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Crazy day.

The Eagles have made some cuts. They made one trade. They are shopping several other players. No shocking moves, but some surprises.

Maybe the biggest surprise is that the Eagles were able to trade QB Matt Barkley. He is now an Arizona Cardinal.

That’s not exactly a king’s ransom, but getting something for a player you didn’t want is good. Barkley doesn’t have the arm that Bruce Arians usually wants, but that is the kind of drop-back offense that Barkley is best suited to play in. Maybe it will bring out the best in him.

Now for the players reported to be on the market.

Kenjon Barner

Jaylen Watkins

Najee Goode

Now we have an update from Howard Eskin.

Believe who you want. I can see the logic in shopping Barner to see what you might get in return, but Chip Kelly wants to really run the ball this year. There is value in keeping him around as an insurance policy.

Watkins shocks me. I thought he played well this summer. His tackling was bad. Consistently bad. I wonder if that was a major issue in him losing favor with the coaching staff.

Goode is in no man’s land. Not good enough to force onto the roster, too good to just cut without trying to get something in return.

We know certain guys have been cut:

Ed Reynolds
Raheem Mostert
Randall Evans
Brian Mihalik
Brett Boyko
Rasheed Bailey
Eric Tomlinson
Quron Pratt
Malcolm Bunche
John Moffit
Julian Vandervelde
Travis Raciti
Chris Prosinski
Deontae Skinner
Andrew Gleichert
Kip Smith

Mostert is the most interesting name. He has terrific speed and NFL potential, but doesn’t fit a role right now. He is a KOR specialist. Yes, he did post great numbers this summer, but that doesn’t mean as much as you think.

The problem is that Mostert compiled many of those yards against guys who are now hitting the street. He also did some of that damage in favorable situations…catching a pass in the flat and having tons of room to run. That allowed him to show off his speed and get yards, but you can’t count on similar situations during the year.

Mostert might be a good #3 RB in time. He would help himself if he could learn to return punts. He needs to hone RB skills. I was very impressed with how tough he was this summer, but he still needs to get better before trying to run inside against a quality NFL defense.

You also have to wonder about his pass protection skills. It takes time to develop those. Mostert has the right mentality and seems very coachable. He just needs time and coaching. Mostert would be a great fit for the practice squad. It is possible some team with a weak roster would take a chance on him because of his potential as a KOR and speedy player out of the backfield. Not every team is loaded with offensive weapons.

Stay tuned for lots of updates this weekend.


204 Comments on “Friday Roster Talk”

  1. 1 phillychuck said at 10:38 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Do we believe Eskin?

  2. 2 GEAGLE said at 11:51 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    I don’t.. I’m going to have to see it become official to believe it…

  3. 3 phillychuck said at 6:18 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Is it possible they confused the two Watkins’s? Diaheem is not on the cut list yet.

  4. 4 GEAGLE said at 8:13 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    LOL WOW!!! I haven’t thought of that… But considering how terrible the media Is and how people take whatever they hear and run with it without even caring about getting a confirmation making sure it’s true, IT would NOT surprise me at all….. A trading Watkins rumor surfaced, maybe then Eskin heard “Watkins was told he Was cut”, and had the jaylen trade rumor report on his mind and just assumed JAYLEN Watkins was waived instead of the OLB….. Sounds crazy, but with how irresponsible our media is, it wouldn’t surprise me…. … Interesting thought

  5. 5 unhinged said at 10:47 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    I wonder if Mostert was given an indication that he “may” get called back up, as in, if we get something for KB. The 3-headed monster needs to have at least one back-up, because Sproles is old, and neither Murray nor Mathews are commonly known as durable.

  6. 6 A_T_G said at 12:31 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I doubt it. If that was the plan they would not have cut him. Why expose him and put another option on the market if you think he is better than the guy you are trying to trade?

  7. 7 GEAGLE said at 8:07 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    His agent posted that if he clears waivers, he will be back…. He could be trying to drum up interest for his client, or he could have been told a PS spot waits for him if he clears waivers….we’ll know soon enough

  8. 8 bushisamoron said at 10:52 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Not shocked by any of these moves. Mostert is talented for sure but som are Murray, Mathews and Sproles (Barner probably stays as well). I imagine Chip is hoping to get him on the PS. I’m still looking for an Olineman to either trade for or who is a late cut.

  9. 9 BlindChow said at 11:09 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Are the Cardinals are dumping Logan Thomas for Mark Berkley? Even Cardinals fans are baffled.

  10. 10 BlindChow said at 11:14 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    From a Cardinals blog:

    Michael Vick, Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley, Tim Tebow.

    Can you name the only QB that Chip Kelly couldn’t make look good at times. One hint.. we just traded for him..

  11. 11 A_T_G said at 12:27 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I like the undertones of respect for Chip.

  12. 12 Rockedupeaglesfan said at 11:15 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Thomas sucks. They wouldn’t even play him last year. Not saying MB is an upgrade, just that they want to someone new a shot

  13. 13 BlindChow said at 11:21 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Logan Thomas’ stats in yesterday’s final preseason game:

    9/10 for 116 yards (11.6 avg) with 1 TD (148.3 QB rating)

    I mean, it’s just preseason, but so was Barkley’s performance last night…

  14. 14 Rockedupeaglesfan said at 11:22 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Thats an impressive line. I’m just going off last year when they chose to sign a guy off the street rather than play a guy that was on the team all season.

  15. 15 GEAGLE said at 8:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:


  16. 16 ICDogg said at 11:17 PM on September 4th, 2015:

  17. 17 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 11:18 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Pretty scary

  18. 18 Rockedupeaglesfan said at 11:19 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Bradford for Mariotta!!!!!


  19. 19 Dan in Philly said at 6:47 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Nah, Tebow for Mariotta!

  20. 20 Dragon_Eagle said at 7:29 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Tebow for a Wawa hoagie!! Do it. I’m hungry.

