived as dramatically as the Chargers have in the past 6 years — starting when former GM AJ Smith let Drew Brees walk in favor of Phillip Rivers.

    The Chargers of the ’00s were the reincarnation of the best Chargers of the Air Coryell era (’78-’82). Amazing individual talent but unable to win the big one in the playoffs.

    Look at the recent incarnation of the Chargers in the mid- to late-’00s, with QBs Brees/Rivers, HBs LTomlinson, Michael Turner, and Darrren Sproles, FB Lorenzo Neal and Mike Tolbert, Receivers V-Jax, KMcCardell, Eric Parker, and Mal Floyd, TEs Antonio Gates and Randy McMIchael. LT Marcus McNeil, G Chris Deilman, C Nick Hardwick. On defense, the Chargers had DLs Luis Castillo, Jamal William, Igor Oleshansky, LBs Shawn Merriman (on PEDs), Shaun Phillips, Randall Godfrey and Donnie Edwards, CBs Quinton Jammar, Drayton Florence, SS Eric Weddle, Terrence Kiel.

    That team used to be loaded.

    Now . . . the Chargers are like the picked-over carcus of a blue ribbon bull. The change from perennial All Pro OLT Marcus McNeil (Eagles passed on him for WJustice) to perennial All Revolving Door King Dunlap is a perfect paradigm for how this team has fallen . . . and how fast.

    They’re nothing now.

    I’ll be shocked if the Eagles don’t threaten some NFL offensive records on Sunday. On defense, I’ll be surprised if the defense is not beating on Rivers and forcing multiple TOs.

    This game has the feel of the Eagles circa 1980 and 2004 — when you knew they’d kick the living life out of bad visiting teams. And the Chargers are just that.

    I’m not a limb walker by nature. But I just don’t see this game as a contest.

  39. 39 GEagle said at 12:46 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    steelers took a similar nose, there offense really sucks

  40. 40 ACViking said at 12:48 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I think you’re right, though injuries may be more of a root cause for the Steel-men.

    That said, both teams have had some bad drafts — but the Chargers’ drafting has been dreadful for over half a decade.

  41. 41 GEagle said at 2:50 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    You hit the nail on the head..Injuries, players got old, and where replaced by bad drafts…Just look at their Oline, the good players get hurt, and the rest is riddled with horrible draft picks….drafting right is the only way to sustain being a top team….yes, the chargers definitely even more so then the steelers…but recently the steelers are really going down. ATleast they are still hitting on LBs, Jarvis looks like the real deal Holyfield…but man, when the hell did that franchise forget how to draft RBs?
    We take for granted going from one of the best RBs in franchise history in Westbrook, replacing him with a kid in shady who has a chance to be even better then the wizard of westbrook(that’s what my circle of friends called him)…

    Anyone have any cool unique nicknames for our players only heard in your personal circle of friends?
    Wizard of Westbrook
    DJ Kid(Desean)
    Shady Aftermath

  42. 42 D3FB said at 4:14 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Big Ben and Wisenhunt actively hating each other may also be a factor.

  43. 43 TommyLawlor said at 2:18 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    SD had some real bad luck with injuries. Guys like McNeill, Castillo and Merriman were key players that became useless due to injuries. Even now their young pass rusher Ingram is out for the year.

    They’ve made some terrible draft picks and some bad personnel decisions.

    Great talent is gone.

  44. 44 GEagle said at 12:48 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    The Eagles ran the ball 49 times Monday….the most Andy ever ran in 14 years was 46 times….

    I love my beloved defense…I really enjoy hearing Phillip Rivers thoughts on our Defense. I know the talk of the town is the offense, but prepare to fall in love with a Phillybrand of attacking defense these next two years

  45. 45 ACViking said at 12:50 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    One day, perhaps in Chip Kelly’s parting PC, he’ll explain how many running plays he actually called in typical game — versus how may package calls did he make, which by virtue of the reads resulted in the Eagles running the ball.

  46. 46 OregonDucker said at 1:16 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Very, very good point. The D determines the play call in real time with a packaged play.

  47. 47 GEagle said at 2:55 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Yeah, I would be fascinated to really know the answer to that

  48. 48 GEagle said at 12:49 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    1:15 Kendricks will be interviewed on the fanatic

  49. 49 Chippah said at 1:15 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Great to hear Kendricks and ‘Meco are so close. It’ll go a long way to maximizing Kendicks’ potential

  50. 50 nicolajNN said at 1:22 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Jeff McLane linked to this video of Kelce pulling and blocking Fletcher 15 yards down the field. Fun to watch. Thought you guys would appreciate it

  51. 51 OregonDucker said at 1:25 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    That is some great technique against an All Pro!

  52. 52 A_T_G said at 3:34 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    …against a very winded All-Pro.

    I wonder if Kelce had more fun than McCoy on that play?

  53. 53 GEagle said at 3:37 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I hear that our coaches recommended to the Oline that they use oxygen masks after every series…Kelce talked about how he needed one for the first time in years, makes sense to use it after every series…don’t see how it could hurt

  54. 54 GEagle said at 2:58 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Yeah I loved that play…watched it like 10 times…there is also this cool play where Orakpo gets some decent pressure on Peters, gets close to Vick, jumps up to get to Vick, and in mid air peters gets pissed and shoves him hard to the ground….it was so cool to see, that even when you think you beat the boss hog, he still dominates you….it’s like a lion chilling in the Sahara, he might let other insects and animals around at times, but he always eventually reminds them whose the king of the jungle!!!

  55. 55 SteveH said at 1:27 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    breaking news:

  56. 56 TommyLawlor said at 2:20 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I approve.

