A Peek at the Standings

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Chip Kelly does not approve of me doing this, but let’s take a look at the NFC standings right now.

1 – SEA – 9-1
2 – NO – 9-2
3 – DET – 6-5
4 – DAL – 6-5
5 – CAR – 8-3
6 – ARZ – 7-4
7 – SF – 6-4
8 – PHI 6-5
9 – CHI – 6-5
10 – GB – 5-5-1

If you want division and conference records, go here.

The Cowboys beat the Giants in an ugly game today to tie the Eagles at 6-5. Dallas gets the tiebreaker because of a head-to-head win. They also have a better division record.

I said on Twitter that Dallas winning didn’t bother me. More than a few people took exception. They see the Eagles with a tough schedule and Dallas having an easy schedule from here on out.


DAL — OAK , @CHI , GB , @WAS , PHI

Take out CHI and the PHI/DAL game. The Eagles play the Cards, Vikes and Lions. Dallas plays the Raiders, Packers and Skins. That doesn’t make things significantly easier for Dallas. The Packers could have Aaron Rodgers back at QB. If not, Matt Flynn could be the guy. That makes them a tougher team. Playing the Skins is never easy since that is a rivalry game.

Essentially what I’m saying is that the Eagles aren’t going to win or lose the division because of the schedule. They’ll win or lose because of how they play, not who they play.

Some fans are highly nervous about the Cardinals. We’ll see. They are 5-1 at home and just 2-3 on the road. They whipped the Colts today, but Indy is a floundering team due to injuries. The Cardinals have had a good season, but I’m not scared of them.

There is a really good chance the season could come down to the season finale, at Dallas. If the Eagles don’t win that game, they probably don’t deserve to go to the playoffs. I don’t want the Eagles to get into the postseason just for the heck of it. Backing into the playoffs doesn’t accomplish much. I’d rather see the Eagles earn their way in. If that means winning a bad division at 9-7, so be it. I’m just not looking for a soft schedule to push the Eagles in.

The most interesting part of this is that the Eagles are actually in contention for a Wild Card spot. The Eagles could overtake one team (ARZ) ahead of them win with a win next Sunday. They could hurt the Bears chances with a win over them in a few weeks. As crazy as it sounds, it would actually be smart to cheer for the Skins Monday night when they take on the Niners. I don’t know that I can actually do that, but it would help the Eagles for SF to lose.

The Eagles can still get the #3 seed, believe it or not. The NFC North is proving to be every bit as bad as the NFC East. They at least have injuries as an excuse. The East is just mediocre all on its own.

Whether the Eagles get the #3 seed, #4 seed, #6 seed or even miss the playoffs, this season is a huge improvement over last year’s nightmare. The biggest question last year was whether Reid was a total lock to be fired and whether Curtis Marsh should start over Nnamdi. I sure don’t miss that.

It just feels good to see the Eagles as part of the playoff picture graphic when they post it each week. Last year there was a bit of humiliation every time I saw the graphic and the Eagles were nowhere to be found.

  • CampDracula

    From a completely objective standpoint, the other thing you have to like about the Eagles is that they put in a new system in the offseason. This means they should only get better as the season goes on. Most other teams have already peaked, and may even decline as injuries, fatigue, and whatnot set in.

    • eSquared

      This is definitely not objective. Injuries, fatigue, and whatnot will also set in for the Eagles as the season progresses. Sure, we can hope the Eagles can execute more effectively with each passing game and more familiarity with their system, but every team is hoping they perform better as they get more practice.

      • CampDracula

        The Eagles will deal with this as much as every other team, but not every team will improve simply by adjusting to a new scheme.

        • ICDogg

          On the other hand, they appear to be past the “growing pains” stage with both their offensive and defensive schemes.

          • theycallmerob

            on the other other hand…undefeated since overcoming growing pains

          • ICDogg

            Actually, even in the last two losses, the D was starting to hold its own.

          • fran35

            I agree. However, as players begin to learn their assignments in the bases, play calling becomes more exotic. For example, I think our pass rush has gotten better lately due to Billy moving players more. We saw Trent rushing better in the past few weeks in large part because Billy had him moving around more. I think he is feeling tha more players know their positions and he can start to throw some curves in there.

  • Eagles_Fan_in_San_Fran

    It’s destiny that it all will come down to the Dallas game with Foles also having to face down his worst nightmare in the form of that first Dallas game.
    And after that W, it will be destiny that we meet AR in the Super Bowl this year!

    • TommyLawlor

      I love the optimism.

      I just hope they don’t drug test at your office.

      • zbone95

        Yeah Tommy is right…no way in hell chiefs will get to Superbowl !

  • Phyxius

    I’m supposed to believe that the team I saw play horribly against the Giants is going to win the division?

    • cliff henny

      right?! boy, wouldnt you like the eagles to get in a flux capacitor equipped Delorean and timemachine either/both those home loses.

      • CampDracula

        Eagles fans sometimes forget that AJ Feeley was a miracle, not the norm. NFL teams simply don’t win when their 3rd string QB plays any significant time in a game.

        *See Green Bay

        • ICDogg

          The Eagles defense was so good that year.

