Lane Johnson Suspended?

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Today we got one of those stories you don’t know what to make of.

This created a media frenzy, with everyone trying to get to the bottom of the story. Then Johnson told reporters that nothing was going on, making this seem like a false report.

And then.

Then we got this news.

How’s that for a crazy afternoon?

First, let’s hope Johnson isn’t suspended. He is an important player and the Eagles need him up front. Also, you want to believe that he and his people were thorough enough with checking out supplements that they weren’t taking any chances with suspension. Then again, we’ve seen other players have odd issues over the years. Some got suspended, while others fought successfully against the league.

One thing worth nothing…

That makes me feel better about the situation. This isn’t Johnson trying to get by with something he already got busted for. This is a different issue. Similar problem, but different circumstances.

If Johnson is suspended, it will hurt the Eagles. I would think Dennis Kelly would take over at RT. He’s started there before and has been the backup there this spring and summer. I think Kelly could be a functional RT. He showed some promise last year when he practiced all week and then got on the field. When he entered a game in the middle of the contest, he struggled. Kelly started several games at RT in 2012, when some guy named Doug Pederson was a young coach on the Eagles staff.

The Eagles could move Allen Barbre or Matt Tobin out to RT. Barbre was slated to be the starting RT in 2014, but he got hurt in the season opener. Tobin appears to be the #3 OT for now, but I think he’s substantially better on the left side. Moving Kelly makes the most sense to me. That also limits the shifting you have to do. Stability up front is huge. Keep guys where they are used to playing for best results.

This offense doesn’t feature great skill players. One of the keys to the Eagles moving the ball and scoring points was going to be improved O-line play. If Johnson is suspended, that is going to make life that much harder on Sam Bradford and his supporting cast.

If Johnson is suspended, there are two “positive” angles. First, this isn’t happening in a year where the Eagles are likely to be contenders. If there is a time for this to happen, 2016 is it. Also, this would force the Eagles to play a young OL somewhere (depending on what lineup they chose). This is the time to find out who can play and who can’t. You wouldn’t see a finished product, but you would get an idea of who could be part of the future.

Injuries put rookie Todd Herremans on the field in 2005. He was very up and down. He was playing mostly LT. He then moved to LG in 2006 and became part of an outstanding OL. That first season may have been painful for those wanting an immediate payoff, but it helped the Eagles to know Herremans had NFL talent and belonged on the field. He then started the next 9 seasons.

Let’s hope this proves to be much ado about nothing, but based on how strict the NFL tends to be on matters like this and how stubborn the league is in general, it doesn’t feel like there will be a happy ending.


Interesting. They need someone behind Jordan Hicks. We thought Stephen Tulloch would make sense. I just wonder if he was prepared to come here and possibly sit.

Make sure to check out other MLBs/ILBs this weekend when you watch preseason games. Might be seeing a future Eagle.


88 Comments on “Lane Johnson Suspended?”

  1. 1 the guy said at 9:31 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Has to be Celek, right?

    No way they let Ertz go and Burton is impressing everyone who watches him practice. Can’t imagine Pantale being worth much.

  2. 2 Rambler said at 9:40 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    I know they could badly use LB depth, but I do not even want them to lose Celek. I think the TE group is potentially really good, which could maybe offset our mediocre WR group. I would be upset if they weakened their offense for a depth defensive player.

  3. 3 the guy said at 9:50 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Problem is, I think Celek might be cooked as a receiver and the Eagles don’t seem like contenders this season anyway.

  4. 4 Rambler said at 10:00 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Yeah you are probably correct on both accounts. Especailly considering the state of our O-line if Lane is actually suspended, my slim hopes for a competitive season are evaporating.

  5. 5 FairOaks said at 11:45 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    They just extended Celek this offseason. Don’t think he’s being traded for a backup.

  6. 6 Corry said at 9:45 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Yeah but Burton is likely the only one who will get you anything worthwhile in return. He’s also the only one who doesn’t also come with a cap hit when traded (Celek is $1M, Ertz is $5M+, Burton saves $600K).

