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More Combine stuff involving the Eagles.

Yeldon is an outstanding talent. Junior RB with very good potential.

Good to know that Hundley likes Kelly and the Eagles. Do they like him is the more important question?

* * * * *

I was re-reading part of Bill Walsh’s Finding the Winning Edge book recently. The QB that he wanted in 1979 was Phil Simms. But he knew Simms would go early. Walsh finally decided that Joe Montana was his guy. The question was where he would go. Some thought Montana might be a 5th round pick. Apparently he was an inconsistent player at Notre Dame, lacked a strong arm and had a slight build. Walsh liked his athleticism and potential. The rest is history.

I don’t think we need to go over the Tom Brady story from 2000, but he lasted to pick 199 overall.

A 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder combined for 8 Super Bowl titles. There have been a slew of QBs taken #1 overall in the last 25 years. The only title winners? Peyton Manning (1) and Eli (2).

Getting the big name QB doesn’t guarantee anything.

Walsh made the point that you need the right guy. That sounds simple, even obvious, but too often we overlook that and focus on the big shiny object. Guys like Michael Vick, Carson Palmer and Matt Stafford are #1 picks with more physical gifts than Brady, but none of them have ever played in a Super Bowl, let alone won 4.

It would be great to see the Eagles get Marcus Mariota because he seems like such a good player, good person and good fit, but let’s not fall into the trap of thinking that getting him guarantees anything or missing on him means disaster.

* * * * *

The Eagles cut TE James Casey. He was a good STer and role player, but never became the offensive weapon we expected when he was signed. I’m not sure how much of that was on him. Brent Celek has been a terrific blocker and good receiver the past 2 years. Zach Ertz is a gifted young pass catcher. Those two limited the chances for Casey to get on the field.

Casey became expendable with the emergence of UDFA rookie Trey Burton. He was an outstanding STer this year and is a gifted athlete with the potential to become a quality offensive player. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of progress Burton has made as a TE.

The Eagles could draft a TE or sign another UDFA if they want to keep 4 again this year. Or they could decide that going with 3 is fine. That would allow them to keep a player at another position that might not be as good (like LB or DB).

This isn’t a strong class of TEs, but Chip Kelly went to a few Delaware games this year. They happen to have a TE named Nick Boyle who is 6-5, 267 and is a good blocker. Could be an interesting target for the Eagles if they want a big TE to develop for the future.


289 Comments on “Eagles Draft Talk”

  1. 1 Insomniac said at 10:00 PM on February 19th, 2015:

    Clive Walford and Ben Koyack are TEs that would fit the mold of Celek/Casey. I can’t wait to see the DB measurements. Will Trae Waynes and Kevin Johnson show up with at least 10+ pounds gained?

  2. 2 wee2424 said at 10:04 PM on February 19th, 2015:

    Interested if little Kendricks gained any weight.

  3. 3 Media Mike said at 6:34 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Does that benefit him? Unless it’s a position where running is way down the ladder in terms of importance (O-line, 3-4 D line, QB), adding extra weight isn’t the best idea.

    The reason Le’von Bell went from a bust to an all-pro is because he lost weight to pick up some speed.

    If little Kendricks plays well at his weight, I’d rather he work on body comp as opposed to padding up.

  4. 4 wee2424 said at 9:19 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    The kid is 232. Thats a little lighyt for the position. Look at him. He seems to.have the frame to add 10 pounds. Your weight and strength is of importance at LB. Safety is a position where you need to run ALOT obviously. Bdawk bulked from 190 to 200 to be more effective.

  5. 5 GEAGLE said at 12:08 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    he is a young kid… just by his body maturing, getting his grown man strength, working with our strength trainers it will be pretty natural for him to get up to 240lb. i wouldnt worry about his size. he needs to get bigger, but not that much bigger to where we have to worry about it. his weight gain will most likely be effortless and natural

  6. 6 wee2424 said at 2:36 PM on February 21st, 2015:

    I agree with that 100%

  7. 7 GEAGLE said at 8:41 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Think his weight is overblown. Shaquille needa to add weight, if kendricks needs to add weight, he doesn’t have to add much, our strength program would quickly get him where he needs to be…plus If we are going to have a dominant two gapping line, it Wont be easy to shed our DL and go get your hands on Kendrick brothers

  8. 8 wee2424 said at 9:10 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    O i agree. I just think in the 240 range would be good for him. He has the frame to do so. I beleive he is 232 right now.

  9. 9 Media Mike said at 6:22 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    If you’d like to go down the board a little bit for TE quality that can be improved as a reciever, but can already kill people as a blocker (i.e. a guy who you can keep on the 53 and inactive or on the practice squad) check out Nick Boyle from Delaware.

    I like Walford and Koyack, but they might go earlier than the Eagles like them.

  10. 10 D3FB said at 11:45 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Blake Bell is a day 3 guy to keep an eye on.

    Has the frame to be a classic Y-TE. Has experience lined up as a Y, Flex,and H-back.

    Didn’t switch from QB to TE til late in his career, and didn’t put up big numbers, but has nice soft hands and the ability to get vertical up the seam.

    He needs to be taught how to block but the effort and strength are there, just needs things like angles, hand placement, body positioning to keep players from slipping off blocks.

    6’6, 252lbs, 33″ arms, 10″ hands

    We’re in a position to grab him late then stash him on the 53/IR/PS, and see if we can’t develop his tools by bringing him along slowly.

  11. 11 EaglesFan1 said at 5:03 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Lol just the fact that he was an ex QB means he’ll be an eagle

  12. 12 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 10:20 PM on February 19th, 2015:

    There have been a slew of QBs taken #1 overall in the last 25 years. The only title winners? Peyton Manning (1) and Eli (2).

    This part just hammers it home even more that we put too much stock into QBS and 1# picks in general. Folks is the guy unless somebody CK loves falls hard. and even then I don’t see any rookie beating out Foles

  13. 13 Greg Richards said at 10:35 PM on February 19th, 2015:

    Free G.J. Kinne!

  14. 14 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 10:55 PM on February 19th, 2015:

    Open competition between GJ Kinne and Joe Webb Foles cut because his 600k counts too much against the cap lol

  15. 15 Cafone said at 1:24 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    G.J. Kinne is a poor man’s Mike Kafka.

  16. 16 GEAGLE said at 12:34 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    No worries. Foles is the present and future. Come October we will see a nice extension signed which will shit this debate down once and for all

  17. 17 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 12:37 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Folks doesnt always play pretty but he gets the job done. I can’t wait until we can put this nonsense behind us.

    I feel like everyone has Kolbnesia.

  18. 18 GEAGLE said at 12:48 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    What’s Funny is if the defense made two extra plays, his record would be an insane 16-2 and then people wouldn’t know what to say. Figure if we don’t give up the game winning TD on 3rd down against Cardinals and if the defense didn’t blow the saints game this kids win lose record would be insane. Imagine if we had Seattlee defense, he might have 1 loss lol. He still hasn’t lost two in a row yet under chip which tells us he bounces back, and we know he is mentally and physically tough. He took a beating and carried us against the skins with 4 backup OL.. He broke his hand his rookie year, finished the game and even attempted a bomb with a broken hand… Just because it’s not always pretty, people don’t see it. I don’t get it but it will all be over soon. We turned down 2nd round picks and josh Gordon for him, yet people still need more proof lol. Even Andy Reid told the media that we refused to grade Foles lol once that extension is signed it will all be over…

  19. 19 Anders said at 2:13 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Well 1st over all picks rarely plays in the Sb because they are often picked by super bad teams and bad coaches

  20. 20 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 2:17 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Further supporting having a strong team core in place, not trading up for 1 player unless we are only that 1 player away from seriously contending.

  21. 21 Anders said at 8:21 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Yes and no. If you have a strong core, you in general wont have access to elite QB talent and therefor have a great chance just to be like the Bears, Texans or Bengals, teams with zero shot at winning a SB, but way to good for every having a chance to improve on the QB situation

  22. 22 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 12:17 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Just off the top of my head these were all top 10 QB talents when the won the SB :


    What do they all have in common? all picked after pick#20 in their respective drafts.

    Has there ever been a sell the farm move that worked for that team??? Fact is even if we were trading up for superman it only takes a kryptonite injury to derail the team for YEARS.

  23. 23 sonofdman said at 11:14 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Flacco was picked 18th overall in 2008.

    Rothelisberger was picked 11th overall in 2004.

  24. 24 EaglesD3rdandwrong said at 11:22 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Thank you for taking the bait:

    Both of those guys were taken after Rodgers who is widely viewed as the cream of the crop as nfl QBs.

    lol in all honesty thx for the research!

  25. 25 deg0ey said at 12:26 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I went through this the other day on BGN when people were talking about whether the Eagles are winning too many games to ‘get a QB’.

    25 different QBs have played in the last 20 Super Bowls. 5 were drafted #1 overall, 9 in the top 10 and 13 were drafted in the first round:

    Troy Aikman – Round 1 (#1 overall)
    Neil O’Donnell – Round 3 (#70 overall)
    Brett Favre – Round 2 (#33 overall)
    Drew Bledsoe – Round 1 (#1 overall)
    John Elway – Round 1 (#1 overall)
    Chris Chandler – Round 3 (#76 overall)
    Kurt Warner – UDFA
    Steve McNair – Round 1 (#3 overall)
    Trent Dilfer – Round 1 (#6 overall)
    Kerry Collins – Round 1 (#5 overall)
    Tom Brady – Round 6 (#199 overall)
    Brad Johnson – Round 9 (#227 overall)
    Rich Gannon – Round 4 (#98 overall)
    Jake Delhomme – UDFA
    Donovan McNabb – Round 1 (#2 overall)
    Ben Roethlisberger – Round 1 (#11 overall)
    Matt Hasselbeck – Round 6 (#187 overall)
    Peyton Manning – Round 1 (#1 overall)
    Rex Grossman – Round 1 (#22 overall)
    Eli Manning – Round 1 (#1 overall)
    Drew Brees – Round 2 (#32 overall)
    Aaron Rodgers – Round 1 (#24 overall)
    Joe Flacco – Round 1 (#18 overall)
    Colin Kaepernick – Round 2 (#36 overall)
    Russell Wilson – Round 3 (#75 overall)

    This suggests that you’re absolutely more likely to make the Super Bowl with a guy drafted early (as we already knew) but it’s definitely interesting to consider how many QBs from outside the first round have had success. Makes me feel much better about our non-Mariota chances.

  26. 26 NinjaP said at 12:26 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Why are you so high on MM Tommy? I don’t see him as a great qb prospect might not even use the word good either.

  27. 27 GEAGLE said at 12:38 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Before we draft a TE the top priority to try and use the money we freed up with James Casey to steal Virgil Green from the Broncos, but that can become tricky if they lose Julius… Would love Maxx Williamz if he fell out of round 1, move up and get him at the beginning of round 2…

    Forget drafting RBs this year, keep our same 3 and draft the Ohio ST RB next year

  28. 28 NinjaP said at 12:42 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    really good running back class this season. If one of them ends up being BPA might as well take him.

  29. 29 GEAGLE said at 12:51 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I see no reason to. I don’t want to lose shady, sproles or Polk right now, so what would we do with another RB? Polk is a beast and we barely have had carries for him. I say go atleast 1 more year of shady before we go to the next era of RB. With Foles back this year, shady, an improved defense we might as well try to make a run, if we can’t win a playoff game, turn the page from shady or replace sproles with Zeke

  30. 30 anon said at 1:06 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    need a combination of polk and shady. need someone that can break tackles.

  31. 31 GEAGLE said at 8:38 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    RB are one of the few plug and play players that you don’t need to draft years before we need them. To bring back shady and sproles while spending a pick in the first 4 rounds on a RB would be silly

  32. 32 Cafone said at 1:21 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Polk doesn’t get carries because he’s never healthy. The Eagles should cut him at the first sign of injury in training camp. He’s a waste of a roster spot.

  33. 33 anon said at 1:22 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    i wouldnt go that far but that’s close

  34. 34 wee2424 said at 1:37 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I agree he is an injury concern, but i wouldnt come close to calling him a waste of a spot. He was extremely effective when he touched the ball, and seems to have a nose for the endzone. Plus he is the only big back we have.

