Coaching Target?

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Greg Lewis is out. So who will take over as WRs coach? We can joke about TO or Todd Pinkston or Billy McMullen, but I’m guessing Doug Pederson will try to hire someone good and with coaching experience so put your former Eagle dreams on hold. I know many of you would love the chance to yell at Pinkston every week, but it just isn’t going to happen.

You can check out Lal’s biography here.

Let’s keep it simple and talk about WRs who played well under his tutelage.

2016 – BUF – Marquise Goodwin

2015 – BUF – Sammy Watkins

2014 – NYJ – Eric Decker

2013 – NYJ – Jeremy Kerley, David Nelson

2012 – NYJ – Jeremy Kerley

2011 – OAK – Denarius Moore, Darrius Heyward-Bey

2010 – OAK – Jacoby Ford

2009 – OAK – Darrius Heyward-Bey, Louis Murphy

Not all of those guys had 1,000 yards or 10 TDs in a season. That would be great, but would also miss the point. Lal has had success with a variety of WRs, with most of them not being elite talents. He was able to get the most out of his players that he could. That’s exactly what Greg Lewis didn’t do.

Lal had success with big guys. He also had success with small, fast guys. He was able to cobble together a solid set of WRs when injuries hit and he had to play guys that had limited talent. Lal had success with rookies, young players and a couple of veterans as well. He doesn’t need one specific type of player or receiver to make things work.

Lal isn’t the best WRs coach in the NFL. He’s not a magician. If the Eagles do bring him in, he would help the current group, but clearly only a talent infusion will get the Eagles the kind of help they need at WR.

That said, I still do think the Eagles would like to see what Nelson Agholor and DGB could do with better coaching and better QB play. Doug Pederson already started the process of changing position coaches. Carson Wentz should take a step forward in 2017 and that will help his receivers out. A smart, accurate, experienced QB can be a big help to less than great WRs.

The realistic goal at this point is to see if Agholor and DGB can be good role players. Ted Ginn was a 1st round pick who failed initially, but has since found a way to stay in the league as a productive role player. Agholor and DGB do have some talent. Agholor needs confidence and a lot of help. We can’t really evaluate DGB fairly since he had very little time with the team before the season. 2017 will tell us if he’s a tease or if someone can coach him up and get him to play well.

Stay tuned to see if Lal is the new WRs coach or if the team is looking around at other targets.


Jimmy Bama has some info on the newest Eagle.

LeRibeus was a third round pick (71st overall) of the Skins in 2012. He has appeared in 28 games over his career, starting 12, 11 of which were in 2015. He was released by the Redskins at final cuts in 2016, and was unable to latch on with another team.

LeRibeus has guard/center versatility, which Doug Pederson obviously likes, however, he is a long shot to make the roster in 2017.

A young player with some experience and some upside is always worth taking a look at. But I agree with Jimmy that LeRibeus would be a long shot to make the team.


  • Sb2bowl

    As long as he can catch, I don’t care who we get.

    • mtn_green

      Clemson wr coach?(only half kidding)

  • scratcherk

    Hope they look into the Jacksonville wr coach

  • Sean Stott

    I’m over this line of thinking: “Lal is a very well respected coach.”

    Cory Undlin is a very well respected coach. Chip Kelly was a very well respected coach. I don’t think Andy Reid was a well respected coach when he became our HC.

    • Mac

      Let’s get a piss and vinegar WR coach.

      • Will Ft. Daft Punk

        Let coach Azzarino coach the Wrs

      • D3FB

        Steve Smith is available.

        • truehaynes

          Make this happen today

        • SteveH

          This is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Gary Barnes

      Reid was highly respected for the coaching positions he had filled up to that point, but, yes, had never been a HC before.

      • Mac

        And man, how he filled out those positions.

  • Tumtum

    Feels like Andy (before the late days where player acquisition got a little nutty), always throwing darts at the OL dart board. Keep it up.

  • Stephen E.