  7. 7 the guy said at 9:47 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    They’d likely be trading for a depth MLB, not a starter. Unless they like Burton a lot less than we think, doesn’t seem worth it.

  8. 8 Corry said at 9:54 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Realistically though, do you think Burton would be valued for anything more than a depth player? He’s our 3rd string TE who provides some value on Special Teams. Sure he’s impressing in camp this year, but he hasn’t done a whole lot in an actual game.

    I’m NOT in favor of trading him, btw, just playing devil’s advocate.

  9. 9 the guy said at 10:04 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    I agree that Burton wouldn’t get much in return from another team. Well, unless he shows something in preseason games. Which is why I don’t think they’d trade him for a depth MLB unless either:
    A) They don’t like Burton as much as we think.
    B) They’re really worried about Hicks and the backups.

  10. 10 Corry said at 10:09 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    OH it’s B. Definitely B.

  11. 11 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:56 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Forget that he is a 3rd stringer for us… He has No Value because no one but the Eagles have seen him play offense lol
    What’s a team that needs a TE gonna judge him on? His 3 catches and 3 carries as a RB in crunch time?
    Teams simply havent even seen him enough to be able to give up any significant value for him. He is Most likely worth a lot more to us than any other team who hasn’t seen him play TE

  12. 12 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:53 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Not sure that Burton has shown enough offensively to the rest of the NFL for teams to value him as much as we do…
    His resume consist of GREAT Special teams play, and like 3 catches and a few carries at the end of a game… Not sure how he could have shown any other GM enough to give us something worth trading away Burton… Shit, we are like the last team that can afford to trade away weapons
    I’d rather Lose Josh Huff than Burton

  13. 13 deg0ey said at 1:20 PM on August 11th, 2016:

    Just a minor point, but I think describing Celek’s cap hit when traded as $1m is a little misleading. He’d count $3m against the cap if we trade him as opposed to $2m if we keep him, so we’d be out $3m *and* have to pay an additional TE.

  14. 14 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:50 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    They aren’t trading Celek a few months after giving him a new deal to retire as an Eagle… Typically you don’t fuck over an agents client by getting him to sign an extension so you can immediately trade his client somewhere else…. #BadBusiness

  15. 15 GermanEagle said at 9:33 PM on August 9th, 2016:


    I love you to bits, but you forgot one single but not unimportant angle. If Lane is suspended again, the Eagles will have to make a tough decision. Cut or keep relying on their $65m investment. Because next time he’s busted, his career will be over.

  16. 16 the guy said at 9:36 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    If he’s suspended again, I believe they aren’t on the hook for guaranteed money anymore, so there’s no reason not to keep him. Can cut him without penalty at any point.

  17. 17 GermanEagle said at 6:32 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    True. However I am not entirely sure how Lurie values his big money investment. Basically it’s a slap in his face and there’s no need to defend Lane’s dumbarse decisions.

  18. 18 Stephen E. said at 10:30 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Frankly, even if the test results are accurate, Lane should argue that his suspension be reduced because the league ADMITTED that they were WRONG to have Adderall on the list. We can’t go back in time and revoke that suspension, but we can invalidate it.

  19. 19 Corry said at 9:39 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    I disagree about Kelly in at RT. I would thinking kicking Barbre out to that position and putting Wiz in at LG. That gets your best 5 players out on the line and keeps Kelly/Tobin off of it (which is really what I’m in favor of).

  20. 20 Stephen E. said at 10:31 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    I hope Tobin never sees the field for the Eagles again. Never.

