Big Boy Day

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The OTAs are all about skill players. There is no tackling. There is no hitting. There is virtually no contact. Little guys run around untouched and all look good. Linemen likely enjoy the ease of those practices, but they hate not being able to knock the crap out of the guy across from them. Linemen love to hit. They like to be hit. They love the physicality of the game.

Today the Eagles did a lot of hitting and some full-on tackling. This was Big Boy Football.

Let’s start with practice notes from Jimmy Bama.

Vinny Curry was a menace during a “live” (tackling) goal line session. He was able to get penetration three times, blowing up plays in the backfield. He destroyed two run plays for a loss of yards, and got to Chase Daniel for a sack on a play action pass. This defense suits Curry’s skill set, where he can just put his head down and get into opposing backfields.

Stefen Wisniewski had another really good day. He won his battles in 1-on-1’s, and buried what looked like a linebacker (I didn’t catch the number) downfield on a screen. Wisniewski is getting reps with the ones while starting RG Brandon Brooks is out nursing a hamstring injury. Wisniewski is making the most of that opportunity, as he has stood out.

• Another defensive lineman who had a great day was free agent acquisition Mike Martin, who got penetration a few times in goal line sessions. However, the one moment that stood out to me was during 1-on-1’s. Facing off against Allen Barbre, Martin smacked the crap out of Barbre’s hands, and was easily able to get around him quickly for a sack. Hand technique is so important for defensive linemen, and Martin showed some nice skills there today.

The biggest curiosity for me in regard to Curry isn’t whether he’ll make plays, but rather how he will handle playing a lot. He played in a career high 427 defensive snaps last year. Back in 2014, DE Mario Williams played 673 snaps for Jim Schwartz in Buffalo. How will Curry’s body handle an extra 100 or 200 or even more snaps?

Wiz has been a nice surprise in camp so far. I don’t know if the urgency of his career finally sunk in or this is just the right situation, but there have been positive reports on him for several days now. Wiz is playing a lot with Brandon Brooks out due to his injury. I’m looking forward to Brooks returning and then possibly seeing if Wiz can challenge Allen Barbre for his LG spot.

Martin will be the #3 or #4 DT for the Eagles this year so it is good to hear he’s playing well. Martin has played in 46 games and has 5 starts so he’s got some idea of what he’s doing. The Eagles have good starters across most of the defense. The key for this summer is finding depth. If Martin (or one of the other DTs) will step up, that will make the coaches a lot more comfortable heading into the season.


Next up is Tim McManus.

9:05 — Jim Schwartz is varying up the d-line groupings. Brandon Graham has been running mostly with the twos but is with the top group today opposite Connor Barwin. Mike Martin is in for Bennie Logan.

Sam Bradford misfires on a pass intended for Jordan Matthews as 11-on-11s begin, then rebounds with a nice strike down the seam for Paul Turner, or “PT” as Doug Pederson called him afterwards.

“Aw, man, I’ll tell ya, Turner — PT — he’s a kid that’s really kinda understood our offense, understood his role,” Pederson opened with when asked about the undrafted rookie receivers.

With Chip Kelly, a nickname was a sure sign that the player was in his good graces. Not sure if it’s as hard and fast a rule with Pederson, but PT can only be encouraged by this development.

Great minds must think alike. I thought the exact same thing when Pederson started talking about Turner. This could be a good sign. Also, this is a player we better payt attention to.

Speaking of UDFA receivers…

9:18 — The catch of the day — and of camp to this point — belongs to Cayleb Jones. The 6-2, 209-pound rookie out of Arizona elevates over Denzel Rice, snares Daniel’s long toss with one hand, hits the ground with a thud and somehow manages to hold on for the score as he rolls over. That was pretty.

Jones has NFL ability. He just has to learn to play at a consistently high level. He is hurt by being a 4.6 receiver, but with his size, he can play in the West Coast Offense.

None of the WRs has been great so far. It sounds like Pederson is really paying attention to Turner, who played collegiately at Louisiana Tech. Turner lacks ideal size at 5-10, 193 and isn’t a burner (4.55), but he’s smart and that can help him to play faster than he is. I’m looking forward to seeing him in a preseason game next week.


Jeff McLane had good notes today.

