Game Review – PHI 27, NYG 24

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The Kick.

I’ve followed the Eagles for a long time and I’ve seen some amazing things, especially with the Giants on the other side of the field. Seeing rookie Jake Elliott, an injury replacement in just his second game with the Eagles, nail a 61-yard field goal to beat the Giants goes right up near the top of craziest finishes.

David Akers, the best kicker in franchise history, had a long field goal of 57 yards. Elliott’s kick wasn’t just longer than that, it won the game. A rivalry game. That makes Elliott’s kick all the more impressive.

The Eagles were the better team on Sunday and that showed as they led 14-0 going into the 4th quarter. Then Eli Manning got hot. Odell Beckham remembered he was an elite player. And the Eagles helped out by making some critical mistakes, highlighted by a Zach Ertz fumble. Next thing you know…21-14 with the Giants on top.

I was worried the team might fold when they found themselves suddenly trailing in the game. Confidence can be a fragile thing and the Giants had wiped out a 14-0 deficit in the blink of an eye. The Eagles let the game in KC get away from them, but they didn’t repeat that mistake. They started making plays and tied the game back up, before going on to win. The Eagles finished the game on a 13-3 run.

It wasn’t pretty, but missing Fletcher Cox, Jordan Hicks, Darren Sproles, Ronald Darby, Rodney McLeod, Caleb Sturgis and Corey Graham is not the easiest thing to overcome. The Eagles found a way to win. When you’re missing that much firepower, results are far more important than style points.


The hot topic is Doug Pederson going for it on 4th downs. I covered that here.

Give Pederson credit for going for the win on that final drive. He could have taken a knee or tried throwing a Hail Mary. Instead, the Eagles executed a play they had practiced on Friday. They expected it to take 5 to 6 seconds. It took 6, which was fine with :07 on the clock at the snap of the ball. That gave them a chance to hit a miracle FG.

The coaches got the run game going in a variety of ways. They made a lineup change at LG. They mixed in multiples schemes and also used RPOs effectively. The coaches got LeGarrette Blount fired up and then fed him the ball.

The defensive strategy was to play off and then tackle. With the exception of one huge pass play, the strategy worked pretty well. The Giants were forced to play small ball and put together long, methodical drives. The Eagles kept them out of the end zone until the 4th quarter.


Carson Wentz protected the ball and that was a huge part of the Eagles winning. He threw 3 picks against the Giants last year. He didn’t turn the ball over at all on Sunday. His stats weren’t compelling (21-31-176 with a TD). Wentz had some great moments in the game. His pass to Jeffery to set up the FG wasn’t an easy throw. Wentz took a chance on his guy being able to make a play. His TD throw to Ertz was impressive. That ball went through traffic and was on the money. Wentz had a key scramble on the first TD drive. He moved the chains to keep the drive alive. There were a pair of QB sneaks that each kept alive scoring drives. Wentz isn’t as dynamic as Michael Vick as a runner, but his legs are becoming a valuable weapon.

There were some problems as well. Wentz took a sack on 4th and 8. Argue the call if you want, but the one thing you can’t do is take a sack. Even worse, he had two receivers open on the play and failed to pull the trigger. There was a RZ pass play where Wentz locked on to Agholor out wide and the underneath receiver looked to be wide open. Deep accuracy continues to be an issue. Wentz missed a wide open Jeffery on what should have been an easy 50-yard TD. He threw two other deep balls that led to PI calls. One was a pretty good throw. The other one was borderline uncatchable. The refs called the penalty and that helped the drive in a big way.

The Giants have some talented CBs and good pass rushers so moving the ball on them isn’t easy. Wentz made key plays and helped the Eagles go 3-3 in the RZ.


Welcome to Philly, LeGarrette Blount. He had 14 carries in the opener and then barely played in KC. If the coaches were sending him a message, it worked. Blount came out and ran his butt off. He attacked the line of scrimmage and the guys in the blue helmets. They had him for no gain or a loss a few times, but he fought through for gains. Blount ran with real purpose. He was 12-67-1 for the game. This was the guy the Eagles expected when they signed him.

Darren Sproles broke his arm and tore his ACL on a run and he’s done for the year. That opened the door for Wendell Smallwood to play more. He was 12-71 on the ground and had some impressive runs. He showed good burst on a couple of plays. There were other runs where he showed real strength and toughness. There was a run near the goal line where he had to twist and turn and really battle to get a first down. Smallwood caught one pass and had some very good pass blocks. he took out the legs of a blitzer on one play and that let Wentz get wide to complete a pass.   