  21. 21 Mr. Magee said at 11:31 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Kelly, Barbre, Tobin… Words you hoped you never heard associated with the Eagles again

  22. 22 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:48 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Yeah I agree… The one positive is our lineman are positionally versatile enough so that we can mix and match positions and put our 5 best Lineman on the field… And without Lane, Tobin and Dennis Kelly still ARENT one of our 5 best linning, and since we have the versatility, I don’t understand why anyone would think that tobin or Dennis Kelly are coming off the bench before Wisnewsk?
    Barbre will be the RT just like he was when lane got suspended last time(before Barbie got hurt of course,
    Brooks is the RG
    Kelce at Center
    Wisnewski at LG
    peters at LT?
    Can anyone even dispute that Tobin or Kelly are better than those 5 players? If we moved Barbie to RT before, why wouldn’t we move him there now when we actually have a veteran LG in Wisnewski who could be better than Barbie and certainly has more playing experience than Barbie doll?
    I have a very hard time believing that we will see Dennis Kelly or Matt Tobin in the game while Wisnewski sits on bench healthy. I just don’t see Tobin or Kelly performing at a high enough level to keep Wisnewski on the bench,,,,,We may not have the best backüp OL, but our strength is that they have enough positional versatility to mix and match positions enabling us to put our best 5 Lineman in the game
    Everyone knows who the 4 starting OL are. Most people then agree that the debate for the 5th starting spot, Left Guard is between Barbre and Wisnewski… IMO, the winner of that battle will start, the loser will be the first man off the bench in case of an injury/suspension to the OL
    basically at Full strength, Barbre or Wisnewski(the one that doesn’t start) would be our first OL off the bench.. I struggle to understand why peop,e think that player will be overlooked to put Tobin or Kelly in the Game? You might think Tobin or Kelly are solid backups, but every one of us knows that they aren’t NFL starters, so why the hell would we put them in the game, while we keep a capable starter in Wisnewski off the bench? Especially when Barbie has RT experience? I don’t understand
    A guy like Barbre who is set to start for us, is still using Practice to get comfortable in this new offense at the position he is set to start at in September, which is probably why we don’t move him as soon as there is an injury to a starting tackle in practice,,, so because Tobin practices with the starters while JP sits out of practice because Babre is busy using Practice to prepare to start at RG, now people think Tobin will come off the bench first? Doubt it. If our RG Barbre Wasnt versatile enough to play OT, then this tobin crap may make sense.
    But since we know Barbie doll is a Capable RT and we have a starting caliber player in Wisnewski who can replace Barbie at LG, I struggle to understand why people think Tobin will be starting over Wisnewski?

  23. 23 A_T_G said at 9:43 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    So the moral of that last tweet is that we all need to stop discussing how Pantale has been a disappointment since OTAs ended.

  24. 24 SteveH said at 10:25 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    Wow, and here I spent all day thinking the suspension was a guarantee.

  25. 25 A_T_G said at 10:32 PM on August 9th, 2016:

    I think it will happen. The agent did not say he won’t be suspended, nor did he say Lane hasn’t failed a test.

  26. 26 eagleyankfan said at 11:13 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    “any report to the contrary is false”?

  27. 27 A_T_G said at 11:18 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    Right, but he was only refuting that he HAS BEEN suspended.

  28. 28 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:49 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Probably but not neccessarily,,,
    If he really only took what the NFL cleared him to take then I guess it’s possible that the B sample comes up clean,,, probably not the best odds of that happening, but the fact that they test two samples is because in some rare cases the first test results are flawed….. hopefully this is one of those rare cases where the B sample comes up clean…

  29. 29 sonofdman said at 12:49 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    Is everyone sure the first two sentences in Jason La Confora’s tweet are related? He said (1) several teams are calling around looking for TE help; and (2) The Eagles are trying to find an inside linebacker via trade. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Eagles are looking to trade one of their TEs for an inside LB.

    It does seem like the Eagles are not very impressed with Joe Walker though.

  30. 30 Anders said at 5:26 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    Schwartz have talked well about Walker.

    The Eagles problem is that we have zero backup MLB

  31. 31 A_T_G said at 9:00 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    La Confora later clarified to say exactly what you observed.