The Eagle had two live periods – during short yardage and the hurry up. On the first team offense’s second play of short yardage, Sam Bradford feathered a perfect pass to Kenjon Barner after a play-action fake (remember those?). Barner took it to the house vs. the second team defense. A play later, cornerback Eric Rowe came up and tackled receiver Rueben Randle after a short gain. Rowe has struggled in man coverage at times, but tackling is a strength. When the first team defense had its turn vs. the second team offense, safety Malcolm Jenkins blitzed off the corner and skied high to tip a Chase Daniel pass. Safety Rodney McLeod caught the floater for an interception.

 Goal line was intense – it’s always intense. The players were juiced up. Barner turned the corner for the first team offense’s first score. Bradford hit Barner again off play-action, although defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz seemed to want a holding penalty. On the next play, Bradford rolled left off play-action and had three options streaking to the corner. He connected with tight end Zach Ertz in the back of the end zone for the touchdown. Barner was stood up in the backfield by Joe Walker on his last carry. The first team defense dominated the first two plays of their series. Defensive end Vinny Curry raced into the backfield for back-to-back tackles for loss. Defensive end Brandon Graham assisted on the second.

The hitting changes the atmosphere. It brings out more emotion and intensity in the players, which I think is a good thing. It doesn’t mean they suddenly get tough or that they learn better in this format, but it just brings a vibe to the action that I think does help. This is football. Physicality and emotion are part of the game. I remember a story from Matt Millen’s rookie year with the Raiders. He was sloppy and the coaches were getting on him. One of the veteran linemen knocked the crap out of Millen during a play. Millen noticed blood and then realized it was his own. The sight of his own blood got him going and he was all over the field the rest of practice. That’s an extreme example, but there can be real value in players beating on each other. Just don’t overdo it when they’re all on the same team.

Bradford is ahead of where he was this time last year – not only because of his health, but also because of his comfort in the offense. It isn’t as much his ease in the West Coast as it’s being able to have the playbook at the line of scrimmage. Bradford likes to direct traffic and prefers to have the ability to check out of plays. He killed an early play and went to Barner with a handoff that resulted in a short gain. Aside from the aforementioned throws, he had a number of strong throws. He hit rookie receiver Paul Turner downfield before the live periods. During hurry up, he completed 5 of 7 passes – and even kept on a zone read (!) during an 11-play touchdown drive. Barner, who took a ton of snaps with Ryan Mathews (ankle) still out and rookie Wendell Smallwood (quadriceps strain) now sidelined, finished the series off with a run up the middle.

Bradford is a smart, veteran QB. One of his best assets is his mind. Pederson is going to give the QB a lot of freedom at the line of scrimmage so this should help Bradford to be more comfortable and make some good adjustments. We’ll see if that translates to better overall play.

Oh…and there’s that Turner guy again.  PT.

Now for the shocker.

Undrafted rookie Dillon Gordon was the star of offensive-defensive line one-on-ones. He owned defensive end Marcus Smith during one pass rush. He just kept pushing Smith away from getting closer to the objective – a towel on the ground. Smith got frustrated and after he finally touched the towel he gave Gordon another push. Gordon did the same to rookie defensive tackle Aziz Shittu. During early team drills, Gordon was at left guard and he mauled Logan with a trap block. By the end of practice he was at left tackle. Gordon played tight end at LSU. At 6-foot-4, 322 pounds, he was primarily a blocking tight end. Could he possibly follow in Jason Peters’ footsteps as a tight end that makes the successful transition to the offensive line?

Jimmy Bama also had praise for Gordon. I’m shocked. Gordon was a blocking TE at LSU, but he wasn’t all that good. He struggled when blocking DL. He did a good job on LBs and DBs, but also outweighed them by 50 to 100 pounds. I give total credit to the scout or coach that watched Gordon play and thought he could make the move to OL in the NFL.

Obviously we’re a long way from him seriously challenging for a roster spot, but he’s off to an impressive start and could be ideal for the practice squad.


Wujciak is an athletic DT who played in a restrictive system at BC. I was hoping to see what he could do in the Eagles attacking system.

This really helps Destiny Vaeao’s chances of pushing for a roster spot, or at least securing a spot on the practice squad. It also helps Aziz Shittu, who is another UDFA lineman trying to fight for a job. He seems like more of a project than Vaeao, but Shittu has talent and played at Stanford. They’ve put some solid defenders into the league in recent years.