  35. 35 GEAGLE said at 8:01 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    What a overblown joke. He kiddies more time In offseason then in games. He doesn’t get carries because shady is busy running the ball. But u can go with the overblown fairytale narrative… Dudes want a QB and a running back in the draft hahaha what a joke. As if we have 37 picks and Seattlee defense in place, worry about OL depth and defensr

  36. 36 Ankerstjernen said at 5:37 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Polk is fragile, Sproles is old and Shady might not actually be the perfect guy for this offense given his reluctance to just hit the damn hole and get those 4 yards. He might also begin to decline in a year or two. How many years were he on our roster behind Westbrook? The RB stock seem to have fallen so far that we forget what a difference an elite talent at RB can mean for an offense. Except when we watch Marshawn Lynch and Damaal Charles tear it up. If we have a chance to get a special talent at RB this year, it would be unwise to pass it up just because the position is devalued in general. The right guy can make a big differerence, and a special athlete/talent is not easily replaceable even if he does play the RB position.

  37. 37 Media Mike said at 6:23 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I’m 100% with that logic if one of them falls down the board to the point where you’re stealing him.

  38. 38 GEAGLE said at 12:41 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Sammie Coates, everyone rips him for his drops, interesting to see he caught 11 of 12 deep balls thrown his way… Catching Deep balls and blocking are all we really need him to do opposite Maclin with Ertz, huff and the pope working the middle of the field. Devin Smith I also like opposite Mac

    Of course I think we have to be morons to pass on DGB aka Calvin Clone, but chip and his ridiculous interviews and character crap will pass on him and we will talk about how we passed on him for the next 10 years

  39. 39 wee2424 said at 1:25 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Chip takes me as the guy that he would want his #2 to do more then just catch deep balls and block. He seems to want his skill players to be able to do everything, including his WR to be able to run the full route tree. Just look at the roster, and how he uses the players.

  40. 40 anon said at 1:27 AM on February 20th, 2015:


  41. 41 GEAGLE said at 8:20 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Not really. Did you miss overpaying for Cooper, who certainly doesn’t bring much more than blocking and jump ball ability… While its a given that chip will look at more than two aspects of a WRs game, let’s not pretend that he doesn’t have certain stylistic types of WRs in mind, and let’s not pretend all Sammie does is catch deep balls and blocks… Then again, I never said Sammie was higher on our list than a handful of other WRs. He certainly isn’t my fav WR prospects, but stylistically he brings what out WR corp is missing

  42. 42 wee2424 said at 9:15 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Coopers pay was based on 2013 as you know. In 2013 he was effective downfeild, jumpball, blocking, and short throws. This past year all he was effective at was short throws. Yes, he likes big physical WR that can doa bit of everything. We can go down the list of offensive weapons and see that they are very well rounded. Besides Cooper who we thought he was. Im just going by your comment of alls he needs to do is block and go downfeild.

  43. 43 GEAGLE said at 12:03 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    ooper still isnt a well rounded WR you can move around. he is a one dimensional specialist who either comes down with jump bsalls, blocks, or czatches an occassional screen. He isnt a WR that you can lineup all over the place

  44. 44 wee2424 said at 2:37 PM on February 21st, 2015:

    Agree. That is known now. However based on his 2013 season he seemed a somewhat well rounded receiver. Thats why he received the contract.

  45. 45 Cafone said at 1:52 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    What character crap?

    His first 1st round pick was suspended for a quarter of the season. He rewarded the marginal player filmed screaming the n-word with a four year deal. A history of NCAA violations almost seems to be a prerequisite for a job on his coaching staff.

    Other than cutting DeSean Jackson (for what he claimed to be football reasons), what evidence is there at all that Chip Kelly values character more than any other coach in the league?

  46. 46 anon said at 1:55 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    all the players he passed on

  47. 47 Cafone said at 2:23 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Like Mark Sanchez, who was arrested for sexual assault in college? He didn’t pass on him.

    That case ended up much like Jameis Winston’s, but certainly the comments here over the last few weeks indicate that the majority of commenters here assume Winston is guilty.

  48. 48 Avery Greene said at 10:01 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    It’s not just the rape, it’s shoplifting, saying stupid stuff, and just not seeing the larger picture.

  49. 49 Cafone said at 11:08 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Apart from the obvious “Rape is p.bad, but add shoplifting and saying stupid stuff and not seeing the larger picture THEN you’ve got a problem” implications of that post…

    Mark Sanchez – a man known for not saying stupid stuff and seeing the larger picture?


    Maybe I harp on this whole “character” point a bit, but I think it is completely false. Every NFL team except for the Raiders makes a point about how it values character. And the fans of those teams take pride from the fact that their team values character unlike those other nasty NFL teams.

    Does Chip put stock in player interviews? yes. Most teams do. But Chip is looking for football smarts, not character, and if a guy can show the ability to read formations I don’t think he gives a damn about whether or not they shoplifted or smoked weed in college.

  50. 50 wee2424 said at 1:58 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Desean was obviously more then just football reasons. Durring the drafting process he seems to put more stock in the interviews then alot of other coaches in this league. Johnson didnt have any issues before he was drafted. Look im not racist, Cooper said something stupid, probably while intoxicated, doesnt mean he is a bad person. Im sure youve never made a deragatory remark right? Ask any player or member of the team. Work ethic is important to him. As it should be.

  51. 51 Cafone said at 2:12 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Riley Cooper would have been in jail instead of heading to the University of Florida if he didn’t have his rich parents bailing him out in high school. He’s a hot headed spoiled rich kid and even if you want to give him a pass for the public racial slurs, he’s certainly not a “high character guy” and that’s what we are talking about here.

    Was talking shit about Maclin and his contract situation this past season because he was having trouble dealing with his own reduced playing time the mark of a high character guy?

  52. 52 wee2424 said at 9:20 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    You are comparing talking shit to far worse infractions.

  53. 53 Avery Greene said at 10:00 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    You know the racial stuff didn’t bother me as much as him trying to throw Maclin under the bus. He does seem like he’s hot-headed.

  54. 54 GEAGLE said at 12:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    see i dont really think he tried to throw Mac under the bus. I honestly interpretted that as him being Dumb, trying to be funny, not realizing what the idiot is saying,.. I dont think he maliciously tried to throw Mac under the bus, i think it happened as a product of his stupidity.
    either way, whether its his mouth or lack of production he needs to be replaced. I was all for keeping him because you cant count on Maclin coming back from injury and a handful of rookies. and I thought he was important for Foles comfort level in his development… but none of that seems to matter, so i regrett the signing. actually i dont regret it because we needed to keep him once we lost desean, but after this season, he needs to be waived. Hopefuilly we draft a kid this year that will be ready to replace him next year

  55. 55 Mitchell said at 10:41 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Riley Cooper is a douche. I can’t wait till he and his inflated contract were off the team. If he produced we could give him a pass but because he is a worthless bum from a production standpoint, he can just get out.

  56. 56 Avery Greene said at 10:50 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Exactly how I feel. He’s not producing and there were a couple plays where he lacked hustle, which either ended up in a TO or lost yardage.

  57. 57 botto said at 12:42 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    cooper is obviously racist, and chip was at that same crappy concert with him, bunch of rednecks

  58. 58 wee2424 said at 11:36 PM on February 21st, 2015:

    Ladies and gentleman we have the ignorant statement of the day. So you in your life never made a racial slur? You in your life have never made a racial slur while intoxicated surrounded by your friends? Using your thinking, and if you have, then by your own admission you sir are racist. Lets be real here. Im 26, have grown up around people of different races my entire life living in North Philadelphia. I am also white. I will say i have made racial slurs before. It was innapropriate and not right. I will admit that. Am i racist in anyway? No. I have black friends, white friends, hispanic frends and one Indian friend. I have been around blacks and hispanics that use the word cracker. Are they racist to white people? No. Racial slurs are innapropriate, but because you used one does not mean you are racist and about to support your local KKK. As you may know, when yu are intoxicated and around friends innapropriate stuff slips out, esspecially when you are in your mid 20’s. I am not saying what Cooper said was right, i am just trying to use some semblence of intelligence and put things in proper context. Cooper is in an occupation where his peers are mostly black, esspecially his position group. Vick and Avant were the 2 people to support him saying he really is a decent guy, and try to smooth things out. Guess what, they are black. He has never had any type of issues with his peers except when they were upsett over the situation. When it happened he seemed obviously embarrased and hurt. Now to your second part. Chip is a hick because he was at a country concert. So because you like country you are a hick. I dont like country, but i know plenty people that do. Hick is one of the farthest words i would use to describe them. So i like some rap music. I must be black right? Nope im white. Your level of thinking on this subject is very shallow and ignorant. When you call someone racist you should be carefull how you use it, do to the implications it could cause people.

  59. 59 botto said at 1:51 PM on February 23rd, 2015:

    are you serious?
    no I have never made a racial slur.
    no I have never made a slur around my friends when drunk.
    yes if a white guy uses the N-word he is racist. did I miss anything?

    oh yeah the hick thing was a joke.
    but country music is pretty weak. new country I mean.

  60. 60 wee2424 said at 4:14 PM on February 23rd, 2015:

    If thats the case you are overly sensitive. Yes i am being dead serious. Coming from someone that never uses a slur and is on his utmost repecting behavior while intoxicated, maybe you dont have the upbringing or mindset to understand. Words are words, they only truely define someone when used with action, and are repeatedly done. You failed to address the numerous points i brought up. Probably because you are the type of person that cant admit while possibly wrong despite information and events to prove you otherwise. Mike Vick stuck up for him and said he was a good guy, and that he made a mistake. You know, the black Mike Vick that is in TIs music videos on stage. Vick for the most part speaks how he feels. Again, what he did was not right. It was a mistake by a young intoxicated man surrounded by his friends. One mistake does not define you as a person, esspecially when it is a WORD, not an action.

  61. 61 botto said at 5:55 PM on February 23rd, 2015:

    cooper uses a racial slur within a violent context, he wanted to beat every n-word out there right?
    any one who freely uses a slur like that regardless of how many friends he has in that’s same ethnic group can be easily considered racist.
    I understand that you use the word and don’t want to be considered racist, but that is a tough one to comprehend.
    Vick was standing up for a teammate, this doesn’t mean cooper isn’t a racist. it means vick was being very cool about it and trying to help. that’s all it means.
    you are correct one mistake does not define you, but is there any possibility in your mind that this was ONE time cooper used the n-word? I have a very hard time believing someone that can use that word has only ever used it once, that would be weird.
    just because someone has black friends does not mean in any way that they could not possibly be a racist.

  62. 62 Anders said at 6:03 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I think we need to separate character and culture.

    When Kelly talks culture, he talks about doing all the things like taking care of your body by eating correct, wearing the heart and sleep monitor, not walking across the white line, wearing the socks they way he says.

    As long as the players do that, he seems to overlook character concerns off the field.

    The reason why Kelly in general go after players who has graduated, is team captains and not character concerns, is that it increases the chance that will 100% buy into what he his selling.

    Take Desean Jackson, he was cut for “football” reasons and many suspect he was cut for his gang ties, but first of all, pretty much any player from those areas have gang connections and Jackson has never been in any trouble. Jackson was cut because he didnt roll his socks they way Kelly asked him to.

    The question is with a guy like DGB (or Peters) is: Can he stay out of trouble, if yes, is he a team player and will buy into the team? culture?

  63. 63 GEAGLE said at 8:33 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not expecting DGB to blow chip away with his football intelligence at the interviews. I would love to be wrong, but I doubt chip has any interest in this kid… Personally if we have to crap out and draft a bust, I’d hope we missed swinging for the fences on a Calvin Johnson type freak talent

  64. 64 Media Mike said at 6:24 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    The ripping for the drops will continue until he ends that habit in games. I don’t see it as a reason to not draft Coates in the 2nd or 3rd round, but I wouldn’t take him at 20.

  65. 65 GEAGLE said at 7:56 AM on February 20th, 2015:


  66. 66 Mitchell said at 9:21 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Let me put it this way, I’d let Sammie Coates, Devin Smith, Jaelen Strong and Devante Davis all eat crackers in my bed.

  67. 67 Ben Hert said at 9:50 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Your bed is going get real crumby real fast at this rate.