  32. 32 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:45 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    The leaked rumor about us looking for a trade to get a LB could be strategic leaking of info to pressure Tulloch into accepting our contract offer, if it’s true that we were in heavy negotiations to sign him

  33. 33 Aaron said at 8:08 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    cut him, get rid of him, cant be relied upon,

  34. 34 GermanEagle said at 8:35 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    Where can I watch the Eagles game tomorrow? I live in Queens.

  35. 35 BlindChow said at 10:41 AM on August 10th, 2016:


  36. 36 Mac said at 1:06 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    He just wanted a taste of real life.

  37. 37 eagleyankfan said at 11:13 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    I think NFL network on Friday will air the game

  38. 38 GermanEagle said at 1:28 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Will it be on directtv?

  39. 39 eagleyankfan said at 3:12 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    yes, Friday 4PM channel 212

  40. 40 bdbd20 said at 11:17 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    You can actually sign up to watch it online. It’s a free trial for a week and you have to manually go in and cancel it, but you can at least watch one pre-season game.

  41. 41 GermanEagle said at 1:25 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Where online?

  42. 42 bdbd20 said at 2:00 PM on August 10th, 2016:


    In theory, you could create multiple accounts since they will charge the credit card only if you go over 7 days. Game 2 is on national tv and nobody cares about game 4, so it’s really just two games.

  43. 43 GermanEagle said at 2:23 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    thanks mate.

  44. 44 Tumtum said at 9:39 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    Really bugged how last year we were a playoff team but how deep could we go. Everyone knew we were making the playoffs. Now we are counted out before the season starts.

    I felt pretty meh about last year’s team. I don’t have a great feeling on this one, but I like our chances at least (probably more) as much as I did a year ago.

  45. 45 Cafone said at 1:57 PM on August 11th, 2016:

    I concur, but I expect a slow start.

  46. 46 RC5000 said at 11:44 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    OT. Some on twitter and some media making huge deal over Josh Norman supposedly not informing Redskins that he has taken part time job on day off doing tv show (football show). They’re really bored looking for a story with no deflategate.

    That’s so ridiculous. There’s nothing in his contract. Other players do I remember Desean was on CSN Daily News Live every Tuesday until he soured on the media.

    Talk about much ado about nothing. Funny thing is more people will pay attention to his segments now.

    “Who knows if that’s something I want to do, but I have the outlet.”

    It’s hard to know exactly what Washington thinks of his second job, though. When questioned about it Monday, Washington head coach Jay Gruden initially told reporters he had “no idea what you’re talking about.”

    But Norman insists that Gruden knew about the job and was “cool with it.” He also stressed that he remains fully focused on football.

    “We’re not even shooting on Sundays,” Norman said. “Let’s get it together: We are not shooting, we are playing football. This is pretaped before, obviously. I’ll go to (the) studio once or twice. It’s in my bye week.”

    He added that the team had indeed signed off on his deal with Fox.

  47. 47 anon said at 11:50 AM on August 10th, 2016:

    brando marshall does the same thing, can see why teams don’t like it but you can only play for so long.

  48. 48 RC5000 said at 12:46 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    This adderall thing is ridiculous. This should be his first PED thing, stage one or whatever. It’s a travesty.

    The NFL allows an exemption for Adderall.

  49. 49 Bert's Bells said at 12:54 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    I’ve never used it, but I’m a big fan of the results of Adderall.

  50. 50 RC5000 said at 1:05 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    It’s pretty much speed/meth../but it’s clearly not roids or HGH and they allow it now with prescription. It’s what Chooch did.

  51. 51 Bert's Bells said at 3:02 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    A dated a chick who would use it occasionally. Her focus/productivity went up rough 6 million percent.

  52. 52 Sean Stott said at 3:33 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    My friend gave me a few. I want to take it, but I don’t want to go batshit crazy at work.

