Free Agency Update

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Here we go.

Brown drove up the price of signing a WR, but the good news is that it sounds like the Eagles will have some good options to choose from. I have not heard a word about the team having interest in Pryor. It does sound like the Eagles have some interest in Jeffery. We’ll just have to see about that price tag.

Next up is a report on Dolphins WR Kenny Stills from the Miami Herald.

That’s because, multiple NFL sources agree, Stills is more likely to leave via free agency than stay in Miami.

The Stills camp is already aware of the receiver’s potential value in free agency. And the market is said to already be in the $12-million-a-year range, per sources.

There is even a team on everyone’s lips as a likely landing spot for Stills — The Philadelphia Eagles.

Kenny Stills to Philadelphia has been an open secret for weeks before agents and teams are officially allowed to talk about potential deals starting March 7. It is so well known in league circles that reported weeks ago the Eagles would be targeting Stills if he made it to free agency.

And that report is correct, sources confirm.

So that leaves the Dolphins in an unenviable position because they are aware that a bidder exists and the likely price for their player is quite high. And so far the Dolphins have not been ready to climb to the price plateau the Eagles — in dire need of a speedy, deep-threat receiver — seem poised to reach.

The Dolphins, per sources, have had internal discussions about all their free agents and placed monetary values on those players relative to their cap structure. And paying Kenny Stills $12 million per season is nowhere close to the model the Dolphins feel comfortable about.

It is not known how high the Dolphins are willing to go to keep Stills. Stills and his representatives are likely to know in the coming week after they meet with the team. But the Dolphins so far do not intend to be the high bidder.

Stills is a talented, young WR worth signing. At $12M a year? I’m not so sure. That seems out of line for him, but you have to see how the contract is structured and you also have to know prices are going up, not down. I don’t think Stills is worth that much and I have my doubts that he’ll get that much, but March shopping does funny things to NFL executives who are desperate to add talent.

Before we get too fired up about this being a bad deal, let’s remember it could be an agent pushing this story to try and create a higher market for Stills. Or this could be the Dolphins floating a high number to scare off other teams and to drive Stills back to them at a cheaper rate. Lots of games are played at this time of the year. Teams and agents all have agendas.

Stills makes a lot of sense for the Eagles (young, fast and he can actually catch the ball), but this is not a guy you hand a blank check to.


KC is also working hard to re-sign Eric Berry. And they still have Dontari Poe to talk to. You have to wonder if Jeremy Maclin gets cut with all the money that is being spent out there. Even if that happens, there is no guarantee the Eagles would have interest. Still, it would be nice to have him as an option on the market.


Short getting tagged means that a DT comes off the market. The Eagles want as many DTs as possible on the market. That would, in theory, make it easier to keep Bennie Logan. The fewer the DT options, the more the price goes up on those guys who are available.

PFT posted their list of Top 100 free agents. They had Logan down at 45. I’ve seen several lists like that and they all have Logan down in that area. If that is the perception of him around the league, the Eagles just might be able to afford him.

Stay tuned.


258 Comments on “Free Agency Update”

  1. 1 Free Agency Update - said at 11:40 PM on February 27th, 2017:

    […] Tommy Lawlor Here we go. #Bears are not expected to franchise Alshon Jeffery again at > $17M, sources say. A […]

  2. 2 Mr. Magee said at 11:59 PM on February 27th, 2017:

    Everything’s getting more expensive… NFL WRs and DTs should be a component of CPI!

    Based on price alone, I don’t think the Eagles end up with Alston Jeffery or Bennie Logan… And that’s probably a good thing.

  3. 3 Rellihcs said at 6:53 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    What is cpi?

  4. 4 Anders said at 7:02 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    consumer price index is the only thing I can think of

  5. 5 Mr. Magee said at 12:53 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Yup, that’s what I was referring to

  6. 6 GordonGekko said at 2:43 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Agree with both points.

  7. 7 Mr. Magee said at 6:17 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Well obviously you’re a smart man, Gordon

  8. 8 Mac said at 12:00 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Stills feels like a player I’d really have to talk myself into the idea that he will help the team. Similar to the way I talked myself into the idea that 1st round picks Watkins and Agholor would work out.

    Free Agency is an opportunity to pick up a relatively better known commodity than the draft because the players have actually played in the NFL. It is buyer beware because the old team may know something about the player’s physical condition, and because some players seem to quit after they’ve made their money. But I don’t think a team should need to create PR spin to convince fans that a highly paid FA will work out for the team. It’s one thing to be surprised that a move didn’t work out (ala Nnamdi/Maxwell), it’s another thing entirely for the whole fan base to be well aware of the potential failure only to see the player fail to live up to a lofty contract.

  9. 9 NinjaP said at 3:00 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Him being a deep threat would help the offense open up but I dont know if you pay 12 million for that and 50 catches a year.

  10. 10 D3FB said at 8:18 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Stills at 7-8 million a year if you can also get Williams or Corey Davis is attractive. That’s a competent and complimentary outside WR pairing for not big money.

    Stills at 12 per… NAH

  11. 11 Mac said at 11:01 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I’ll buy into competent stopgap money.

  12. 12 Tumtum said at 12:55 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Were you the one guy who didn’t love the Watkins pick? I remember reading from multiple writers he probably would make pro bowl as rookie.

  13. 13 Mac said at 1:25 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I was pretty upset at first because I wanted to trade up for Ryan Kerrigan, and then was dumbfounded when the Eagles pick wasn’t Jimmy Smith.

    The reason I included the comparison is because I was overwhelmed by positive notes about the player, which convinced me to be less upset about the pick. My guess is that Stills would work out about the same. I’ll be upset, become placated, and then disappointed again when it doesn’t work.

  14. 14 Greg Tulino said at 12:00 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Let’s remember that a Stills contract could be structured in a manner that more money is given upfront and the cap hit would be much less. This is Howie’s specialty right? It has become apparent that the market for these FA’s is gong to be ridiculously high. I badly want 2 starters from FA, but with all the money teams have to spend I am starting to think we will only get one starter and probably still have to overpay just to get that one hole filled. We better hope Douglas and HR nail this draft and find 2 or three starters.

  15. 15 Fufina said at 8:05 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    The issue is not getting him signed (it is not hard to squeeze people in under the cap). It is how much realistically is guaranteed, and that is normally 2 years at roughly at contract average value. So unless they put a chunk of funny money on the end of the deal its going to cost $$.

    And Stills is not a good WR. Sure he has speed and is young, but cover him 1v1 with a CB who can match his speed and he disappears from the game. Eagles need a WR1 not someone who can get big plays when mismatched on a slower slot our outside CB.

  16. 16 GermanEagle said at 9:21 AM on February 28th, 2017:


  17. 17 eagleyankfan said at 9:50 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    “And Stills is not a good WR.” — Preach…

  18. 18 D3FB said at 8:33 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Sure you could keep the early value way down by giving a large signing bonus. But the downside is it’s going to baloon badly and have alot of dead money.

    So say Still gets this 12 a year for 5 years.

    So 5/60. Big signing bonus. Say 25 mil. Guaranteed base salary first two years.

    That looks something like

    2017: 7 million cap hit (5 prorated bonus, 2 salary)
    2018: 9 mil cap (5,4)
    2019: 13mil (5,8) 15 million dead
    2020: 15mil (5,10) 10 mil dead
    2021: 16mil (5,11) 5 mil dead

    That’s got potential to be ugly really quickly.

    The first year will certainly be lower than the AAV, but the more you suppress the early money, the uglier it gets on the backend.