  21. 21 ICDogg said at 11:21 PM on September 4th, 2015:


  22. 22 mksp said at 11:23 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    This is great.

  23. 23 EagleNebula said at 12:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Wasn’t it Sanchez who called him a camp arm?

  24. 24 scratcherk said at 11:24 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Any decent o linemen hitting the waiver wire?. I had to endure the jets broadcast of the Thursday game and they seemed to think they were loaded on the o line and would dropping someone good

  25. 25 JoeBlow said at 11:37 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    sounds like o-linemen Terry Poole will be getting cut by Seattle. If i recall correctly Chip was high on him pre-draft. He was drafted with 31st pick in round 4, concerned that it sounds like he won’t crack a roster who has been having o-line problems

  26. 26 JoeBlow said at 11:57 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    FWIW, there are two other O-linemen from Seattle i hope hit the waiver wire. Kristjan Sokoli who is pretty raw but is a great athlete and nice SPARQ score which Chip seems to be into. And a guy i was really into pre-draft was Mark Glowinski from West Virginia, another good athlete who would provide nice depth at guard, nasty mean streak in run game

  27. 27 Greg Richards said at 6:52 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Doesn’t sound like Glowinski will get cut.

  28. 28 Media Mike said at 6:29 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    No. They never do. I was having this conversation with some friends the other day, but there are currently zero NFL teams with 5 decent/proven starters on their o-line in the NFL.

  29. 29 LiamGarrett said at 11:34 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    I’m really surprised they cut Prosinski AND Reynolds (not to mention Watkins, another guy who could have potentially helped at safety). Either Couplin really showed them something to make them like him, or they’re just keeping him around as they plan to go after someone else they like who’s leaving another roster.

  30. 30 Will:↑↑↓↓←→←→BA said at 11:37 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Watkins cant play Safety… that was wishful thinking

  31. 31 Jamie Parker said at 2:22 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah. You have to be able to tackle someone to play safety. Watkins couldn’t tackle my 4 yr old son, especially if there’s a fruit snack in his hands.

  32. 32 GEAGLE said at 11:49 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    Same, I thought Prosinski was a comete lock.. There was no precedent for chip keeping one of his elite ST players off the 53 man roster… Makes me wonder if they must think Couplin is ready to replace Prosinski on ST?
    I don’t believe Barner is going anywhere and if Chip cut Jaylen Watkins getting nothing in return for a 4th Rd pick he drafted a year ago, I have no clue wtf he is thinking, and I’m going to have to seriously question his drafts when 4th or 5th round picks aren’t worth trying to develope for more then a year or two… I have to see Jaylen Cut to believe it, it’s just too odd to believe a “report”..

  33. 33 phillytrue said at 12:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    The difference between Prosinski/Reynolds and Couplin is that Couplin lays the wood. Prosinski has zero upside and Reynolds hasn’t developed enough and got pushed around in games. Couplin is a hitter. Our secondary needs a player like that.

  34. 34 Safety1st said at 7:26 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I gotta think that securing Tutu put Prosinski on borrowed time. Only enough spots for special teams all stars.

  35. 35 GEAGLE said at 11:56 PM on September 4th, 2015:

    When the Final roster is announced, I’d be really interested in seeing a preseason performance evaluation of at least the backend players of our roster to try and get an idea how much Preseason game performance factored into Chip Kelly’s roster selection.. Did the guys who played the best against the best competition mostly all make the roster? Or did we pass on kids who played well in the preseason for players who hadn’t played as good but maybe show more upside or performed better in practice?.. This probably varies by positions, for example I think you pretty much have to base OL play off of game performance because OL and DL don’t practice live and playing OL fundamentally comes down to how well can you move opposing 300lb men?

  36. 36 Media Mike said at 6:28 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Everything comes down to how you play in a game.

  37. 37 Greg Richards said at 6:51 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I disagree. I think he puts as much weight in evaluating how they played in TC practices. Especially the practices against the Ravens, where he said it was like getting an additional 2 preseason games in.

  38. 38 Media Mike said at 6:56 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Well “he” doesn’t get to add practice evaluation to how final scores get tabulated on Sundays. Putting too much stock in things besides games gets you drafting Mike Mamula over Warren Sapp.

    If a guy is a slacker in practice, not doing his film the right way, refusing to follow the team’s training dictates, etc. that’s important to consider and I understand why the coaches don’t want guys here who fail at those things.

    Practice reps aren’t real game situations. Especially when public access and scrutiny to those practices has been inappropriately cut off from the fans and reports who cover the team.

  39. 39 Greg Richards said at 7:41 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yes, but you can’t equate preseason games with expected regular season game performance.

  40. 40 Media Mike said at 7:45 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Not in and of themselves, but I’d still rate it higher than some less than transparent stuff from practice.

  41. 41 GEAGLE said at 12:06 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    If we trade Jaylen, we better get at least a conditional 5th round pick in return.. We are kidding ourselves if we think we have enough Depth to piss him away for a 6th or 7th.. Cutting him would be totally absurd..for what? 28yr old EJ BIGS? God NO!!!
    I liked the depth we had in place for the secondary, who the FUCK do they think we are to be able to lose Boykin, JaCorey, and watkins and still have enough depth to go into the season? If Jaylen isn’t on this one roster it means the corners we have currently ate Maxwell, Nolan, Biggers and Rice… Chip has to be high to go into the season with 4 CBs, 1 who is an undeaftes rookie who he had playing with the 3rd team all summer and 28yt old EJ BIGS.., that’s CRAZY TALK.. We can’t have 4 CBs and what 4 safeties one of which Is only a ST player (Maragos).. Walter, Jenkins, Maragos and Couplin? that’s crazy talk!!
    If Jaylen is gone, some other DBs have to be on their way to philly, but we aren’t towards the top of the waiver wire to assume the guy we want will make it to our roster… So the only thing that makes sense is we are in the process of trading away draft picks for a corner or a safety, or we are working trading Goode for a DB..
    Cutting Jaylen means we only have 8 DBs, and that’s not happening unless you want to keep like 11 Offensive lineman, we are lucky if we can find a decent 8th OLineman..

