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Another day, another WR visit. We found out tonight that Alabama WR Kevin Norwood had visited the Eagles. Norwood is 6-2, 199. That’s not huge for a WR, but is good size and he fits the trend of the Eagles looking for bigger guys. Norwood will probably be a 3rd or 4th round pick. You could think of Norwood as a faster version of Jason Avant (Norwood ran 4.48 at the Combine).

Here’s what Norwood said.

I hooked up with AJ McCarron for workouts with the Browns and the Bengals. I went to visit the Redskins, the Colts and the Eagles. All those northern teams seem to like me. That’d be different. It’d be great, though. I’ve always wanted to play in snow. All I’d have to do is keep my hands warm and catch the ball.


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Good news on the Evan Mathis front.

I guess that’s why Mathis is one of my favorite Eagles. He loves to have fun and knows how desperate media and the fans are for any good story, even a made up one.

Well played, Mr. Mathis. Well played.

Let’s hope this means all is okay between him and the Eagles and we can enjoy another season of him kicking the butts of DTs, DEs and LBs.

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Good news for those of you who have been wanting a new H2H show. Jimmy and I talked about the draft tonight for 1:20. I’ll post a link as soon as the show is ready and posted.

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Terrelle Pryor was traded to Seattle today. Good move for them. Seattle runs a ball-control offense that is more conservative than what the Eagles do. Pryor has a chance to succeed in that set-up. He would have been lost in trying to run Chip Kelly’s no-huddle attack.

The Raiders got a 7th round pick for him.

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I’m sure the Eagles are trying to figure out just how much they like this kid. Is Barr worth trading for if he falls to 15? How much of a price is the team willing to pay for him?

I’d love to know what the Eagles think of him. They’ve done their research. I don’t doubt that they like him. Do they covet Barr? Is he someone you aggressively go after if he falls?


37 Comments on “Monday Night Misc”

  1. 1 Charlie Kelly said at 11:14 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    Will the future be Barr and Dion Jordan? That would be a very interesting pair of OLBs if it was to happen.

  2. 2 UWotM8 said at 11:38 PM on April 21st, 2014:


  3. 3 Charlie Kelly said at 12:09 AM on April 22nd, 2014:


  4. 4 Alistair Middlemiss said at 2:18 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    I have always thought that Dion Jordan would be best as a LOLB rather than at ROLB, but wow what a pair that would make! Don’t think Jordan will be available until into the regular season for a trade, they will want to give him another camp to see if he can win playing time, but if we are going well i could see a trade then…. getting a little moist.

  5. 5 andy said at 11:15 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    i don’t think its possible to pair dion and barr. but if you could only have one (assume either costs you a 1st round pick and brandon graham), who would you take?

  6. 6 Sconces said at 11:19 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    I think Barr’s the better pass rusher, so I’d take Barr

  7. 7 Anders said at 3:45 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    I take Barr because of the higher pass rush upside

  8. 8 A_T_G said at 7:13 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Barr is a more realistic option, but I think Dion gives us a player whom Chip already made into a star once and a guy who raises the Barr in almost every area.

  9. 9 CrackSammich said at 9:07 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Boooooooo your pun.

  10. 10 SleepingDuck said at 11:20 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    H2H podcast?! Is this real life?!

    On another note, everyone seems to think Barr is gonna go later than expected. In King’s MMQB, he noted that Barr was one of the prospects whose stock is going down. This morning Middlekauff tweeted that his scouting buddies are saying the same thing. I hope this means Barr is now a realistic target at 22.

  11. 11 Insomniac said at 11:20 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    Norwood will be 25 this year, that’s my only complaint about him. He’s smooth with good hands. I’d prefer Shaq Evans and maybe even Devin Street over him since they’re younger.

  12. 12 anon said at 12:35 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    he and tavaris jackson are of the same mold

  13. 13 Insomniac said at 1:32 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Seattle is turning him into a WR or better yet an…OLB!

  14. 14 shah8 said at 1:49 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    No they are not.

    I think it had at least to do with the fact that Seattle wanted to keep him from the 49’ers. Pryor would be much better than Gabbert. Of course, not because he could throw…

  15. 15 A_T_G said at 7:25 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Eh, with all of their picks, a 7th rounder wouldn’t have been much of a deterrent if the 9ers wanted him, especially considering a matching 7th rounder would have been a few picks higher. I’d imagine it was more about keeping his current contract in place for Seattle.

  16. 16 Joe Minx said at 11:33 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    Is it really out of the realm of possibility that Barr might just fall to 22 at this point? John Middlekauff tweeted the other day that most of the league seems to look at him as a mid-to-late 1st rounder.

  17. 17 ceedubya9 said at 8:44 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Lord, please let it be so! But yeah, I do think it is possible. Here’s hoping…

  18. 18 Iskar36 said at 11:46 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    Tommy, I know you’re not part of the group that thinks Barr will fall all that much (some places even have us passing on him when he is available at 22). Since you seem to disagree with others, I’m just curious to find out why you think others have him falling? Seems to me, a quality pass rusher isn’t someone that is likely to just get lost in the shuffle.

