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Chip Kelly didn’t believe in watching game tape as a team. He let the positional assistants do that with their groups. Doug Pederson comes from the Andy Reid school of coaching. There is some tape watching done as a team. I would suggest Pederson do that today, with an emphasis on critical and stupid errors. Players need to know that certain mistakes are not acceptable.

No team or player is perfect. A coach has to choose what is acceptable for his team. Here are some of the errors I would point out.

Carson Wentz didn’t get hit on the play. A block from Zach Ertz wouldn’t have made much of a difference, if any. But this is football. This is a physical, tough game. When you have a chance to hit an opponent and you’re 250 pounds, you sure as hell better do it. The next time that guy goes to chase someone, he might go slower because he’s focused on not getting lit up. Doing nothing there is simply unacceptable.

Unless there is some unknown factor I’m missing, Zach Ertz should be embarrassed by that. I know he was injured in the season opener, but this is December and the season is on the line. This is the time to sell out. He needs the team watching that and to have Pederson point out that is not Eagles football. If this team is 10-2 maybe you laugh at that play. But this team is 5-7 and there’s nothing funny about that.

Nigel Bradham had 2 penalties, one for a horse collar tackle and one for hitting a player out of bounds. Dumb. Times 2. He handed the Bengals 30 yards. They were already getting chunks of yards yesterday. You can’t help them out with yards and 1st downs. I would have considered benching him after the second penalty. Repeat stupidity is something I wouldn’t handle well.

He made other mental errors in the game. Bradham is really talented, but he has to play smarter. This team isn’t good enough to make stupid errors and still win on a regular basis.

Allen Barbre had false start issues. I don’t know if Jason Kelce or Carson Wentz was doing something weird, but Barbre is the one who went early twice. Can’t have that on a day when the offense is struggling to get yards and score points.

I would show Wentz’s 3 INTs and the 3 other passes that should have been INTs. The QB can’t be giving the ball away. Throw the ball out of bounds or into the turf. Punts aren’t the worst thing you can do. Don’t throw it to the other team.

Buddy Ryan said he knew his Bears defense was going to be great when they took responsibility for mistakes on their own. They would watch the tape and the players would talk about what they did wrong with Buddy having to point anything out or question what happened. The players held themselves accountable to each other.

Back in 1999 rookie coach Andy Reid cut DT Bill Johnson after an embarrassing 33-7 loss to the Carolina Panthers. That was a miserable game. Afterward, Johnson was joking around in the locker room. Reid found that unacceptable and cut him the next day. Johnson was a popular player and his teammates weren’t happy, but Reid’s message came through loud and clear.

I’m not saying Pederson should necessarily cut someone. You only do that if you feel like the player deserves it and the move will send the right message. But the time has come for Pederson to take a tougher tone with this team. He needs to get players out of their comfort zone. The most obvious ways to do that are cutting playing time, taking their jobs or calling them out in front of their teammates.

Pederson talked to his team after the Monday night loss, but the message either didn’t get through or didn’t stick with them. He needs to change up the delivery and make things more personal. This team needs to play better. And smarter. And tougher.


The heat is really getting turned up on Pederson, but he’s figuring this team out as the season plays out. No coach knows his team completely, let alone a new coach dealing with a lot of new faces.

The last month will give us a good idea about his ability to get through to his players when things are not going well.


130 Comments on “Shaming”

  1. 1 bdbd20 said at 3:01 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Might be time to give Burton, Barner, and Turner more reps. We might not win, but effort would never be questioned.

    On defense, McKelvin probably needs to be on the bench. We know Mills is limited, but will give full effort. I imagine Smith will do the same. Carroll and McLeod usually come to play, not sure what happened Sunday.

    As for DL, maybe time to play Means. Maybe give Fletch some time at DE.

  2. 2 Buge Halls said at 3:05 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I was hoping Treggs would get more than two snaps yesterday!

  3. 3 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 3:53 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Seriously what was that about?