    If this report is real, there has to be another shoe to drop shortly after

  42. 42 FairOaks said at 12:09 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Does Watkins have practice squad eligibility? If so that might be an option as well. But yeah there could well be room to pick up someone else.

  43. 43 JoeBlow said at 12:13 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    this is why i posed the question on the other thread and feel like a player 2 will be added to the 53 from the waiver/trade

  44. 44 Greg Richards said at 6:50 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yes, Watkins has PS eligibility.

  45. 45 GEAGLE said at 8:03 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    He would get poached… Doubt we could keep him on Practice squad, although I wouldn’t mind

  46. 46 A_T_G said at 12:21 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Eskin is reporting he was already cut. It is above in the article.

  47. 47 BlindChow said at 2:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Dude, reading is for chumps.

  48. 48 GEAGLE said at 7:59 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Wipe your mouth groupie bitch, still dripping down your chin…LOL

  49. 49 Media Mike said at 8:02 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That didn’t seem like a proportional response; unless I missed the sarcasm.

    The only person who needs to wipe their mouth is Dianna Russini after getting a story in Washington.

  50. 50 CrackSammich said at 10:42 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    You seem to be getting a lot of oral sex from dudes. Might I suggest some therapy to work through the repression of your homosexual tendencies?

  51. 51 GEAGLE said at 7:56 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I need to see it confirmed from someone credible in the National media.. Sorry
    …. Eskin said it like 12 hours ago,and it still HASNT been confirmed by anyone I respect.

  52. 52 Ramiroquaaii said at 12:28 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    In college, we saw Chip’s RB put up big numbers and not repeating the same success in NFL. I don’t even know if is a good idea keep Barner, because the team is thin at OLB and cloudy in the secondary.
    But is understandable keep him for STs reasons.

    I Always like to wait for the cuts to become oficial before say anything, but reading that Prosinski and Reynolds were cut, I think they plan to use Rowe more as a safety and I love that.

    Thats where he more used to play and have more chances to make consistente progress. Maxwell/Carroll outside and Jenkins and/or Thurmond playing some nickel when necessary with Rowe as a safety backup. Makes much more sense to me and a really hope that happen.

    Now we see how Shapherd injury got Chip off guard.

  53. 53 Pennguino said at 12:51 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Bruce just picked up a 5 week free rental on insider information. He will learn protection packages, blitz pickup keys, and different offensive calls and adjustments. Then after he sucked all information out of Mark Berkley like a mind flayer, he will cut him at the end of week 5.

  54. 54 BlindChow said at 2:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, I wonder about this kind of thing.

    When the players are looking to the sideline to get the calls, how often is that information changed? I’m still haunted by all those defenses we played last year where our OL said it looked like they knew what was coming…

  55. 55 MagsDogDays said at 2:06 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    All those defenses? All 2?

  56. 56 BlindChow said at 10:52 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That’s 2 too many.

  57. 57 Joe Minx said at 1:00 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    If Mostert gets claimed a team to watch out for might be the Ravens. They need a kick returner & they saw him up close.

  58. 58 Media Mike said at 6:27 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    If Mostert winds up on another team, I’ll be having some nuclear verbal bombs going off with a few people here.

  59. 59 NoCal Philly said at 6:28 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Really? I look at Mostert and think of that famous North Dallas Forty line, “Do you speak Canadian?”

  60. 60 Media Mike said at 6:31 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Not a film I’ve seen, but I think Mostert (out of the non Murray, non Mathews, and non Sproles) is the best RB prospect of the young guys we had in camp.

  61. 61 FairOaks said at 7:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Would you want him trying to pick up a blitz with your QB’s health on the line right now?

  62. 62 Media Mike said at 7:44 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Did we see that he can’t do that?

  63. 63 cliff-Y U on a knee, 99?! said at 7:57 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    safe assumption, most rookies cant.
    think ‘allas is nuts exposing Romo’s back to Randle and Dunbar, they are both bad at it. plus, Randle stinks as a receiver, i’d blitz the F out him. no idea how McFadden is. Murray is very good, he’s not scared to put shoulder into anyone.

  64. 64 Media Mike said at 7:58 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That’s fair.

  65. 65 FairOaks said at 8:01 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Do you think the coaches didn’t in practice?

  66. 66 Media Mike said at 8:03 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I’m not sure what they saw or didn’t in practice. I don’t know how much live tackling they do with RBs pass blocking that would be an indicator of how they do.

    If/when they fully explain that cut, I’d be interested to hear what they didn’t like about Mostert.

  67. 67 FairOaks said at 8:13 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That may be information they do not share with the public. They will probably just say it was a “numbers game” if they liked him overall. I’m sure even without tackling they can see where a back sees a blitz and moves to pick it up or does not.

    Most young RBs are terrible at it — and I believe Mostert wasn’t even a full time player in college. As a runner, he did look really good, but there are aspects of the position which are important but casual viewers (like me) tend not to notice. There is a reason why Henry Josey looked good superficially but was let go by three NFL teams. Well, I guess one kept him on the practice squad all year. More telling to me is if the Eagles offer him a practice squad spot (which it sounds like they might have) — that would show they do like him but just not enough to be on the 53 this year, and they think he’ll pass through waivers. They did not do that with Josey.

  68. 68 Media Mike said at 8:16 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I do hope Mostert winds up on the practice squad.

    And my default position on information not shared with the public is that appropriate justification for the move is lacking.

  69. 69 Cafone said at 2:32 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I’m pretty impressed that the Eagles got a conditional seventh round pick for a QB who was beat out by Tim Tebow.

  70. 70 Joe Minx said at 2:42 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Just saw someone post this on the EMB. From

    NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported the Eagles will receive a conditional seventh-round pick that moves to a sixth-round pick if Barkley is on the Arizona roster for six games.