Corey Clement was 6-22-1. The highlight moment was a 15-yard run in the 4th quarter. That tied the game at 21. He showed good speed on that play and he wasn’t going to be stopped. He was getting in that end zone. Had one bad play where he bobbled a hand-off and then lost several yards on a run.

The Eagles don’t have any stud runners, but this group can be effective when they have good blocking and the coaches use them correctly. RBs were 33-171-2 against the Giants and what used to be a stout run D.


Somewhat quiet. WRs caught 10 passes. They also had impact plays in the form of a pair of downfield PI calls. The Eagles ran the ball a lot so that limited opportunities for the receivers. Alshon Jeffery led the way with 4-56. His catch on the next to last play was huge. Jeffery snagged the ball with DBs around him and got out of bounds. Got open for a long TD, but Wentz missed him. Had a pair of bad penalties that cost the Eagles 25 yards. Can’t make those mistakes. Torrey Smith is normally Mr. Deep, but was 4-29. Came up huge on the final TD drive of the game. Had an 8-yd gain and then a 14-yd gain and then drew a 36-yd PI penalty to set up Clement’s TD run. Nelson Agholor was 2-20. I thought he had some good blocks in the run game.


Zach Ertz continued his hot start. He was 8-55-1. Failed to haul in a TD pass when Ertz put some real heat on the ball. Ertz ran a great route on the next play and got wide open again. This time Ertz caught the ball. Had one big mistake. Fumbled the ball after a short catch in the 4th quarter. That gave the Giants great field position and they scored a TD off that. Had one awful pass block. Just completely whiffed. Is doing a solid job on run blocks on the back side. Just gets in the way of the defender. Still struggles mightily when they run to his side. Gets moved back. Brent Celek did have some good run blocks. He impacted the run game. Trey Burton was 2-7 as a receiver.


I was worried about how the OL would handle Snacks Harrison on the inside on run plays and then Vernon/JPP on the edge on pass plays. The Eagles did a good job against that trio. Jason Kelce played his best game of the year and helped make Harrison almost irrelevant. Kelce did a great job of getting off the ball quickly and using angles to keep his defender blocked. Chance Warmack got the start at LG, but Stefen Wisniewski took over in the 2nd quarter and played most of the rest of the way. Warmack gave up an early sack. He was up and down. Wiz played pretty well. His mobility gave the run game a boost. Brandon Brooks played his best game of the year. He had some good run blocks and was stout in pass pro. Jason Peters and Lane Johnson were good on the edges.

Kelce and Brooks were very impressive on the QB sneaks. They got the movment Wentz needed.

Big V played some snaps as a blocking TE. He had one terrific run block, but was up and down overall. He needs to be more consistent in that role.




No sacks. Not many hits on Eli. And this came against one of the worst OLs in the league. This is one of those cases where the Eagles reputation hurt them. The Giants focused on getting rid of the ball as quickly as possible.

Schwartz said there were some throws when the ball was out in under a second. In case you didn’t know, pass rushers aren’t getting to the QB in 1 or 2 seconds very often. That requires missed blocks or other weird stuff. When I watched the game live, I thought the Giants OL had played way above their heads. I felt different after seeing the tape.

Eagles rushers did a lot of bullrushing, trying to collapse the pocket on Eli. They didn’t have time to take wide angles and go around. Driving blockers backward was a good way to affect Eli without getting to hit him a lot.

Vinny Curry had his best game of the year. He used a hard inside move to get a TFL on 4th/goal. Huge play to keep points off the board. His penetration threw off a 3rd down run where Malcolm Jenkins made the play. Curry got the biggest hit on Eli of any DL. He used a hard inside move to draw a holding call late in the game. The stat sheet is quiet, but Curry played well.

Tim Jernigan had a strong game. He had a TFL and was in on 3 tackles. Jernigan got pressure up the middle a handful of times. He was stout against the run. Fletcher Cox played some in the 1st half before leaving with an injury. Beau Allen took his place. He didn’t make any standout plays, but helped to clog the run lanes and got inside pressure a couple of times. Elijah Qualls didn’t make much of an impression. He was involved in a wild play. Qualls tried to race off the field in the 4th quarter. A Giants OL grabbed Qualls to slow him down. The official saw it and threw a flag on the Giants. That wiped out a 3rd down conversion.