  53. 53 peteike said at 6:52 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    just dont do physical activity. I tried it once and moved. I pretty much moved myself with my wife since it was a weekday and I couldnt get any help. I was a madman, cleaning windows like a meth addict. I was exhausted and sick by the end of the day. Just makes you hyper aware

  54. 54 Rellihcs said at 7:08 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Exemption with a script. If no actual ADHD, its like taking coke or speed. Gives you extra energy and agression, total PED

  55. 55 Sean Stott said at 4:33 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    In case any of you are masochists –

    Kinda lame this year honestly.

  56. 56 Tumtum said at 8:15 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Pretty funny really.

  57. 57 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:42 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    4 game suspension and counting it as your first strike in the PED program when talking about Adderall is a joke.
    When I first heard this I was furious, but after thinking about it:
    WHAT IS THE #1, #2 and #3 Reasons for why athletes cheat with PEDs? The answer is simple, MONEY, MONEY and MONEY! People cheat to be better versions of themselves which gets them MORE MONEY…. Well Lane just got one of the most lucrative OT contracts in the NFL, so he doesn’t really have much to gain by cheating right now, and if he doesn’t have much to gain by it, can I really believe that he purposely was willing to cheat with not much to gain, but a 35million in GUARENTEED to Lose? I find that hard to believe. That would make Lane incredibly stupid… TIMING matters in life,., I have an easier time believing he was cheating thru PED use the year before he was given a new deal, cheating in hopes of a better chance of earning a lucrative extension,,… But after he got paid, what does he have to gain by cheating? Is he really going to risk 35 million of his young wife and yoûng sons future by cheating now? I have an easier time understanding cheating two years from now if his play was slipping, in an attempt to play well enough to keep from getting cut so he can continue to be paid on his current lucrative deal.. But the Timing of him cheating now makes very little sense. What does he have to gain by cheating this year? We aren’t winning a SUPERBOWL, he is years away from even thinking about to getting a new deal from the Eagles, so where’s the incentive to cheat? In hopes that he makes his first popularity contenst known as the Pro Bowl? Doesn’t make much sense,,. Very little to gain, and a shit ton to lose… And this is someone who already has been suspended for a drug test so it’s not like he is someone completely naive to think he will never get caught pissing Hot.
    Yesterday I didn’t understand why he wanted to wait for the B sample results of he admitted to taking something that the league gave him approval to take? But since he took something legal that wasnt supposed to trigger a failed test, I guess he is waiting for the B sample to prove that the apporived substance he took DIDNT trigger a failed test
    I wish Lane or his Agent would make it clear to the public, WHO EXACTLY gave him clearance to take this substance, and if he really ONLY TOOK what someone in the NFL substance abuse told him he could take when he went out of his way to check with the NFL before he put something in his body, then they better do what’s right on appeal and lift his suspension….
    As a player, if I go out of my way to check with the NFL before I put something in my body, I would feel completely confident that its ok to take that substance, Ignorance ISNT an excuse if you were too lazy to check with the NFL about a product, but if the NFL were to tell me it’s ok to take something, I would take it without hesitation and not think twice,, if THATS REALLY what happened, then the NFL Better do whats right because this isn’t just about not playing a few football games, this is screwing with a young man and his young families financial security
    So the BIG QUESTION that NEEDS answering is WHO EXACTLY did Lane check with from the NFL? And did he really ONLY take exactly what the NFL gave him clearance to take? It’s NOT IGNORANCE if someone in a position of power gives you false information when you took the right steps to find out about a product from the NFL authorities before you put it in your body

  58. 58 Bert's Bells said at 4:58 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    4 games for Adderall (if it’s banned) isn’t bullshit.

    Just because it doesn’t build muscles doesn’t mean it’s not “performance enhancing”. It could possibly be more effective than most of the banned substances.

    I say that even though I’m totally in favor of allowing any drug use by players.

  59. 59 Rellihcs said at 7:05 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Its essentially cocaine

  60. 60 Corry said at 7:57 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    IN terms of performance enhancing drugs, Adderall is like THE drug. It reportedly masks pain and fatigue, ups attention and alertness and decreases reaction time.