  4. 4 anon said at 4:40 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Need a good ol to buy time to pass deep. Either that or a good run game to buy some time. Neither of those were happening

  5. 5 Media Mike said at 4:41 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    You need to give Smallwood a steady diet of carries before you go lower on the depth chart.

    or call some runs to begin with.

  6. 6 Tom33 said at 4:43 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    “or call some runs to begin with” – actually made me chuckle.

    You know you want to break out your #34 jersey…

  7. 7 Media Mike said at 4:45 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I can’t always go on the Barner bash. But in all reality, they need to see what they have in Smallwood.

  8. 8 Buge Halls said at 3:02 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    “The next time that guy goes to chase someone, he might go slower because he’s focused on not getting lit up.” See Clay Matthews last week with his head on a swivel!

  9. 9 Tom33 said at 3:09 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I’ll be honest – I really don’t have a problem with the Ertz (non) block. Wentz was 5 yards from the sideline and was headed out of bounds. He got in the way and caused Burfict to slow down enough that he wasn’t going to come close to hitting Carson. Earlier this year Ertz had a displaced rib that was pushing against his spinal cord (or something like that) that kept him out for a few weeks.

    Probably not his proudest moment on tape, but I don’t think it was that bad. I though Mcleod’s lack of effort at the goal line (for the second week in a row) was way worse. And that hurts me to say about a fellow Wahoo.

  10. 10 Tdoteaglefan said at 8:41 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Agrees i was also thinking that he possibly didnt want to give the refs an excuse to throw a flag

  11. 11 laeagle said at 9:12 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Wow, more Wahoos than expected around here.

  12. 12 Tumtum said at 3:28 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    A better title would be accountability. I feel like coaches are scared to make guys accountable anymore. If someone needs to be cut, do that. If they need to be publicly shamed do that. If they can’t be cut now, let them know in front of the whole team that they will not be back next season.

    Andy sure as shit held people accountable. That needs to happen now.

  13. 13 A_T_G said at 7:07 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I appreciate how you are publicly holding Tommy accountable for a title that didn’t meet your expectations. I fully expect this to pay dividends in the future with witty headlines.

  14. 14 holeplug said at 9:35 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    well they cut Huff for being a dumbass and benched Agholor for sucking

  15. 15 Tumtum said at 1:53 PM on December 7th, 2016:

    Problem there is that Huff was probably the best wide receiver. Though the main problem there was probably that Huff was the best wide receiver.

  16. 16 GENETiC-FREAK said at 3:34 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    How much is the loss of Brooks effecting the D? Seen Jenkins getting schooled at the NB lately. Watkins meh when he subs in at S.

  17. 17 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 3:50 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Yeah. Jenkins at CB cant be a every down thing.

  18. 18 A Roy said at 3:43 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    All I know is that I have not seen a game this disgusting since….last December. Perhaps you can excuse Ertz, but is there one single Eagles fan who didn’t want to see him light up Burfict? Ditto with Mcloud and his lack of desire at the goal line. Plays like that set the tone for who you are as a team. And I didn’t like what I saw yesterday.

  19. 19 anon said at 4:38 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    agree i was having flashbacks too

  20. 20 Media Mike said at 4:40 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    The entire AFC North (minus Bengals fans) wanted to see Burfict get lit up.

  21. 21 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 3:51 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Doug has simply been outmatched since week 3. The NFL adjusted to his offense and Wentz and he has no counter. The first step has to be giving up play calling. He cant manage the game and call plays. Not only that its his first time play calling plays.

    Schwartz has also been exposed since the Pitt game.

  22. 22 anon said at 4:38 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    OL is a lot weaker w/out Lane.

  23. 23 Gary Barnes said at 3:59 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Completely agree, Tommy. Being active on game day, playing time/reps and accountability in practice & team film sessions are really the levers Pederson has and he needs to use them.

    He also may want to check in with his DC and find ways to fix some of the defensive issues. These recent games have highlighted a defense that seems totally unprepared to play and with scant understanding of who they are playing against. Schwartz was heralded as a defensive master mind, but color me unimpressed overall so far.