  68. 68 GEAGLE said at 11:57 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    i think any team that passes on DGB is dumb. simple as that. draft is an inexact science, and if you are going to bust, id rather bust swinging for the fences on a kid that has ELITE POTENTIAL…. but you are right, plenty of quality WR options that can be great addittions for us… Personally I would put Devante Parker and DGB above the rest… think those are the premier WR prospects, but that next tier of WRs is still awesome: Amari, White, Sammie, Devin, Strong, even the tiny burner Dorsett

    Im assuming Coopers replacement next year will come out of this draft.

  69. 69 BreakinAnklez said at 1:45 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I find it interesting that you are a fan of DGB and want him on the team, yet you take such a hard stance on Rice and Hardy. DGB threw a girl down a flight of stairs. What’s the difference that makes you think DGB isn’t a scumbag and the others are?

  70. 70 GEAGLE said at 2:48 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    first of all, i never crucified ray rice, because he paid more than a fair price for his transgression… Hardy on the other hand is a piece of shit who is trying to circumvent taking any responsibility from terrorizing a woman… as for DGB, he was still a kid, i dont believe we should condemn any kid for 1 instance, and he has paid a pretty steep price as a young man, The fact that a Calvin Johnson Clone has barely been mentioned and wont be one of the top 2 picks is a MAJOR punishment for people to be removing that type of supreme talent from their draft board..
    Greg Hardy was convicted, and he is praying on the financial situation of his victim to try to get out of facing any conbsequences for his actions. A grown man who had just basically hit the lottery with the contract he signed acting like a scumbag, and this man got paid every dollar last year, is paying the friggin victim off..

    Also a big part of why i think i can gush over DGBs ability is because i dont think chip would ever touch him. so i dont really view it as a real dilemma, because i already assume his mistakes will keep him from being an Eagle,.. if there was a good chance we would draft him, i would dive deeper into his character, but i think the price he is paying is that teams like the Eagles wont even touch him, and thats a very severe punishment when we are talking about his insane talent…
    btw, im also not all that familiar with all his actions… so i havent read all the disgusting details like i did in the hardy case… you never seen me condemn rice because i dont believe he is being treated fairly, i believe he is paying for Goodells crap, making him the scape goat, and i dont like that basically they are now punishing the victim his wife, more than they are punishing him.she practically begged all of us that we werent helping her
    i dont condemn Hardy.. i think he should lose 6 games pay and be reinstated. but I dont want him on the eagles and clearly he did something that making Carolina move on from the 26yr old elite pass rushing beast

  71. 71 BreakinAnklez said at 3:08 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I admit I misread what you said about Rice the other day.

    The Hardy case has been falling apart for months. Way before the settlement. The girl has changed her story everytime she’s talked. I’m not going to pretend I know what happened and was in the room. Either way, Hardy isn’t the point.

    For some of the details, DGB pushed a girl down a flight of stairs after they got into an argument that turned physical.

    His talent is irrelevant to the discussion. You pay the consequences of your actions. He screwed up big time and is paying the price for it.

    I just found it interesting how we judged some assault cases differently than others and was looking for the reason behind it.

  72. 72 GEAGLE said at 4:07 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    dont you think DGB is paying a steep enough price for a young man? does he have a history of abusing woman? if so, thats a major concern…. but if he has 1 isolated incident when he was still a young man, i think every young man deserves a 2nd chance…. but if you tell me he has had 5 chances, thats a diferent story/…

  73. 73 shah8 said at 12:52 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    A couple of notes:

    Without taking anything away from Montana, he was playing on a pretty stacked team pretty much his entire career. Tom Brady won three championships with the aid of a championship caliber defense. When you have a good team already–well, that’s when you look for ‘fit’. Do you think the Eagles are that good, that the rest of the offense can truly carry a QB? I’d posit that while productive, with marginal and backup level qb’ing, our ability to win against good teams is pretty compromised. Now, let’s talk about the “shiny”. For example, Michael Vick in 2004 pretty much *was* the offense. He pretty much *was* the team, practically. Take a good look at that Falcons roster–There was just Dunn, Crumbler, that center, Kearney, and Keith Brooking who counted as plus players on that team. Nobody else really good, IIRC. For all of the talk about how awesome Andrew Luck is, and how much he has to do all the work, all of his Indy teams had more talent than that 2004 Falcons squad. Shiny helps. A LOT. Carson Palmer had a bit of a slow start, but he had two years of very high quality play before his injuries. Stafford, of course, is a fuckwit. But we didn’t really understand what his Georgia play was telling us. Sometimes, shiny busts, or gets hurt.

    The other point is not to play games about basic athletic requirements. There are reasons why Foles is a backup caliber qb. He ain’t ever going to be good enough to win tough games. Sanchez is a bad starting caliber qb. Perhaps someone will hit him on the head and the resulting concussion turns him into someone who performs when the bullets fly. Who knows? Not likely, though, but there is that chance. However, people just waaaaaay too often undersell athletic requirement so that pretty boys like Kellen Moore gets to start. Or put in Matt McGloin in over Carr. Dude has to be able to move, even when he’s envisioned to be a pocket qb. Dude has to be able to throw a ball with velocity. The other stuff like anticipation, accuracy, and precision are important, too, but it’s about enough of every trait. Don’t fool yourself. If Tom Brady didn’t have the athletic skills to play, he wouldn’t have beaten out Bledsoe, and cold-ass mofo Belichik would have upgraded him long ago.

  74. 74 wee2424 said at 1:14 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    So what your saying is that Sanchez is better then Foles? Im really not going to go into.detail, but i think alot of what you are saying just isnt right.

  75. 75 MagatBrackendale said at 1:26 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Come on. He wrote a fairly long post about numerous players and you pick one thing out of it all just to argue?

  76. 76 wee2424 said at 1:32 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Thats the part i disagree on. Im not arguing im stating my opinion. Isnt that why the comment section is here? BTW, my comment was regarding half his post. The Foles Sanchez thing is related to everything else i said. It almost seems as though you only read my first sentence.

  77. 77 shah8 said at 1:29 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Sanchez and Foles deliver more or less the same results.

  78. 78 wee2424 said at 2:42 PM on February 21st, 2015:

    mmmmm, you are basing that off of Foles half of season, the minority of his work. Thats not right. Plus the results are in W’s and L’s. Foles percentage is alot better then Sanchez. With Sanchez the offense was very limited as you could see when you watched. With Foles it was not. Th assumption you made seems like a slightly shallow and not well backed or thought of one.

  79. 79 unhinged said at 7:54 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    If I get your first point, we need to build a higher caliber team before we go and invest in a shiny object. That is most definitely my perspective. Upgrades on 5 – 7 starters and we might just be a force.
    On your second point, Hostetler, Williams, Rypien, Dilfer, Johnson – to me none are shiny objects, but won SB’s because of their supporting casts. I think Foles could have met the challenge of any of those QB’s in any of those SB’s. Are we close, as a team, to being SB worthy regardless of the QB? That is TBD.

  80. 80 Joe Webb said at 8:45 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I can think of another player who has all the skills and can win games by himself.

  81. 81 Avery Greene said at 9:56 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    He did not have a stacked team for his first superbowl. Montana won that with a bunch of no-names.

  82. 82 shah8 said at 1:26 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I did think about that first championship for a bit before writing that post.

  83. 83 Mac said at 11:02 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Scheme, plus talent around him, plus lack of the rest of the league keeping up with Walsh = legendary (mediocre) QB Montana. If DeSean wasn’t a basket case, Maclin had been healthy both years, and if the league hadn’t been able to adjust to Chip’s scheme I think we would have had similar results with Foles. As it is, I believe Chip can still make it work with Foles.

  84. 84 Cafone said at 11:10 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    If putting up over 1000 yards as the #2 receiver in Washington’s dysfunctional offense is a basket case, then we could use more basket cases.

  85. 85 Cafone said at 1:15 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I agree that Trey Burton will be an interesting player to watch this year. Celek won’t be around forever and if Burton can be a solid #2 TE then the Eagles could be set at TE for years to come.

  86. 86 wee2424 said at 1:43 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Im excited too. I dont expect his blocking to ever be as good as Celeks, but im curious to see how much he and Ertz improved in that department.

  87. 87 GEAGLE said at 8:44 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Right now his spot is solely for ST… He has a lot of growth to do before he becomes a staple of our offense, and him becoming that #1 or #2 TE is far from a lock. He has nice offensive talent, but a long ways to go before we count on him as a top 2 TE IMO

  88. 88 Cafone said at 10:56 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    And Brent Celek’s contract runs through 2016 so he has time for growth and for the coaches and fans to get a good read on his ability.

  89. 89 GEAGLE said at 11:53 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    i dont dispute any of that…. I wouldnt assume we can get two more years out of Celek, his body has to start breaking down sooner or later… its not like im trying to cut Burton or anything, I just dont think Burton will keep us from investing in a free agent TE or another TE drafted in the first 5 rounds..

  90. 90 GEAGLE said at 8:16 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Trey Burton talk is overblown. Nice player, but i don’t know if he will ever be good enough go be the #2 TE. Could end up being a 3rd or 4th in philly after we reconfigure the positive.
    Curious to see if we sign a free agent or draft a TE, or possibly end up Waiving celek and adding one from each. Clearly either this year or next, the Eagles will want to get younger at the position. Some nice options in the draft but I have my fingers crossed for a certain free agent TE. Burton has a lot to prove before we go into a season with him penciled In higher than our #3.

  91. 91 Anders said at 8:20 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I really hope we draft the Delaware kid Nick Boyle and then also draft David Johnson (the RB who is 6’5 225 pounds and has experience lining up as a h-back and in the slot)

  92. 92 GEAGLE said at 8:42 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I want to sign Virgil… I’d draft Maxx if he fell out of round 1, if not there are a handful of nice TE prospects to be had later. The Jease James kid reminds me of celek

  93. 93 Bert's Bells said at 8:42 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    There’s nothing to indicate the Eagles view Burton as anything more than a special teams/package TE. That’s how Casey was used for two seasons, Casey’s the guy whose spot on the depth chart he’s taking.

  94. 94 anon said at 10:17 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    trey burton was the “ice the game” running back in the giants game. i had such big ambitions for the season then.

  95. 95 Bert's Bells said at 10:41 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I’m not saying he can’t or won’t be a break out player. At this point it looks like his role is pretty well defined by what Casey’s was. 15% of offensive snaps, mostly as a blocker, special teams stalwart.

    If he does that as well as Casey, he’s a solid player.

  96. 96 GEAGLE said at 2:37 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I actually probably view him more as a weapon on offense then I do as a blocker at this point. Obviously his ST play is all we can absolutely count on at this point in time, but I do think he has plenty of potential to grow into a player that cntributes to our offense, im just not sure he will be ready to take that leap this year… and I question if he will ever be our #2, which doesnt really mean anything since I always think chip will carry atleast 3 quality TEs he trusts to play in games, so even if Burton ends up being a career #3 TE for us, its probably as good as some other teams #2+

  97. 97 GEAGLE said at 11:50 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    not neccessarily. i have a feeling Celek needs to get cut to see Burton take over the #3 spot because i expect the eagles to sign or draft a TE that will be ahead of Burton on the depth chart, so unless Celek is cut, i assume a free agent will come in and keep Burton as a 4th TE which is basically just a ST player… I wouldnt count on Burton being part of our offense this season. he has talent and ability that can be developed into a player we use on Offense, im just not sure if he will be ready for an offensive role this year, or if he will have to wait another year of two…

    because of Celeks age, and the beating his physical game takes a toll on his older warrior body, whether we cut celek or not, I think the Eagles have no choice but to sign a quality young TE preferably virgil green if he gets away from the Broncos or a TE drafted in the top 5 rounds…

    think its too soon to go into a season assuming Burton can play a role on offense… i expect chip to always want 3, more likely 4 TEs. Celek wont be around much longer and Ertz and Burton isnt enough, so whether Celek remains or not this year, the end of his eagle career is near which is why I assume we are going to add a better TE than Burton this offseason
    but I do like Burton, Im happy to have him on this team and look forward to seeing how much he can grow… but he is a ways away from a player you can go into a season counting on to play a role on offense.