  19. 19 Tom33 said at 10:01 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I don’t know – the team knowingly overpaid for Maxwell a few years ago because of “the market” and that turned out …. yeah – never mind.

  20. 20 Call Me Carlos the Dwarf said at 12:36 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Fuck no to Stills at at $12m.

    Maclin seems like a much better bet to restructure than be cut, as well. He’s an Andy guy, and his dead money is still very high.

  21. 21 Anders said at 2:31 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    12 mill sounds like the agent floating his starting price via the media.

  22. 22 Insomniac said at 2:42 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Going to have to say no to Stills. I don’t care if he’s only 24, you don’t pay a guy megabucks and then hope he’ll suddenly turn into an elite WR.

  23. 23 Anders said at 3:29 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I’m okay with giving him 6-8 mill, but no way 12. Then rather Jeffrey at 15.

    Brown has capped the new market at 17 mill because no way any of the other guys are worth close to him

  24. 24 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 4:29 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I don’t even like Alshon at 15M

  25. 25 GermanEagle said at 6:24 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Kenny actually can’t catch the ball Stills.

    Every Dolphins fan I talk they will be happy when Stills is gone. I also strongly believe that he will be shutdown once facing not only the 3rd CB anymore.

    Please say No to Kenny, Stills.

  26. 26 A_T_G said at 6:46 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    To be fair, many folks around here were happy when DeSean was gone.

  27. 27 GermanEagle said at 6:58 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Yes, but that was mainly due to ‘character’ and “gang-tie” reasons…not because of his playmaking ability.

    Stills suffers from dropsies. Throwing so much $$$ at a guy who will most likely never be a No. 1 WR is just insane.

    Please say No to Kenny, Stills.

  28. 28 Koy: The Legend of Neckbeard said at 8:28 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    “Please say No to Kenny, Stills.”

    Please explain this pun. I want to get it, embarrassed I don’t.

  29. 29 GermanEagle said at 9:04 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    What do you mean?! No need to be embarassed.

    I personally don’t want to see Stills in Philly. Not for 10m or 12m / year. Every time I was watching him he dropped a long pass. I also don’t think he will be beating CBs on the outside on a constant basis.

    If the Eagles spend a lot of money on a WR it better be Pryor, Alshon or DeSean.

  30. 30 RC5000 said at 10:17 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    That is bad he drops easy bombs but he had two drops which isn’t great but is it terrible with 42 receptions? I think I would rather have Desean than a high priced Stills though and I’ve never gushed over Desean. I always liked him but I never thought he played up to his talent level.

  31. 31 Mac said at 10:40 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    You can keep trying to give reasons in favor of Kenny, but German Eagle Stills will not be convinced.

  32. 32 A_T_G said at 11:23 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I had a dream of good WRs running wild in our offense, and German Eagle, you killed Kenny, you bastard.

  33. 33 A_T_G said at 11:19 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Maybe, but it felt like the gang thing was an excuse. People complained about his dedication, his toughness, his sandbagging while unhappy about his contract.

    My only point is that fans frustrated about the success of their team might not be the best source for evaluating exiting players.

  34. 34 GermanEagle said at 11:36 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    What some Eagles fans seem to forget was his 1386 receiving yards in his last year under Chip Kelly and the fact that he’s trailing the all-time great Jerry Rice by only 1 TD with 60+ yards…

    I will be more than happy if DeSean comes back to Philly.

  35. 35 A_T_G said at 11:48 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Exactly. That is my point. Familiarity breeds contempt. A few years from now Dolphin fans may view Stills differently.

  36. 36 Dave said at 8:50 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I wouldn’t say I was happy, but I wasn’t heartbroken either. I felt that as long as we had Shady and Maclin, the offense would be OK.

  37. 37 GermanEagle said at 9:02 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I felt that as long as we had Shady and Maclin, the offense would be OK.


  38. 38 Dave said at 7:34 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    For comparison, PFTs 2016 list had Brandon Brooks at 41 and Rodney McLeod unranked.

  39. 39 Mac said at 10:55 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Is Safety the most under appreciated position (compared to actual value on the field) among national pundits?

    Maybe I’m over-valuing them because I fell in love with Wes and Andre back in the day.

  40. 40 A_T_G said at 11:25 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Safety was always my favorite to watch. It seems like they can be game changers anywhere on the field, in any down and distance. I always thought that all those people who know so much more than I do about football were missing it with safeties.

  41. 41 Dave said at 8:54 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    This is music to my ears:

    “Speaking with league insiders in preparation for the start of free agency (March 9, 4 p.m.), it has become clear that there are several free-agent wide receivers drawn to the idea of playing for the Philadelphia Eagles because of Wentz, the second-year quarterback out of North Dakota State.”

  42. 42 GermanEagle said at 9:05 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    …but at the end of the day the FA WRs will go to that team throwing most money at them.

  43. 43 Sb2bowl said at 9:10 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Not always- there are some cases where players will take a little less to be on a better team/situation as opposed to going to a team which hopes to finish 5-11 (Cleveland, Jacksonville for example).

    There is a shift happening in the league- everyone is going to “get theirs” but players network like never before; if they want a chance at a ring, they have to pick the best situation for their lives. The league will always have people that place money at the top of their priority list; but there also will always be those players that “want to feel wanted” and want to play the prime of their careers for an organization pointed in a positive trajectory.

    Do you think Malik Jackson is enjoying his professional career in Jacksonville? Sure, he got paid. But he’s also in NFL purgatory (unless Coughlin can whip them back into a contender).

  44. 44 Dave said at 9:43 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I don’t disagree. It’s just nice to feel wanted.

  45. 45 FairOaks said at 5:14 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    That should mean we don’t have to out-offer other teams significantly to get someone to come (Maxwell) — but we still have to be equal, or at least very close.

    It might also help with later rounds of free agents, who would be looking for one-year “prove it” deals — they may figure they have the best chance at playing time and good stats with the Eagles, depending on who we have signed/drafted earlier.

  46. 46 Sb2bowl said at 9:07 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Steelers were smart to set the market on Brown before free agency started; basically what the Eagles did with Ertz last year. Sign them early, set the “new standard” and let other teams leap frog so that contract looks like the 4th highest by the start of the season instead of the highest.

    Yes, it places a higher value on WR’s, but that was going to happen anyway. At least they have a template to work on now, assuming Brown is at the top of the market currently. I’d argue he’s top 3 in the league, and in that offense with that QB- he’s worth every penny.

  47. 47 Kristopher Cebula said at 9:10 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    If Antonio brown got $17m per year, I wouldn’nt give also in any more than 14 if if I were the birds. He just isn’t on the level of brown and has the PED suspension on his record as well. I also don’t see stills at 12 million. He’s never even broken 100 yards. If thats the case , throw some money at DeSean for a few years and build the corps through the draft

  48. 48 Bert's Bells said at 9:42 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Anyone else literally stop reading the Miami Herald quote on Stills when they sourced

  49. 49 Sb2bowl said at 10:31 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Yup. What a waste of an opportunity.

  50. 50 Mr. Magee said at 12:58 PM on February 28th, 2017:… Where confusion reigns

  51. 51 RC5000 said at 10:31 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    What about Terrance Williams? He had a down year but in 2015 he had 52 catches for 840 yards (16.2 ypc). I know taking players from Dallas and the Giants hasn’t worked out well. He’s 28 in September. He’s always had a knack for making plays at times Dallas needed one.

    He’s from Dallas so he may not want to leave.

  52. 52 Ryan Rambo said at 10:34 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    No sir!