  24. 24 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 4:14 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Billy Davis got more out these guys

  25. 25 laeagle said at 9:11 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Come on. By this time last year, we’d had at least 3 games like the Cincinnati game. As bad as things are looking right now, the D looked serviceable for far longer under Schwartz than under Davis.

  26. 26 anon said at 4:37 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    CBs can’t cover, simple as that

  27. 27 Bert's Bells said at 4:08 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Jason Witten makes that block.

  28. 28 Media Mike said at 4:39 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    And LJ Smith doesn’t; great draft that year!

  29. 29 BobSmith77 said at 4:08 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    She was reported on Pattison Ave today in front of the Novacare Complex. Thankfully there was no naked Ertz or other Eagles’ players marching in front of her.

  30. 30 BobSmith77 said at 4:10 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Pederson also changed his tune today and said that was a clear lack of effort today although he wisely didn’t single anyone out in particular.

  31. 31 anon said at 4:36 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Agree. Ags should have been benched earlier.

  32. 32 Sean Stott said at 4:14 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Winning and making plays helps you keep your job and get raises. The bare minimum to earn your contract is effort. Sad that the team seems to not give a shit right now.

  33. 33 Dave said at 4:52 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    And so the accountability of Howie storylines begin…

  34. 34 unhinged said at 5:11 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Almost everyone on this board will concede that there is way more potential on that roster than is being fulfilled on the field. How in the hell can that be pinned on HR?

  35. 35 anon said at 5:13 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    So you think the talent is there? It’s just the coaching?

  36. 36 Dave said at 5:14 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Yup, on defense. I would agree. I think with 2 serviceable cornerbacks (Nolan Carroll is not serviceable) and at least one good nickel, the defense can be very good.

    Offense needs skill position players an oline upgrades.

  37. 37 anon said at 5:15 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    That sounds like talent….

  38. 38 Dave said at 5:17 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Having bad cornerbacks exposes an entire defense. Its the reason Andy was adamant about having good corners during his tenure.

  39. 39 anon said at 5:25 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I 100% agree.

  40. 40 Dave said at 5:32 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    This quote by Fletcher was very telling, and somewhat backed up by Fran Duffy’s all-22 today. The opposing teams have easy game planning with our CBs.

  41. 41 anon said at 5:52 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    yeah i read that too. Feel like the CB play was better earlier in the year – giving us time to get to the CB.

  42. 42 ACViking said at 5:55 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Ron Brooks . . . we hardly knew yee.

  43. 43 anon said at 5:56 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    He and Lane must be MVPs…

  44. 44 A_T_G said at 7:01 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Or we had a few tricks to hide them, which have now all been played.

  45. 45 Sean Stott said at 6:18 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    they’re scared to play press. it’s getting sad.

  46. 46 Dave said at 6:25 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I don’t think they’re scared, I think it’s just well beyond their skillset. It’s like saying a man 4 feet tall is afraid to dunk a basketball.

  47. 47 BobSmith77 said at 12:19 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    Carroll is ‘serviceable’ but not a decent starter. He’s banged up too.

  48. 48 Dave said at 7:40 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    Our definitions of serviceable are obviously different. Carrol should be a backup at best IMO. A CB without ball skills is the equivalent to Ags at WR.

  49. 49 unhinged said at 5:21 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I did not mean to imply that I have full faith in the talent level, but Tommy’s whole column is referencing stupid mistakes, and I definitely feel that the tone that is set by the HC is directly related to sloppy, error-filled performances on the field. When we see the team not beating itself, it becomes clear where the talent is lacking, but lately they resemble the Keystone Cops.

  50. 50 Gary Barnes said at 9:04 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Uh, because he put the team together and it is flopping. He went into the season with obvious holes and several of the players he extended and several others he signed as FA have not panned out. Plus the HC he was fully involved in hiring has struggled which is not good because the last HC he was fully involved in hiring was a failure.

  51. 51 Insomniac said at 5:15 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    So Howie was pretty much below average to average in terms of hitting on draft picks that he may or may not have had the choice to say no to. Now he’s the scapegoat for Doug after he has like a year to undo years of damage done by Chip? Philly sports media never ceases to make me puke in my mouth.