  98. 98 unhinged said at 12:52 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    That is definitely his primary role, but his value is in his athleticism. Backup QB, backup RB, can be slot receiver, great hands. TE is more a label than a description for Burton, but he can play there too, provided it is not Y TE, which his size goes against.

  99. 99 Greg Richards said at 12:12 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Eagles need to draft a bigger, blocking TE to develop behind Celek. 5th round or later.

  100. 100 GEAGLE said at 12:18 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    rather sign Virgil Green as Celeks eventual replacement. “The Hulk” can block while also being a great athlete/pass catcher chip should be high on… problem is that if Julius Thomas hits the open market, virgil could be extended and never reach the open market
    If we have to draft Celeks future replacement I like the Jesse James kid, simply because he reminds me of celek for some reason… but there are plenty of nice TE prospects available. I love the Maxx Williams kid way more than I liked Jace Amaro last year..

    the timeline is debatable, but its probably safe for us to all agree that at some point, within the next two or 3 years we will have to add 2 new young TE’s to pair with Ertz and Burton… we dont cary FBs which are usually important Special team contributors, so if our ST lacks fullbacks, we have to compensate by keeping a 4th TE(similar ST player as fullbacks)… plus we have a coach who at times will put 3 TEs in the game, if you will play 3 TEs in a game, you have to have 4 on your roster, Cant assume a position group stays healthy all year

  101. 101 anon said at 12:34 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Virgil will be in Denver 95%

  102. 102 GEAGLE said at 1:25 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    sure looks that way with them not being able to keep julius from reaching the open market… i do think there is still hope that they can reach a deal with Demaryious, which allows them to franchise julius and just keep him for Mannings last playoff run and if they franchise Julius, I absolutely think they can end up losing Virgil.
    the problem is it looking like Demaryious might have to be tagged, in which case they cant keep julius from reaching the open market, so they will probably become desperate to reach an extension with Virgil and keep him from reaching the market…. so until Demaryious officially gets slapped with a tag or Virgils deal is announced, i have a chance lol… so fingers crossed they can come to an agreement with Demaryious, thas the most impotant domino that i need to fall
    not sure how Tamme factors in. he is also a free agent but i have no idea what they think of him

  103. 103 miked718 said at 8:26 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    This is very off-topic, but does anyone know of a site/blogger where we can get Tommy-level (or anything even close) quality writing about the Sixers? Can’t read those Philly.com clowns anymore.

    As far as Eagles go, I’m wondering if Chip has zero interest in mortgaging the farm for Marky Heisman and is just helping to inflate his status all the way to #1 pick overall. He seems to have a father/son type relationship with certain Ducks, especially MM. Chip is not an emotionless Bellichek after all…

  104. 104 GEAGLE said at 8:31 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Unfortunately you can’t find that for the sixers. It’s either the trashy philly.com or the irrational sixers can do no wrong, pretentious bullshot of libertyballers. It’s rough out there for sixer fans

  105. 105 Avery Greene said at 9:52 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I was confused at first about yesterday, then I had time to think about it. I figured for a few reasons MCW wasn’t the future here, but I was sad to see KJ go. I think in the end, they must have thought KJ would want starter money and a starter spot and I don’t think he’s quite what they want as a starting guard (inconsistent shot, weak dribble, weak offense really). MCW as a PG (IMO) made too many mistakes with the ball and was developing some bad habits.

    I’m not mad about MCW, but I am a little sad about KJ.

  106. 106 GEAGLE said at 10:57 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    They traded MCW because they think they can do better with Mudiay or Russell, but what really allowed them to make the trade is that if they miss out on Mudiay/russell, they know for a fact they can get a similar PG talent to MCW win the 11-14 range, Jerian Grant, Jeramis big brother..
    the only reason we werent all in on MCW is his age. if he were 20 years old we wouldnt be having this discussion.most 2nd year PGs are like 20-21 years old. it really hurts MCW value that he is 24 years old. I mean Mudiay is only a teenager, in 5 years he probably blows MCW away. He is a pretty sure shot John Wall type… i have no problem with Hinkie thinking he can get a better PG, ESPECIALLY when we have a suitable safety net like Jerian Grant who we know will be available as a fall back option. Jerian is an awesome athlete at the PG spot, but he is a senior so like MCW his age is what keeps him out of the top 10

  107. 107 Avery Greene said at 11:02 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Honestly, I told my brother earlier this week (I wasn’t big on MCW anyway) that Russell/Grant pull in this draft would be huge. Russell with their first pick and Grant with the Miami pick. Yeah, give me all the Grants.

  108. 108 GEAGLE said at 11:13 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah but why draft two PGs? or are you looking at a Grant PG, Russell 2guard back court?

    I like Russell and definitely think he is in play for us, but hinkie will take Mudiay over him if he is available… we have a chance to build a nasty team defense, so hinkie will look for the kids who have the most combo of offensive and defensive potential, which means hinkie most likely will rank Towns ahead of Okafor and Mudiay ahead of Russell… but if we miss out on Mudiay, i def think hinkie turns his attention to Russell
    Im hoping we get the lakers pick at #6, while we win the lottery and get the #1 pick. if we get the top pick ill bet you anything Hinkie trades down. he will let an impatient sucker pay a kings ransom to move up to #1 to draft Okafor while hinkie is compensated nicely for falling back to 3 or 4 and drafting Town, Mudiay and Russell who i assume he likes more than Okafor a defensive liablility with average at best rebounding instincts….
    my ideal haul is something crazy like two of the 3(towns,mudiay, stanley(, miles turner outside the top 10, and a kid like Devin Booker or bobby portis type from the thunder pick…. of course I also really want Hezonja and wouldnt mind porzingis either… its just a great draft to have 3 or 4 first round picks, possibly two in the top 7 which would be insane… heck we have like 8 picks if you count 5 second rounders.. 8 picks is good for an eagles draft let alone a sixers draft lol

  109. 109 Avery Greene said at 11:59 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Grant PG, Russell 2G – Both can handle the rock, which is important for both spots. Or, you have your starting and backup PG right off the bat.

    I’m with you on Towns as well. Embiid/Towns would be killer. I’d be fine with Noel coming off the bench. It’s like you have a 2nd team of starters coming off the bench.

    In my dream world:
    Starting 5:
    Embiid, Towns, Saric, Russell, G (to be named later)

    Noel, Covington, Grant, Grant, F (to be named later).

    All young, all locked up for like 5 years.

  110. 110 GEAGLE said at 12:13 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah im good with all those scenarios. Figure Towns and Embiid both hve the shooting to be able to play with Nerlens and make the spacing work, so we could easily rotate the 3 Towers, play two of them at all times, each playing like 32-35 min a game, keeping them fresh over the course of a season, not putting too much mileage on their Frames… Figure if we draft Towns, we would have:
    Towns, Embiid, Nerlens, and Saric/Jerami Grant as our hybrid SF/stretch 4’s… thats a stacked front court of 5 young high ceiling baby BEASTS.

    personally I think Stanley has the character and drive to grow into a stud. I like his 6’7 240lb frame on a teenager with athleticism and bulldog defense…. I also love Hezonja who I have been following since he was 16years old…. if we cant get Towns, my wish list becomes adding Mudiay PG and Stanley as our SG/SF…and then make sure we get Miles Turner who i really love in the 11-14 range. he brings athleticism, 7 foot size and shotblocking, with legit guard skills and a beautiful 3 point stroke, Myles can be a real nice 3rd Tower off our bench if we miss out on Towns

  111. 111 Avery Greene said at 12:19 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    What do you think of Mudiay’s offensive game?

  112. 112 GEAGLE said at 12:26 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    cant miss John Wall type. so explosive, gets to the rim at will, brings the size to the position that MCW brought, but he is probably stronger and def more explosive than MCW… similar shooter right now as to MCW, but i trust 19yr old to develop a nice shot more than i trust a 24 year old…. truth is, MCW should be more polished considering his age.. Mudiay is almost as good as MCW right now, and he is like 4-5 years younger.
    team that drafts Mudiay can 100% count on a john wall type…kid is really going to be a stud… Deangelo has similar value offensively even tho stylistically he is different,. Russell isnt the insane athlete Mudiay is but he is a wizard with the ball, dribbling and puts some sick english on his passes… the difference is Mudiay has way more defensive potential which is what will put him ahead of Deangelo on our wish list.. for sure the wish list is 1)Mudiay, 2)Deangelo, 3) Jerian Grant… i will be completely shocked if one of those 3 arent throwing alley opps to embiid next year.
    any of those 3 can be more than a suitable replacement for MCW

  113. 113 teltschikfakeout88 said at 6:56 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    If we get the number 1 pick…..I think there is no way we pass on Okafor…..he has legit back to the basket moves….it is very hard to find offensive 5’s……and he is much better than Towns in that respect….now I like towns defense a lot as with this KY team Calipari demands effort on that end….I have seen on several occasions where both Towns and Cauley Stein played together and they were out from the basket……both were able to deny dribble drives by guards….very impressive foot work……If we get the #1 pick I say take Okafor…..then sit and see if you can’t package a deal to trade the lakers pick (assuming it is 6) and the heat picks to get either Russell or Mudiay (I prefer Russell)…..if we take Russell then I expect him to be the 2….we will have growing pains on defense with him but my hope,is that we can become attractive to FA in 2 to 3 years and address the PG spot better…..as for the rest of the draft……don’t care…..

  114. 114 Cafone said at 11:15 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I think age had something to do with it, but with Hinkie it is always a value proposition. MCW isn’t very good, yet he was able to get a (probably very early) first round pick for him.

    Now was the time to do it while he still had that “Rookie of the Year” shine. (Rookie of the year in one of the worst rookie classes in NBA history)

    That trade was a no brainer.

  115. 115 GEAGLE said at 11:42 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    absolutely… with hinkie RIGHT NOW, no one is off the table, but to get a player from Hinkie, you will always have to offer hinkie more than he is worth. I like MCW and KJ and would be happy to watch them play the Pacers tonight… But a 6th round pick or a 4th next year from the Lakers is worth more than MCW, and a young quality PG like Canaan and a high 2nd round pick is more valuable than KJ on a 1yr expiring deal

    If you are willing to overpay, hinkie will trade you our players… but i doubt we see him make trades that we dont get the better end of

  116. 116 teltschikfakeout88 said at 6:45 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Grant does not play the 1….at best in the NBA he is a combo guard…..I don’t want grant playing the 1….he is best at the 2….if we are going all in for e legit 2 guard I say take Russell…..MCW’s age is not the issue it is his play….in year 2 he shots 25% from 3, under 40% from the field and under 70% from the line……these are not good numbers for the 1 spot…..not even close…..and these are not improvements over last year…they are in fact worse….I can ignore his assist to TO as the other players around him are not good…..but the best PG I. The league average 1 to 2 TO’s a game…..MCW has double that in 4 per game…..let’s see a PG that does not shoot well……cannot leave in late in the game as the primary ball handler becuase he is not a good FT shooter (moot point as we have generally been behind but still)and turns it over…..this are all good reasons in the short term to turn the page…..now let’s take a look at who we have at the 1 for the future…..Wroten and Canaan……both do not project as superstars but are much better in the P&R game…..there is an article out there on Canaan and his ability to shoot out of the P&R game…..Robert Covington is our best three point shooter he is a big 3 or stretch 4….both Covington and Canaan played together in the D league together and tore some shizz up…..I fully expect to see improvement on our pick and pop plays with these two running it….I would not be dissapoined if we took grant with the top 18 protected pick that we have…..however ND does not play good defense and that extends to grant…..