  53. 53 D3FB said at 10:46 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Have you met Ruben Randle?

  54. 54 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 10:50 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I dont think Williams is another Randle. He wont be the answer but he doesnt carry the issues that got Randle let go from NY

  55. 55 RC5000 said at 11:46 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Have you met DGB and Nelson Agholor who averaged 10 yards per catch?

    Williams averages almost 16 yards per catch in his career which is nearly what Stills averages and I don’t think he’ll be 8-12 million a year. We need 1 receiver who can stretch the field. Matthews can’t do that.

  56. 56 D3FB said at 12:12 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Player A: 188 / 2644 / 14.1 / 20

    Player B: 177 / 2791 / 15.8 / 20


  57. 57 RC5000 said at 12:37 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    What does that have to do with DGB and Agholor averaging 10 yards per catch and Williams stretching the field? Williams is better on long routes than Randle which is one thing we need.

  58. 58 D3FB said at 12:48 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Bryce Treggs averaged averaged 26.7.

    Treggs > Williams

    Antonio Brown averaged 12.1

    Tyreek Hill averaged 9.7.

    Be nice if either of those guys could take the top off a defense.

    It’s almost like using avg yards per catch as a proxy for being good is bad.

    We need to reach competence. I’m not really in on well hey this division rivals underwhelming number 2 is available. Been there done that.

  59. 59 RC5000 said at 1:10 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    How has Terrance Williams been used?

  60. 60 RC5000 said at 1:22 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    How is Antonio Brown used? Antonio Brown is used all over the field and he’s a volume receiver. You can even have a good idea of that looking at his YPC and number of receptions.

    I don’t know Hill well but I bet he’s used on screens stop routes and hitches based on his 9.7 ypc , no?

  61. 61 Dan said at 3:51 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    You are cherry picking stats. Antonio Brown is a volume receiver. Tyreek Hill’s value doesn’t come from just being a receiver but also a return threat and from the ground. Compare them to similar receivers when you cherry pick your stats and the answer would be different.

  62. 62 FairOaks said at 5:14 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    His first reply referenced Treggs. RC5000 was also cherry-picking stats — and just one of them at that. I’m sure Williams would be better than what we got from Agholor last year, but I doubt he’s going to make a real difference. Williams also played with Dez Bryant, who took a whole lot of attention. If Williams is the guy defenses have to pay attention to… he’s probably not going to have nearly the same stats, and probably won’t help us a ton. Same may be true of Stills of course.

  63. 63 Sb2bowl said at 10:58 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Modern day Alvin Harper. No thanks.

  64. 64 RC5000 said at 11:32 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Our WRs are much worse than Harper.

    Harper averaged 18.2 YPC

    DGB 36-392 10.9 YPC 4 drops
    Ags 36-365 10.1 YPC 4 drops

  65. 65 Sb2bowl said at 11:55 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Harper also had a year where he averaged 24.2 YPC.

    My point being, he is a fairly consistent but not dominant player who is going to get paid during free agency. Harper lasted 3 more years in the league after he got paid by the Bucs, and I believe caught a total of 3 touchdowns before his career ended.

    In other words, no thanks.

  66. 66 RC5000 said at 12:31 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Desean had 4 TDs each of last 2 years. Maclin had 2 last year.

    We have no WRs besides Matthews who got hurt. We also need a WR to stretch the field, did you watch the dink and dunk offense this year?

    We also don’t have a lot of cap space and other teams who do may price us out of the top/md WR market.

  67. 67 Sb2bowl said at 12:34 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    We need a #1a or #1b and I don’t think he can be that for us – and I’m not entirely sure he is that on an offense that doesn’t feature Dez, Zeke and an elite slot receiver and HoF tight end.

    In other words, no thanks. I’d rather spend money elsewhere

  68. 68 RC5000 said at 12:51 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    That doesn’t address this:

    We also need a WR to stretch the field, did you watch the dink and dunk offense this year?

    We also don’t have a lot of cap space and other teams who do may price us out of the top/mid WR market.

    We don’t know if we’re getting top WRs and they have to get a wr who can get deep. Williams was the deep WR on the Cowboys.

    This would allow you to spend more money elsewhere instead of dropping 8-12 mllion on Stills.

  69. 69 BobSmith77 said at 12:37 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    One of the earlier huge FA WR busts. He went to the Bucs and just disappeared.

    Harper was really annoying too because he always talked a lot of trash and was very animated on the field.

    Entirely a product of that Boys offense when opposing defenses had to try to put 8 guys in the box to stop Emmitt, figure out if they wanted to double Irvin, or put a S or risk a LB on Novacek.

    Often just got put on a CB and was able to run uncomplicated intermediate/deep routes.

  70. 70 Sb2bowl said at 1:12 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Correct, hence my correlation between he and Williams.

    I just don’t see him amounting to anything outside of the system he is in; he looks the part of a #3 in 4 WR sets, or he makes a decent #2 when paired with someone like Dez.

    Think about it- Williams is probably the 4th focal point for opposing defenses, and he still puts up below average numbers for a wide receiver playing the game in this era.

  71. 71 anon said at 3:21 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    No, you can draft Terrance Williams talent.

  72. 72 Ryan Rambo said at 10:52 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Browns placed a second-round tender on restricted free agent Isaiah Crowell.
    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the two sides are working on a long-term deal. The tender, worth $2.81 million, will give them more time to hash out the details. Crowell came out of the gates hot in 2016, recording 447 total yards and three touchdowns in the first four games. Hampered by an injury-marred offensive line, he slowed down considerably the rest of the way, but he still set new career highs in carries (198), receptions (40), and total yards (1,271). The Browns have been linked with running backs this offseason, but the long-term negotiations suggest Crowell will remain atop the depth chart in 2017.

  73. 73 myartz04 said at 11:01 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    I think Stills would be a good addition IF he’s paired up with an elite talent so in my mind a WR becomes our first pick. I like Alshon too, IF he’s paired up with some real deep speed maybe mid round draft pick. What I don’t like is one of these guys signed without their respective complimentary WR on the other side.

  74. 74 Fufina said at 12:13 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Sure he is a fine no.3 WR behind an elite drafted guy who breaks out and Matthews as the no.2 slot guy.

    Not sure i want to pay big money at that position.. or even medium tier cash – especially when both DGB and Agholor actually have better upside if they can ever pull their heads out of their rears.

  75. 75 Mr. Magee said at 1:01 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Those two can’t, and they won’t… Guessing only 1 will be on the roster at the end of the day, and (hopefully) they’ll be buried

  76. 76 A_T_G said at 1:03 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Not literally the end of the day, right?

  77. 77 Mr. Magee said at 2:16 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Lol… That would be the ideal scenario, but highly unlikely 🙂

  78. 78 Philly Eagle said at 11:45 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Stills has caught <60% of the balls thrown his way – what's with the comment that he can ACTUALLY CATCH the ball? I suppose compared to Aggie or DGB, maybe, but even J-Matt is over 65%.

  79. 79 D3FB said at 11:56 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    Go routes have a lower completion percentage than crossers.

  80. 80 GermanEagle said at 11:58 AM on February 28th, 2017:

    His hands are Stills not as good as DeSean’s.

  81. 81 D3FB said at 12:41 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Accepting that drops are a subjective charting stat:

    Per Sporting Charts:
    Stills 2 drops on 81 targets
    Djax 3 drops on 100 targets
    Stills 2 drops on 63 targets
    Djax 0 on 49

    Stills 4 on 84
    Jackson 3 on 95
    Stills 2 on 50

    Jackson 3 on 126

    Stills 10 drops on 278 targets (3.6%)

    Jackson 9 drops on 370 targets (2.4%)

    Adjusted Stills drop rate to Djaxs volume Stills would have had 13.3 drops over 4 years. An increase over Djax of 1 drop per year.