68 Comments on “Big Boy Day”

  1. 1 Big Boy Day - said at 12:21 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    […] Tommy Lawlor The OTAs are all about skill players. There is no tackling. There is no hitting. There is virtually […]

  2. 2 Cafone said at 1:08 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Gordon must have been a Howie Roseman find.

    SEC bias.

  3. 3 Mitchell said at 1:21 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    As many reps as Chip ran in practice, I’m not sure how much an extra 100 snaps during a year will hurt Curry. Really excited about him this season.

  4. 4 Greg Tulino said at 1:43 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    I am quickly coming to the conclusion that on defense our most glaring weakness will be stopping the run and covering RB’s and TE’s in the passing game. This was on display in the second half of last season and we mainly have the same LB’s except substitute Bradham and a few rookies for Kiko Alonzo and Demeco Ryans. I think this is the area that could keep us from becoming a top 10 defense. I truly believe our CB’s will be better than last year ( with more depth also) and I think we all agree our safety play should be in good shape with our current tandem of Rodney and Malcolm.

  5. 5 Anders said at 3:22 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    We was good at doing those with Hicks in, so I think as long as he is healthy we will be fine

  6. 6 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:02 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    If you are worried about our Linebackers, I hate to see how Cowboys, redskin and Giants fans feel about their LB’s
    Bradham was signed as an upgrade who played well for our DC in the past in this same scheme. Kendricks is clearly better than he showed last year, hopefully he has a bounce back yeàr, and Hicks should be better than he was as a rookie… On paper, we most likely have The best starting linebackers in our division, with the skins in second place.
    And no one in our division has any Depth at LB.
    Shouldn’t be hard for our LB to be significantly better than what we saw last year… My bigger concern is our ability to handle injuries to a starting LB. Hopefully we have a young kid on the bench who proves to be better than we think
    At full strength, I think are starting LB’s will be a little better than Leodis and Nolan at CB.
    We have enough star power in the middle of our defense with Cox, Logan, Hicks, Jenkins and McLeod. Guys like Kendricks and Bradham DONT need to be superstars, they just need to be Solid complimentary playërs which I don’t think is too much to ask of Bradham and Kendricks.
    I don’t know if we are ready to perform at the level of a top 5 defense over The course of an entire season, but our division rivals should be wishing they have the defensive talent that we have..
    One thing that Infuriates me is why the hell is Deangelo Hall talked about as if he is some stud every single summer? I never seen a player who can be so consistently average, yet every summer gets talked about as if he is some difference maker we should fear? Brashad Breeland and Josh Norman could prove to be a great CB tandem, but their safeties are suspect. Ertz and Burton will have their way with Hall

  7. 7 Anders said at 2:58 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    600 snaps is nothing compared to the amount of snaps Trent Cole played down the stretch for Reid. I remember Cole been at around 90% of the defensive snaps as 4-3 DE

  8. 8 BobSmith77 said at 9:59 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Yeah and he would always be out of gas by Dec too.

  9. 9 Media Mike said at 5:51 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    “However, the one moment that stood out to me was during 1-on-1’s. Facing off against Allen Barbre, Martin smacked the crap out of Barbre’s hands, and was easily able to get around him quickly for a sack.”

    Yeah Doug, you really need to keep saying Barbre is a starter.

  10. 10 Media Mike said at 6:24 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    I really think Curry needs to be 3rd in the snap count total behind Barwin and Graham.
    2016 cap hits; Curry – $3 mil, Graham $ 5 mil, Barwin $7.35 mil
    2017 cap hits; Curry – $9 mil, Graham $7.5 mil ($6.5 back if traded), Barwin $8.35 ($7.75 back if traded)

    I’m just not sure if a combined almost $25 mil of cap hit to our top 3 DEs is worth it for 2017, so I’d like to feature Graham and Barwin more so than Curry in order to pump up trade values so I can move either of the two for the highest possible value.

  11. 11 Rellihcs said at 7:13 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Jim Shwartz and Howie Roseman would think this is such a ridiculous thing to say. “decisions about playing time/rotations this year should be made in early August based off of next year’s cap.” Because we dont have a cap guru gm, and the cap doesnt keep going up…

  12. 12 Media Mike said at 9:40 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    So Dallas running the wheels off of Murray in 2014 when they knew he was going to leave was a mere coincidence?