  52. 52 Dave said at 5:16 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Roob and McLane appear to have some kind of personal vendetta against Howie.

  53. 53 anon said at 5:17 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Didn’t hire McDermott

  54. 54 Media Mike said at 5:59 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    And we all know McDermott sucks.

  55. 55 Mr. Magee said at 7:48 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Along with a very vocal portion of (mostly uninformed) Eagles fans… (And I do not consider myself a Howie fan, per se)

  56. 56 holeplug said at 9:47 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I picture McLane throwing darts at a picture of McManus and Sheil every night at his house. He’s been trying to Skip Bayless his way to a national payday for years and the 2 guys that did actual reporting here got bigger jobs.

  57. 57 Gary Barnes said at 9:09 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    It was one year of Chip damage. Again, Roseman had final say in both 2013 and 2014. He was fully involved in the damage of those years. He is not a scapegoat. He is the guy at the top with final say who put this team together, signed the FA, extended the contracts, drafted the picks etc. Why on earth would the guy at the center of every move the team has made be somehow exempt from any blame??

  58. 58 Insomniac said at 9:34 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Chip had final say on the roster so how is Howie responsible?

  59. 59 D3FB said at 12:11 PM on December 6th, 2016:

    Most of 2014 were not guys Howie wanted.

  60. 60 unhinged said at 5:25 PM on December 6th, 2016:

    “Blame” is the post-mortem verb. HR was getting star reviews from many here before the setbacks began. I agree that he is not exempt, but the HC hire is really a de facto decision. He’s definitely carrying the owner’s water there. And as for the other players who are under-performing, doesn’t the description “under-performing” suggest that it is not as cut and dried as just replacing a slew of players. This team didn’t lose to Dallas, it beat itself. Same with Detroit. Same with the Giants. I’m not defending any picks or any players here, just thinking that the answer isn’t so simple.

  61. 61 Insomniac said at 5:24 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    1.26 DL Marcus Smith Louisville (from Colts through Browns)
    2.10 WR Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt (from Titans)
    3.22 WR Josh Huff Oregon
    4.01 DB Jaylen Watkins Florida (from Texans)
    5.01 DL Taylor Hart Oregon (from Texans)
    5.22 DB Ed Reynolds Stanford
    7.09 DL Beau Allen Wisconsin (from Bills)

    1.04 OL Lane Johnson Oklahoma
    2.03 TE Zach Ertz Stanford
    3.05 DL Bennie Logan Louisiana State
    4.01 QB Matt Barkley Southern California from JAC
    5.03 DB Earl Wolff North Carolina State
    7.06 DL Joe Kruger Utah from CLE
    7.12 DB Jordan Poyer Oregon State from TB
    7.33 DL David King Oklahoma compensatory pick

    1.12 DL Fletcher Cox Mississippi State from SEA
    2.14 LB Mychal Kendricks California
    2.28 DL Vinny Curry Marshall from GB
    3.25 QB Nick Foles Arizona from HOU
    4.28 DB Brandon Boykin Georgia from GB
    5.18 OL Kelly Dennis Purdue
    6.24 WR Marvin McNutt Iowa from DEN
    6.30 OL Brandon Washington Miami from NE
    7.22 RB Bryce Brown Kansas State from ATL (Asante Samuel)

    1.23 OL Danny Watkins Baylor
    2.22 DB Jaiquawn Jarrett Temple
    3.26 DB Curtis Marsh Utah State from BAL
    4.19 LB Casey Matthews Oregon fom TB
    4.23 K Alex Henery Nebraska
    5.18 RB Dion Lewis Pittsburgh from SD
    5.30 OL Julian Vandervelde Iowa from NYJ
    6.26 OL Jason Kelce Cincinnati from BAL
    6.28 LB Brian Rolle Ohio State from NE
    7.34 LB Greg Lloyd Connecticut compensatory pick
    7.37 RB Stanley Havili compensatory pick