  82. 82 GermanEagle said at 12:43 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Nice work.

    Honest question:

    Who would rather beat No1. And No.2 CBs constantly on the outside, DeSean or Stills?!

  83. 83 D3FB said at 12:54 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Desean, but for roughly equal money (and I still think it ends up with Stills in the 7-8 range and Djax a little higher) I’ll bet on the guy who is Cooper Kupps age.

    I think Stills could still develop as a better WR on in and out breaking routes (he was decent at a more diverse route tree in college) and then he’s a very interesting WR.

    Again, not for crazy money and I’d still probably call my WR wish list



    in that order assuming relatively similar market values.

  84. 84 Sb2bowl said at 1:10 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I go back and forth with the Stills and Djax comparisons; part of me doesn’t believe that Jackson will demand as much money as Stills on the open market.

    DJax is older, but he’s got a better track record and career stats when compared to Stills. Overall, I’m guessing that Djax will come in at 20% less than Stills, and a contract which is 2 years shorter overall.

    We disagree on this issue, but I’d take Djax over Stills all day.

    But I’d take Britt over both as I think he can help DGB become the WR he has the ability to transform into.

  85. 85 scratcherk said at 1:12 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    not sure DGB makes the team.

    I want Britt because I think he’s a bargain buy with upside.

  86. 86 Sb2bowl said at 1:14 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    He’s gotta fight for a roster spot, but with our new Wide Receivers coach, he has his best chance to turn in to a game changer yet.

    Marshall, Jeffrey, Britt– all performed well for this guy and they all had questionable attitudes and behaviors on and off the field. He could be the key to turn this ship around, or as I more affectionately call them– our WR corpse.

  87. 87 anon said at 3:19 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I think you keep DGB, I think you put him w/ a randy moss hell or maybe even Andre Johnson. Spend some money to have that guy mentor DGB, i mean live in his hip pocket type of mentoring, see if that helps.

    As a team i think you have to spend money to develop your assets. You’re sending Wentz to QB guru, you should obvi spend some money trying to develop your WRs.

  88. 88 laeagle said at 3:26 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I agree with this idea. I think at some point with these guys, it pays to think outside the box. There’s no salary cap affecting any investment in this sort of thing.

  89. 89 D3FB said at 1:15 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Oh I’m hard out on DGB, that ship done sailed.

    I prefer Britt because there are more vertical guys in the draft that I feel you can at the very least let them cook peoples asses deep than there are bigger guys that don’t feel very risky.

    Also WR’s who can help erase Wentz’s imperfect accuracy are positive fits.

  90. 90 Sb2bowl said at 1:17 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I’m not giving up on DGB yet- but then again I thought Chip was a good hire so what do I know?

    All good reasons- I see Britt and Davis as comps and it wouldn’t be a surprise if we take a shifty guy later in the draft to help with the underneath game.

    Random question— Can Ags play in the slot?

  91. 91 D3FB said at 1:25 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I don’t know that worrying about a S in robber decapitating him will be helpful for his drops.

    It’s going to be a really interesting year for Ags. A smaller role and no expectations should help. He could be out of football in 12 months or go on to have a nice career as a post-hype player.

  92. 92 Sb2bowl said at 1:41 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I’ve never really questioned his toughness, and his drops don’t seem to be a result of fear or of other players around him. Heart isn’t the issue with Ags, it’s his head.

    Your points are valid- he has some quick twitch and change of direction ability that our WR corpse sorely lacks, hence the slot question. He made a catch against the Giants (think it was his rookie year) in the red zone and zoomed past the nickel CB towards a head on collision with the safety. Both dropped and were out of the game, but Ags made it look effortless. And he caught the ball.

    Some of this could be coaching– Lewis didn’t inspire me as a coach, but I didn’t think that they would regress the way that they did. Bringing in a veteran coach who has a track record of helping under achievers turn their career around may just be the type of coaching move that gets us back on track.

  93. 93 GermanEagle said at 1:43 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I see where you are coming from and your argumentation is reasonable as well.

    However if I was Howie I would take DeSean over Stills any day of the week, for the next 3 years…!

  94. 94 anon said at 3:15 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    should have read this before i posted my comment – might just revise my comment to say “ditto”

  95. 95 anon said at 3:14 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Britt over djax? djax did put up 1400/9 when he was clear no. 1 playing opposite riley cooper and running all routes. Yes those are tempo adjusted numbers but i don’t think there’s anyone better in between the 20s.

    Flipside is that this is a young team, probably going no where fast, djax is a 2yr deal, maybe 3 if you’re generous before he’s old.

  96. 96 eagleyankfan said at 3:25 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    no concerns over such a young, “talented” kid going to his 3rd team? Scares me into the ‘not interested’ category. My wish list(from an armchair/Monday QB) is: Britt/Draft/Draft 🙂 …

  97. 97 Sean Stott said at 1:49 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    With this sample size and those differences, I’d say margin of error would put them on equal footing

  98. 98 anon said at 3:11 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Yeah – don’t understand how people find fault w/ djax as a deep threat receiver. We took those hands for granted.

  99. 99 Insomniac said at 5:27 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Uhhh Agholor-esque.

  100. 100 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 6:43 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Yes it was a bad drop. But didnt he only have 2 drops all year.

    We even seen Julio and AB drop wide open passes when they played us. So did ODB. It happens.

  101. 101 Will Ft. Daft Punk said at 6:45 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Its a lot harder to connect with a WR running deep routes than a Matthews running short crossing routes all game.

  102. 102 BobSmith77 said at 12:32 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I’d be interested in going to this but it is going to be a mad house I bet especially on Sat.

    “The draft, April 27-29, will take place in a huge outdoor theater constructed in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

    A limited number of tickets will be made available for the 3,000-seat
    theater in coming weeks. A lottery opens for those tickets next week on
    the NFL draft website.

    The Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be transform into a festival the
    size of 25 football fields, open free to the public before and during
    the draft.

    Activities at the festival which is open noon to 11 p.m. Thursday and
    Friday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, include a 100-yard zip line
    across the parkway, exhibits featuring Eagles memorabilia, the Vince
    Lombardi trophy, a chance to visit the draft set and replica NFL locker

    There will also be a football field and the opportunity to run a 40-yard dash, test your vertical leap and kick a field goal.”

  103. 103 BobSmith77 said at 12:39 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Nasty yet funny dig I got from a friend was ‘At least Eagles’ fans will get to experience seeing the Lombardi Trophy in Philly’

    Sad yet true.

  104. 104 aron said at 1:02 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I watch MeTv

  105. 105 Ryan Rambo said at 2:27 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Redskins assigned the exclusive-rights franchise tag to QB Kirk Cousins.
    The exclusive tag guarantees Cousins a 20-percent raise on his 2016 salary of $19.953 million and prohibits other teams from negotiating with him. He’s now scheduled to make $23.94 million in 2017. The Redskins could still theoretically trade Cousins, but negotiations would have to go through Washington’s front office and not Cousins’ agents. Cousins has flourished in Jay Gruden’s offense, improving immensely as a decision maker and precision passer. He has completed at least 67 percent of his throws in consecutive years, posting a 54:23 TD-to-INT ratio during that span. Cousins turns 29 in August. It remains unclear whether the Redskins have interest in signing Cousins to a long-term deal.