  71. 71 Greg Richards said at 6:49 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That’s not what Rapaport reported. Eagles get a 7th round pick only if Barkley is on the roster for 6 games. No chance at a 6th round pick.

  72. 72 SteveH said at 3:12 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Holy shit, we cut Watkins? What the fuck are we doing at DB? Eric Rowe was getting slaughtered out there against scrubs last night, Watkins at least looked like he belonged on the field.

    Chip has to have his eyes on some street guys right now, because our depth is shit right now at DB.

  73. 73 Insomniac said at 4:56 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I hope so. Watkins was possibly our 2nd best cover corner. Rowe just doesn’t seem ready to play at all.

  74. 74 LongDing said at 3:58 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I am stunned they would cut last year 4th rounder. That’s insane

  75. 75 Insomniac said at 5:04 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Jeff Maehl is still on the roster.

  76. 76 Media Mike said at 6:26 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    As he should be. My duck-gust at Barner being on this team aside, Maehl is a guy who seems to do a lot of this team and I’d like to see him stick on the 53.

  77. 77 Media Mike said at 6:45 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Isn’t this;

    “That allowed him to show off his speed and get yards, but you can’t count on similar situations during the year.”

    what Chip’s system does for a lot of pass routes?

  78. 78 Media Mike said at 7:07 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Fantasy question for y’all

    Some complainers in the league I run talked the rest of us into doing a keeper player going from two years ago into last year and now we’ve expanded to two keeper players.

    I think the point system on yahoo is rubbish, so if you keep a guy in my league you forfeit your draft pick in the round you took him. If he came as a free agent pickup for your team, he’d cost you your last (16th) round draft pick.

    I’m keeping Gronk (4th round) and Jeremy Hill (8th round). Gronk is far and away the best TE in fantasy, so keeping him for a 4th is a no brainier. Hill, who will be in the 25 touch a game range and is a young / healthy player, seems like great value in the 8th as well.

    I chose to let go:

    Jamaal Charles – 1st round – leftover rage at him for laying down on the job last year

    Alshon Jeffrey – 2nd round – I still could take him again this year, but we’ll see.

    CJ Anderson – 16th round – What I read about Ronnie Hillman stealing some carries worries me about Anderson being a true RB1

    Davante Adams – 16th round – I considered it, but I couldn’t keep him over Gronk or Hill.

  79. 79 A_T_G said at 7:26 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Anderson went in the first round of my draft last week.

  80. 80 Media Mike said at 7:28 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    as he should, but the Hillman stuff is freaking me out a bit.

  81. 81 myartz04 said at 9:08 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Both great keepers….keepers are all about value. I seem to think you maximized it. I have to imagine Charles is on the downside of his career and not worth what you drafted him last year. Anderson seems to be high on everyone’s board but I’m not quite buying it. Jeffery is just so so to me and certainly not worth your 2 this year. I had a keeper league this year…kept Tannehill for my 10th.

  82. 82 Media Mike said at 9:10 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Thank you. You know my usual affect on here when posting comments, so I’m sure you’re not shocked when I tell you how badly betrayed I felt by Charles last year.

  83. 83 myartz04 said at 9:12 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That’s how I felt with Jimmy Graham last year.

  84. 84 Media Mike said at 9:14 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Somehow I don’t think Graham owners will be as upset this year.

  85. 85 myartz04 said at 9:27 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I wasn’t drafting him this year. He’s my Jamaal Charles.

  86. 86 xmbk said at 9:41 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Sound logic. Seems like either of them or Anderson are all sound choices. Denver rb have a hard time holding a role for the entire season. But Manning does have that history with Edge as a #1.

    Ask yourself this: do you gain more from Gronk over whoever you might get at 4, or from Anderson over whoever you get at 16? FF is all about opportunity cost. Anderson is a round 1 talent you can get for nothing, Gronk is a round 2 talent you are getting at 4.

    Stupid rule, btw. FF already rewards luck enough.

  87. 87 Media Mike said at 9:44 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    My original proposal was keep one guy – lose your first. Keep a 2nd guy – lose your second.

    Folks that like to draft young guys late on spec where the ones agitating for keeper players, so they cried their way out of my view of it.

  88. 88 xmbk said at 9:55 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, imagine that, self-interest killing a democracy.

  89. 89 A_T_G said at 10:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I had an idea that keeping a guy costs you one round higher than the year before. That way, first rounders all go back into the pot and it gets increasingly more expensive to keep that late rounder each year. We had four new guys join our league, so it was a moot point this year.

  90. 90 cliff-Y U on a knee, 99?! said at 7:42 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    my issue w/ DBs is EJ Biggers. JW cant tackle, maybe that killed his ST usage for kelly. and it’s not like his coverage ability was 2nd coming of Deion Sanders to offset. i agree w/ good ole Geagle, never like to see rookie CBs till much later in season, think secondary guys need a lot longer to adjust to NFL speed. mistake by DB is 6.
    i simply cant get EJ’s time w/ Skins out of my head, he was terrible. in fairness, he’s look solid. sometimes, especially CBs, they just need a change in zip codes.
    wouldnt mind seeing kelly find CB and/or backup OL on waiver wire. pretty far down, so not sure how much of an upgrade it’ll be. maybe an OL vet w/ bloated contract will pass thru waivers.

  91. 91 Greg Richards said at 7:43 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    If they’re a vested veteran(only vested vets have bloated contracts), they aren’t subject to waivers.

  92. 92 cliff-Y U on a knee, 99?! said at 7:51 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    ok, thanks.
    guess that’s why ATL traded for LeVitre. contract looks massive for a guy who graded out so poorly, PFF but everyone uses it now.

  93. 93 xmbk said at 9:34 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Plus, Atl is desperate on the OL. Not desperate like our fans were making the Eagles out to be this offseason, but keep Atl out of the playoffs kind of desperate.