    1.13 DL Brandon Graham Michigan from SF through DEN
    2.05 DB Nate Allen South Florida from WAS
    3.22 DL Daniel Te’o-Nesheim Washington
    4.07 DB Trevard Lindley Kentucky from CLE
    4.23 LB Keenan Clayton Oklahoma
    4.24 QB Mike Kafka Northwestern from GB
    4.27 TE Clay Harbor Missouri State from DAL
    5.03 LB Ricky Sapp Clemson from TB through CLE
    5.28 WR Riley Cooper Florida from SD
    6.31 RB Charles Scott Louisiana State from IND
    7.13 LB Jamar Chaney Mississippi State from DEN through DET
    7.36 DL Jeff Owens Georgia Compensatory Pick
    7.37 DB Kurt Coleman Ohio State Compensatory Pick

    Lets assume Howie had complete control of those drafts (2016 remains to be seen). The disaster of 2011 and 2014 hurts. Guys like Nate Allen and Brandon Graham lost their potential. At some point in their careers, Chaney, Cooper, Foles, Rolle, Curry and Bryce Brown looked like solid contributors. You had the solid starters like Boykin, Matthews, Kelce, Bennie, Kendricks (sometimes) and Ertz. The obvious building blocks like Cox and Lane are in place. Then you have the flat out busts like Jarret, Watkins, Te’o-Nesheim, Huff, and MSII. Did I mention that Howie turned some draft duds into value too?

    Aside from that how bad was he? Seems like the league average to me.

  62. 62 anon said at 5:27 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    2013 draft looking like the only good one. Think that one howie went and got guys that fit chips measurables, and we had no 4 pick. All the rest….

  63. 63 Dave said at 5:30 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    The whole accountability thing changes with this year’s offseason and draft. Joe Douglas was added for a reason. He will be heavily involved.

  64. 64 Insomniac said at 5:31 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I hope he knows his CBs.

  65. 65 Gary Barnes said at 9:17 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Look at the FA and contract extensions too. Mixed bag, just like the drafts. Some good, some meh and some bad. To build a new winner and repair the damage of recent years, we need very good performance. League average probably will not get us there unless we get really lucky.

  66. 66 daveH said at 9:44 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Dion Lewis is kicking ass !

  67. 67 BobSmith77 said at 12:23 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    1 good draft out of 5 and simply too many high round busts. That isn’t going to cut it.

    I have seen a few analysis of these drafts that tried to score the results and anyway you slice it the last several years the Eagles haven’t been a good drafting team. At best middle tier and a few studies them at the high-end of the bottom one-third of teams. Generally 15-20.

    Pretty much mirrors what they have done the past several seasons too. No real terrible years except Reid’s last one in ’12 but a lot of mediocrity and non-playoff appearances.

  68. 68 ACViking said at 5:46 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    As my son used to say at age 3:

    “Stupid – Stupid – Stupid.”

    Roseman was drafting for Chip Kelly’s system — not DP’s or Schwartz’s.

    Not to mention the 250 or so college players X’d off for lacking Kelly’s kind of character.

  69. 69 Media Mike said at 5:57 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Roob sucks

  70. 70 SteveH said at 8:55 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Oh god, make it stop, make it stop *puts hands over ears*.

  71. 71 ChoTime said at 8:56 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I don’t get it? If the team isn’t good, is the GM part of that?

  72. 72 Dave said at 9:15 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    It seems Doug and Schwartz were given a huge amount of leeway by Lurie or Howie for personnel last year…Chase Daniel, Ron Brooks, McKelvin, Tulloch, trading away Rowe. I also think Lurie has been much more involved than most are aware.

    Howie was mostly drafting and signing players Chip wanted during Chip’s tenure. Prior to Chip, Andy ran the ship and Howie had no final say.

    How do you hold Howie accountable? You either remove his power and/or fire him. The media has been very clear over the past 5 years that Howie should be fired.

    As a business owner, I’m not firing the guy that runs my company because others outside my company don’t like him. I’m also not firing him unless I have an absolute succession plan in place.

  73. 73 ChoTime said at 9:32 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I don’t advocate following the media, either. But unless there is clear proof Howie isn’t running the drafts, then he’s the GM and cannot be held blameless for personnel.

