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The Eagles had 9 players on the practice squad. And then both C.J. Smith and Paul Turner cleared waivers. The Eagles wanted both players so that meant someone had to go. LB Quentin Gause was the unlucky player.

Adding Smith and Turner to the practice squad was the right move. I don’t know what Smith’s ceiling is, but I think it is at least possible he could develop into a key role player or possible starter over time. He is very instinctive and fits this system well. I think Turner will be a #3 or #4 WR at best, but he could do a good job in that role. He did play really well this summer.

Gause had a good spring and summer, but didn’t play as well as the other two. He also is hurt by the fact he plays a less important position that they do. 4-3 OLBs are not as critical as CBs and WRs.

It is interesting that the Eagles kept Don Cherry over Gause. I thought Gause outplayed Cherry in the preseason games. Cherry might have been kept because he could play all 3 LB spots. That would be important for practice when he’s part of the scout team and trying to give the starting offense different looks based on who the opponent is.

So here is the final practice squad…for now.

WR Marcus Johnson
WR Paul Turner
WR David Watford
RB Byron Marshall
FB Andrew Bonnet
OG Darrell Greene
OC Aaron Neary

DL Aziz Shittu
LB Don Cherry
CB C.J. Smith

Marshall is probably the best player of the group, but the Eagles have 4 RBs they like right now so he got caught in a numbers crunch. Given a year to fully adjust to being an NFL RB, I think Marshall will make a strong push for the roster next year.


No shocker there. Chip Kelly loves Taylor Hart.

I hope Hart plays well in SF. He did everything he could to make the Eagles roster this year. Some guys don’t handle change well. He actually played his best football in this scheme.


Still no update on this situation.

The player wasn’t going to play this week no matter what so signing one today vs tomorrow vs this weekend isn’t that big of a deal. We still don’t know if the third QB will be on the roster or the practice squad. That list of players at the top of the post…definitely written in pencil. There will be changes.


20 Comments on “More Changes”

  1. 1 More Changes - said at 11:19 PM on September 5th, 2016:

    […] Tommy Lawlor The Eagles had 9 players on the practice squad. And then both C.J. Smith and Paul Turner cleared […]

  2. 2 CaliEaglesFan said at 12:32 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    I don’t get why we kept Cherry over Gause either. He flashed that last game several times and looked great on special teams. I guess your comment about the scout team and playing all 3 positions makes some sense, but I still would rather have the guy who clearly looked like the best of the young LBs we brought in. I think Gause’s has potential starter upside which I don’t think you can say for Cherry. I just thought we would try and keep the better LB with Kendricks looking like he is on the way out and Tulloch being old.

  3. 3 phillychuck said at 12:47 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    I would have kept Goode over Kendricks, personally. Kendrick is an injury waiting to happen and seems to have lost a half-step.

  4. 4 TXEaglesFan said at 12:50 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    I think they will bring back Goode when Johnson’s suspension comes in.

  5. 5 Media Mike said at 4:30 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    And then they can see which O-lineman to cut when Johnson’s suspension is over.

  6. 6 Anders said at 2:18 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    You know Goode is often hurt as well, he is just a back up so you do not notice?

  7. 7 Media Mike said at 4:27 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    That would have needed to be done via trade. I’m all in favor of moving the LB corps beyond Kendricks, but I’m not just cutting him.

  8. 8 A_T_G said at 6:39 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Kendricks has been disappointing as a playmaking starter, but he is still better than the backups by a wide margin.

  9. 9 meteorologist said at 8:20 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Cap reasons, son

  10. 10 Stacks209 said at 2:54 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Really excited to see Wentz start the season. It’s been too long since we’ve had a QB with some excapability in the pocket.

    In a win-loss perspective, I don’t think much changes right away moving from Bradford to Wentz. (Down the road Wentz ceiling is potentially higher at this stage of their careers) They’re two different players with their own strengths and weaknesses. In comparison, they seem to balance.