  106. 106 Julescat said at 3:03 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    a lot of money for a mediocre QB

  107. 107 anon said at 3:10 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    possible trade to SF in the works, that’d be interesting. Who would be Skins QB? Romo?

  108. 108 Ryan Rambo said at 3:11 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Sweet! #beatDallastwiceayear

  109. 109 teltschikfakeout88 said at 4:49 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Wished he would look mediocre when he plays us…

  110. 110 Ryan Rambo said at 2:27 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Chiefs released RB Jamaal Charles.
    The expected move saves Kansas City $6.2 million in cap space. 30-year-old Charles struggled to get on the field in 2016 while battling injuries to both knees following a 2015 ACL tear. He has just 83 carries since the end of the 2014 season. One of the NFL’s most dynamic all-purpose backs in his prime, Charles incredibly hit or topped 5.0 yards per carry in each of his first eight seasons. Some team may bring Charles to camp, but his NFL future is in serious doubt.

  111. 111 Sb2bowl said at 3:12 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Maybe a camp body for our team, but I’d rather go younger at the position and develop what we have.

  112. 112 Ryan Rambo said at 2:27 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Chiefs re-signed SS Eric Berry to a six-year, $78 million contract.
    Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the deal contains $40 million guaranteed, including a $20 million signing bonus. The NFL’s premier man-coverage safety against tight ends, Berry is also a ballhawk on the back end and dominant run stopper in the alley. He matched a career high with four interceptions last season — including two pick sixes — and earned Pro Football Focus’ No. 11 run-defense grade among 91 qualified safeties. Berry is 28 years old. The Chiefs now have Berry under control through his age-33 season.

  113. 113 Sb2bowl said at 3:06 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    That’s a boat load of money, good for him and great for his family.

  114. 114 GordonGekko said at 2:30 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    These FA WRs listed will be overpaid and underperform and put a hole in their cap. Draft and develop.

  115. 115 SallyForth said at 2:43 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    If Terrelle Pryor comes on the market – grab him!

    Jeffery – nope, particularly at an “elite” receiver salary. He ain’t one.

    Stills – maybe – at a sane and reasonable price. he is far from an established WR in the NFL.

  116. 116 Tumtum said at 3:02 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    -God please, no


    -Reasonable price, most definitely want him

  117. 117 anon said at 3:09 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Maclin will be a better value if he’s cut. Will know the system and the organization, whether he wants to come back is another thing.

    Djax you just have to wait and see — if he’s there in the 2nd or 3rd week of FA i’d tell his people to call my people.

  118. 118 GermanEagle said at 3:20 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Lol. DeSean will be gone in week 1 of FA.

  119. 119 anon said at 3:08 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Really enjoy your FA / Draft insights Tommy. AP and Jamaal Charles are FAs, does anyone care – what team picks up those guys? Although if i had a team w/ a good o-line, i’d grab AP.

  120. 120 Sean Stott said at 3:15 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Would absolutely love Jamaal Charles in our backfield.

  121. 121 Sb2bowl said at 3:18 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    $$$$$ is going to be the question, and he’ll probably cost more than what we can invest.

    Picking up a 4th round RB with what we have already is probably the best way to go, unless they don’t believe in either Smallwood or Marshall.

    Sproles is gone after this year, and although he makes an interesting cap cut option ($3-4m saved if cut or traded) he’s more valuable for what he provides currently to this team. Namely, leadership, an outlet for Wentz, and an example of professionalism these kids have probably never witnessed.

  122. 122 anon said at 3:20 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Can’t have a RB that relies on o-line when you don’t have a good o-line.

  123. 123 laeagle said at 3:24 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    We don’t have a bad o-line; we have a pretty good one compared to a lot of teams. We need some better depth and longer-term developmental guys to replace people like Peters, but it’s a myth that we have a bad o-line. Can it be better? Of course. Is it the best? No. Is it bad? Absolutely not, by any reasonable metric.

  124. 124 anon said at 8:06 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    bad in terms of having guys that can stay healthy and depth has left us playing passable football, but not a ton i’d want to brag about.

  125. 125 Sb2bowl said at 9:56 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Can’t really do a lot about injuries– 2 years ago we were fine with injuries. This year, not so much.

    We played our 4th string RT on occasion this year, if nothing else it helped us test our depth.

    The fact that both Seumalo and Vaitai got playing time, starts, and experience will help us down the road. As much as the FO tried to spin it, when we went with Wentz this year was never really about winning the division (though that’s always the goal). It was about establishing a new team, QB, leadership and core.

  126. 126 laeagle said at 11:47 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    There is a wide band of spectrum that exists between “brag about” and “shit all over”.

  127. 127 Sb2bowl said at 3:31 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Don’t have a good o-line? Lol.

    We weren’t Oakland, but we weren’t bad either. I’d call us good all things considered

  128. 128 anon said at 3:19 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Week 3 ACL injury.

  129. 129 GermanEagle said at 3:29 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I would love to jump on the Jamaal Charles bandwagon, however what holds me back is my concerns about him being able to stay healthy.

    There’s a reason for the saying: “Availability is the best ability”.

  130. 130 Patrick said at 3:39 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I would love to have Charles, theres just no way i’m paying him anything with the injuries, which basically rules out getting Jamaal Charles. Someone will pay him.

  131. 131 Dave said at 4:35 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Jamaal Charles played 8 games and had 83 rushing attempts over the past 2 years. Ryan Mathews played in 26 games and had 261 rushing attempts.

  132. 132 Sb2bowl said at 8:05 PM on February 28th, 2017:


  133. 133 Insomniac said at 6:54 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    We could have Mathews start the first half of the season and then Charles will have fresh legs for a playoff run.

  134. 134 GermanEagle said at 7:10 PM on February 28th, 2017:


  135. 135 Ryan Rambo said at 4:02 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Charles, Peterson join PFT’s Hot 100 Free Agent list

  136. 136 Sb2bowl said at 4:05 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Anyone else find the irony in the fact that the Chiefs just signed a Canadian to the 4th highest contract for a guard? I guess that’s the difference between investing in a fireman and a doctor- and using a 1st round pick as opposed to a 6th.

    I love Andy Reid, but that pick for Danny Watkins will haunt my soul until my heart no longer beats.

  137. 137 P_P_K said at 6:32 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I hated that pick. Hated it from day 1. The Kevin Kolb pick was another one I despised.

  138. 138 Nick C said at 4:11 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    I don’t want AP, but if we signed him we would have essentially traded Sam Bradford for a first and fourth and Adrian freaking Peterson.

  139. 139 GermanEagle said at 4:56 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Feel free to elaborate the logic behind your post.

  140. 140 Nick C said at 11:02 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    It makes no sense. Just thought for a very boring time.

  141. 141 GermanEagle said at 1:26 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Damn you! I was going nuts trying to find a connection. You owe me Megan Fox and some PBA now.

  142. 142 CrackSammich said at 10:47 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    By that logic, we can attribute every signing here out forever as part of that trade.

  143. 143 GermanEagle said at 4:23 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    As much as I love Bennie Logan, but if we can get Anthony Hankins for slightly less money then I am leaning towards the latter who’s only turning 25 at the end of March…

  144. 144 kajomo said at 6:35 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Possible Sproles replacement?

    From Tony Pauline:

    Much attention has been paid to Trubisky’s teammate, running back T.J. Logan, who we grade as a last day choice. Logan is expected to weigh-in around 195-pounds then hopes to run under 4.4-seconds in the forty.