  13. 13 BobSmith77 said at 11:46 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    I’d rather see Curry win the job and majority of PT by default.

    I wasn’t crazy at all about the contract extension he got for the dollars he was being paid. It was decent starter money, not situational pass rusher money.

    Hope he proves me wrong because Graham underwhelms me (adequate but limited pass rush ability/moves and disappears for long stretches of games or even entire games) and Barwin at DE seems like a ‘square-peg, round-whole’ issue.

  14. 14 Media Mike said at 11:58 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    I’m just taking a “no stone unturned” approach to how we keep all of the guys we need long term AND recoup draft picks for guys from whom we need to move on.

  15. 15 Rellihcs said at 5:37 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    I didn’t say its never been done, i was meaning that its dumb.

  16. 16 Media Mike said at 6:56 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Glad you cleared that up.

  17. 17 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:49 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Which Eagles have we not been able to re-sigń that you are THAT worried about the Cap? Which Eagle player did we lose because we didn’t have Cap Space? If signing a boatload of free agents is fools gold, and we ALWAYS have the money to extend the players we want to keep, where does this big concern come from that Salary at one of the most important positions in the game should dictate our on the field rotation?
    What do you want to do with this money you hope to save rather than pay to keep as much pass rush Talent as possible at a premier position? Who are these free agents that you just had to have but the Eagles deprived you of because we didn’t have Cap space?
    We have one of The best cap Guru’s in professional sports, the cap is literally the last thing Eagke fans need to worry about as long as Howie is in Philly
    Where are all our great compensatory picks from all the great eagkes we lost because we didn’t have cap space? Haven’t gotten a decent comp pick in years and you are worried about cap space to the point where you care about penny pinching from a premier position? Why? I don’t undrstand

  18. 18 Media Mike said at 12:56 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Have not; couldn’t tell you.

    Might not; Bennie Logan and Jordan Matthews for starters.

    And generally speaking; we’re (even with trading Bradford) not in a good cap spot right now.

    I agree that Howie knows what he’s doing, so he’ll have an eye on avoid paying 3 guys starter’s money in a position where only two start.

  19. 19 Gian GEAGLE said at 1:43 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    HOWIE already said Bennie will be here a long time and not to read into him not being extended yet, and Jordan is going no where, he even said he doesn’t believe you win with 70mil WRs, so it’s very unlikely that he will have some insane demands that we can’t work out an extension with

  20. 20 Media Mike said at 3:36 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    I believe what Howie is saying, but if you look at the current state of the cap they’re going to need money from somewhere.

  21. 21 D3FB said at 8:58 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Paul Turner actually started his career at LSU. Got stuck behind Ruben Randle, Jarvis Landry, Russel Sheppard, and OBJ. Transfered to LA Tech after two years.

  22. 22 eagleyankfan said at 8:58 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Not good news for Smallwood.
    D3 — you’ll probably know — why does 1st team(either D or O) play against the 2nd team? Wouldn’t it benefit both sides if 1’s played against 1’s(better talent)?

  23. 23 D3FB said at 9:55 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    There are usually still segments that are 1’s vs 1’s.

    The overarching concept is by running against the 2’s you won’t have plays blown up due to sheer talent issues. If Cox blows off the line and tosses a guard into the back the play is kind of all screwed to hell. So there’s still plenty enough talent to give a realistic look but the goal is typically get that first group successful reps. The benefits for the 2nd unit is you’re practicing against more talented or experienced guys. It’s easier for Jalen Mills to impress coaches by shutting down Jordan Matthews than Cayleb Jones.

    I’m not sure how Doug exactly runs his practices but most segments involve offense on one side of the field and D on another, especially once you get into the season, you will have fewer live segments and It’s the 1’s and key backups vs the group giving them scout team looks which is some 2nd, 3rd stringers and PS guys. Keeps you from having 30-60 guys standing around.

    Also helps to prevent guys from beating the hell out of each other by going 1s v 1s all the time. And if you have a pile or something you don’t risk losing half your starters on both sides of the ball on one freak pileup.

  24. 24 Nick C said at 11:22 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Peters and Jenkins went down today. Jenk would be a huge blow. But Peters seems to get hurt every game and every practice now… Don’t have much faith in him at all.

  25. 25 D3FB said at 11:25 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    It’s a hammy for Jenkins. Unless he ripped it to hell he will be fine.