  94. 94 ian_no_2 said at 7:48 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    If Jaylen Watkins is cut, assuming Goode is on his way out some way and they’re keeping no more than 6 WRs, that means three more cuts among:

    WR6, Tomlinson, Barner, Biggers, Rice, Marcus Smith, Diaheem Watkins

    When it gets tough.. I’m rooting for Rice and Diaheem of course. Brad Jones showed he can hold down OLB pass rushing and coverage, Braman may get snaps, Curry can move out there more often. But Diaheem is possibly the best option for 3rd OLB. I would want Tomlinson if he’s going to play right away, and Kelly wants him blocking on screens.

    Smith may be the Designated for Return guy. Since he’s guaranteed for two more years, he can hold out for ‘play me or cut me’ but the inducement for him to be mothballed is a little less than a million and a half in 2017 he’d lose if he left the Eagles. Maybe they stabilize the nickel package without Biggers by then and cut Biggers when Smith moves to healthy scratch heaven with Tebow at the pearly gates.

  95. 95 xmbk said at 9:31 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Maehl as WR7 is still in the mix.

  96. 96 ian_no_2 said at 9:45 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That’s not clear the way I wrote it. I believe they currently have 8 WRs, and it not impossible that they’d keep 7, but no one’s predicted that and other areas on the roster need their numbers. Certainly they should figure out if they’re going to use Maehl, Cooper, and/or Austin or have them inactive. It’s possible they are floating those three for a trade. Freddie Martino is as far as I can see still on the roster. They may like him because of his speed. Coop you’d imagine made the team – Kelly likes his blocking and the money nudges them to give him one more year, but I’d be one of those who’d prefer to use the spot for someone else.

  97. 97 GEAGLE said at 7:52 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Still haven’t seen Rotoworld or anyone credible confirm that Jaylen has been cut… And since ESP has been known to tell more fairytales then Walt Disney, I have to see it to believe it.. It just doesn’t make sense

  98. 98 Fufina said at 8:31 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    The source is howard eskin so is about as reliable as a chocolate teapot, but it is a wait and see thing. The fact there are 2 Watkins on the roster makes it possible the sexagenarian troll is confused.

  99. 99 xmbk said at 9:30 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    The part that doesn’t make sense is Biggers beating him out. Either he really disappointed them to give up this early, or Undlin has hit Biggers with some gamma radiation.

    Or, if I want to look at this as an organization rather than a fan, Biggers is just more reliable in all phases as a backup/st guy, and the team is willing to take a chance that Watkins clears waivers.

  100. 100 Media Mike said at 9:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I thought Biggers looked good for most of the games this preseason.

  101. 101 xmbk said at 9:54 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That might be the gamma, then. He sucked in DC, and got cut by the worst secondary in the league.

  102. 102 GEAGLE said at 7:55 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Phil Sims has some Nerve always talking shit about chip kelly. When that Hacks loins spawned the Only NFL QB who may be as bad as TEBOW… Baby bum Sims was getting tackled so he decides to throw the ball when his body was twisted around to avoid the sacks, and the ball went like 15yards behind him, making it a fumble because it wasn’t a forward pass…. Takes some nerve to be a blow hard ripping Chip kelly, when your loins produced such a crappy football player

  103. 103 Media Mike said at 7:57 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Phil Simms was a garbage football player, a worse “analyst”, and his son is a duplicitous piece of shit who reneges on verbal college commitments.

  104. 104 GEAGLE said at 7:58 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Did you see the pass? I kept rewinding it and watched it like 10 times.. What a chump

  105. 105 Media Mike said at 8:00 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    All I can tell you about Chris Simms is that he’s a dishonest piece of shit, should have never played over Major Applewhite at Texas, and sucked in the NFL.

  106. 106 JoeBlow said at 8:04 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    sooo…Skins are keepin RG3…..Why? just cut him and get his presence away from the team?

    not that i’m complaining

  107. 107 Media Mike said at 8:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    The new trade deadline gives Washington half of the season to have other teams get disgusted with their QB situation and trade for RGMe.

    There is no downside to keeping him all year and seeing if you can still trade him away.

  108. 108 xmbk said at 9:21 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Just don’t see anyone willing to take a 16 mill chance on him.

  109. 109 Media Mike said at 9:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Not even the ding dong owner in Cleveland?

  110. 110 xmbk said at 9:51 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Oh god, please put him and Manziel on the same roster. That could be our reward for sheltering Tebow.

  111. 111 NoCal Philly said at 8:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    He’s not yet cleared to play, you can’t cut an injured player.

  112. 112 JoeBlow said at 8:07 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    good point, although i assumed they would clear him and cut him today….is clearing him the teams call or some outside doctors call?

  113. 113 NoCal Philly said at 8:08 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Outside doctor appointed by the league.

  114. 114 JoeBlow said at 8:08 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    gotcha, thanx

  115. 115 FairOaks said at 8:18 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I believe you waive/injury in that situation, which clears the roster spot, and he is officially waived once he returns to health. If they are keeping him, then he is taking up a roster spot, and they are risking that if he gets a serious injury (even in practice) then they are on the hook for next year’s salary as well. Granted that’s a lot less likely if he’s not starting in games.

  116. 116 NoCal Philly said at 8:21 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Waive/injured players who aren’t claimed get put on IR (not on 53 man roster but you pay them) or an injury settlement is negotiated.
    *edit* I’m pretty certain no team would claim LogoBoy with that 16M extension sitting out there. So you might as well wait for him to be cleared, then cut him.