    I would expect Logan to be one of the top running backs during position work as he’s a quick footed ball carrier who changes position on a dime and stands out as a pass catcher. I’m told the Philadelphia Eagles have taking a liking to Logan in the early going, something which makes sense for a variety of reasons.

  145. 145 GermanEagle said at 6:48 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    You mean for next year, sure why not?! This year Sproles ain’t going nowhere though.

  146. 146 kajomo said at 8:55 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Yes for 2018, but if they decide not to render Barner he could have a roster spot and a role this year.

  147. 147 GermanEagle said at 7:09 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    It feels like yesterday when Chip frigging Kelly got rid of DeSean in one of the most shocking Eagles moves I can remember.

    It will feel so good if the lost son returned to Philly this off season.


  148. 148 xmbk said at 6:46 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Yeah, I miss guys losing touchdowns so they can hotdog.

  149. 149 GermanEagle said at 6:55 AM on March 1st, 2017:


  150. 150 ChoTime said at 12:23 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    At least he gets close to the end zone.

  151. 151 Sb2bowl said at 9:52 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but to get ZERO return on that investment was horrible; what a fall from grace for Kelly.

    The McCoy for Kiko trade made sense, at least financially and in some ways on the field; McCoy was getting older and was expensive, Kiko was young and cheap and had the Kelly relationship. Then we spent a shit load of money on Murray who had no interest in playing for us.

    What a shitty few years that was…………

  152. 152 RobNE said at 10:39 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    DeSean Jackson is the man.

  153. 153 scratcherk said at 8:21 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Soooo… sign Jamaal Charles?

  154. 154 A_T_G said at 10:28 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Because we need to replace Mathews, who gets hurt too often?

  155. 155 scratcherk said at 8:30 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    So much for Jarius Byrd, released by saints

  156. 156 GermanEagle said at 8:34 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    Let’s sign AP, Charles, Revis and Byrd. #DreamTeam

  157. 157 scratcherk said at 8:35 PM on February 28th, 2017:

    would be an awesome team in 2012!

  158. 158 Ryan Rambo said at 11:58 PM on February 28th, 2017:


  159. 159 Mac said at 9:52 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    No Vince Young?

  160. 160 Sb2bowl said at 10:03 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    That almost bought you a down vote

  161. 161 Mac said at 10:13 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Some memories are better forgotten.

  162. 162 GermanEagle said at 11:19 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    He got mine for cheap.

  163. 163 GermanEagle said at 10:55 AM on March 1st, 2017:


  164. 164 Mac said at 11:17 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Alright, I downvoted myself too.

  165. 165 Sb2bowl said at 9:50 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    I’m so glad they went with Jenkins over Byrd. Worked out in our favor for sure!

  166. 166 三五豪侠传 said at 10:29 PM on February 28th, 2017:


  167. 167 Ryan Rambo said at 8:59 AM on March 1st, 2017:


    Citing multiple sources familiar with the negotiations, Yahoo’s Charles Robinson reports Kirk Cousins would have signed a multi-year deal last offseason if offered $20 million per year by the Redskins.
    The Redskins botched this situation badly. Their max offer to Cousins last year was $16 million annually, yet they’re going to end up paying him $44 million guaranteed for the 2016 and 2017 seasons combined, and risk losing Cousins to free agency next offseason. No NFL player can be franchise tagged three years in a row. Per Robinson, team president Bruce Allen is primarily to blame. Allen has reduced GM Scot McCloughan to a “talent procurement guy” only, while Allen is managing the cap (poorly) and calling almost all of the shots.

  168. 168 daveH said at 10:57 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    That’s only 2M dif .. vs the money they ‘saved’ .. not so huge of a risk/reward play

  169. 169 Ryan Rambo said at 11:43 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    I think the big factor is they can’t tag him next season, and still risk losing him. If they think he’s their guy, why all this tagging? BTW….I’d LOVE to have about 2 million more towards a FA.

  170. 170 daveH said at 8:35 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I think you gladly pay $2000000 you’re not sure the guy is your guy erisa 2000000 when the cap is exploding but you don’t lock them in lose that money if it turns out not to be good
    . Yeah this is my voice to text application on my Samsung Android phone see how that makes any sense her will she makes me go

  171. 171 Anders said at 1:43 PM on March 2nd, 2017:

    they can tag him but at 144% of this years price, so around 34 mill in cap next season

  172. 172 FairOaks said at 5:38 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    For this year. But they would have had him long-term, so their direction at QB would have been set (for better or worse). If they keep him on the tag this year, he’s a free agent next year and they have little potential answers at the position. If they want him signed long-term, he can ask for a fair bit more than 20 a season now — he has them over a barrel. If he has another good year, then he’ll be even more expensive next year as an unrestricted free agent. (I don’t think a team can tag more tan two years in a row, and even if they could, I think they would be required to offer a 40% raise over the 2017 salary.)

    It will be interesting to see if they try and trade him, or sign him long-term — if Allen still does not truly believe in him (and I can understand that). But if they don’t believe in him, they sure haven’t tried too hard to find alternate solutions. It seems like they asked him to “prove it” last year, and he mostly did after a ragged start, and now… they have to pay up.

  173. 173 BobSmith77 said at 11:16 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Awesome. I didn’t realize that Allen was calling the shots in DC. Always good to hear that a divisional rival is hamstrung by their front office.

    Nos only if Snyder will get back involved in player personnel decisions and the draft in a bigger way to make the Skins more dysfunctional.

  174. 174 Ryan Rambo said at 11:42 AM on March 1st, 2017:


  175. 175 Sb2bowl said at 12:17 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Wasn’t McCloughan calling the shots for a bit? They had a good draft or 2 and I was under the impression that it was mostly because of his involvement.

  176. 176 Tumtum said at 1:25 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    He was at first but they needed a real GM and they got one. It was no secrete in DC that this was always going to be the case in DC. Allen is the Joe Banner of the Redskins.

    Cousins is still there. Pretty silly to lambaste the guy for a problem that is yet to exist. I soooo want this situation to blow up in their faces, but they really went about this in the best manner possible. Believe it or not, but they had to have HOPED this would happen. He is exceeding what they believed to be his value. They knew the consequences if he exceeded their expectations of him.

    I personally find the guy over rated. Andy Dalton sure looked good when he had Gruden…

  177. 177 Ryan Rambo said at 2:46 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Yes…then it seems like his power was pulled back.

  178. 178 Sb2bowl said at 5:30 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Thank God, they were almost relevant again

  179. 179 scratcherk said at 9:32 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Patriots not expected to trade Jimmy. Good news for us. Don’t need pats getting one of the early first round picks ahead of us and taking a player we want

  180. 180 Sb2bowl said at 9:58 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    It’s like they are in the 7th year of franchise mode in Madden when you have more picks and players than you know what to do with….. they’ve got a hell of a system going.

  181. 181 RobNE said at 10:38 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    why believe this isn’t just the Pats saying we would need a really good offer to trade him. I bet he’s traded.

  182. 182 Tumtum said at 1:19 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    2017 is Tom Brady’s 40 year old season. Why would I want a QB that his team is willing to part with?

  183. 183 RobNE said at 5:21 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    because you are the Browns and because Brady is likely playing 3-4 more years and they really like QB3.

  184. 184 Ryan Rambo said at 9:56 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Coach Sean McDermott announced DT Kyle Williams will be back with the Bills in 2017.
    Set to count $8.3 million against the cap in the final year of his deal and coming up on his 34th birthday, Williams’ roster spot was believed to be “extremely vulnerable.” It’s possible the two sides have agreed to a pay cut, but either way, Williams figures to be a fine fit in McDermott’s 4-3 front.