  61. 61 Cafone said at 5:59 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Woah, ease up on the Adderall there.

    Actually, your post explains a lot.

  62. 62 BobSmith77 said at 8:11 PM on August 10th, 2016:

  63. 63 Tumtum said at 8:04 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Lane claimed Aderol as all the guys popped on PEDs do. It is illegal for anyone but Lane to share what he teated positive for. Very convenient excuse. Unlike baseball where Chris Davis was actually popped for it…block head.

    Unless the rules have chanfed that is…

  64. 64 Rambo said at 4:46 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Johnson’s positive test for substance not banned by NFL??

  65. 65 Gian GEAGLE said at 4:56 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Who handles the NFL Drug Testing? WADA?
    If Peptides are legal in the NFL, but banned by the NCAA and MLB, any chance that The lab messed up and is holding him to NCAA/MLB testing standards instead of the NFL?
    Do they give all sports the same exact tests, or are they giving each sport specific tests designed to trigger negative positive results for the things banned by each specific sports league since different leagues allow different substances?

  66. 66 CrackSammich said at 6:47 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    It’s been a very long time since chemistry class, but I seem to recall that a peptide is not a specific substance but a type of molecule. Meaning, there’s all sorts of peptides out there. The article you posted seems a little less than educated on the subject. Maybe wait until more info comes out to get your hopes up.

  67. 67 Rambler said at 7:05 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Peptides are essentially small pieces of proteins, or a chain of the constituent amino acids. There are specific synthetic peptides that are known to enhance HGH production, and these are the ones that are banned.

  68. 68 Rambo said at 7:06 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    I don’t have any hopes to be honest. Just posting an article that had another angle. It is what it is at this point unfortunately.

  69. 69 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:11 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    If the B test also comes back positive and Lane Appeals this, the “slow wheels of NFL Justice” will probably have Lane on the field for week 1. it’s very likely that the appeal process Wont be concluded in time to suspend him for week 1 and NFL allows guys to play until an official decision is made on the apeal, so it’s more Probable than not that Lane will be starting for us against Cleveland which is why we have to continue to treat preseason and training Camp as if we have to prepare Lane to play week 1, so it’s not like we can demote him to The second team right now and use the preseason and training Camp to have his replacement playing with the 1’s because it’s likely we need to prepare Lane to play against Cleveland…
    Silver linning: the Later The NFL suspends Lane into the season, the more time we will have for a young player to grow up and prepare to get thrown into live action,,,. I’d rather throw Seumalo or Vaitai on the field in week 6 instead of week 1. The later the better for the young back up… The negative in that is not having Lane on the field Late in the season if we are entrenched in a hunt for the division title.
    At least we still have some hope that 1) the B sample comes up clean, or 2) we win the appeal process proving that he checked with the NFL before putting anything in his body and ONLY TOOK exactly what the NFL cleared him to take

  70. 70 Rellihcs said at 7:02 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    How bout a sports science expert (i assume Huls is preoccupied…) devoted to preventing overuse finger injuries to Geagle?

  71. 71 Gian GEAGLE said at 5:22 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    If you are a cheater, this won’t work, but for The sake of the clean playërs who have no interest in cheating, can we please just hire an expert that the playërs trust to design a personal program outlining exactly what supplements and foods each player should be taking? Im sure the NFL wants Lane Johnson to be as big, strong and fast as possible, just like Lane wants that for himself. So is it that difficult for The billion dollar Eagles to hire an expert that will make these players as big, strong, fast as possible without taking someothing that triggers a negative test? Take it one step forward, this EXPERT WORKING for the Eagles should be purchasing and providing the substances to our players eliminating the possible mistakes some personal trainer can make leading to a failed test by Lane?.., the Eagles and Lane have the same exact interest, him being the bes offensive tackle and the best athlete he can possibly be, and it’s in boths best interest to keep him on the field and not risk failing a drug test…. Can we please take this out of the hands of the players, and make it so players aren’t putting anything in their bodies except for what our strength and Conditioning coaches give them to take?
    I’d like to Think that the Eagles Can hire an expert who decides the best substances to put in each body, and provides the player with exactly what he is putting in this body, to remove this responsibility from the player since im sure the Eagles want lane to be the best possible athlete as much as Lane wants it for himself. Who BETTER to decide what these athletes should put in their body than a nutritionist/strength and conditioning expert hired by the team to make them the best pissible athletes without failing drug tests? At this point, Lane shouldn’t even be putting any food or supplements not approved by the Eagles,,, who are these trainers that the players are listening to insteas of listening to our strength/conditioning coaches?