  26. 26 BobSmith77 said at 11:42 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    They have been dancing around Peters already limited availability. I’d be really surprised if he even manages to start 10 GS year even with his willingness to play through considerable pain.

    The whole thing about the ‘pace of Kelly’s offense’ is largely irrelevant when an aging player who is carrying a lot of weight has a bad lower back. Never question his willingness to be out there but at this point he and the training staff can only do so much.

  27. 27 Media Mike said at 11:43 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Hence why they should have traded Peters, moved Lane to LT. and signed Mitchell Schwartz at RT. Then HPV could have been drafted as true depth.

  28. 28 BobSmith77 said at 11:47 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Depends on what his trade value was but yeah I was hoping they were going to pick up a T via free agency & move Johnson over to LT.

    Peters last year with the club one way or the other. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case with Kelce too especially given how an undersized, aging center isn’t a great fight for Pederson’s running scheme.

  29. 29 Media Mike said at 3:35 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Given the state of left tackle play in the NFL; Peters could’ve gotten you a 5th without any problem. You could get more than that if you build certain conditions in that allowed you to get back an addition pick that could be a sliding 3rd through 5th, etc.

  30. 30 P_P_K said at 10:14 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    I’m hoping Jason has enough in the tank that he can give this team one more season. He can miss practices so he’s well enough to play on game day.

  31. 31 BobSmith77 said at 11:39 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    Destiny Vaeao sounds like the stage name of a dancer at one of the second/third-rate strip clubs around the area. Not a hulking DT trying to make the Eagles’ roster.

  32. 32 Media Mike said at 11:42 AM on August 4th, 2016:

    That position group is going to be interesting in terms of who they keep and who they don’t.

    I’m still partial to seeing Hart / Allen shipped out to a team where they fit the system better.

  33. 33 A_T_G said at 12:29 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Why wait until ne t year, Mike?

  34. 34 DaO_Z said at 1:57 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Marcus Smith II….

  35. 35 Media Mike said at 3:34 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    That would be classic!

    I was taking an optimistic approach with Smith II this year, but it looks like he’s still far too weak.

  36. 36 Media Mike said at 3:32 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  37. 37 Media Mike said at 3:33 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    And Belichick must be kicking himself that he traded Chandler Jones too soon.

  38. 38 Gian GEAGLE said at 12:39 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    The Saints have a big need at Guard, and have had some talks with the Cowboys about Ronald Leary. It would be great if Wiz and Seumalo were looking good enough to see what type of pick or young player (backüp LB?) the saints would be willing to give up for Barbie doll?
    Im comfortable replacing Barbie with Wiz in the starting lineup. Wiz sounds like a motivated man on a mission fighting for some respect in the form of a Longterm deal.. But I wouldn’t want to trade Barbie unless we have a backup like Seumalo or Bunche who is looking good enough to play in case Of injuries since trading Barbie is a hit to our depth
    Thrilled to have Wiz and Seumalo, for the first time in years we have decent Center depth where as in past years we couldn’t handle Kelce getting injured
    Hopefully our OT depth is better than it looks on paper

  39. 39 Media Mike said at 3:32 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    The best you’d get for Barbre Doll is a conditional 7th. So somebody of of he or Andrews could easily be traded, but more likely they’d wait you out on cutting the guy.

  40. 40 Gian GEAGLE said at 9:48 AM on August 5th, 2016:

    I’ll take it lol

  41. 41 Gary Barnes said at 2:02 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    So glad Foles stiffed the Cowboys and went to the Chiefs

  42. 42 peteike said at 2:59 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    agree but I dont get it from Foles angle at all

  43. 43 Mac said at 3:05 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Aging mediocre QBs don’t like to be on teams with elite rookies.

  44. 44 Media Mike said at 3:31 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    There isn’t an elite rookie on Dallas, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

  45. 45 Mac said at 4:15 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Having a bit of sarcastic fun at the expense of Bradford, Foles, Dak Prescot (and all Cowboy fans).

  46. 46 Media Mike said at 4:25 PM on August 4th, 2016:


  47. 47 Insomniac said at 3:44 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Don’t think there’s elite rookies on any teams right now but ok?