  19. 19 Anders said at 3:43 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    I know a lot of people see him as too raw, which I find funny consider how high raw pass athletes always go. Some people also think he is too weak and lack techniques. Combine that with a good draft and a guy like Barr falls

  20. 20 Weapon Y said at 11:53 PM on April 21st, 2014:

    I hope that podcast is an hour and twenty minutes, not a minute and twenty seconds.

  21. 21 Alistair Middlemiss said at 2:13 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Sorry to break it too you but they are pulling a ‘Mathis’ on this one 🙁

  22. 22 A_T_G said at 7:27 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Honest, entertaining, and showing up when you expected otherwise? I’ll take that over the Nnamdi and Coleman show we have been getting the past few months.

  23. 23 Ark87 said at 8:19 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    “Wwwelcome to the helmet to helmet show, I’m Jimmy Kempski from and with me as always is Tommy Lawlor of igglesblitz, say hello Tommy”
    “Well it was good catching up with everyone,have a good one buddy!”

  24. 24 Daniel Norman Richwine said at 12:00 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Yeah, H2H show!
    I’m starting to think Chip is going to draft heavy on defense with the idea that on offense, scheme can beat talent, but on defense its vice versa.

  25. 25 Dominik said at 6:56 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    He said something like that back in Oregon. Question is: after one year in the NFL, does he still think that way? His first draft doesn’t speak that language, but who knows?

  26. 26 Mitchell said at 12:02 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    You said H2H and my pants got tight (least creepy way possible).

  27. 27 Dominik said at 6:57 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Interesting nugget, after our conversation in the other post. 😀

  28. 28 mattwill said at 12:26 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Tommy, harkening back to yesterday’s topic … CBs. What are your thoughts about Antone Exum as a CB/S for the Eagles?

  29. 29 Vick or Nick said at 12:53 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Dennard doesn’t impress me. There was quite a bit of holding going on in his highlight video on the last tape. In that long pass break up, he had his other arm wrapped around the receiver, easy PI call for NFL officials, esp against a future rook. Add in the fact he is under 6 feet tall and 200 lbs and doesn’t run faster than a 4.5, I’m just not impressed. Would not take him at 22.

    Corners are too tricky to evaluate and project in the NFL.
    I also don’t think Chip puts that much of a premium on getting elite corners. With the rules the way they are, you are going to get beat by NFL receivers no matter how good you are. It’s just the way it is.

    We absolutely need depth, SJB in the 3rd round would be very ideal.

    If the Eagles can come away from this draft with:

    1. Receiver
    2. OLB pass rusher
    3. Safety
    4. Corner
    5. Guard/Tackle
    6. NT/DE

    That would be quite the coup. Not saying everyone of those players has to be a stud, but at least 1-2 should be high ceiling prospects.

  30. 30 Insomniac said at 1:27 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Uhh what? He ran in the high 4.3s and low 4.4s unofficially. He’s not slow and he’s a pound from 200lbs.

  31. 31 Vick or Nick said at 1:49 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    From Tommy’s last article:

    “Dennard is 5-11, 199, but only ran 4.51. That’s not fast for a guy who
    isn’t huge. Another concern for the Eagles is that his arms are only 30
    1/4. They would prefer 32 or 33 inches.”

    Even despite the measurables, I don’t see the star potential.

    He grabs jerseys way too much for a potential 1st round pick.

    We already have Cary Williams for that.

  32. 32 Insomniac said at 2:59 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    I agree with you on him being grabby. My point is that Dennard being slow is just feigning ignorance.

  33. 33 Vick or Nick said at 12:30 PM on April 22nd, 2014:

    I don’t think he’s the guy for Eagles at 22.

    Would rather see a Receiver, Pass Rusher, or DL.

    Even OG- Herremans is really fading. Not sure how much more he has in the tank.

  34. 34 SuPaFrO said at 3:25 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    It’s a bit random but it’s hard not to share.

    I had a dream last night that me n my gf were out and about when I randomly came across Javon Kearse. I was beyond ecstatic. He was so awesome n he soon joined us for Some food n drinks. We were having a great time. Then I went to grab some drink for us when I saw my GF giggling. I thought nothing about it. Kearse went to the RR n that’s when my GF told me she was breaking up with me. She had missed the singles life n missed how guys would talk to her, so she got up n walked out as Kearse was waiting for her outside. I was so heated. I woke up n moved to the couch. The end.

    Kearse you!

  35. 35 A_T_G said at 6:25 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Take heart. She may be infatuated with him now, but it will turn into frustration and disappointment when she learns how often he is unable to perform.

  36. 36 GermanEagle said at 6:59 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    I haven’t listened to your H2H show yet but I guess the 1:20 are filled with Funyuns, where to get the best prescriptions for glasses and that DeSean is still an Eagle?!
    Good job, guys!

  37. 37 Mitchell said at 7:40 AM on April 22nd, 2014:

    Tommy, I’m to be patient but you see, I have a drive of 45 mins and I need that H2H show to be ready.