  74. 74 Dave said at 9:44 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Outside of firing or demoting him, is there any other way to hold Howie accountable in your eyes?

  75. 75 ChoTime said at 9:54 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Why, keeping score on my clipboard, of course! We have bad WRs, bad CBs, a DL that is not producing for how much it’s getting paid, and a coach who’s not doing anything special. If Howie fails to accumulate good talent, then he should be replaced. When? Well, the clock is ticking. He’s on year 1.

  76. 76 Dave said at 7:38 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    The media thinks he in year 5

  77. 77 unhinged said at 5:08 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I don’t know how well a mild-mannered, likable guy can turn on the bad cop personna and get through to his players. It may be possible, but it seems a lot taller of an order than just coming in on day one and laying down the law. When parents lose their kids, and when the kids outgrow respect for their parents, adolescence can be a real bitch for the parents.

  78. 78 iceberg584 said at 5:10 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Yup. It’s a lot easier to go tough early and then dial it back later than the converse.

  79. 79 Mr. Magee said at 7:50 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    See my recent post (if you’re so inclined)… I wanted to use this exact analogy, but didn’t want to run on any longer.

  80. 80 unhinged said at 5:32 PM on December 6th, 2016:

    I read your post, and I guess I am not as convinced that Pederson has lost his players so much as he’s in uncharted waters. He definitely is low on top-tier talent, but this team has played much better than it has shown lately. I don’t see it as unfixable, but DP’s demeanor and resolve will be under a microscope, and we’ll soon know, I guess, if he’s in over his head, but I don’t feel like we know that yet.

  81. 81 Dave said at 5:40 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Reading Doug’s press conference quotes about Wentz’s mechanical issues, it really seems logical why he is sailing the ball. Doug said he isn’t stepping into his throws and/or is throwing off his back foot, depending on pocket pressure. Maybe somebody on this board with experience in QB mechanics can chime in, but I can tell you that in golf, driving with your weight on your back foot is a surefire way to hit the ball high.

  82. 82 ACViking said at 5:53 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Seems like the mechanics across sports for driving the ball are all the same.

    Shift your weight forward, rotate your hips, don’t fly open.

    Pitching, hitting, golf, football, hockey.

  83. 83 Crus57 said at 5:53 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Physics is physics everywhere.

  84. 84 ACViking said at 5:54 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    The last fact-based frontier, perhaps.

  85. 85 Dave said at 6:53 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    All sciences are fact-based. “Fact” in a scientific context is a generally accepted reality (but still open to scientific inquiry, as opposed to an absolute truth, which is not, and hence not a part of science).

  86. 86 A_T_G said at 6:54 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    At least until our new House Science Committee gets ahold of them.

  87. 87 Dave said at 6:59 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    A large fraction of the people in the United States think the Earth is less than 10,000 years old, just like many Senators and Representatives. As a geologist, I’m always taken back by how many people don’t “believe” in science.

  88. 88 P_P_K said at 8:30 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Imagine the cognitive dissonance it takes to use a purely scientific invention like a computer to read something that brings about the conclusion the Earth is only several thousand years old.

  89. 89 ChoTime said at 8:25 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    He made Al Gore invent the internet. I mean He!

  90. 90 ChoTime said at 7:27 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Presumably experienced or extra-talented QBs can compensate for the lifting effect of throwing off the back foot while improvising.

  91. 91 Crus57 said at 7:43 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Presumably. Either recognise the situation and set feet better, or adjust aim point lower to compensate, I’d guess. Favre, Vick/Romo/Rodgers and now Russell Wilson have shown it’s quite possible.

  92. 92 Blackfoot said at 7:31 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    maybe we should play in a different universe .
    where down is the new up!

  93. 93 Crus57 said at 7:43 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    The Cleveland Browns approve of this message.

  94. 94 Corry said at 9:51 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    …that’s also how you throw a good punch (in certain martial arts). Shift your weight forward, rotate your hips, don’t over extend.

  95. 95 Mr. Magee said at 7:50 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Or top the ball.

