When Left is Right

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It is about impossible to truly appreciate offensive linemen as much as they deserve it. Those guys battle on every snap and their bodies take a real pounding. Shady McCoy can duck out of bounds. Nick Foles can slide. 2012 Jeremy Maclin can try to dig a hole to hide from DBs (but certainly not 2014 Mac…he’s a tough guy). OL pound defenders on every play. There is no hiding. Hit or be hit. Heck, hit and get hit anyway.

So let’s take a couple of minutes to enjoy the power, athleticism and dare I say…beauty…of Jason Peters and Evan Mathis in action. Has the left side of the Eagles O-line ever been better?

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  • Sean Stott

    I would give up 10 years of my life to make Jason Peters 10 years younger.

  • laeagle

    Wow. Don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time watching nothing but O-line play. I’m a better man for having seen that. Would love to see someone do some detailed play breakdown with footage like that.

  • You never hear a peep from jason peters. hes so great yet hardly communicates with the fan base or public…

  • SteveH

    Dominant OL play. So much fun to watch them rag doll some poor linebacker who got his hips turned. Amazing that buffalo was willing to trade Peters, he’s so good.

    • laeagle

      They got us back with Demetrius, though. F-ers.

  • Cafone

    Has the Lane Johnson suspension been officially announced yet? The delay seems strange.

    • GEAGLE


      • Ark87

        Think it’s too early to hope the whole thing was a false positive and a second test came up negative?

        • ICDogg

          Never too early to hope…

    • ICDogg

      This comes up every day in comments, but no actual information comes out.

      I don’t remember this kind of delay before and it’s been about 21 days, which does seem long, even with the 4th of July holiday nestled in there. There should have been more than enough time to deal with a “B” sample test by now.

      Meanwhile, silence from all camps.

    • joe

      No but McCoy was on fox 29 in the morning a week or two ago and basically said it’s true in so many words and even said that Barbre will probably be the guy.

  • Daniel Norman Richwine

    I would not look forward to facing the eagles if I were a defense. Everyone focus on the open space of Kelly’s offense, but the physicality of that video. Wow.

  • JakFTW

    Lining up opposite either of those guys must make for a very long day. Mathis and his ‘vice grip’ are impressive enough, but Peters just absolutely stones pass rushers like it’s nothing in pass pro and destroys defenders run blocking. So much fun to watch.

  • Ark87

    Watching Mathis and Peters double a lineman and then setting Peters lose to demolish an unsuspecting linebacker is one of the coolest spectacles football offers. You’d expect some evasive maneuvers if someone 80 pounds heavier is running at you with unnatural speed, but I guess they’re busy keeping their eyes on the ball.

    I wish they gave a little bit more love to the line during the broadcast, not that anyone has time for replays with this offense.

  • ICDogg

    Re: “Bad News for Eagles CBs” from “Eagles Blog”.

    How does that impact the way defensive coordinators set up the defense, if they truly are going to strictly enforce these contact rules?

    • Bert’s Bells

      The flip side is: great news for the Eagles offense.

      • ICDogg

        Maybe less self-tacklin’.

      • A_T_G

        Except we finally have a squad of bigger, tougher receivers…

    • TommyLawlor

      The Safeties may have to play back more, which could open up the run game a bit.

    • anon

      Problem for Fletcher — though we’ll see how the legion of boom is policed. Great for Djax.

      • D3FB

        Seattle should be fine. You can still smash the receiver in the first five yards. Most of their contact comes within that window. They are no more handsy down the field than the average corner.

  • FluxCapacitor

    I could have watched that for another 30 minutes. Those guys are amazing. I still think it’s seriously strange to see guy Peters’ size chasing after – and catching – people 10+ yards down the field.

  • ICDogg

    Meanwhile, Jimmy’s tweet has gone viral, sort of

    • ICDogg

      refresh if you don’t see it

  • ICDogg
    • Ark87

      Maybe the wife forced him to go to church toady and the spirit just took over? Kempski’s been Blitzkrieging the NFC East, look out Washington Team.

  • Big Al

    Imagine this line…Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Andrews (Circa 2006) Runyan…God that be a line no one would get through.

    • Insomniac

      I would have put Tra over Runyan.

      • Big Al

        Just using straight up switch, Tra was a left tackle, but I would agree

  • wee242442

    Curious about 2 things. There is alot of talk about Carrol pushinf Fletcher for his spot. In my opinion Fletcher seems to be more talented then Williams. He also is quicker and faster then Williams. When Fletcher wasnt on the feild due to injury the secondary play was def. alot worse.
    Also, i am not ready to deam Mathews as great yet, but i.think the majority of us agree he will probably be a much better receiver then Cooper. If Mathews proves early on he can handle the NFL wouldnt it make sense for him to move tothe outside where he would be on the feild more and be.able to stretch the D? Cooper uses his body very well and would be able sheild the corner with his body. I beleive we can agree he would still be an upgrade over Avant playing the slot. Or do.you think he is not shifty enough and quick enough coming out of his cuts to be truely effective against quicker slot corners?
    Going back to the Williams vrs Carrol subject, it is possible that Williams played alot better then i thought. I moved to Florida about 2 years ago so i have missed the large majority of our games. Shoot me, i nvr missed a game in like 6. years untill i moved down here.

    • anon

      Matthews creates a better mismatch inside, 6’2 vs slot corners that are like 510 / 5’11 same reason we let ertz/celek run those slot routes.

      Fletcher is good but he gets injured and gets a lot of PIs. I don’t care who starts really, as long as the dropoff to backup corners isn’t as drastic as it was last year.

      • wee242442

        Keep in mind Riley is 6’3. I just think it makes more sense to have Mathews on the outside with Cooper on the inside. That is of course if the mental aspect clicks for Mathews. It just puts more speed and playmaking ability on the outside. As far as PI with Fletcher, Williams is on the same level. Just like Fletcher he is at his best when he can play physical. I just see more of an upside talent and speed wise with Fletcher. The one thing Williams does have that i love that Fletcher doesnt seem to have (or have as much) is that nasty mentallity that you dont find alot in CBs. He has that Cortland Finnegan type mentality.

  • barneygoogle

    Free Lane Johnson !
    It seems like a good lawyer could make the case that Lane Johnson has gone thru punishment enough already by somebody in the NFL offices leaking info on a failed drug test–and the league “no commenting” for a month, while he’s hung out to dry– probably prevented from commenting by collective baragining agreement (?) Never saw anything quite like this before.