  117. 117 cliff-Y U on a knee, 99?! said at 8:07 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    makes no sense, they cant play him. would be the Skins’iest thing if Cousins goes 4-1, get hurt, RG3 comes in and goes 3-1. Fans have ’12 playoffs dreams dancing in their heads. He gets hurt, and McCoy limps to finish line w/ 9-7 or 8-8. miss playoffs and are on hook for RG3’s 16m

  118. 118 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:12 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    From a 538 analysis:

    “Washington is, as always, a disaster. The team’s Elo rating hit its all-time nadir in mid-November of last season, and Washington promptly built on that to set new record lows each of the next four weeks. It had the worst passing defense in the league last year by multiple metrics. Former starting quarterback Robert Griffin III is, when healthy, one of the worst in the league. Coach Jay Gruden will sit him in Week 1 in favor of backup Kirk Cousins … who also is one of the worst in the league.”

  119. 119 Media Mike said at 8:13 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    ELO is a terrible band. Wouldn’t having a low ELO rating mean you’re doing something right?

  120. 120 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:15 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Don’t bring me down.

  121. 121 Media Mike said at 8:16 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Mathematically not possible because ELO should already be ranked last.

  122. 122 NoCal Philly said at 8:16 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    +1 for causing a coffee snort into sinuses.

  123. 123 Media Mike said at 8:17 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Thank you.

  124. 124 HawaiianEagle said at 8:31 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Actually, early ELO before the “disco” phase (pre-1977) set in was very good. IMO.

  125. 125 Media Mike said at 8:57 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I can’t think of a single song of theirs that I’ve heard that I’d call good. Do you have any songs of theirs I should use to reassess my view of them?

  126. 126 xmbk said at 9:19 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    You must have been one of those lame Springsteen or Zeppelin guys when ELO was rocking my high school years.

  127. 127 Media Mike said at 9:21 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    My high school years were Fall of 91 through Spring of 95………..nobody was rocking any of those 3.

    And for the record, the people in HS who played the worst music were the Nirvana / grunge people.

  128. 128 xmbk said at 9:50 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    What, no Lollapalooza for you?

  129. 129 Media Mike said at 9:51 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That would be a “NO!”

    But I’ve been going to Buffett concerts for 20 years.

  130. 130 unhinged said at 9:20 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    My evil woman is always humming a song of theirs, and I can’t get it out of my head.

  131. 131 GEAGLE said at 8:16 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    WOW, Like I said, OWNER would NEVER have the Balls to do what’s right and cut what was supposed to be his messiah…. if cutting RG3 is the RIGHT MOVE, and all the coaches want him gone, you know dysfunctional Dannyboy Snyder would step in, screw it up and not have the balls to do what’s right…. What a fool
    Can’t wait to see how much longer, and how much more RG3 has to fuck up for that dumb owner to cut his losses and take the embarressment of having to cut a guy they mortgaged half a decade for .

  132. 132 eagleyankfan said at 8:41 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    playing devils advocate…when CK would get rid of a player without compensation, we’d ask why. Now we want another team to just cut a player flat out. I’m not comparing value of players. Maybe the Redskins want to wait to try and get something – anything – for him…

  133. 133 JoeBlow said at 8:56 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Well i think his problems with coaches, relationships with teammates and general lack of self awareness has been a huge issue, not the only issue, but will continue to hold up the long term progress for that franchise. I can’t tell if ownership wants Gruden to stay or not, but Gruden clearly wants no part of him. He also comes with a 16 million dollar price tag and Health is as big a question for him as any player coming off an injury, so i just don’t see a team trading for him (yea i know Sam Bradford). What if he has to play for them this year and gets hurt…I think he is on the hook for another 16 million next year if that happens. For me it would be too much of a rotten malaise hanging over everyone’s head there. I would move on as quick as possible

  134. 134 Media Mike said at 9:09 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Drafting QBs who play in BS nonsense systems in college coupled with anointing them the starter day one is foolish.

    Unless you’re a rare talent (Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck), you’re not going to be a good NFL QB if you’re starting day 1.

    In the current CBA, first round draft picks don’t make squat compared to what they used to. The team can control a first round QB without sinking silly big dollars through a 4 year deal, 5th year option, and up to 3 years of a franchise tag. That’s 8 years if a team needs it.

    There is nothing wrong with having your early first round QB serve a 1 or 2 year apprenticeship period to really learn NFL passing concepts.

  135. 135 xmbk said at 9:17 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Franchise is pretty big dollars. Just the 5th year option on RGIII was 16 mill. But you’re right that it doesn’t compare to the nonsense that came before.

    You left Mariota off the rare talent list. 😉

  136. 136 Media Mike said at 9:20 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    He might be guy #4.

    I just see guys with crappy passing fundamentals like RGKnee, Scam Newton, Red Reject Dalton who don’t know how to play the game the right way on the NFL level because they were thrown on the field too early.

    You need to be really talented / intelligent to handle that early on in your career.

  137. 137 myartz04 said at 9:22 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I’d throw Big Ben on that list…12-1 his rookie season, been a winner and a good qb since day 1.

  138. 138 Media Mike said at 9:36 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    He was quite successful, but he wasn’t annoited the starter day 1. Tommy Maddux ‘s body died and Big Ben took over in week 3.

  139. 139 wee2424 said at 9:09 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Agree. It just continues to add to the dysfunction. I know it’s not easy to let a young player go that as a franchise you have up so much for, but him being on the team only hurts the team instead of assisting it. It’s a choice like you said that can even hurt you into the future by very possibly being on the hook for 16 mil. That’s 16 mil that could go to FA or players that deserve an extension.

    I could understand if there wasn’t a better option at QB, but the fact is that they have 2 better options at QB.

  140. 140 xmbk said at 9:13 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Cap space was the compensation most of “we” overlooked. RGIII frees up no cap space this year, so cutting him now would be completely for locker room reasons. No real chance of a trade either, as he is signed for next year for 16 mill in unguaranteed money. He’d pretty much have to waive that for a trade to happen.