  117. 117 GEAGLE said at 11:07 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    as for KJ, i like the kid, but i understand why it happened.
    for starters, hinkie probably doesnt want to let him set a precedent that future 2nd round picks can strong arm us into a 1 year deal. but even worse KJ and his mom have continuosly made it clear he doesnt want to be here.. not only will we have to pay him more than we have to pay usual 2nd round picks after this year, but we would also have to hold him against his will, which never really works
    Truth is Jerami Grant is the much bigger 2nd round steal, and he is a good kid who loves it here, works really hard and committed to us for 4years 800k. also Jakkar gives us similar raw athleticism as KJ
    i am a big KJ fan, but im actually surprised how much we got in return. Canaan is a better young player and has a chance to stick as a longterm backup PG, bulldog defender/3point shooter off our benchg. Canaan alone is good value for KJ, to get Canaan AND a high 2nd rounder back for KJ on an exprining 1 year deal is great value
    and if you really end up missing KJ, you can bid on him after the season when he is a RFA
    hinkie is awesome. The Heat got Dragic so we dont have to worry about them falling into the top 10 so it means we will definitely get the heat pick this year in the 11-17 range which gets us a real nice talent in this draft…. The Thunder pick is awesome because they acquired big rebounding center Enes Kantner AND snipers kyle Singler and Steve Novack, so you know they will make a playoff push and end up delivering the 19th or 20th pick this year, especially since the Suns got significantly worse yesterday and blake Griffin injury will help the thunder catch the clippers

    the key is the Lakers pick.. if they fall to #3 or 4, they could easily end up with the 6th pick because of the Lottery, if they give us that 6th pick, it will be a grand slam! Imagine adding Mudiay and Sanley to athletic monsters to our perimeter, while also getting a player like Myles Turner.Devin Booker type shooters in the 12-15 range, and still have the Thunders pick… not to mention we can package the thunder and Heat pick to move up to like 10-11 like the bulls did to draft McRole Player…
    but even if we dont get the lakers pick we would get their 4th pick next year or the year after, and kobe will cripple that franchise and they will never be good again til he retures and lets them rebuild

  118. 118 Anders said at 10:59 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    That is why they just wrote a post about why the question the McDaniels trade?

  119. 119 Bleedgreen said at 9:33 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Rich Hofmann over at Philly Voice isn’t bad. I think he’s the best of a weak crop of Sixer writers.

  120. 120 Avery Greene said at 9:53 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    It would be nice to find this for the other 3 Philly teams.

  121. 121 mksp said at 6:11 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I know where, but not gonna share here because I’ve seen GEAGLE’s posts on philly.com and I really can’t have him polluting another board I like.

    Sorry, blame GEAGLE.

  122. 122 miked718 said at 7:33 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Ha! Geagle, why don’t you start a Sixers blog? Problem solved!

  123. 123 eagleyankfan said at 9:32 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Luck will join that list of QB’s …. give him time…

  124. 124 Avery Greene said at 10:25 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Interesting. If true, I hope the Eagles have interest.


  125. 125 Anders said at 10:58 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I would love Marshall here

  126. 126 GermanEagle said at 11:04 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    the three M&M’s!

    Make it happen Howie and chip.

  127. 127 BlindChow said at 11:12 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    The Bears are another team that shows having two elite receivers doesn’t solve your offensive problems.

  128. 128 bill said at 11:33 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    two elite receivers plus a strong-armed QB.

  129. 129 the DONALD said at 11:41 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    and a good RB…

  130. 130 GEAGLE said at 12:28 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    their TE marcellus Bennett is probably the most under rated TE in the NFL

  131. 131 the DONALD said at 12:49 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    so who was the problem… Tresmen or CUTTY?

  132. 132 GEAGLE said at 1:18 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    both lol… Cutler for sure. I have NEVER in my life seen players openly ay the things his team mates have said about him, and these are people that are asking questions, trying not to bash him, but being honest about how Cutler needs to change his personality to have success….. so there is no way you exonerate Cutler, with that said, i wouldnt be shocked if trestman ends up as one of those great coordinators, who just dont have the Oomph to be a headcoach, so i do think he is also to blame, but there is no way we can excuse Cutler, especially considering what he makes. he is 100% not a leader considering the things his actual Friends like Marshall and Bennett have openly admitted about him, mainly that he lacks the fire and demeanor to galvanize a team and lead them

  133. 133 Avery Greene said at 12:05 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Cutler is the problem there. We don’t have QB issues like they have.

  134. 134 BlindChow said at 4:37 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    You can see it all over the league, though. The final four playoff teams didn’t have elite receivers. They had solid QB’s (or in Seattle’s case, solid defense). Elite receivers don’t mask problems at the QB position. Just ask the Lions and Bengals.

    If Foles is the man, he should easily be able to get it done with Maclin and Matthews (plus, time permitting, Ertz).

  135. 135 GEAGLE said at 11:38 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    i would be so pumped to give Foles an elite safety blanket Big WR like Brandon, but Chip Kelly wont be interested in a chicago football player who flew to new york every week on Tuesdays to film a TV show during the season… Thats EXACTLY the type of player chip has no patience for. The players we add will be obsessed with football, and be guys who dont care about anything else during the season

    but man would I love to be wrong. Give Foles Brandon Marshall, Mac, The pope, Huff and Ertz and im confident Foles would go Wreck shit!

  136. 136 anon said at 10:32 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    wow criminal charges against junior galette dropped, apparently woman was lying. at some point you feel a little sorry for these nfl players. almost makes you want to wife up a normal chick just so you don’t have to deal w/ the craziness.

  137. 137 Mac said at 10:58 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Your theory doesn’t just apply to NFL players…

  138. 138 GermanEagle said at 11:01 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I don’t feel sorry for millionaires.

  139. 139 anon said at 11:03 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah but that earning potential is so fleeting and tons of people out there trying to relieve you of your mula.

  140. 140 GermanEagle said at 11:04 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    I get ya

  141. 141 Michael Winter Cho said at 1:53 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Almost, but then instinct takes over!

  142. 142 A_T_G said at 2:10 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    That is why, when beautiful young ladies that I don’t know proposition me, I always make a point to say, “Okay, but my wife doesn’t let me have the checkbook or any credit cards.”

  143. 143 Anders said at 10:58 AM on February 20th, 2015:


    very good read

  144. 144 Nailed it! said at 11:11 AM on February 20th, 2015:

    Thanks for the share!

  145. 145 Avery Greene said at 12:15 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Another guy who’s a fan of Hundley. I’m starting to come around if the price is right.

  146. 146 unhinged said at 12:21 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Loved that piece. Thank you. Mental toughness: the antithesis of league-leading turnovers.

  147. 147 mksp said at 6:08 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Brett Hundley to Kenny Bell?

    I’m in.

  148. 148 Greg Richards said at 12:13 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Jake Fisher to Eagles in Rd 1. Wouldn’t be surprised.

  149. 149 Avery Greene said at 12:18 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Why do you think that?

  150. 150 Greg Richards said at 12:19 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I think there is a strong chance Eagles’ draft OL, Fisher’s stock is late Rd 1 or Rd 2, he’s a very good scheme fit and he has the Oregon connection.

  151. 151 GEAGLE said at 3:43 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    been high on Jake and Grasu since last year. to be honest, if we are going to go with Oregon connection, i think its most valuable to go with OL from Oregon. Our tempo is unique, cant assume all 300lb lineman can handle playing at our tempo… wouldnt be a bad idea to spend picks on highly graded kids you know and who you have the fortune of knowing that not only can they play this game at your crazy tempo, but just as important,. you know they can maintain their size all season playing and practvcing at chips crazy tempo

    think Oregon familiarity is its most valuable in OL,. and there are two really good ones in this draft, both can start off at RG, Fisher can eventually take over for Lane when Lane replaces Jason Peters. The other one Grasu can spend his career at RG, but any time kelce gets hurt, he takes over at center and we bring another Guard in….

    Adding Either or both IMO would be great value… at the end of the day give us an OL and a Defense and I think we can take a run at it with Nick Mac and shady

  152. 152 Mitchell said at 12:37 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Woof. I would hope we have traded down then. There will be better players at 20.

  153. 153 GEAGLE said at 1:14 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    i dunno man.. think #20 is too high for him. he isnt a top 20 pick. I been projecting him to the eagles since October, but i dont see it at 20

  154. 154 Greg Richards said at 12:23 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I can’t cut and paste right now for some reason, but Les Bowen tweeted that agents are saying that Howie(and I’d guess Rosenberg although Bowen doesn’t say that) are handling all the contract negotiations. Chip isn’t involved. Same as it has always been. Seems to show Howie and Kelly are capable of working together and Kelly isn’t trying to be involved in that area. That dynamic could lead to possible friction but it also has it’s positives. As with Banner-Reid, Roseman can be the “bad guy” when it comes to negotiations and asking for pay cuts and insulate Kelly.

  155. 155 anon said at 12:35 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    might fit his personality…

  156. 156 Greg Richards said at 12:38 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I don’t know. The agents seem to like Howie more and think he’s more reasonable where Banner was more abrasive. It doesn’t really matter as far as the players are concerned, but it seems like Howie isn’t quite the Darth Vader Banner is.

  157. 157 GEAGLE said at 12:56 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    good stuff… hopefully that is the case, and you are right, it could be a positive……
    Howie is a vindictive prick, we all know that, but i dont think he is stupid, and i do think more than ANYTHING he wants the Eagles to win a SB. I dont at all think he is in the building rooting for the eagles to implode under chip… For starters howie has a wife and kids and he just got a handsome raise and extension, which is alot more than the FUCK OFF most people get when they try to have a power struggle, mis play their hand and lose… so the last thing Howie should be is pissed off, because he should consider himself extremely fortunate to have lost a power struggle and actually made out financially….. so I do expect Howie to do his very best at whatever his current responsibilities are..
    Im sure he has already been told that if he plays the good soldier, when the Chip Kelly era ends, howie will resume his power, and Howie will be the man that will end up hiring the next Eagles coach…
    If Thats all true then Howie wont risk it trying to sabotage chip. im sure he will appreciate what Lurie did for him and wants to continue to do his best and try to get this team a superbowl under Lurie. After all, no matter what happens, if Chip wins a superbowl, Howie was the one who was able to get him to finally leave Oregon, Howie will always get credit if Chip goes on to NFL greatness. It will be like the top accomplishment on his resume…. so there is no reason at this point to hold a grudge.
    Lurie has paid Roseman not to be petty basically, and if Roseman is going to continue to give his best and try to help us win a superbowl, then there is no reason to waste his talents, experience and ability. howie has weaknesses, but he has some strengths too, and since he is getting PAID, might as well keep putting his strengths to use

  158. 158 Greg Richards said at 2:22 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Add this:

    Les Bowen


    44 minutes ago

    So an agent who met w/the #Eagles this week in Indy says it was Howie, Ed Marynowitz and Jake Rosenberg, β€œand they all played nicely.”

  159. 159 GEAGLE said at 2:30 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    thats a beautiful thing… lol “U-N-I-T-Y” howie busted out some old school Queen Latifah !!!

  160. 160 eagleyankfan said at 8:33 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    I don’t know why this is news or surprising. What did you expect to happen? Chip and Howie throw eggs at each other? As said a million times — ALL of those men are professionals. All their roles were defined a long time ago. All those men are doing their jobs. Only a cynic would expect anything else. I’m not saying Howie is happy. I doubt he is. BUT he’s still a professional and knows his defined role, as does Chip as does Mayo.

  161. 161 Greg Richards said at 12:26 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Tony Pauline is saying he hears Byron Maxwell’s asking price will be $10M a year. No thanks.

  162. 162 GEAGLE said at 12:29 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    no doubt that kid will price his way right off our wish list… no point in even wasting time on him. his price will be absurd. anyone who is calling himself “the prettiest girl at the dance” is someone trying to get superpaid who we need to ignore. assume Kareem Jackson will be extended, if not the bengals go after him hard… we end up settling on Davon House and Nolan Carroll as our corners, hopefully we get the safety upgrade tho, and drafting an ILB that canplay on 3rd down will allow our safeties to support the corners instead of worrying about stopping the run in the box
    i try not to spend time thinking about Trae wayans, because i assume he will be the first corner drafted and we will never see a draft where the first corner lasts til 20… top corners always goes in the 8-13 range at the worst..

  163. 163 Greg Richards said at 12:43 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I don’t think it’s a lock Waynes is the first corner drafted. At this time last year, most thought Darqueze Dennard would be the first CB drafted.

  164. 164 GEAGLE said at 12:47 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I never thought Darquez would be close to the first corner drafted,.,but Dernard had athletic competition like fuller, Roby and Gilbert…. even if you thought Dernard was going to be the top corner drafted, he had some serious competition at that top cb spot,,,,if Marcus Peters isnt the first corner drafted, and Trae Wayans isnt the first corner drafted, i really cant think of who else it would be..i guess size and athleticism can put Jalen Collins in the mix, but who else could be a serious competitor for the #1 CB spot? Q Rollins might have the size athleticism, but i dont know that you can make a kid that was playing basketball a year ago the top corner… thats a friggin hard position to play in the NFL….
    who can you see leaping Wayans and going #1?