  48. 48 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:41 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Ed Werder said he couldnt get over jerry Jones talking shit about him last week, and after what happened to him with the Rams, it was important for him that Andy is someone he could trust at a time when he needs to reinvent himself, Cowboys may provide a better chance to play but they change backüp QBs every year, and FOles could use some stability right now even if he has to be a backüp and wait for an opportunity to arise

    Dumb ass Dallas threw shade at FOles when asked about Him, and a week later he becomes their #1 target and he passes on signing with them. Love FOles for thumbing his nose at Dallas..
    Now I’m hoping that Dallas trades for McKown because I don’t want them to get Glennon…. McKown isn’t good enough to save their season so im happy to see Dallas give up a draft pick to settle for making him their backüp.
    Sucks that Dak Prescott ISNT their #2… Watching him play as a rookie would have been a spectacular disaster

  49. 49 Gary Barnes said at 3:58 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Make sense to me. Reid drafted and helped develop him. Foles trusts him and Reid usually makes QB look good if/when they play. Plus KC is a better team than Dallas IMO. Dallas is a dumpster fire ready to burn once Romo goes down again. Their defense already is a mess.

  50. 50 Fufina said at 4:19 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    He has a relationship with Andy, Alex Smith is probably not the ‘solution’ to the chiefs being able to win the SB anytime soon and he thinks he can go to a system he knows and played well in, rebuild his mechanics and confidence and see if he can force a change in their thinking in 2017 or further forward.

  51. 51 peteike said at 4:31 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    yeah just not sure Smith is going anywhere soon whereas Romo has one foot out the door and one in the trainers room. Nice O line and you get to throw to Dez.

  52. 52 BobSmith77 said at 9:57 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Yeah. If Foles wants a chance to play this year and quite possibly for an extended stretch again, it is the Cowboys.

  53. 53 Tiarajreed said at 7:43 AM on August 5th, 2016:

    <<a:y. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bx253a:….,…

  54. 54 P_P_K said at 10:11 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Good points. I

  55. 55 Pennguino said at 11:07 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Him and Maclin were on pace for 1600 yds and 16 TDs before the injury.

  56. 56 Gian GEAGLE said at 2:25 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Sounds like jordan Mathews is going to have a Monster year, which would be right on schedule since he is entering his 3rd season. The kid is catching everything thrown his way all offseason and the media has reported on his intense, focused practice deamenor this offseason.
    1) his 3rd year after getting Consistent playing experience the first two years
    2) his second year building his chemistry with Bradford. Amazingly this will only be the second time Jordan Mathews has ever played with the same QB two years In a row.
    3) he should be playing with a QB who is better than he was last year.
    4) less predictable playbook than last season
    5) better weapons around him after there were plenty of times last year where he was inexplicably flanked by riley Cooper and friggin Miles Austin
    6)’MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL: Bicknell was the worst coach on Chips entire staff. There is little doubt that Greg Lewis, Reicht and this coaching staff is providing this young player with better coaching than he has recieved since coming to philly, A talented kid like Jordan, with a world class work ethic in the hands of better coaching, while the game continues to slow down for him in yeàr 3 and gets to play with improved QB play from last year… BIG SEASON coming up for Jordan Mathews.
    That was The good, now for the Bad: It’s extremely concerning that we arent hearing much difference in Huff playing in yeàr 3, compared to Huff in his first two years and that’s pretty alarming. I don’t need to see Agholar put up 1000 yards in his sophmore season, but by year 3 you should be ready to elevate your game the way Jordan Mathews is making it crystal clear for everyone to see. You can’t find one media member who isn’t impressed by Jordans offseason. Huff has only been in Chips offense since he was a senior in high school. I worry that he can’t handle the transition to the much more complicated and intricate pro style west coast offense and the timing and route tree precision it commands… Our Only hope is that he isn’t picking the offense up as fast as The other WR’s and that as soon as he gets comfortable we will start to see that year 3 growth, but I don’t know anyone that would bet on him. If the switch doesmt go on for him in yeàr 3, how long can we wait on him? Shame, cuz the kid does have some tools and ability, but spending 5 years in chips simplified offense may have crippled him and not prepared him for success in a more complicated west coast offense