Brandon Graham, Chris Long and Derek Barnett all had some good moments, but were limited due to the quick release.


Jordan Hicks got hurt. Mychal Kendricks took over for him in the Nickel and played well. He broke up 2 passes, with one of them deflected and picked off by Patrick Robinson. Kendricks was solid against inside runs, but really stood out when getting into passing lanes. He created the INT that way and forced Eli to make an off target throw in the 4th quarter on a key 3rd down. That pass ended up incomplete.

Nigel Bradham finished with 8 tackles. He didn’t have any standout plays, but was solid. There was one facemask penalty called on him. Najee Goode and Joe Walker each got some snaps on defense.


With Graham and McLeod out, Chris Maragos got the start. He did a solid job for most of the game, but had some struggles in the 4th quarter. He didn’t always take good angles to the ball and didn’t always tackle well. He is the guy who should have limited the 73-yard TD to Shepard to a gain of 15 to 20 yards. Maragos took a bad angle and Shepard was off to the races.

Malcolm Jenkins had a solid game. He finished with 6 tackles. His highlight moment came when he got upfield on 3rd/short to take out the RB in the backfield. Great play. Later committed PI on a receiver down the field. Mills was beat at the snap and Jenkins raced back. He panicked a bit and took out the receiver, drawing the flag. You hate to give the other team that gain, but his tackle did prevent a TD.


Jalen Mills was targeted more than one-thousand times. Or at least it seems that way.

Mills shadowed Odell Beckham all over the field. The ball came his way a lot, but Mills did his job. He didn’t allow a play to go more than 14 yards. He made Beckham earn every yard. Nothing was free. Mills was in on 12 tackles and broke up 2 passes. Mills did give up 2 TDs. One was impressive and one was freaky good. Beckham is a star for a reason.

Rasul Douglas followed Brandon Marshall. They were a good size matchup. Douglas was mostly outstanding. He was in on 4 tackles. He picked off a pass near the goal line. Eli was desperate for a big play so he forced a ball into coverage. Douglas saw it the whole time and went up to make the pick. He has great ball skills. The biggest negative was Douglas whiffing while trying to tackle a RB. That play should have been short, but set up 1st and goal after a gain of more than 20 yards.

Patrick Robinson had a good game in the slot. He was in on 5 tackles and he broke up 3 passes. He picked off the pass that Kendricks deflected in the 1st half.



KOR – Clement had the long return of the day, going 35 yards.

PR – Sproles got hurt and was replaced by Torrey Smith. He returned one punt for 9 yards.

Donnie Jones – Averaged 45.5 per punt. Jones had one punt land inside the 5, but the coverage guys couldn’t keep it out of the end zone.

Jake Elliott – Huge. Missed a long FG earlier. Showed a strong leg on that play, even though it didn’t count. Got his chance at redemption late in the game and nailed the 61-yarder.

Rick Lovato – Kept doing a god job. Perfect on the final play.

  • Giants punter Brad Wing shanked a 28-yard punt late in the game. That set up the Eagles to be aggressive when their offense came on the field for the final time.




92 Comments on “Game Review – PHI 27, NYG 24”

  1. 1 Greg Tulino said at 2:47 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Jake Elliot- Let’s not forget he nailed the kick late in the 4th to tie the game also. There was way more pressure on that kick than the 61 yarder that nobody really thought had a chance.

  2. 2 P_P_K said at 1:48 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    That’s a good point, especially after he missed the earlier fg.

  3. 3 Frencheaglesfan said at 5:39 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Off Topic but this thing with the anthem is crazy! I only watch the games through NFL GamePass a day later and Last year the broadcast stream only started at the time where the kicker has placed the ball. Now they not only show the pregame with the anthem but insist on having perfect shots of the players kneeling or protesting in any form. That escalated quickly.

  4. 4 Frencheaglesfan said at 5:42 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    To note, I do not want to express any personal opinion regarding the protests. As a foreigner I must say it’s hard to have the total context. I just wanted to express that NFL seems to want people watching this to express an opinion, does showing this make ratings rise somehow?

  5. 5 or____ said at 5:59 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    They say any publicity is good publicity…

  6. 6 Bert's Bells said at 9:36 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    They’re also getting paid by the DoD to broadcast it.

  7. 7 Stephen E. said at 10:34 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Your tax dollars at work.