  165. 165 Greg Richards said at 12:48 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Jalen Collins or Marcus Peters

  166. 166 GEAGLE said at 1:12 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    lol yup, thats it…. my favorite CB prospect since Desmond Trufant….. besides Collins i dont think anyone even has a chance to leap Wayans at the top CB spot… i guess a team could ignore Marcus Peters past, but i find that hard to believe in TODAYS NEW WORLD after what probably was themost embarrassing football season since they played games with replacement players… if teams were already not touching the honeybadger for part a couple years ago, after all the crap that happened last year I find it hard to believe that Marcus Peters ends up drafted in round 1……
    I think this is a decent CB class, but its a crappy top tier CB class, the strength of this corner class for me is the round 2-3 CBs, like Q rollins, Alex Carter, the Wake Forrest kid………

    The crappy part is its probably a weak year for corners in the draft and free agency. so im really concerned with upgrading the safety help that the coners will get, and another LB who can play on 3rd down so we can play Nickel and have our Safeties help out on the WRs… instead of being forced into Dime and having to play single high safety because we are afraid of getting run on in dime… everyone bitched that Billy was in single high safety, how about you morons give him the fucking horses for a change. His first year, it was bad enough he had to teach a brand new way of playing to all our DL, install a new defense with players that barely know each other, but he didnt have the personell to run Dime. in 2013 all Billy could do is Base Defense or Nickel. finally last year we add Dime, but halfway thru the season Meco gets hurt, we dont have another LB who can drop in coverage on 3rd down, so we lost our Nickel package, and could only go with Base or Dime, and teams were trying to force us into dime so we played Single high safety and fans ripped billy for our corners not getting safety help. well the same dopes would have burned this city down if he didnt bring a safety in the box and let teams run all over our Dime..

    If we NEED corners and its a crappy offseason in terms of the corners that will be available, Im REALLY CONCERNED with Beefing up the talent around the corners so that the corners can get the most help possible. Which means upgrading Nate Allen with a sure tackler like Da’Norris Searcy who is really soundin giving CB over the top help, not letting WRs get behind him, aggressively play the ball but with discaplined not getting flagged all year… A disciplined safety like Searcy, a LB that can drop into coverage like Erik Kendricks, and an Improved pass rush: McPhee. Worilds or Sheard..

    thats really all i ask.
    an OLB like sheard, McPhee or Worilds
    Da’Norris Searcy
    Erik Kendricks
    give us those 3 players and we can give proper support to our corners and make their jobs easier
    as for corner, if we cant have Peters, or Wayans, all i want is Rollins or J Collins
    Free agency if we cant have Maxwell or Kareem, I want Davon HOuse..

    Davon House, Quintin Rollins, Da’Norris Searcy, Erik Kendricks, Pernell McPhee….. THATS A BAD ASS HAUL FOR our Defense.

  167. 167 Cafone said at 3:39 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    We’re fortunate that fans are always so protective of Jeffrey Lurie’s money. We wouldn’t want to fall from the top of that unspent dollars under the cap list. It’s always a nice consolation for a losing season when Lurie has another 20 million in his pocket.

  168. 168 GEAGLE said at 3:52 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    protective is very different from not being a brat, bitching and crying over and over about shit we have no control of… want my opinion? pay for Maxwell, McPhee, Searcy and House….. but since its not up i dont see the point in crying over the fact that im probably not going to get my way….since I assumed there are grown men on the other side of the computer i figured that was understood,..
    do you actually think that if the eagles came up to any person on this site and said look, we can add the best corner on the Market Byron Maxwell but it will cost 10mil per year, and we will leave the decision up to you, do you actually think any fan would say NO jeffry, dont get us the top corner, we want you to save your money? get real dude ..

    it should be understood when talking to a group of fans that EVERYONE would LOVE TO SEE THE EAGLES PAY FOR FREE AGENTS like Iupati, Maxwell, Justin Houston, Demaryious Thomas… what fan would rather lurie save his money than see us add a player of that caliber? get real, just because people dont act like brats and cry over not getting there way every single day doesnt mean people are protective of luries money. Id spend every dime of that cap if it were up to me… But not expecting the eagles to do something is very differeent then caring about luries money… get a clue

  169. 169 MagatBrackendale said at 11:17 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    There you go again, obsessing over Lurie’s pockets. First of all, Lurie doesn’t own the Eagles anyway. A corporation owns the Eagles. Lurie funds the corp, within the League-allowed structure, and any profit is largely plowed back into the business. He has several other businesses which keep him in his billionaire style. Second. it’s his money that purchased the team’s holding company and his money to do with as he pleases. Third, no one with any knowledge has accused Lurie of being cheap. Fourth, as someone posted on 24/7, Eagles fans always want to go with the flashy, overpriced Free Agent mercenaries, while the team would like to build and maintain a TEAM for several years.

  170. 170 anon said at 5:31 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I will say that it’s unclear to me whether or not the eagles are going to change from the course that they’ve taken over the past couple of years (pay for a bunch of mid-tier guys, or decent guys coming off of injury or in the wrong scheme), to paying for good players.

    Understand Tampa may be will to trade Dashon Goldson, i’d like him back there, with a couple of the mid-level free agents, just need a solid unit that together can make plays. Undoubtedly with Maxwell you’re going to pay for performance that was bolstered by the guys around him (performance that won’t be replicated here).

  171. 171 GEAGLE said at 8:34 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I heard they will cut Goldson. No idea how he has aged these last few years tho

  172. 172 GEAGLE said at 12:38 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    winning that last meaningless game against the Giants is really starting to annoy me. #20 is right around where the 1st round prospects end and you start having to draft a player with a 2nd round grade in round 1.. last year we had 6 guys we wanted to fall to us, and the last one came off the board right in front of us to the Packers… if we had the 16th pick, we could sit comfortable knowing we will find a first round stud that falls to us whether its TJ Commings RT/LT, Bud Dupree OLB, Trae Wayans, White WR, Danny Shelton(if he doesnt go top 10), Arik Armstead….. picking 16 is so much better than 20. its really can make a huge difference. Heck you can even trade up to 11 or 12 without paying too much if there is a player like Fletcher Cox who you really believe in.

    That Last meaningless Giant game really hurts…
    Hopefully at #20 a player we dont expect to be available falls to us and its an easy no brainer. If it isnt an obvious no brainer, trade back 3 or 4 spots and take Kendricks but even that sucks cuz you cant really trade back much without worrying about losing him to the Cardinals, Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks

  173. 173 Greg Richards said at 12:38 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    No team should ever lose on purpose.

  174. 174 GEAGLE said at 12:39 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    especially in Football…. but you can use the last game to evaluate young players that didnt play much which increase your odds to lose naturally, which is perfectly OK

  175. 175 Mitchell said at 12:46 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    There’s enough this year that someone will fall to us. I think last year was worse.

  176. 176 GEAGLE said at 12:43 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    before we got our hands on Sproles, CJ Spiller was the apple of Chips eye… Spiller could be hitting the open market. I wonder if sproles quenched Chips thirst for spiller or if he is a surpise addition we go after?
    Harbaugh says he cant envision losing Ngata.
    also sounds like the Bucs are keeping Vincent Jackson, who we had rumored interest around the trade deadline

  177. 177 anon said at 12:45 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah i think all the guys we’d want are staying w/ their teams, except tamba hali. Spiller will go to NYJ or BuF.

  178. 178 GEAGLE said at 1:28 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    i assume we can get an OLB, Safety and 2nd tier corner like Davon house in free agency…. be nice if we can uncover another OL gem somewhere between Evan Mathis and Barbre level

  179. 179 Greg Richards said at 1:31 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Clint Boling

  180. 180 GEAGLE said at 2:29 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    nice pluck…curious to see which OL actually end up reaching the market, for example i dont know how Broncos can let Franlin reach the open market if they are bringing peyton back… and i wonder if there will be any surprise cuts at OG…

    the one thing about the Guard position for me, is that like the RB position, its one of the few positions that can transition to the NFL and have a shot at being plug and play draft picks… there are so many positions like OLB, CB that you probably dont want to have to count on as rookies, they typically need a year before you can count on them wth a major role..
    Guard and RBs are few positions you can draft a guy high and reasonable expect him to be able to play for you as a rookie,,,,so Im cool with add a mid level free agent like a Clint Boiling as added depth. However, if we are going to go dumping a 2nd or 3rd round picks on Guards say, Jake Fisher or Grasu, draft a guard high and im going to expect him to start as a rookie, so if we plan on bringing Herremans back, id rather go with free agent mid level depth like a clint Boiling type.. But if Chip is going to draft one of the oregon lineman in the top 50, im going to need to see the Eagles cut Todd Herremans, or trade him to andy if you can… Now if we draft fisher I assume it would be to eventual play RT when Lane takes over on the left side, but while Peters is still here Fisher can start right away at Guard like the Bears did with Kyle Long
    so what they want to do with Herremans, for me will dictate how we address OL this offseason. If you want to keep Herremans, draft a 5th or 6th round guard to develop or sign a mid level backup to bolster depth….If you Really want to spend a pick on Fisher or Grasu, might as well rip the band aid off, get it over with and cut Herremans, saving some cash

    but i really dont know what to think about how we view herremans situation. I have heard people say he 100% wont be brought back, but I also have heard that he isnt going anywhere… No idiea how chip is viewing this Guard situation. Mathis our other guard is no spring chicken either. we will have to get younger at the guard spot sooner or later, might as well take advantage of knowing Fisher and Grasu can transition well to our scheme and handle our tempo

  181. 181 anon said at 6:09 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    GB is going to make a play for house. def will be olbs around but no one that i would call a stud.

  182. 182 GEAGLE said at 12:43 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    lol @ juan castillo running the OL drills at the combine

  183. 183 Greg Richards said at 12:44 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Why? Castilo has always been a very good OL coach.

  184. 184 GEAGLE said at 1:29 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    i know.. just laughing at how nuts he is, he was screaming all over the place

  185. 185 Greg Richards said at 12:50 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    No personal insult to any of them intended, but why is Philly stuck with the likes of RoobCSN and Jeff McLane as their beat writers. Make a trade –


  186. 186 Joe Minx said at 1:09 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Well, I will intend personal insult & say they’re bunch of hack clowns & I can’t stand every last one of them.

    And yes please to DMR. She’s smoking.

  187. 187 MagatBrackendale said at 11:09 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    In what way is an outward appearance an indicator of the ability to write coherently and intelligently?

  188. 188 jpate said at 1:37 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I bet she can get more access too

  189. 189 Greg Richards said at 12:53 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    #MissSt Edge/DL Preston Smith: 6’5″ 271 lbs – 34″ arms – 10 5/8″ hands.

    Great fit for Eagles. I’d guess you’d have to take him in the 2nd round.

  190. 190 GEAGLE said at 1:42 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    i dunno.. drafting a kid like that i assume they would red shirt him like they did with Kruger and Hart and jack him up to 290lbs to play DL for us… dont want to spend a 2nd rounder on a redshirt because i cant stand to hear this cities mouth… unless you think we would go the OLB route with him… but i assume he would be like Curry, a best fit for a 4-3 DE, whos a little too big for OLB, and like curry we move inside, ending up as a 3rd down specialist for us… we need a 3 down player out of round 2

  191. 191 b3nz0z said at 12:55 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    OT ereck flowers benched 37 reps. OG scherff only put up 23.

  192. 192 D3FB said at 12:56 PM on February 20th, 2015:


  193. 193 Mitchell said at 1:24 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I’m interested to hear more thoughts from an collegiate lineman on the bench and it’s benefit. On one hand you can’t really uses only your chest when blocking someone. The power comes from your base because you need something to push off of (see newtonlaws). However a high bench usually correlates to a bigger individual ( of course factoring leverages and muscle mass). In my mind technique and violence would be such a better thing to have for an OL. ThoughtS?