  141. 141 Richaud Jeaffreson said at 8:40 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Watkins didn’t surprise me. I think they really like Rice, and that he is a better special teamer, and has a higher upside at DB. I was really disappointed about Bailey. I know Ajirotutu is a special teams ace, but he can’t catch a cold. Bailey caught EVERYTHING thrown his way. At worst he is a possession type receiver, but perhaps he could eventually offer something more. Cooper, and Austin are most likely not going to be around next year. Not surprised about Barkley, just glad they got something for him. I am just looking for them to pick up an olineman in the next couple of days.

  142. 142 unhinged said at 9:14 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Seyi can catch well – if it’s a punt.

  143. 143 wee2424 said at 9:03 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Said it a day or so ago and many of you brought up the point that it has been hinted on by Davis and Jenkins which I was unaware of. At this point I’m pretty sure this is how the nickel CB position will work out.

    Eagles like their safeties to be able to play the slot. Thurmond will be our S in all base formations and also our nickel back in all base formations if it is called for. However on formations that require 3 CB and 2 safeties Thurmond will slide down into the slot with Biggers playing safety.

    I thought Watkins had his ups and downs but did appear as the best option for nickel CB. He is now gone which has surprised me. I don’t fully trust Biggers in the slot, but he does have S experience which enables him to play back and Thurmond to move up if need be.

    That being said I don’t fully trust Biggers at S either but I do think that is the best option when having to play 3 CB and 2 S.

  144. 144 Media Mike said at 9:05 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    A 5 of Maxwell – Carroll – Jenkins – Thurmond – Biggers is better than a 5 of Williams – Fletcher – Jenkins – Allen – Boykin

    Still not top notch, but still +2 (+3 / – 1) from last year.

  145. 145 eagleyankfan said at 9:25 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Biggers, in a small sample of the last preseason game, didn’t impress much…

  146. 146 SteveH said at 9:37 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Not to mention he was atrocious in his last stop, thus why he is no longer there.

  147. 147 xmbk said at 9:47 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    On a team that was last in pass coverage, he was let go.

  148. 148 Greg Richards said at 9:48 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    So, everyone else on that team sucked too. Maybe it had more to do with the coaching and scheme than the talent.

  149. 149 xmbk said at 9:59 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Could be. I’d love to see him figures things out, but it’s not common to turn things around mid career. We’re kind of counting on Carroll doing that already. If they both do it, Undlin will be someone’s DC real soon.

  150. 150 Media Mike said at 9:37 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I thought he was really good in the first 2.5 games. And wasn’t bad in game 4. 2nd half of Colts game, the whole team quit.

  151. 151 wee2424 said at 1:13 PM on September 5th, 2015:

    In the others he did impress which is a larger sample size all together then just last pre season game.

    Furthermore although he looked better for the most part this pre season then we have expected I believe his biggest weakness is man 1 on 1 coverage. With the situation I have described he wouldn’t be playing 1 on 1.

  152. 152 jpate said at 9:32 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Wow, the independent doctor who treated RG3’s concussion resigns as a consultant to the NFL. Calling them a train wreck would be insulting to a train wreck.

  153. 153 NoCal Philly said at 9:47 AM on September 5th, 2015:


  154. 154 jpate said at 10:28 AM on September 5th, 2015:

  155. 155 NoCal Philly said at 10:36 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Thanks… this is most curious.

  156. 156 Greg Richards said at 9:33 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I’m imagining some of these bubble guys like Rice and Diaheem Watkins are literally hiding, refusing to take calls. You can’t cut me if you can’t find me, bitch! Only I know where I’ve hidden my playbook and I’ve left explicit directions to close friends to send that playbook to each and every team in the NFL if anything happens to me!

  157. 157 SteveH said at 9:36 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Watkins is the most curious one. I assumed he was just here to fill a camp spot and eat up reps, I’m amazed he made it past the first round of cuts.

    They could always try to blackmail Chip and threaten to scream to the heavens that Chip is racist as hell and make up all kinds of bullshit stories about him.

  158. 158 myartz04 said at 9:36 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    This was just posted at PFT…notice his screen

    logicalvoicepft says:
    Sep 5, 2015 9:24 AM
    Robert Griffin is the best talent this league has seen at Quarterback since John Elway. It’s criminal how everyone likes to put him down. He’s a hard working, smart, athletic phonomenon who should be cherished. He’s going to be a Hall of Famer and this notion that at Age 25 he should be this human who is not allowed to make mistakes or be who he wants to be on social media is disgusting and makes me sick. It’s not fair and he should be treated better. It’s not fair. I believe in you Robert Griffin. You will make the Redskins great again. You can hate him all you want, you will not stop Robert Griffin. Thank God he’s on my favorite team. Let’s go out there and stomp the NFL. #HTTR

  159. 159 SteveH said at 9:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    This is a total troll job.

  160. 160 myartz04 said at 9:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    It’s has to be, right?

  161. 161 Greg Richards said at 9:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    To me, this sounds like a non-Redskins fan intentionally trying to parody a Redskins fan.

  162. 162 A_T_G said at 9:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Does anyone have a good list of who is left?

    Are Meahl and Martino still on the 57 we have now? If so, those two and Goode seem like no brainers.

  163. 163 SteveH said at 9:39 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I’m having trouble finding up to the date stuff myself… hard to keep track of everything that’s going on, differ between what’s rumor and what’s official.

  164. 164 Media Mike said at 9:40 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Matt Lombaro on twitter has been pretty active in updating.

    Rotoworld also allegedly has lists ongoing.

  165. 165 A_T_G said at 9:48 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Wow, good news. According to Roto, Tebow is gone. Of course, according to Roto, Bradford is also gone. But what the hell, no Tebow, right?

    Roto’s roster still has Watkins and lists Sanchez as our only QB.

  166. 166 Media Mike said at 9:49 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Evan Silva must have been lying to me on Twitter then.

  167. 167 A_T_G said at 9:59 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    About Bradford? I would wait for confirmation.

  168. 168 RC5000 said at 9:41 AM on September 5th, 2015:

  169. 169 A_T_G said at 9:58 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, I was over there. Like a lot of places I see a predicted 53 and a mess of tweets.