    Of course, this started in the Obama admin, so no “thanks Trump”.

  8. 8 RobNE said at 2:35 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    right Trump has nothing to do with why this has become so much bigger. Compare what Obama said (I’d prefer he not do it but respect his right to do so) to Trump (I wish the owners would say you sons of bitches are fired).

  9. 9 sonofdman said at 2:46 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I think Stephen E. was referring to the DoD paying the NFL for patriotic displays.

  10. 10 RobNE said at 2:33 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    it’s ok to express your personal opinion. People here certainly don’t hold back unless they’ve considered the total context.

  11. 11 Tumtum said at 7:28 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    The TV Networks are the ones deciding to focus on that. The league actually has no influence on the broadcast. The networks pay very good money and would not be happy to be dictated to.

  12. 12 Will Ft. The Roots said at 7:56 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    They know people are probably tuning in just see what the Athletes do.

  13. 13 Tumtum said at 7:25 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I’m working late shift this week. Was ordering food and the anthem was on the TV in the dining area. I went over to watch, and like 4 other guys ranging from light to dark in complexion came over to watch too. We all seemed to approve and had our own nice moment.

    Politics was the furthest thing from my mind at the time, and I imagine the guys around me felt the same. Wish the masses “got” it.

  14. 14 bill said at 8:15 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Watched the KC/LAC game last night. Two things stood out to me:

    1. KC players were running a lot after contact. Then the announcers said that Chargers’ D has the most missed tackles through two weeks. I’m quite certain that they widened the gap between 1st and 2nd place with their week 3 performance. Blount should be able to keep moving the chains and wear them out if Pederson commits to the run for the whole game.

    2. Rivers isn’t the same. Bunch of wounded ducks. Was picked several times early, and had two or three others hit defenders in the numbers and get dropped. Flat out missed a couple of easy throws, too.

    Ok, I lied. Third thing – the Chargers run game looks quite good.

  15. 15 Howie Littlefinger said at 2:04 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I predict Ertz will break a tackle in this game then!

    For a 2 yard RAC TD

  16. 16 FairOaks said at 3:05 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    He broke one last week. It was the next guy in that caused the fumble. Maybe trying to stiff-arm means he has worse ball security.

  17. 17 mtn_green said at 5:13 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Almost ok with ertz going down on contact.

  18. 18 eagleyankfan said at 10:00 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Those that know – help me understand a couple of things. Giants had a game plan coming into the game that were clear. Quick release and attack Mills. Did the Eagles have a plan(aside from, these are our plays, so let’s run them)? Eagles wanted to run the ball more, and they did, which was nice – but what was their ‘we need to do “this” against the Giants”? (getting the ball to Ertz is not a scheme to attack to the Giants – Eagles do that week in week out)

    I’m going to way over simplify this — but if the Giants game plan was quick release to avoid the pressure – why didn’t the secondary press more on the wr’s? Were there defensive adjustments to help the D line get to Eli? Could the eagles DB’s bump the wr’s? Maybe the game plan was to let them have all the quick plays they want and don’t give up the big play? (whatever the plan worked – it did work. Once injuries happened, it’s hard to maintain the same level of talent)

  19. 19 Bert's Bells said at 10:21 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Why didn’t the Eagles press?

    Then their gameplan wouldn’t have been to play off and limit big plays.

  20. 20 eagleyankfan said at 10:36 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    pretty sure I did say that above…

  21. 21 Stephen E. said at 10:37 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    They were down to the third string FS and third string CB. That’s why they didn’t press.

  22. 22 Tom33 said at 10:50 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    I think you answered your own question regarding the defensive adjustment. Did you see Maragos come up and try to tackle Shepherd on that long TD? I think they were content to play off and let their corners make the tackles.

  23. 23 A Roy said at 4:04 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Maragos at Safety was fugly.

  24. 24 It Ain't Easy Being Green said at 10:50 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Did you see Maragos try to make that open field tackle on Shepard? I would not be pressing against OBJ and the gang if the safety help behind me is a 30 year-old ST ace with only a few games at S under his belt. And the game plan worked pretty well, considering it would’ve been a more lopsided score had Ertz not fumbled in the 4th in our half.

  25. 25 bill said at 11:15 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    The Giants would have loved it if they threw out their game plan completely based on the Giants’ first few plays.

    Seriously? My guess is that they knew what the Giants were going to do, since they did it last year. But they chose that gameplan because it gave them the best chance to win, given the injuries and matchups. It’s really that simple.