    • deg0ey

      The funny thing is that I can’t tell if you mean the Eagles or Cowboys, but yes, one team that played horribly against the Giants will win the division.

  • Mitchell

    There’s just something about Romo’s face that I despise. Couple that with the fact he screwed up relationships with Carrie underwood and Jessica Freaking Simpson and likes golf more than working to get better in the off season. He just pisses me off so much. I hated having to watch him win today and I know the Eagles are gonna smash the hell out of he Cowboys come December. But that freaking butter face he has….. Mostly the face.

    • CampDracula

      Everything you said is right on except the butter face. That would imply he has a great body.

      • Mitchell

        Well I mean his body is probably ok, right?

    • planetx1971

      LOL he always reminds me of Gomer Pyle when he grins. It’s that damned grin! Makes me seethe EVERY time!

    • Philip Soloninka

      I get you… something like this?


      • Mitchell

        Yes, just like this!

    • Igglez

      My mother knows one of TR’s cousins. He’s apparently a great guy. But I still hate him.

  • P_P_K

    Looking at our potential Super Bowl opponents, I see the Chiefs lost today. Did anyone catch the game? I just looked at the box score and it seemed like classic Reid — 38 passes and 18 runs. Alex Smith(!) threw the ball almost 40 times while Charles only had 14 carries, in which he averaged over 8 ypc. Was the Chiefs offense as imbalanced as the stats seem to indicate?

    • Steag209

      It was. Charles was doing very well but they kept throwin anyway

    • bentheimmigrant

      I watched the fourth quarter, and to be fair to Andy, there were loads of screens and short throws to RBs and TEs (which, as we know, he considers runs). However, they got 1st and goal at the 5 yard line with 1:50 or so left. Andy calls a timeout with 17 seconds left on the play clock, which gifted the Chargers a huge chunk of time. He then called a pass play and scored, giving SD 1:20 to score, instead of 1:05 that they should have had, or even less if he had run the ball and come up short (with downs and time to spare). His D had no pass rush (injuries), and it was clear the Chargers could probably move the ball quickly.

      It was the kind of bad clock management I thought he’d put behind him two or three years ago.

      • P_P_K

        Thanks. Andy is such a seemingly fine human being, but I think he continues to be a flawed coach.

        • bentheimmigrant

          Yeah… I think he’s been better for the most part in KC, now he doesn’t have a yes-man for OC. And I was honestly surprised by the time management – he really had improved before he left, even though fans talked like it was still his biggest issue.

  • Weapon Y

    If the Giants can pull a Super Bowl out of their ass during a mediocre season (twice!!!), why can’t we? Crazy things can happen.

  • ICDogg

    Belichick electing to kick in OT because he wants the wind… let’s see how this works out (has anyone done that since Mornhinweg?)

    • ACViking

      Consider how the 2nd half of that game was going and Belicheck’s domination of Manning in Foxboro.

      Not a hard decision, I don’t think.

    • ACViking

      Also . . . in 1987, the Eagles and Giants went into OT at the Meadowlands.

      Parcells’ Giants won the toss and elected to kick . . . and take the wind.

      Eagles’ offense — against the Belicheck coached Giants defense — did nothing after getting the ball.

      Giants won.

  • Philip Soloninka

    I will be at the finale in Dallas and I cannot decide what I want more…. a Dallas collapse to end the season and the Birds hammer them at home as we enter the playoffs….. or a winner take all showdown…. Decisions, decisions.

    • ICDogg

      The showdown sounds like a lot more fun. Plus, if either team is no longer in the playoff picture the game will totally suck.

      • Philip Soloninka

        Agreed on the showdown…. Another 44-6 would be appreciated greatly

    • McNabbulousness

      looking at the standing kind of reminds me of the 08 eagles. that tie the packers have could be big for them.

      • Philip Soloninka

        well, we get the Cardinals again on week 13, lending further credence to your theory…

  • Anders


    This post is very great if people wonder what kind of optimal and min things GM/Scouts look for in prospects.

    • A Roy

      Thanks. Interesting. It would appear Foiles needs to get faster to be marginal. Although, perhaps he already has.

  • hrtak

    It was odd sunday. Cheering for Giants instead of watching eagles….

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    Watching a lot of teams I don’t usually watch this weekend. Conclusion: Nick Foles could start for over half the teams out there today. Whatever the rest of the season, I don’t see drafting a QB as a high need in the off-season.

  • eagleyankfan

    it was fun watching the cowgirls and the gi-aints play. But make no fuss about it, hate — HATE the Gi-aints more. HATE. 🙂

  • TheRogerPodacter

    just an FYI, friends.
    i saw something on JimmyK’s twitter:

    gregg rosenthal ‏@greggrosenthal15h
    Cowboys just need to beat Redskins and they’ll hold the tiebreak over Philly regardless of Week 17.

    this is an important thing to note as far as our playoff hunt goes. If dallas beats washington, we will need them to lose at least one more game, assuming we win out.

    • goeagles55

      No we don’t. If we win out, we’re 11-5. If Dallas wins every game but the one against us, they’re 10-6.

      • TheRogerPodacter

        ok, thanks for the correction! i forgot that we were tied right now.