  185. 185 Dave said at 10:53 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Although I dislike the Cowboys, I hate reading this about Jaylon Smith.

  186. 186 Sb2bowl said at 11:02 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Same thing happened to JR Reed; cost him his career. IIRC, he developed a brace which helped with the drop foot, but he never regained his physical ability. Sucks to hear that about Smith, despite playing for our rivals.

    I believe the same thing was happening with Weaver, but he wasn’t able to rebound from it either (his knee procedure was similar to Smith’s).

  187. 187 Tumtum said at 1:12 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Reed made it back to the league for a few years. Was a starter too.

  188. 188 Sb2bowl said at 1:24 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    There isn’t a lot of information there, but it gives an overview.

  189. 189 Tumtum said at 1:09 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    It’s sad, but at the same time he still made it to the show.

  190. 190 bsuperfi said at 1:59 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    It’s amazing to think about Smith playing like this. One of my kids has to deal with a version of drop foot. There are basically 3 ways this can go:

    (1) You don’t wear anything, but this can really screw up your leverage.
    (2) You wear a hard brace (that might have hinges). But it probably means that your foot doesn’t ever go beyond 90 degrees. This results in different leverage issues.
    (3) You wear an electronic device around your calf that basically has a small gyroscope and fires an electrical shock into your muscle to trigger the foot whenever the leg is at a certain angle. I can’t imagine this is an option in football for any number of reasons, and it certainly wouldn’t give you the fine control you might need.

    I wish Smith the best of luck, but it’s a huge challenge.

  191. 191 Dave said at 2:11 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Sorry to hear that. I’m assuming option 2 is the typical treatment technology employed.

  192. 192 Sean Stott said at 2:41 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Highly doubt #3 would be legal

  193. 193 Ryan Rambo said at 2:45 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I’m shocked

  194. 194 Sb2bowl said at 11:04 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Anyone interested in an Iggles Blitz draft get together in Philly? I’m about 2 hours from the epicenter and giving serious thought to attending (at least the free portion of it).

    It’s from April 27-29 near and at the Art Museum. I’m guessing it’d have to be some place in the “free” section, but it’d be cool to get together if possible.

  195. 195 Ryan Rambo said at 2:23 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I live in Dallas, or I’d be down!

  196. 196 GermanEagle said at 11:38 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    With the Eagles being right at the bottom re salary cap room I cannot honestly see how they will be able to make a serious push at players like Jeffery, Pryor, Bouye, Gilmore or Trumaine Johnson.

    I also don’t buy this ‘free agent WR would love to play for Carson Wents’ nonsense. At the end of the day it will come down to $$$, as simple as that.

    That’s why I remain hopeful that we will at least bring DeSean back to Philly.


  197. 197 Ryan Rambo said at 11:41 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Who the hell is Carson Wents anyway? 😉

  198. 198 GermanEagle said at 11:50 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Happy Wentzday!

  199. 199 Fufina said at 12:18 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Think we have plenty of cap once you trade/cut guys like Barwin/Kendricks/Mathews (which gives you $20.7mil) plus other cuts possibly. By the time you give a signing bonus a $12mil a year guy is really costing $5mil in year 1.

    Think they can sign top CB and WR if they want to – same with bringing back Bennie.

    I personally would bring back Bennie/DeSean/Big money CB as my 3 moves with a couple of cheap camp body signings as well. If they like a more expensive WR they can do that but there are not many that i think are that interesting. Britt/Pryor are options i would consider (but want my scouts running heavy background checks on).

  200. 200 Tumtum said at 1:06 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I agree with your first paragraph.

  201. 201 Birds4Life said at 1:18 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I believe the “free agent WR would love to play for Carson Wentz” talk to an extend. If the offers are similar, I can see a WR signing with us over a team with a crappy QB situation. Or a FA WR’s choices are Jags & Browns both offer $14 mil/year and Eagles offer $12 mil/year, I can see a WR favoring us in that situation.

  202. 202 anon said at 5:11 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Agree. WRs know what it’s like to play with bad QBs no good WR wants to have 800yd seasons b/c they have a crappy QB, especially if the team isn’t winning.

  203. 203 laeagle said at 3:16 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Can you clarify how you feel about DeSean? I’m still confused.

  204. 204 GermanEagle said at 3:45 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I feel he would be a huge upgrade to our WR Corps and that his character issues are way overblown…

  205. 205 P_P_K said at 3:50 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I know you’re the guy with the love DeSean hashtags, and since I respect your opinion I’ve been meaning to ask you why? The character stuff is certainly overblown, but he’s kind of a one trick pony who is going to be losing a step as he gets older. Carson would probably love to have him on the field and he would be an upgrade, but why put the money and resources into someone who seems like a temporary, stop-gap player?

  206. 206 GermanEagle said at 4:05 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    To be perfectly honest I believe that most of Eagles fans don’t realize that he’s much more than a one trick pony.
    His hands are way above average and normally catches everything come his way. His speed is still elite and shall remain at that level for at least 2-3 years.
    He also goes over the middle what most don’t seem to acknowledge that much.
    Besides the fact he wants to win and apparently be back in Philly.
    I would sign him for 3 years / 33m in a heartbeat.

  207. 207 FairOaks said at 5:26 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I don’t think it’s character issues — more commitment. He plays very well, but often opts out of offseason stuff as he has other interests then. We have seen him not play as hard when he had other priorities. He’s not a #1 receiver, a go-to guy when you really need a catch, and he is a lot less useful in the red zone.

    That said he is still very good, and would upgrade our situation a lot. It’s a question of how much… 3 for 33 sounds like it should be out of our price range, but it’s possible the wage scale for WRs has just shifted and I’m lagging behind. Given that I don’t think we can consider WR “solved” even if we do sign him, and we have other desperate needs (CB), not sure we can afford to throw that much money at him.

  208. 208 GermanEagle said at 5:41 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Give me DeSean and Williams or Davis in the draft and we shall be fine.

  209. 209 FairOaks said at 5:42 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Not at CB.

  210. 210 GermanEagle said at 6:42 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Still hopeful Eagles somehow end up with Bouye or Gilmore and then address CB early in the draft…

  211. 211 FairOaks said at 11:25 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Bouye after giving DeSean 11 million would be hard. And you just used the 1st round draft pick on a WR. Asking second-round or later CBs to come into the NFL and play well as rookies is usually a pipe dream. I think if using big FA money and the 1st round pick on WRs would definitely help plug that hole, but we could be a disaster at CB. We’d have to pick up veteran CBs off the scrap heap and pray.

  212. 212 GermanEagle said at 5:47 AM on March 2nd, 2017:

    The Eagles will be able to sign DeSean AND Bouye if the want to.

    Alshon / Pryor + Bouye?! Not so much..

  213. 213 daveH said at 8:40 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    He is definitely not worth 11 mil per year

  214. 214 RobNE said at 5:19 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    because they are going to cut or trade a few people. Kempski predicted this.

  215. 215 Ryan Rambo said at 11:40 AM on March 1st, 2017:

    Longtime Texans beat writer John McClain believes there’s an “80 percent” chance Houston re-signs free agent CB A.J. Bouye.
    The Texans won’t tag Bouye, but it sounds like they’re open to meeting Bouye’s lofty demands. Still just 25, Bouye is expected to net at least $12 million annually. The Texans have a ton of money tied up in cornerbacks, including Johnathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, and former first-rounder Kevin Johnson, but if they re-sign Bouye, aging vet Joseph could become expendable. Bouye looked like a true shutdown cover man in 2016.