    I hear they were going to hire Pinkston, but he kept alligator-arming the clipboard.

    • teltschikfakeout88

      Well Played Sir…

    • Gary Barnes

      I heard TO told the Eagles to “keep my name out your mouth”.

      • Mac

        Somehow I doubt there is a dime out there in the world that TO wouldn’t love to have.

  • Didyouseethesizeofthemchickens

    What ever happened to Harold Carmichael? He was an assistant coach of some sort a few years back. I remember seeing him at training camp back when it was at Lehigh.

    • P_P_K

      I remember his being involved, too. I did a quick Wiki check and found this: In 1998, Carmichael was named the director of player and community relations for the Eagles, a newly created position where he would be a “combination mentor, confidant, troubleshooter, and liaison between the players and the authority figures in the organization”.[6] He was moved to a Fan Engagement Liaison position in 2014, and retired from that role on April 2, 2015. He currently works as an ambassador for the team in his retirement.[7]

      • RobNE

        I thought for awhile he was the player [liaison?], the guy players could go to about anything and he would help. Example if you were being bullied and not sure what to do, or all kinds of other things.

        • P_P_K

          Hey, Harold, “This smoothie sucks.”

      • Didyouseethesizeofthemchickens

        Thanks for the info.

    • Mac

      Is the last part of your name: “them chickens,” or “the McChickens?”

    • kajomo

      He is still with the organization, but not as a coach. I’ve met him a few times at NovaCare while there for work. Dude has some enormous hands

      • Didyouseethesizeofthemchickens

        Thanks. That’s cool that you have met him, i can only imagine what his hands look like in person. I was at Lehigh in 2009 and he was making one handed catches while the team was warming up.

        • kajomo

          Last time I met him we talked about skunks in his backyard. Kinda weird.

          I’ve seen Duece, Eugen Chung, Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, and a few players the times I’ve been there. Their cafeteria has Giants windows that allow you to watch practice. Pretty cool.

    • Greg Richards

      He was their director of player relations(now called director of player engagement) under Reid and maybe before that. Chip brought in his own guy for the job, Marcus Sedberry and Carmichael was moved to being a Fan Engagement Liason or something like that. I believe that he’s essentially retired now.

  • RobNE

    who is this OC from Dolphins now HC of Broncos, never heard of him. Not that that means anything.

    With politics these days being so….I don’t know what, I’ve been too busy for this blog.

    • Will Ft. Daft Punk

      Vance Joseph. He has been on the hot list for a HC job for a few years now.

      • anon

        DC for the do;phins, but i don’t know if the dolphins defense was good. That said always happy to have another minority coach. Hopefully he can find a qb.

        • Mac

          1st rounder to Dallas would probably do it.

          • Will Ft. Daft Punk

            Id hate for them to have another first.

          • Mac

            Agreed… the ink is still wet, but the writing is on the wall.

          • anon

            Price has to be hire given what vikings gave for sammy. I can’t handle dallas taking another stud o-line prospect.

          • Mac

            And it’s likely that Denver won’t be the team to pony up a price like that for a player who may never play another entire year… (with Elway at the helm)

          • anon

            Peyton was the first big move of his tenure. Peyton’s issues were less chronic obviously, but he’s willing to take risks / knows the importance of a QB.

        • Will Ft. Daft Punk

          Do they pick before 14? If so I’ll be rooting for a QB.

          • scratcherk

            They could trade up past us for one…

    • ACViking

      Vance Joseph . . . connected to Elway via Kubiak.

      VJ coached DBs for Kubiak for 3 seasons.

  • anon

    If Wade Phillips goes to the redskins…

    • Gian GEAGLE

      I’ll be sick

    • MattE

      Is this like a mad-lib?

    • Mac

      They might actually play defense instead of trying to injure people?

    • Sb2bowl

      That’d be horrible

  • anon

    Bills hired Sean McDermott as their new head coach.