    Plus – they did get two picks. That’s part of playing “off” and reading the QB. Every gameplan has its weaknesses – otherwise everyone would be playing that one plan that doesn’t. You adjust if your gameplan isn’t doing what you thought it would because of some matchup not working. You don’t change it because the other team is doing exactly what you thought they would. You take the good with the bad.

    I’m just spitballing, but I think if they had pressed, and ODB had three long TDs, we’d be reading a similar post from you right now about how stupid they were for pressing.

  26. 26 D3FB said at 4:39 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    The plan was to give them the short game and tackle them. Get them into third downs and then you’ve got a shot to get them off the field. Force them to drive the field. You increase the chance of them messing up on their own.

    If you press you’ve got two 4.6 CBs and Maragos playing centerfield.

  27. 27 Tumtum said at 7:19 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Just to add….it worked to the tune of a shut-out into the 4th until someone who shall remain nameless “didn’t” mention it on the game thread.

    Also, did you think they were playing more ball control to keep the Giants O on the sideline? The tempo and fast snaps from the Giants seemed like something that was going to wear out the D. Felt like Doug went to the tactic that people used against Chip almost immediately.

  28. 28 D3FB said at 11:57 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I do think that they knew the D was banged up and wanted to limit the overall number of drives for both teams. The secondary we trotted out against that group of WR’s is not a game where you want to get into a shootout.

    I also think they were just generally happy with the running game finally working and were more willing to go back to it because of that.

  29. 29 It Ain't Easy Being Green said at 10:48 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    “[Zach Ertz] Failed to haul in a TD pass when Ertz put some real heat on the ball” — Ertz is doing so well, that he’s throwing himself some lasers!

    This was a weird game for Wentz. There were several times when he didn’t set his feet and was antsy in the pocket when he didn’t need to be. I know we barely squeaked by with an exciting finish, but he left a lot of yards and maybe a TD or two on the field. I think highly of Carson and think he will be a very good QB, but I just want to see a game where he completely takes over and dominates a team, any team, even a horrible team that gets dominated every week. I know I’m crazy, but it kills me to see Goff having a 3TD – 0INT game, with Dak already having had several of those, and Wentz never throwing more than 2TDs.

    It’s just the anxious, life-long PTSD Philly fan in me. I know he’s improving, but GAH, if his footwork is already getting all junked up by the 3rd game…and if Goff starts lighting it up…and if Dak continues to play well…I will lose my ish, man. TGIF. Go Birds.

  30. 30 Howie Littlefinger said at 2:02 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Not a great game from him but on the last drive he did what we needed him to do. This team keeps on fighting and seem to believe in each other. I have a lot of the same skeptisims as many here but its great to have a team I WANT to root for. We haven’t really been this well constructed since early 2000’s

    PTSD below lol

    Andy- Old and tired same way of losing. Glad he’s doing great tho!
    CK- Pretentious, annoying, WTF Sam Bradford WTF
    Bradford- Really?
    Sconces- Complains after a win about practice! who does that when they are the 49th best at they’re job?
    Vick- I could never root for him even if he did pay for his crime. Happy to see him go

  31. 31 scratcherk said at 11:28 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    This was awesome:

  32. 32 Tumtum said at 7:15 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    never gets old.

  33. 33 Ark87 said at 11:59 AM on September 29th, 2017:

    Really happy about Kendricks this year, was a little worried when we wanted to trade him and he seemed to want to be traded too, seemed like trouble to end up keeping him. But he took his game to the next level by limiting his low-lights. And he really isn’t acting like some merc who knows he’s not wanted and performing for his next job. Thought it was cool that he was one of the guys that carried Elliot off the field. Also thought it was cool that JP gave Elliot a pep talk after his missed FG. Always seemed like no one talks to the ST specialists in football.

  34. 34 scratcherk said at 12:01 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    couldnt understand what JP said to him

  35. 35 GermanEagle said at 12:02 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    “No more misses”

  36. 36 scratcherk said at 12:10 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    well if that didnt make him shit his pants then he’s a keeper

  37. 37 Sokhar20 said at 3:15 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    He was so scared that he went home and dumped his wife/girlfriend, just because he misunderstood Peters.

  38. 38 Ark87 said at 12:09 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Elliot had to be scared to death, doubt he heard anything, just nod with the resolve to never miss a field goal again. Haven’t owned a jersey since I was a kid, but if I ever invest in one, it will probably be a JP jersey.