  194. 194 Michael Winter Cho said at 1:51 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    High bench means strong chest, shoulders, triceps and good upper-body pushing. It also correlates to general strength, bone structure, and leverage (ie, being strong in one area means you are more likely to be strong in other areas, too). Power, speed*weight, is perhaps not captured too well by a strength/endurance test while you are laying on your back.
    (Random thoughts from a 145 lb. person)

  195. 195 D3FB said at 3:21 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Look at hand position of an offensive lineman’s punch. Hands are about 6″ or so apart.

    Look at hand position on a bench, hands are 2-3 feet apart.

    In general I’ll take the lineman with better core an lower body strength who has technique than Mr. Olympia.

  196. 196 anon said at 5:22 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Also bench is harder for people with long arms, but you want long arms in lineman. I’m sure there’s a baseline bench number you want to achieve but after that I’m sure teams have other better ways of assessing strengths for position groups.

  197. 197 b3nz0z said at 2:10 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    you’re definitely more knowledgeable than i am on this subject, but if it were completely meaningless i don’t know that coaches and scouts would take the time to check it out. my understanding is that it tells you more about the participant’s training discipline and work ethic than anything else. huge numbers are interesting and not much more, but very poor numbers can at least raise questions.

  198. 198 BreakinAnklez said at 2:27 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I was listening to DJ’s podcast this morning. He said the same thing. To him it is the most worthless test at the combine. Biggest use is if you are fact checking if someone is “lazy” and doesn’t put in the time/effort.

    Difference between play strength and actual strength. He cited Michael Roos as an example. He didn’t put up a monster bench, I think he said like 23 or something, but he played with good strength (opposing teams didn’t get push on him). If you go by the bench, you’d have missed out on an all pro tackle.

  199. 199 b3nz0z said at 2:39 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    oh yeah, i definitely don’t think it should move someone up or down on its own. but i do think it’s something that can be used to say “hey this guy’s supposed to be a monster. why did he put up those numbers?” good scouting wouldn’t end right there – you’d see that on tape he’s got great technique or “get off” or whatever else they look at and be able to explain the numbers.

  200. 200 D3FB said at 3:17 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    It’s the only real strength test they could get guys to agree to. Power cleans would be a better barometer but are far too technical. Squats would completely sap players leg strength a day before you ask them to go out and perform on the field.

    It also isn’t a good barometer for work ethic or training regimen. For example Scherff only did 23 reps, but he can hang clean 450+. Ali Marpet did 30. He played D3 ball. We played Hobart I’ve been to the facilities. They aren’t in the same planet as a major schools S&C facilities. So you can’t even argue its a byproduct of training.

  201. 201 teltschikfakeout88 said at 11:53 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    But didn’t clubber Lang get a beat down from Rocky when it was all said and done…..bench press is more than a box check…..however unskilled football players can test well in this item…..22 reps with long arms is not some sort of milquetoast showing…..at the end of the day…..doing benc press type exercises (wide, normal and close grip) can help a punch…but it is what is inside the player that makes the punch ferocious……

  202. 202 Avery Greene said at 12:58 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    How much?

  203. 203 b3nz0z said at 1:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    i’m pretty sure they always do 220

  204. 204 Joe Minx said at 1:10 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    It’s 225.

  205. 205 MagatBrackendale said at 11:06 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    A very strong upper body. Does he have the legs to support it? The hips to move side to side? solid stance, but quick feet? Can he get downfield quickly to block for Shady?

  206. 206 b3nz0z said at 9:02 AM on February 23rd, 2015:

    i think it’s been covered pretty thoroughly that it’s only one tiny factor among many. it’s still interesting, and your questions can be answered to some extent by the other drills and to a larger extent by his game tape.

  207. 207 daveH said at 1:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    (I cant remember what your call on Mariotta was..thinking that you didn’t like the reach)

  208. 208 GEAGLE said at 1:31 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    no comment lol

  209. 209 GEAGLE said at 1:33 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    put it to you this way, i dont hate the kid, but i dont like drafting him as high as we would have to draft him to land him… i could be talked into him being ok as a 2nd round pick, but he wont fall to us in round 2, and i dont like any QB in this draft enough to trade our first orunder or multiple picks to acquire, when I dont believe any kid in this draft will ever take the QB spot from Foles. Then again, I think Nick is Legit, most people seem to want a flashier player.
    im also not sure that we are ready to quit on Barkley, and i dont see how they can keep Barkley and draft a QB, because i assume Chip will want a veteran #2…. if i had to bet, i would probably bet on Foles, sanchez, Barkley all back for a year, continuity matters…. take a flier on an undrafted QB or two to look at in camp…. if our OL stays healhy and foles is the reason we are losing next year, we can draft a QB next year. if we dont waste assets on QBs and RBs, we should be able to put a good team in place with this offseason to where we wont need a top 5 QB to carry us

  210. 210 botto said at 5:22 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    wouldn’t hundley be obviously better than Barkley?
    almost no matter what?

  211. 211 GEAGLE said at 8:32 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Sure, but I’m not replacing a #3 QB with a 2bd round pick. trade Foles right now, or cut the bullshit and spend top pics on building around the damn kid so we can give him a chance to win. This one foot in, one foot out shit does no one any good. Don’t value Foles, then trade him and draft whoever u want, but if Foles is staying then spend the top picks on strengthening the team around the QB.. A backup can’t be a rookie anyway if chip wants to contend. So a rookie would have to be the #3, and I think we have to be morons to take a top 100 pick away from building the team around Foles so we can upgrade our 3rd QB..not to mention I think if you give up a QB after two years we are morons for drafting him to begin with. Two years is not enough time for a QB. We better stop wasting picks on QBs we don’t have more than two years patience for

  212. 212 daveH said at 7:04 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    drats..ill take that to mean no ‘scoop up a late rounder winner because we know more than you’ scenaro

  213. 213 Greg Richards said at 1:12 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Tony Pauline

    66 minutes ago

    Indianapolis, IN

    Present word has the Philadelphia Eagles as front runners for cornerback Byron Maxwell.

    Me: I don’t like getting him if it costs $10M a year but that’s an average. If the contract is backloaded and the out years aren’t guaranteed, the actual amount we’d be paying him might be reasonable. The cap is going up though and that will cause all the contract averages to go up.

  214. 214 GEAGLE said at 1:31 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I have to see it to believe it!

  215. 215 Greg Richards said at 3:45 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Hypothetically, would you(and others) be okay with spending what it takes to upgrade the secondary if it meant letting Maclin sign elsewhere?

  216. 216 GEAGLE said at 3:56 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    no… no reason to lose our homegrown young studs… rather have continuity with Maclin, plus we can Tag him so no excuse in having to lose him…. especially since if we cut Cary, we will have nothing invested in our secondary. it would be jenkins modest contract and a bunch of 4tfh and 5th round rookie contracts and ST signings,…we have no money currently invested in the secondary, i dont see why we cant pay to upgrade a secondary and franchise Maclin if it comes down to losing hm…. If you are a high character young player we drafted, developed who is performing, i have no interest in losing you no matter who else we bring in… continuity is more important and certain, than bringing in a slightly better outsider

  217. 217 GermanEagle said at 4:02 PM on February 20th, 2015:


  218. 218 Cafone said at 4:46 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    God forbid the Eagles pay a few million a year over value to address their biggest position of need.

  219. 219 GermanEagle said at 6:36 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Yes exactly! Still way better than overdrafting for need, since you know what to get with the free agent.

  220. 220 RobNE said at 5:44 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    No basis at all. Can’t talk to their agents until March 7th so someone please tell me how anyone can be a front runner already. This is click bait.

  221. 221 anon said at 5:47 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah unclear what “front runners” really means. And if you don’t think agents are talking at the combine…

  222. 222 GEAGLE said at 8:26 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Huh? U aren’t supposed to talk to agents but everyone is talking at the Combine that doesn’t mean this is accurate but teams def talk to agents this week

  223. 223 RobNE said at 10:09 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    They are talking numbers with agents?

  224. 224 ACViking said at 1:14 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Re: Best Road to the SB? A 1st Rd Pick at QB

    There have been 49 SBs — involving 98 team-seasons. And 98 QB-seasons.

    Here’s the draft-breakdown for the 98 SB teams at QB:

    1st Rd: 50 (that’s 51% for those slow in math)

    2d Rd: 7

    3d Rd: 13
    (4x Montana, 3x Tarkenton, 2x Wilson — common characteristic? Mobility.)

    4th Rd: 4

    6th Rd: 9
    (6x Brady — 1x Rypien, Humphries, Hasselbeck. Pretty immobile group, ‘cept for Hasselbeck)

    8th Rd: 1

    9th Rd: 2

    10th Rd: 4
    (ALL Roger Staubach — drafted in Rd 10 only because of his 5-year Naval commitment. Would certainly been a 1st Rd pick, raising the 1st-Rd QB percentage to 55%)

    17th Rd: 2
    (both Bart Starr (2-0))

    18th Rd: 1
    (Joe Kapp (0-1))

    24th Rd: 1
    (Daryle Lamonica (0-1))

    Free Agents: 4
    (3x Kurt Warner (1-2), 1x Jack Delhomme (0-1))

    Bottom line? I’m not sure. Except to say that if your QB was a 1st Rd pick, you have a better chance — ON PAPER — of getting to the SB.

    And for anyone who wants to disparage these numbers, they should first acknowledge a couple of immutable facts: (1) teams are not identical from year to year, and (2) players — even QBs — get injured.

    The Bears Jim McMahon missed the ’84 and ’86 playoffs when Chicago had that stifling defense. Phil Simms missed the 1990 SB because of an injury. John Unitas missed most of the 1968 season, and didn’t start the SB, because of an injury. Joe Montana got knocked out of the 1986 divisional rd game against the eventual SB champs NYG.

    (Some commenters may consider these points akin to “legal bullshit.” I call them facts — which trump claims of “oh, but my common sense is better than facts.”)

  225. 225 A_T_G said at 2:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Those “facts” are all well and good, but I have opinions that I am willing to share loudly and repeatedly.

    Honestly, that is very interesting, I wouldn’t have expected to have half the QBs be first rounders. If you had held off until next year, though, the math would have been a lot easier.

  226. 226 ACViking said at 2:07 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Excellent, all the way around.

  227. 227 BlindChow said at 5:10 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Those are facts, but statistics odds. Just because you picked Blaine Gabbert in the 1st round doesn’t mean he’s more likely to win a Super Bowl than Russell Wilson, for instance. There’s a lot more to it than just where a QB was picked.

    I saw a comment the other day where someone pointed out that only two Heisman-winning QB’s won a Super Bowl, therefore Mariota was LESS likely to win one than every other non-Heisman-winning QB. As if statistics worked like that. Of course, I know you didn’t (and wouldn’t) go that far with statistical analysis! πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, I’m guessing the same factors that led them to get picked in the 1st
    also made those QB’s more likely to have success in the playoffs.
    Better QB’s tend to be taken earlier and perform better.

    Too lazy to do the math, but now I’m curious as to what percentage of 1st round QB’s actually won the big one… Certainly lower than 51%!

  228. 228 ACViking said at 5:19 PM on February 20th, 2015:


    I wrote — at the end of the list in my comment — that the calculus is much more complicated and the numbers alone may not prove anything.

    Just found the data interesting. That’s all.

    No argument, again, as to what it proves or doesn’t.

    Except 51% of SB teams have had 1st Rd picks starting for them.

  229. 229 MagatBrackendale said at 11:02 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Do you have stats on how many of those QBs played in the Super Bowl in their first year? Most of the revered QBs spent a few years developing or just sitting on the bench I believe. Not a concept that is very popular in these parts. ~)

  230. 230 ACViking said at 1:42 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    No rookies.

    A handful of 2nd year guys.

    Marino. Warner. Kaepernick. Wilson. Roethlisberger. And Brady.

    2 first-rd picks.

  231. 231 OregonDucker said at 7:56 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Which is why AC, Chip has already made some moves for Mariota. He knows these stats, he reads everything and forgets nothing.

    Oh, and this is a Heisman winner that he thoroughly knows – strengths and weaknesses. Chip will not pay a crazy price in picks but has thrown in a starter or two – that’s unclear so far as to detail.

    Just need a solid commitment from one party and the deal’s done. Now you need a little luck as to draft position. Not a sure thing yet by any means which is why I deleted a post recently.