    • teltschikfakeout88

      Media Mike will go ballistic soon….LOL

    • Julescat

      caveat emptor

    • CrackSammich

      Good thing he’s already familiar with crushing disappointment.

    • Insomniac

      Good guy McDermott taking the hit as the Bills HC to trade us back Shady and maybe Sammy Watkins.

  • CrackSammich

    Isn’t LeRibeus the one Kempski kept joking about being a male model?

    • bubqr


  • Matt Hoover

    Tommy wasn’t a Rasheed Bailey fan when we signed him as a Rookie, then when he played well he continued to ignore him, so of course we resigned him and he ignores that but mentions Josh LeRibeus…… smh

    • A_T_G

      It dates back to the Bailey-Lawlor pudding feud of 1874.

  • GermanEagle

    Le’veon Bell will be a FA after this season…

    • scratcherk


      • GermanEagle

        Yes very. However I’m slightly surprised that his name hasn’t been brought up in any Eagles off season discussions at all so far..

        He turns only 25 years this February and is arguably a top 3 RB in the NFL.

        His running style and pass catching skills would fit very well in Doug Pederson’s offense.

        While his price tag comes more expensive than a rookie RB, the Eagles could use their draft resources on a WR and O line instead.

        I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Eagles green. In fact I’d be pretty darn ecstatic actually…

        • ChaosOnion

          Read a rumor that PIT would franchise tag him.

          • laeagle

            They absolutely should franchise him until they work out a deal. And neither franchise tag nor a deal should be super expensive. Top shelf running backs aren’t commanding the same sort of salaries as, say, a top shelf receiver would. There’s too much risk and it’s too easy to get an effective runner (if not a star) in the draft.

            Which is also why the Eagles would be foolish to drop big FA money on him, with this draft coming up. There are too many options in this year’s draft. If, for some odd reason, Pittsburgh doesn’t franchise him, then perhaps it’s worth a look. But then you have to ask yourself, why didn’t they. Better to try to find a guy this year in a talented RB draft, then maybe see if Bell comes open next year. But I wouldn’t count on it. Why would Bell want to leave a good situation in Pittsburgh? And why wouldn’t Pittsburgh be able to come up with the money to sign him?

            Why didn’t the Cowboys use the tag on Murray the year we signed him, you might ask. Good question. Because they had to use it on Bryant that year.

  • Mitchell

    Question: Do you think Wentz would benefit more from an RB who can rip off a td at any time like McCoy or Bryce Brown*lol* or from a consistent chain mover like Frank Gore? Perhaps if he had a chain mover as a WR or TE you could sacrifice that ability for more “home runs” in your rb.

    • anon

      This is the age old question chip asked himself when he got rid of mccoy for a chain mover. Chain mover helps the offense more i think. Remember how much hate shady was getting for runs that lost yardage?

      • Mitchell

        But then he didn’t use him as a chain mover. He used him like McCoy should have been used. Baffling.

        • daveH

          Very important point indeed

    • Insomniac

      Chain mover. I know one play can break a game open but it’s too hit or miss. Wentz as of now cannot do it all alone on a consistent basis so having a reliable option will really help our offense. The chain mover will help us more in the RZ where we really need a boost.

    • A_T_G


  • anon

    Every year, it is worth looking at this list to find out who Howie Roseman will add to the team's staff.— Sam Lynch (@shlynch) January 11, 2017

  • Dragon_Eagle

    Gonna hold you to this one, Tommy,

    “I know many of you would love the chance to yell at Pinkston every week, but it just isn’t going to happen.”

    When we’re all screaming about ole alligator arms on Sundays this Fall, I shall be there to remind you. Helping out as always.

  • GordonGekko

    When you need to talk about a receivers coach it means it’s a very slow day. These Eagles receivers suck bad, even Jerry Rice wouldn’t help them. Lewis is a scapegoat just like the hitting coach is one when a MLB team has a losing season.

  • Ark87

    Hopefully Howie doesn’t hold onto the job too long or he’ll be sacked, and whoever we target better catch the damn thing.