    The cumulative affect of defensive pressure, combined with losses, the longer season, etc, seems like it is catching up with Wentz. This is where good coaching earns its pay.

  96. 96 BlindChow said at 11:58 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    And reading Wentz’s press conference quotes, he says that’s a load of bull.

    Really disappointing seeing your “franchise QB” in denial…

  97. 97 ACViking said at 5:41 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Ertz chose not to lower his shoulder to block Burfict in the open field.


    I think he’s not fully healed from his Wk 1 injury — a displaced first rib, which connects to the clavicle, the bone that would take on a good deal of the force of a good shoulder block.

    Why isn’t he on the injured list? Maybe Pederson’s learned something from Belichick. I don’t know.

    But look at Ertz 2015 highlights . . .

    Go to the 5:00 mark — and watch him put his shoulder down and run over some a CB on Buffalo wearing #21 named McKelvin.

    Throughout the highlights, you’ll see Ertz put his shoulder down against LBs and DBs over and over. (And he broke a couple of tackles.)

    Maybe I’m dead wrong. But I hope I’m not.

    Here’re the highlights:

  98. 98 Sean Stott said at 5:47 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    There are guys way tougher than Ertz who still don’t want to block #55

  99. 99 ACViking said at 5:50 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    No question.

    My comment’s also directed Ertz’s reluctance to put his shoulder down after catching the ball this year.

  100. 100 Dave said at 6:40 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I don’t remember an instance this year where he was in a position to put his shoulder down. He seems to be always hit low, or tackled from behind. He could have though as I have a terrible memory.

    As for the Burfict thing, all he had to do was fall in front of him like a chop block if he needed to block him, not hit him high with his shoulder.

    I’m probably in the minority here, but it seems pretty obvious that Wentz was within 5 yards of the sideline and running out of bounds and Eertz was well aware of that. I’ll wait to pass judgement until the all-22 is released with this specific play.

    The Philly media hype train is in full swing…

  101. 101 ACViking said at 7:33 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Blocking below the waist would be a 15-yard penalty

  102. 102 Dave said at 7:50 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    How so? I thought cut blocks were still legal.

  103. 103 ACViking said at 11:38 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Cut blocks only allowed within 1 yard of LOS.

  104. 104 Dave said at 8:41 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    I couldn’t find that anywhere in the rule book.

  105. 105 D3FB said at 12:08 PM on December 6th, 2016:

    You can’t cut a guy you’re cracking back on.

  106. 106 Dave said at 12:29 PM on December 6th, 2016:

    That was not a crackback block situation. Correct me if I’m wrong but you are allowed to block below the waist only if the force of the initial contact is from the front. Ertz would have most-definitely been face to face prior to any blocking attempt.

  107. 107 D3FB said at 12:45 PM on December 6th, 2016:

    You have to be going towards the goaline.

    He could and should have done what Barbre did and launched Burfict, but a cut would not have been legal.

  108. 108 P_P_K said at 8:27 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Great jpg.

  109. 109 A_T_G said at 6:51 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I wondered the same thing, and saw that Derek of the fabled Iggles Blog hinted at this possibility as well. It feels like making excuses for a player, but it also seems plausible.

  110. 110 Mr. Magee said at 7:54 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Then how ’bout going low on him? That Ertz play is really indefensible… Sets the tone for how the whole team is playing right now.

  111. 111 daveH said at 12:12 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    He broke 2 tackles in the 5 minutes if highlights. . Both against the Giants .. approx 2min & 4 min .. he put his shoulder down vs McKelivin but i think he goes down right then also. . the vid splices away

  112. 112 A_T_G said at 7:20 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    For the sake of a well-rounded discussion:

  113. 113 Blackfoot said at 7:35 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    why did that guy fall?
    who’s he think he is ERTZ?

  114. 114 Tumtum said at 8:37 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Changing directions. Always hated that would go into the stat sheet as a pancake.

  115. 115 Mr. Magee said at 7:41 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    When Tommy isn’t sugar coating things, you know you have problems. None of what he says can be argued with. But the larger point is that this is basic stuff; this isn’t X’s and O’s, this is how to lead a team of men, and apparently this was not understood by Peds.