  57. 57 A_T_G said at 3:39 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    It only seems appropriate to have them designed by Wang, although I am sure Cox would love to provide some input.

  58. 58 SteveH said at 4:07 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Sadly I believe only Mcclam was consulted, however you can’t argue with the results.

  59. 59 BlindChow said at 5:25 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Wow, some of those are really awful.

  60. 60 Steag209 said at 1:46 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I can’t help but say something, I’m listening to MIke and Mike from this morning and Greeny is so pissed about Mornhinweg’s play calling. All I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh. I wanted someone to ask him, what did you expect when you hired him? (Don’t get me wrong, Marty is a great coach, he just needs another person on that team to yell at him every so often that he can, in fact, run the football.)

  61. 61 SteveH said at 1:50 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    lol I was watching the game last night and it was classic Marty play calling. Struggling QB and line that can’t block? Better call lots of 5 and 7 step drops. So so glad he and Reid aren’t behind the wheel on offense anymore. Geno Smith looks a mess too, those 2 fourth quarter picks were REALLY bad throws. He missed the first one by about 10 yards and the second one was so terrible the DB just turned around and waited for it to come to him. Not that the play calling is helping him out any. Keep in mind this is the guy a lot of eagles fans were clamoring for on draft day/

  62. 62 BlindChow said at 5:23 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Watching Smith play made me really appreciate how good Foles’ pocket presence was when he was a rookie. Geno made his drops, then just stood there as the ends collapsed on him.

  63. 63 P_P_K said at 6:56 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Agree about Nick.

  64. 64 Anders said at 4:35 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I know it is easy to hate on Marty, but he did run 29 times (to around 40 passes). The problem is his QB is a rookie that threw 3 ints.

  65. 65 BlindChow said at 5:22 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Those last couple of drives had very few runs. The ones that occurred after the interceptions started.

  66. 66 shah8 said at 1:47 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Compare and contrast with Greg Schiano, who thinks creative and hard nosed thinking is best accomplished by trying to force a fumble in a kneeldown situation.

    An aside, Tommy, you’re letting the positivity run a bit high, here, sure you ain’t got a fever?

  67. 67 TommyLawlor said at 2:20 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Kelly Fever.

  68. 68 ACViking said at 3:47 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    I’d approve if’s you’d said “Kelly Green” fever . . .

    Time to go Retro.

    (It’s always time for me to go back to the KGs)

  69. 69 Daniel Norman Richwine said at 2:25 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    understanding all of Chips ideas as part of a whole vision make the smoothies and conditioning make sense. I also find the idea that now there is tape of the Washington game, other teams will start to figure out the Eagles offense. I bet some of those plays you don’t see again until week 5.
    We know Chip has 4 YEs on the roster, but ran 3 WR almost all agme. Obviously there will be a game, maybe this one, with mostly 2 TE sets. Also, I think its likely we will have games with 2 RB sets as the staple.
    Chip is playing 3D chess while the league plays checkers. Thing is, he started playing in March, and the league won’t catch up to him for a long while now.
    Final thought: if Chip is as successful as I think he will be, many many current NFL coaches and OCs will be out of a job this off-season. How much do you think Cam Newton would love to play for Kevin Sumlin??

  70. 70 GEagle said at 3:07 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    You know what I love…all the questions from skeptics:
    can they really sustain this for 16 games?
    What’s chip going to do when teams figure out how to shut it down?
    is he going to run shady into the ground?
    When are people going to realize that the man is a Thorough thinker who is steps ahead. Everything has a logical purpose. he takes the best from the past, and the best cutting edge new info to formulate a detailed plan….If reporters and analyst have thought of these questions, then I can assure you that Chip has thought of them, and that we wouldn’t even be doing what we are doing if he already didn’t have these answers…Why would chip show his counters until he is forced to do so? What does it benefit Chip to give the skeptics all these answers? Let them question, let them have their silly little hope for us failing…They will all eventually find out firsthand just how smart this man is…It’s a learning process or him too…give him two years to get his players and train them properly and then watch us Soar!!!

  71. 71 OregonDucker said at 3:18 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    The Eagles have already taken flight. No living thing (on the football field) is safe.

  72. 72 GEagle said at 3:18 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    PREACH!!!!! We will do well and put the league on notice with 75% of the roster that he inherited…What the hell is it going to look like when he really has a team full of guys he thinks are the perfect fit to what he is trying to accomplish? Stop us….if you can!!!

  73. 73 OregonDucker said at 3:26 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Seriously, I have Eagles fly above my house from time to time. When they strike, they never miss. No squirrel, goose, or mouse is safe in my field. I know first hand that an Eagle is a bad ass!

  74. 74 GEagle said at 3:37 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Hahahah my man(in my best Denzel Washington voice)

  75. 75 shah8 said at 3:17 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    One quick aside about comparisons to Steve Spurior. That coach had Shane Matthews and Patrick Ramsey as QBs. So on top of everything else that was wrong about him, his situation wasn’t great either.

  76. 76 GEagle said at 3:38 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    spurrier Golfed all day…Chip is married to football and his mistress is the pigskin!!!

  77. 77 GEagle said at 3:35 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Watching ESPN and Mort just said that a few skins defenders talked about how our players seemed Fearless out there and that Chip really had them amped up and confident

  78. 78 Media Mike said at 8:25 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    Graham really said:
    “I’m cool. I got to the passer better than any player in the division last year on a per snap basis and if I play good soldier here for another year or two, I’ll make a second big money contract because good pass rush guys don’t grow on trees and I’m not an overrated broke back loser like JPP!”

  79. 79 Weapon Y said at 9:52 PM on September 13th, 2013:

    As a side note, do you think we are going to see the swinging gate any time soon?