    It doesn’t seem like to much to ask that one of these sites puts up a list of the 75, turns them red when a cut is reported and crosses them out when it gets confirmed. It is like these reporters want a weekend or something.

  170. 170 Media Mike said at 9:42 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Until I see a deadline, I’m holding out hope the cut Cooper and keep both Maehl and Tutu.

    Or scumbag a last minute surprise trade of Miles Austin to Carolina.

  171. 171 A_T_G said at 10:07 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Maybe we can trade Austin to Dallas to play running back. Anyone can run behind that line, right?

  172. 172 Greg Richards said at 9:43 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    We’re at 57, right now. Most logical cuts are Maehl, Martino, Goode and Diaheem Watkins. They’re trying to trade Goode. My guess is the hold up on Watkins is trying to determine Smith’s medical status. If Smith is going to miss a few weeks but still kept on the 53-man roster, then they may keep Watkins for a few weeks for STs purpose and temporarily go with 8 OL. Likely cut then would be Andrews. Then down the road when Smith is fully healthy, cut Watkins and promote Andrews.

  173. 173 Ark87 said at 9:57 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I just can not even imagine Diaheem Watkins not clearing waivers to land on our practice squad to be available when/if we need him.

  174. 174 A_T_G said at 10:01 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, my thoughts too. I was trying to find another option to Watkins, though. Maybe it is just nostalgic twinges of a young Trent Cole.

  175. 175 Greg Richards said at 9:46 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    The Dolphins are shopping CB Will Davis. They’re pretty deep at CB. Davis has battled injuries but has shown promise when healthy. He had 2 INTs in the last preseason game. Can play outside and nickel CB. Maybe a possibility for Eagles.

  176. 176 Media Mike said at 9:47 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Cooper had a good year with Lazor on the coaching staff here.

    Cooper for Davis!

    DO IT!

  177. 177 Greg Richards said at 9:47 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    You’d trade Cooper for a 40+ year old Reno Mahe, wouldn’t you?

  178. 178 NoCal Philly said at 9:48 AM on September 5th, 2015:


  179. 179 Media Mike said at 9:49 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I’d trade Cooper for having to suffer through gonorrhea or chlamydia for a week. He’s terrible and overcompensated.

    And trading him mitigates a lot of dead money issues.

  180. 180 Media Mike said at 9:49 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Plus adding Mahe would allow me to insist we cut Barner!

  181. 181 myartz04 said at 9:50 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I miss the days of watching Reno get caught from behind by backup LBs

  182. 182 Media Mike said at 9:52 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    That was as awesome as watching Duce Staley getting tackled from behind by 330lb fat slobs.

  183. 183 myartz04 said at 9:54 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Maybe as awesome as McNabb when he couldn’t outrun DL anymore…but still thought he could….then he’d run out of bounds behind the LOS..

  184. 184 Media Mike said at 9:59 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Luckily nobody on Washington noticed that.

  185. 185 James said at 10:02 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    But Reynolds had two INTs in a preseason game too.

  186. 186 Greg Richards said at 10:04 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah, but regardless of preseason stats, Davis is a better CB than Reynolds is a safety.

  187. 187 Greg Richards said at 9:50 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Adam Caplan


    Timeline: Sat.-cut-down to 53 (4:00 pm E). Sun: Waiver claims (12:00 p). Practice squads (after 1:00 p). 4:00 p (IR designation for return).


    0 favorites

  188. 188 SteveH said at 10:02 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Jesus the season starts so late this year. I had my fantasy draft last night and now I’m stoked for some football. Is the 13th the latest possible calendar date for the start of the season? Feels that way.

  189. 189 Media Mike said at 10:04 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Pretty much.

  190. 190 Greg Richards said at 10:04 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Late labor day means late start to season.

  191. 191 NoCal Philly said at 10:04 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yes. Since it’s the Sunday after Labor Day and the latest LD can be is the 7th.

  192. 192 SteveH said at 10:11 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Yeah the late LD is messing up time for me, school started way late this year, football is starting really late, everything feels off.

  193. 193 Greg Richards said at 10:24 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Tampa Bay released OG Patrick Omameh. He started 16 games for them last year, but it is Tampa. Could be decent depth option.

  194. 194 Insomniac said at 12:11 PM on September 5th, 2015:

    Omameh is a culture fit for sure.

  195. 195 JoeBlow said at 10:31 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Eskin saying he’s hearing Tebow is among today’s cuts…..

  196. 196 Greg Richards said at 10:33 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    If Tebow is cut, then Diaheem Watkins probably makes it as 10th LB. At least until they find another QB.

  197. 197 Greg Richards said at 10:33 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Howard Eskin

    5m5 minutes ago

    I’m getting many indications Tim Tebow is among the cuts by #eagles. Chip Kelly looking for QB and possible OL help.

  198. 198 NoCal Philly said at 10:37 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I wonder if his “indications” are kind of like the Hardly Boys’ “clues”.

  199. 199 JoeBlow said at 10:38 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Matt Lombardo tweeted the same thing

  200. 200 JoeBlow said at 10:39 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    well his source said “it’s unsure he makes it”

  201. 201 CrackSammich said at 10:47 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    I have a raging clue.

    My clue is pointing this way.

  202. 202 myartz04 said at 10:33 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Still don’t see any reason to keep Tebow. Cut him and save a roster spot. Highly doubtful anyone signs him. Tell him to stay in shape, if Bradford and Sanchez get hurt he is a phone call away.

  203. 203 EagleNebula said at 10:39 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    He needs the work, he is no where near game ready. If you plan to use him, better to keep him and keep improving him so he knows the plays, has some reps running the offense under his belt. if you want someone else, better to get the on the roster now and start integrating them into the scheme.

  204. 204 Greg Richards said at 10:43 AM on September 5th, 2015:

    Tommy started a new thread, FYI.