    Strengths- Experience, short/intermediate accuracy, doesn’t take unnecessary risks. (Fewer dumb turnovers)
    Weaknesses- Doesn’t take risks, fragility, doesn’t throw deep, nonexistant mobility/escapability

    Strengths- Great athlete, big arm, good mobility/escapability, looks to push the ball down field.
    Weaknesses- Inexperience, looses throws high, doesn’t throw tight spiral consistently, unknown floor/ceiling

    All told, each players strengths and weaknesses kinda cancel each other out. Wentz will make rookie mistakes, but Bradford won’t risk mistakes (to the detriment of the offense).
    I personally would rather watch Wentz try to make things happen and be agressive rather than watch Bradford check down short of the sticks on 3rd down rather than risk a throw down field.

    One last point. We know what Bradford is, a middling QB at BEST who is incapable of carrying a team on his back for a win (unlike Brady, Rogers..etc)
    Wentz is an unknown in this regard, but I’m willing to see what the kids got. I feel it’s gonna be better than what Bradford or Sanchez would/could produce.

  11. 11 Ben said at 3:03 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Agreed, Wentz is the type of QB who (at times) is going to throw the ball up and let his receiver make a play on the ball.
    Especially huge and fast targets like DGB and Ertz.
    IMO if the line plays good and DGB picks up this system quickly, he could quickly become Wentzs’ favorite target.

  12. 12 Ben said at 2:57 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Yeah, I too was surprised when they released Goode as well.
    He was probably our best back up at LB we had last season.
    I thought both Gause and Cherry played well enough, albeit against undrafted players.
    The same can be said for Turner, but he just seems to have a knack for getting open and being a good dependable target like Avant used to be for us.
    Glad to see the Eagles giving him a spot on the P.S.
    Also, it’s really awesome that we were able cut a player like Hart due to the level of talent we have on the D line.

  13. 13 互刷互访 said at 4:27 AM on September 6th, 2016:



  14. 14 mheil said at 6:39 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    They need at least one more LB and a QB for the PS. I don’t see the need for 3 WRs along with the 5 who are active, or two OL along with the 11 who are active, including three rookies.

  15. 15 A_T_G said at 7:18 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Some of the balance seems off at this point, agreed. I would think it is a function of a new coach remaking the roster and it will get worked out over time.

    The LB thing seems like the biggest surprise. It is hard to guess what they are doing at LB. A lot of nickel and speed?

  16. 16 eagleyankfan said at 7:37 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    they need a QB for the 53 man roster…some teams go with 2 on the 53. Eagles seem to love to carry 3.

  17. 17 eagleyankfan said at 7:45 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    I wonder(and really have not clue about this stuff) if Wentz is starting because it just makes sense. Wentz makes sense( :), ok, sorry for that). If Chase starts and gets hurts, how ready would Wentz be to come in and be capable to take the reigns? If Wentz starts and gets most of the reps and gets hurt, Chase can come in and be more of an impact. That’s what Chase does. It’s his role.
    The hard part will be to keep Wentz in perspective with his game numbers and decisions. He’s just a boy in a mans game right now. Bumps are going to happen. Let’s just hope not to the tune of 3 ints a game.
    If any, most any, other team was playing the Eagles, I’d take their Defense in fantasy football :). But it’s Cleveland. Right now, I have the Eagles D vs. Cleveland and Cinci D @ Jets. Which D would you start?

  18. 18 RobNE said at 8:04 AM on September 6th, 2016:


  19. 19 Fufina said at 8:13 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    Eagles D is a top 3 match up week 1. Generally they are going undrafted so go pick them up and start them weeks 1 and 2 and then make a decision before the Steelers (i will probably drop them then and find the best waiver wire match up.

  20. 20 RogerPodacter said at 9:50 AM on September 6th, 2016:

    don’t know if anyone else posted this or not…
    Eagles Rewind has us at 6-10 for this year.
    can’t say i really disagree with that too much.
    biggest problems for the year: OL play, QB is a rookie, weak WR, likely to see a good amount of turnovers, LB depth.