    Im confident Agholar will take a big step toward this year and show obvious development. How much? It’s hard to say because we have a nice amount of weapons that will all be contributing..
    If we take away Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham, Jordan Mathews, and Desean Jackson.. Remove those 4 WRs from the equation, do people still think the Eagles don’t have enough weapons compared to our Rivals? Only the Redskins have a TE who can compare with ERTZ as a weapon (Reed who has been so banged up that I don’t even want to see that kid suffer another concussion even tho he is a dangerous Rival)
    Take the #1 Wrs out of The equation and you can’t tell me that Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, old man Witten and Gavin Escobar are better than Nelson, ERTZ, Randle, Givens, Celek, Burton
    You can’t tell me that Victor Cruz, the rookie WR, and the Giants TE’s are better than our weapons..
    The skins are our main competition in quantity/depth of weapons, having Jordan Reed. Doctson, and Garcon
    so while it wouldnt be fair to claim that Jordan Mathews is better than Desean, DEZ or ODB, what our pass catchmg weapons lack in superstar quality, we may make up for with our quantity of solid weapons, going back to the pre desean/Maclin andy Reid days where we would win by spreading the ball around to like 8 different pass catchers
    And while we can’t say Jordan is on that elite level after what we saw in his first two seasons, I think we have underrated his production from his first two seasons, and while I don’t expect him to be as good as DEZ or ODB, would anyone really be surprised if Jordan has a bigtime year and at least closes The gap in production a bit from his numbers to Dez/ODB? DEZ has some miles on his tires and coming off to foot injuries, if he can’t give Dallas 16 games that team is very diffrent without DEZ

  57. 57 Will Mahoney said at 2:43 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    I think Randle and Agholor will cut into his production. Not too mention Ertz and Burton.

  58. 58 peteike said at 2:56 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    This Mike Martin kid could be a steal

  59. 59 Will Mahoney said at 3:07 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    We can certainly use the depth

  60. 60 Media Mike said at 3:30 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Agreed. He seems like DT3 for sure.

  61. 61 D3FB said at 8:43 AM on August 5th, 2016:

    He played well early on in TEN but they transitioned to a 34 and he kind of got stuck in a bad scheme and fell out of favor.

  62. 62 Gian GEAGLE said at 3:58 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    The Jig is up. Chase Daniel can no longer continue with his lips service of “im here to compete for a starting spot”…. No you are not. That’s just not true. You are here to be a mentor to our starter and rookie.
    Can we just be honest about Chase Daniel and not allow his standing as The #2 QB to get in the way of best developing Wentz? The guy is being compensated more than enough to where we shouldn’t have to worry about Chase’s ego and we can be open and honest about the situation.
    Where im going with this, is just for the sake of The preseason, can’t we make Wentz the #2 QB so he can get what little game experience he will have this year playing with the 2nd team talent and against opponents 2nd string instead of giving him his only playing time with 3rd team Players most of which won’t even make their teams 53 man roster?
    Im not saying that Chase should play in the preseason but why can’t he play with the 3rd team? He is being paid more than enough to where it shouldn’t be too much to ask Chase to make this small Sacrafice for the good Of the team allowing us to prepare Bradford to start while also giving Wentz the best possible opportunity to get the most out of his preseason experience playing with the second stringers just for the preseason..
    Seems like an uneccessary wasted opportunity to have chase play with the second string in his 7th preseason instead of letting Wentz play with the twos

  63. 63 A_T_G said at 10:27 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    I can’t imagine stroking Daniel’s ego is going to factor into Doug’s decision making when putting QBs on the field during preseason. I guess his true motivations are unknowable, but I believe he is going to make sure he feels Sam is ready and Chase is ready to step in if needed, which is the only fair choice to the other 50 guys being asked to risk their bodies, and give the balance to Wentz.

  64. 64 peteike said at 5:33 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    dspin just reminded me that the Bucs drafter a kicker in the 2nd round, a kicker

  65. 65 Sean Stott said at 6:32 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Best kicker of all time tho.

  66. 66 Media Mike said at 6:59 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Ha! I don’t think he’s ever kicked in temps below 60 degrees.

  67. 67 BobSmith77 said at 10:03 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    Driving home from Northern NJ for work and Sludge on WIP is discussing whether the Eagles should resign TO (based on some comment he made this week on a TV show) with 97.5 running Mikey Miss stuff.

    Man they are desperate for that first preseason game because there is next to nothing to talk about in regards to professional sports in Philly right now.

  68. 68 daveH said at 10:38 PM on August 4th, 2016:

    He’s our greatest reciever ever. .dig him sign him do we have to lose . Nothing