  232. 232 ACViking said at 1:45 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Great intel

  233. 233 eagleyankfan said at 8:36 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    What moves has Chip already made?

  234. 234 Insomniac said at 1:28 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    TE class is stinking up the 40 time.

  235. 235 GEAGLE said at 1:29 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    The Jesse James kid who reminds me of Celek ran a 4.8 something which isn terrible for good blocker… they are comparing Wes Saxon to Ebron which i dont really get,,,, but I love Mad Maxx

  236. 236 Javi Echie said at 2:03 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    James just bested Max in broad jump and forty times and not to mention that he’s a massive kid at 6’7 261. I wouldn’t mind adding James at all.

  237. 237 GEAGLE said at 2:04 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah for me he is probably the best value we can get as a Celek replacement, Bruising blocker who would be a nice compliment to Ertz

  238. 238 Javi Echie said at 2:07 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yea definitely, also with as high as he can jump and his long arms and big hands I think he can turn into a pretty reliable pass catcher on top of a good blocker.

  239. 239 GEAGLE said at 2:14 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yes sir… all the tools to become a well rounded back, seems to have that gritty Celek Toughness too… and im not some PSU fan

  240. 240 Greg Richards said at 1:30 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Jameis Winston might have a bum shoulder. Undergoing testing to determine cause of weakness in throwing shoulder. Character concerns, Injury concerns. Mariota is going to TB with the #1 overall pick.

  241. 241 GEAGLE said at 1:30 PM on February 20th, 2015:


  242. 242 Greg Richards said at 1:31 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Not so fast. Might cause them to take Hundley at 20.

  243. 243 GEAGLE said at 1:37 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    yeah right

  244. 244 Javi Echie said at 2:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I was very confident Sanchez would be back here to until McCown left Buffalo without a contract. I can definitely see Sanchez going there and competing for the starting job with more money as apposed to coming back to Philly to be a backup. But I am still holding out hope.

  245. 245 GEAGLE said at 2:12 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    i hear you, and i cant disagree… but with how happy sanchez was to be here and be out of the jets… Im banking on him not being ready to leave QB heaven and go back to rex ryan offensive Hell…. the thing that gives me hope is that because Foles didnt have a monster season, we may be able to sell this to sanchez as an open competition, and a chance to compete for the keys to chips ferrari in year 2 might entice him enough to wait until he goes back to QB hell…. he has made alot of money and we can offer him a decent deal since we have a year left of cheap slave labor for foles contract lol…. Buffalo and Rex option will be there a year from now, that team isnt finding a franchise QB this year. they dont even have a first round pick lol… sanchez could stay here one more year and still have rex ryan waiting for him a year from now… so im hopeful that we keep him
    fans and media dont care much about continuity, but continuity is such an important aspect, and its never more important than it is at the QB position… fans and media seem to think chip kelly is going to play musical chairs with the QB position adding a new QB or 2 every offseason…. I beg to differ… think Chip is more interested in getting to the point where he has foles in years 3,4,5 of this offense and sanchez in year 2(who knows maybe more) then he is interested in the next young QB prospect who fans drool over that runs fast

  246. 246 anon said at 5:13 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I don’t think it’d be offensive hell, that team is a lot like the jets team that was around when sanchez first came into the league.

  247. 247 Mac said at 3:12 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Might take Winston at 20.

  248. 248 Insomniac said at 2:16 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Andrus Peat is frigging huge. He looks almost as big as Jared Veldheer.

  249. 249 Greg Richards said at 2:16 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    The Eagles have met or will meet with ILBs Eric Kendricks and Denzel Perryman.

  250. 250 Insomniac said at 2:35 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    D3, what’s your opinion on Cameron Erving?

  251. 251 D3FB said at 3:00 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Don’t really have one. Hated him at T. Word is he looked much better as an interior player.

  252. 252 Insomniac said at 3:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    That’s what I heard too. You think Matias might have hurt his stock today?

  253. 253 D3FB said at 3:25 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I didn’t wake up in time to catch the OL.

    Matias was never going to win the combine. He’s a powerful guard who does a better job pulling and in space than you would expect from him but he’s a waist bender and I don’t know that he’s great from a mental aspect. Struggles passing off blocks and diagnosing pressure. Don’t see him as a target for us as his problems would be exacerbated instead of hidden in our scheme.

  254. 254 GEAGLE said at 2:57 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    is this jameis winston press conference live? He is handling himself pretty well at this press conference
    props to marriotta for not being a pussy and deciding to throw at the combine which is pressuring winston into throwing tomorrow, you know winston would not be throwing if Marriotta wasnt opting to,, nice to have a year where top pics will throw

    gotta respect top picks that arent afraid to go out there and do what they do every single chance they get no matter what they have to lose or gain.. if you are a top player, you should relish every opportunity to keep the guys under you that you are competing with in Check. Gotta respect Marriotta for throwing, especially since he could blame not throwing on his shoulder recovery

  255. 255 BreakinAnklez said at 3:13 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t throw. I feel like scouts are more focused on technique, not that you struggle to hit a receiver you’ve mever thrown to 30 yards down the field in stride.

  256. 256 anon said at 6:25 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Too much money at stake. Look at Teddy B.

  257. 257 MagatBrackendale said at 10:55 PM on February 20th, 2015:


  258. 258 Cafone said at 3:32 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    He hasn’t raped anyone at his press conference yet? shocking.

    Would you say he is well spoken?

  259. 259 anon said at 5:10 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Winston has a great excuse not to throw now.

  260. 260 SteveH said at 10:15 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    I would expect Winston to be very charming. Seems to fit his profile.

  261. 261 GEAGLE said at 3:10 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Bengals released G/C Mike Pollak.
    Pollak probably should have been the Bengals’ starting center last year, but they opted to let rookie Russell Bodine take his lumps. Versatile, historically effective, and only 30, Pollak will draw interest in free agency.-roto

    anyone know if he is athletic enough?.. If we cant get Hronss Gasu, i really want a guy that can start at guard while also being Kelces primary backup since he has been hurt 2 of the last 3 years

    hoping some other unexpected guard options end up getting cut

  262. 262 Greg Richards said at 3:43 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Would be a good depth pickup.

  263. 263 GEAGLE said at 4:01 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    All i know is by the end of this offseason, i want a capable backup center to Kelce in place on this roster for the next 3 years, and it cant be MOLK! Center position is too important, its a cerebral position that requires continuity and other players depend on it… Kelce been hurt 2 of last 3 years, one way or another we need a capable NFL ready backup in place for the next 3 years… you can get 3 years out of a 30yr old OL. Trying to figure out what his athleticism level is? can he pull well enough to fill in for Kelce?

  264. 264 Insomniac said at 3:12 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Jake Fisher on the rise with a great combine. Jarvis Harrison and DJ Humpries is on my wishlist now. If there’s a TE on the Eagles big board it’ll be either Walford or James.

  265. 265 GEAGLE said at 3:16 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    it has to be James I assume. if you have to draft a TE in the top 100 make it a perfect fit.. Jesse James… kind of pissed that he had this good of a combine, I knew he would be a good option, i didnt need the damn kid to go out put up better broad jump numbers than Gronk and Jimmy Graham, which is a scary thought at his size and Physicality level… true Caveman TE,great fit with Ertz and Burton

    surprised Max had such a bad day, but I like the kid, and kind of wish Jesse James would have had the bad day… Really would love to see the Eagles add him

  266. 266 Cafone said at 3:30 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Let’s hope there’s no TE on their board. This team has far too many holes to spend a pick on a position where they already have two strong players, and rarely play more than one of them.

  267. 267 BreakinAnklez said at 4:34 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Agreed. Late round project or UDFA.

  268. 268 NinjaP said at 6:49 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    You can’t go into a draft ignoring positions because you don’t need them. If a tight end is the best player on your board by a good margin. You take him no matter what.

  269. 269 ACViking said at 4:05 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Let’s see what Belichick and T-Law say.

    Informed voices of reason.

  270. 270 GEAGLE said at 4:16 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Fisher having a good day isnt a good thing. Im sure he has been a target of ours for some time. the eagles are one team that didnt need to see him have a big day… heck i would have preferred he took it easy and had underwhelming numbers today. chip would know what he is truly capable of, he recruited him… all year I been fingers crossed over him and Grasu in the round 2-3 range… this is terrible if today pushes him into rd 1 like what happened with Kyle Long. he really stepped up when Tyler Johnstone went down, he was huge for Oregon… this sucks!
    he can replace Herremans next year and eventually replace Lane at RT when he has to fill in for Jason Peters on the Left side

    how did Grasu and Arie Kouandijo do?

  271. 271 Greg Richards said at 5:58 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Remember for every perceived Rd 3/Rd 4 guy that gets pushed up there’s a corresponding perceived Rd 1/Rd 2 guy that gets pushed down.

  272. 272 GermanEagle said at 5:54 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    Both Calais Campbell and Patrick Peterson carry a $14.8m cap hit in 2015 for the Cardinals. Thats a lot of dough …

  273. 273 Greg Richards said at 8:04 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    The Chargers re-signed OT King Dunlap to a 4-year, $28M contract. Good for King. He’s played well for them, but I still don’t know that I’d want to pay him $7M a year.

  274. 274 anon said at 8:05 PM on February 20th, 2015:

    agree, glad he landed on his feet. Doubt he’ll see all that $$.

  275. 275 wee2424 said at 9:44 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Ueah apparently he is their best offensive linemen, and has solidified that Oline while playing at a very high level. Good for him. Was shocked when i read it. I think his worst enemy was his height. Defenders were able to get under his pads.

  276. 276 GermanEagle said at 6:19 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Looks like Green Bay will remain Davon’s House:


    Keep your hopes up for sexy Maxy!

  277. 277 wee2424 said at 9:42 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Yeah….I think it really matters how Cobb and Buluga go. Keep fingers crossed. If he doesnt hit FA it gives Maxwell even more leverage.

  278. 278 GermanEagle said at 9:44 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    I don’t think House staying in GB will affect Maxwell’s stock and leverage at all.
    If Kareem Jackson doesn’t hit the open market that will have an effect.

  279. 279 wee2424 said at 2:46 PM on February 21st, 2015:

    Idk. CB is a highly desired position. Every team in the NFCE alone will be clamoring for one. The market isnt that deep and House is one of the better ones on the market. Teams may start to get more desperate knowing that if Maxwell escapes them the options are now even less too chose from, and the talent level is even less.

  280. 280 Media Mike said at 7:10 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Good morning………. and thank you to the Arizona Cardinals

    Round 1 Pick 20: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State (B)
    Round 2 Pick 23 (ARI): Denzel Perryman, ILB/OLB, Miami (Fla.) (A)
    Round 3 Pick 20: Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 22 (ARI): Derron Smith, FS, Fresno State (A)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF (A)
    Round 4 Pick 20: Ben Koyack, TE, Notre Dame (A)
    Round 4 Pick 24 (ARI): Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State (B-)
    Round 5 Pick 20: Clayton Geathers, SS, UCF (A-)
    Round 6 Pick 20: Derrick Lott, DT, Chattanooga (B-)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Josh Robinson, RB, Mississippi St. (B+)

  281. 281 Greg Richards said at 7:20 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Arizona picks 24th. The Lions pick 23rd.

  282. 282 Media Mike said at 7:25 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Not in every round.


  283. 283 GermanEagle said at 7:34 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Are you going to do 1000 mock drafts to finally get one pick in 7 rounds right?l :-p

  284. 284 A_T_G said at 7:46 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Wait, Media Mike is really Mel Kiper?!

  285. 285 GermanEagle said at 7:47 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Ha. No, I’d trust MM more than MK!

  286. 286 Media Mike said at 8:18 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Wrong verb tense; I’ve already done thousands………………….that I don’t expect to get a single pick right.

  287. 287 GermanEagle said at 9:18 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    in other news: I just watched 1860 winning their 2nd home game of the season. Happy days.

  288. 288 GermanEagle said at 9:39 AM on February 21st, 2015:

    Where can i watch the combine other than signing in on nfl.com with my tv provider? I dont have a nfl network subscription …

  289. 289 Tanya Blalock said at 4:59 AM on May 12th, 2016:

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