    Is it too late? Well, I guess not necessarily. But for now, he has lost this team, and if it were me, I wouldn’t be waiting the time it takes for him to get it back. That is partially informed by Doug’s other deficiencies, which appear to include not being adept at developing a QB with top notch talent like Carson Wentz.

    Lurie has a real mess on his hands… Whatever he chooses to do, I would not want to be in his shoes right now.

  116. 116 ChoTime said at 8:36 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    “Never feel sorry for a man who owns a plane.” Anthony Hopkins character in The Edge.

  117. 117 Gary Barnes said at 9:26 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Great movie

  118. 118 Aaron said at 8:34 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    the whole team, THE WHOLE team is taking it balls deep as we speak

  119. 119 SteveH said at 8:56 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Tommy I’m disappointed that you have yet to address the greatness that has emerged. It’s name is the PT Cruiser, and he’s cruisin all the way to the hall baby.

  120. 120 Allen3000 said at 9:21 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I long for the days when the team would rally around AR and one another and play their best football down the stretch….Seems like it’s been forever since we had a team of closers. Didn’t net us a SB, but they were fun to support and always gave us hope that a championship was on the horizon.

    Of course those days coincided with my late teens/early 20s so it seemed like a much longer era than it really was in retrospect.

    Now, I’d just be content with a team that plays hard. Blah.

  121. 121 Corry said at 10:06 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    While I think Pederson will be back and probably should be back next year (we aren’t the Browns), I really don’t have much faith in him to turn it around this year.

  122. 122 anon said at 10:09 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    i think mentally it’s over which sucks b/c we have 3 divisional games left

  123. 123 Tom33 said at 10:43 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    I keep hearing “we aren’t the Browns”, but it sure feels that way. They haven’t played a meaningful game in December in 3 out of the past 6 seasons.

    If I’m Lurie, I’m holding somebody accountable:

    “For instance, the Eagles
    spent more than $600 million between 2013 and 2016, but they only have
    one playoff berth to show for that. That’s pretty rough, especially when
    you consider that they’re the only team that’s spent over $600 million.
    The three teams right below the Eagles have all been to the playoffs in
    each of the past three years”

  124. 124 BobSmith77 said at 12:32 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    I have been against firing Pederson but I have to admit a talk tonight at dinner with a very wise & experienced guy I really respect changed my mind a bit.

    He is also an Eagles’ fan. Made a great point that if you put a young, inexperienced person in a reach executive leadership role and things quickly sour to the point where even experienced veterans are bulking (through deed vs rhetoric) then you have to think long and hard about replacing that person soon.

    Yeah there are several short-term hits the organization takes but better to make that move than have to come to that decision <12 months later. He has done that for a large company in the area. His analogy was better to loose a finger than a hand or the whole limb.

    Pederson has been adamant his job his safe and I think he is right but largely due to the larger circumstances of what has transpired with this team the past 2-3 years. Still, Lurie does have to consider admitting he made a huge mistake if this team continues roll over like this.

  125. 125 Mr. Magee said at 1:01 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    Welcome aboard the objectivity train, Bob… Your friend is indeed a wise and insightful man.

  126. 126 Cafone said at 3:18 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    At worst, he is a caretaker coach. We are in year 1 of Roseman with full control. If Howie doesn’t like him after next season, he gets a new coach. What’s the rush?

  127. 127 SteveH said at 10:57 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    Damn the Colts are laying the wood on the Jets.

  128. 128 anon said at 11:27 PM on December 5th, 2016:

    glad we passed on bryce petty

  129. 129 Insomniac said at 12:31 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    It’s officially off-season mode for me now. I hope the Vikings go 6-10 but realistically they’re most likely 7-9 or 8-8. That should give us a top 18 pick. There is some deep classes at prime positions like CB/DL and the lessvalued position like RB. We might be at a position where if a QB falls then we could trade down if we wanted to.

  130. 130 LeatherWallet said at 12:36 AM on December 6th, 2016:

    Turner and Burton need more playing time.