  216. 216 Nick C said at 12:00 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I’d rather have Bouye at 11-12 than Alshon at 16-17M.

  217. 217 GermanEagle said at 1:25 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Me too. However I don’t think Bouye will come that cheap..

  218. 218 Nick C said at 2:07 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I’m starting to think no one will be cheap with the numbers that are floating out there.

  219. 219 Sean Stott said at 1:40 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I don’t think Alshon gets 16 unless it’s only guaranteed for two years

  220. 220 Sb2bowl said at 12:14 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I’ve wondered about Joseph on the Texans; he was a target of ours back in the day but we picked up Nndamdi instead.

    He’s going to be 32 this year, and probably not what we are looking for going forward. He will count almost $7m towards their cap this year, with zero dead money if released. I’d say he’s their insurance policy in case they are unable to resign Bouye.

  221. 221 Sokhar20 said at 11:22 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Five replies to a comment citing John McClain as a source and not a single Die Hard reference? You people make me sad.

  222. 222 anon said at 1:07 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Rotoworld is saying McCoy could be traded or released. Howie could bring the old team back together…don’t change that banner yet tommy!

  223. 223 eagleyankfan said at 3:03 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    and …. coach says McCoy is big part of their plans…according to PFT

  224. 224 Ryan Rambo said at 1:41 PM on March 1st, 2017:


    Philadelphia Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman and head coach Doug Pederson will both be made available to reporters at the 2017 NFL Combine next week.

    Roseman will meet with reporters starting at 2:30 PM ET on Wednesday, March 1. Pederson will immediately follow Roseman at 2:45 PM. We’ll have full coverage of both press conferences (including live video) here at Bleeding Green Nation.

  225. 225 P_P_K said at 3:09 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I didn’t realize the draft is being held in the Art Museum. Probably be the first time a lot of Eagles fans will be in the Museum. Those from the old 700 Level might not even know the City has an art museum.

  226. 226 Bert's Bells said at 3:28 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    There’s what looks to be a phenomenal exhibit of watercolors at the Art Museum. Rare stuff.

  227. 227 P_P_K said at 3:46 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    It really is a great museum. Penn has a gem of an archeology museum, too.

  228. 228 Mac said at 3:30 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Man, I thought the only art museum in Philadelphia imploded on 3/21/04.

  229. 229 P_P_K said at 3:46 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    You, sir, are a connoisseur of historically relevant events.

  230. 230 RobNE said at 5:18 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I thought I read it’s outside. If Roger is up top and each pick has to run up the steps to shake hands that would be awesome.

  231. 231 P_P_K said at 5:53 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Rocky style.

  232. 232 Ryan Rambo said at 3:27 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Updates from Howie Roseman’s Press Conference

  233. 233 GermanEagle said at 3:44 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Sounds like Kelce is gone…

  234. 234 Ryan Rambo said at 3:58 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I noticed he was only spoken of in “past tense” with no future talk.

  235. 235 SteveH said at 3:49 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Embiid out for the year now… The current Sixers FO is not inspiring confidence, between the handling of Embiid’s injury status and the apparent bungling about at the trade deadline…

    All they need to do is hit on one of these first rounders over the next couple of years and let the talent do the rest. If they miss on all of the first rounders it will be tragic.

  236. 236 P_P_K said at 3:51 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    How many championships do the Sixers have to win before all this losing related to The Process is worthwhile?

  237. 237 SteveH said at 3:53 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I’m guessing people will be thrilled with one, but who knows.

  238. 238 Julescat said at 5:15 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    the NBA is one (small) step above pro wrestling

    you can’t take is too seriously

  239. 239 RobNE said at 5:17 PM on March 1st, 2017:


  240. 240 bsuperfi said at 9:21 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I really miss Hinkie. At least when we didn’t know the truth it felt like it was because he was a diabolical super villain, as opposed to a bumbling, pathological liar. You know, like Dr. Doom vs. Boomerang.

  241. 241 BobSmith77 said at 10:55 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Hardly Dr. Doom.

  242. 242 Rambo said at 7:21 PM on March 1st, 2017:

  243. 243 GermanEagle said at 7:35 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    I cannot undrstand how people still don’t want him back…especially given our pitiful WR corps..

  244. 244 Tumtum said at 8:54 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Yeah, and I don’t get how people want him back if we can have a guy like Stills for the same money.

  245. 245 Fufina said at 10:09 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Maybe because Stills is no where near as good as DeSean? I mean people think because he is younger that he will be ‘able to grow with Wentz… but since he would be cut after 2 years its really no different from DeSean. I would bet a huge chunk of cash that DeSean is better than Stills over the next 2 years.

    People need to go watch games rather than YouTube highlights of Stills and even in one of his better production games you will end up concluding he really is not the solution to what the Eagles need.

  246. 246 Tumtum said at 10:25 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Ok fine. Don’t sign stills. I am fine with that too. Just don’t sign Desean. We had a good run. Leave it there.

  247. 247 GermanEagle said at 5:44 AM on March 2nd, 2017:


  248. 248 Tumtum said at 2:24 PM on March 2nd, 2017:

    You are living in the past my German friend.

  249. 249 GermanEagle said at 2:39 PM on March 2nd, 2017:

    Why!? I’m Stills here.

  250. 250 Rellihcs said at 9:11 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Hi, i want you to understand that Tommy McDonald wouldn’t be a wise signing either.

    I could warm up to the idea. But you are over the top.

  251. 251 PacificPurl said at 4:18 AM on March 2nd, 2017:

    Noooooo. The Eagles are supposed to be building a long-term team.

  252. 252 Insomniac said at 7:54 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    NFL combine weigh in so far

    Fournette is huge. 6’0 240 pounds
    Cam Robinson has prototype OT size. 6’6 35.5″ arms and 320 pounds.
    Forrest Lamp’s arms grew somehow.

  253. 253 GermanEagle said at 8:41 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Forrest Lamp. Lmfao.

  254. 254 Dave said at 8:54 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Damn, if I read that right, Dan Skipper is a 6′ 11″ tackle.

  255. 255 D3FB said at 8:38 AM on March 2nd, 2017:

    Everyones arms grew. Apparently the senior bowl was fucking up the measurements.

  256. 256 Insomniac said at 3:05 PM on March 2nd, 2017:

    How does that even happen?

  257. 257 BobSmith77 said at 10:54 PM on March 1st, 2017:

    Not sure what to think of this but it doesn’t surprise me.

    I was a lot more interested to read this:

    “Wentz eventually started throwing later that month. He worked out in
    Southern California with trainer Adam Dedeaux, who uses biomechanics and
    other analysis to maximize a quarterback’s throwing motion.

    Dedeaux is a protege of Tom House, the former major-league pitcher
    who has worked with many NFL quarterbacks, including Tom Brady, Drew
    Brees, and Matt Ryan. Pederson said that he had no problem with Wentz’s
    training with independent coaches.

    “For him to go and develop his craft and to get better and to seek
    some training outside our building – it just helps him get better,”
    Pederson said at the NFL combine. “I’m all for guys getting better and
    helping the football team win games in the fall.”

    I really don’t care what Pederson thinks because my sense is that is input into giving Wentz the ‘green light’ is essentially meaningless. I would like to see what Roseman has to say on Dedeaux though.

  258. 258 Tumtum said at 2:29 PM on March 2nd, 2017:

    I think you under estimate Doug’s influence on this team.