  72. 72 Iskar36 said at 8:48 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    I think the problem with this is that I’m betting the personal trainers for many clean players are doing exactly this but still getting it wrong. I don’t know that a so-called expert would be significantly more knowledgeable and if anything may have the incentive of leaning towards being conservative which is also not great if a player is working hard to be the best (and trying to do it legally). Honestly, part of the problem is that the NFL doesn’t seem to be sure what should and shouldn’t be banned, partially because they don’t have a great understanding of how some of the supplements work and partially because a lack of quality tests.

  73. 73 A_T_G said at 9:43 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    I would have to imagine the organization prescribing supplements to the players would open the organization up to lawsuits if any of those chemicals are found to be harmful in the future.

    Besides, this would really cut into my professional supplement cocktail tester gig.

  74. 74 daveH said at 7:16 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    He tested positive for D’S… That’s for sure

  75. 75 GermanEagle said at 7:39 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    D’s as in detergent?! Wouldn’t surprise me if his dumb brain was washed!

  76. 76 daveH said at 5:53 PM on August 12th, 2016:

    D’s as in Deeeeeeeeez Nuts in your Stein of hoffbrau

  77. 77 myartz04 said at 7:45 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Deez nuts!

  78. 78 BobSmith77 said at 8:14 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    My friend on Facebook went from wanting $54.50 (face value for his extra preseason ticket) to $40 to $30 to $10 to be willing to offer it for free and buy the person who went with him a complementary beer.

    There is ZERO buzz with this team. I might go to a game late if Wentz starts or a game in Sept/Oct if the weather is supposed to be nice to tail gate.

  79. 79 Media Mike said at 8:46 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    I’m looking at trying to get to the 4th preseason game if Wentz is slated to get significant action.

  80. 80 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:46 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Our long national nightmare is over (though I gather this isn’t new news)….

    Siragusa out.

    I can’t think of a bigger waste of NFL broadcast time than Siragusa.

  81. 81 Media Mike said at 8:49 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Joe Buck is worse…….BY FAR.

    But Siragusa did indeed suck.

  82. 82 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:35 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Buck is bad and horribly annoying at times, but he is at least coherent and does his main job. Siragusa was worse than useless. Nothing but negative contributions.

  83. 83 A_T_G said at 9:45 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Yep. It was as if the producer would say, “Quick, we need something to distract viewers from the game, cut to Goose.”

  84. 84 daveH said at 9:51 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    Quick we NEED to LOSE viewers !!

  85. 85 Media Mike said at 6:43 AM on August 11th, 2016:

    I agree completely about Siragusa, but Buck ruins games in two sports and blatantly goes out of his way to step all over the color commentator. He’s also frequently goes beyond appropriate in commenting on the Phillies / Eagles and cheering for their opponents.

  86. 86 Aaron said at 9:53 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    you smuck, you will probably vote for hillary, you smuck

  87. 87 laeagle said at 11:48 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    I don’t like analysts who offer nothing but bullshit, which is unfortunately most former players. And I wasn’t a fan of Siragusa’s. But with that said, he was far less offensive than some other idiots still employed. Not sure why Heath Evans still has a job, for example.

  88. 88 Aaron said at 9:53 PM on August 10th, 2016:

    first, in the mosh pit