  39. 39 Tumtum said at 7:08 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    He is #3 on my all-time favorite list at this point.

  40. 40 Ryan Rambo said at 5:33 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    “No more misses, bro.”

  41. 41 Tumtum said at 7:05 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    “Miss again puny human, and I will eat you!”

  42. 42 GermanEagle said at 12:08 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Even with a hangover from a sleepless night I still don’t have a good feeling for this game..

  43. 43 scratcherk said at 12:12 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    i never have a good feeling for any game. its the inner pessimist in me. if they’re favored, then well they might not get ready for the game and will probably lose. if they’re not favored, then well they’re not good enough to win the game anyway.

  44. 44 A Roy said at 4:01 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    If we expected to win we wouldn’t be Philadelphia fans.

  45. 45 Sean Stott said at 1:18 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Anyone else going on Sunday? Am I the only schmuck who paid an ungodly sum to go to the game? I hear parking is $100

  46. 46 GermanEagle said at 1:31 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I live in Queens, but will watch the game at Shorty’s in the city.

    How much did you pay for the ticket?

  47. 47 Sean Stott said at 2:48 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    For two tickets, ended up being $590 with the stupid service charge

  48. 48 GermanEagle said at 2:48 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    you are kidding, right!?

  49. 49 Sean Stott said at 2:57 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Dude no it’s highway robbery. I mean, they are really good seats (midfield, lower level behind Eagles), but still. I guess that’s what happens when the stadium holds less than 28,000 people.

  50. 50 FairOaks said at 3:02 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    There were tickets selling for like $6 for their home opener because so many weren’t sold. Granted, I’m sure those were nosebleeds. Looking at stub hub right now, the lowest is like $109, but again, nosebleeds. Interestingly, looks like the price for tickets behind the Eagles bench is higher than the price behind the Chargers bench (and in that price range). Does seem like there could be a lot of Eagles fans there, and they are driving up the price.

  51. 51 Sean Stott said at 3:04 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Definitely. I’m thinking it might be as high as like 40% Eagles fans. It will be a weird, interesting experience in such a small stadium.

  52. 52 FairOaks said at 3:09 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Yeah. Could be a lot of Philly ex-pats in LA where this is their first chance to see them live in ages, and the only chance ever in this stadium. So they could be shelling out some good prices.

  53. 53 A_T_G said at 3:37 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    There could also be a large number of Rams fans paying to get a look at the guy they wish the team had drafted instead of Goff…

  54. 54 FairOaks said at 5:45 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    You would pay $200 for that?

  55. 55 Sean Stott said at 5:55 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    +Service Fee 🙁

  56. 56 A_T_G said at 8:44 AM on September 30th, 2017:

    Well, I wouldn’t.

    Rams fans probably need to work a little harder to get excited, though.

  57. 57 GermanEagle said at 3:19 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Isn’t “nosebleeds” in a 27,000 seater rather an oxymoron?!

  58. 58 Sean Stott said at 3:24 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Absolute cheapest tickets I saw were in the low 100’s. Then, they add in their highway-robbery $90 ‘service fee’, so you’re already at $300. I was pot-committed.

  59. 59 FairOaks said at 6:00 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Wow, $90 service fee. Had no idea. So the $6 tickets were really $96. That is really slimy. Stuff like that can start turning off fans long-term, and prevent younger fans from ever starting. That’s rather ridiculous for a team trying to build a fanbase, though the move was only done for $$$ reasons to begin with so not completely surprised.

  60. 60 FairOaks said at 5:54 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Seats can still be pretty high/far away in some 20,000 seat hockey stadiums I’ve been to 🙂 No idea on that one in particular. But yes, closer than the typical NFL stadium.

    From the looks of it, there are no seats at one end at all, and a decent second tier on only one side (press boxes on the other), so that is probably where a lot of the seating discrepancy comes from. Two full tiers all the way around could probably get that in the 40,000+ range pretty easily. The top of that second tier may not be *too* much closer than some NFL stadiums.

  61. 61 A Roy said at 4:00 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I heard $14 from a friend who is a Chargers fan. Concur w/ GE re: nosebleeds in a 27K seat stadium.

  62. 62 Sean Stott said at 4:00 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Even on Craigslist I couldn’t find anything even close to $14 lol

  63. 63 A Roy said at 4:18 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Think he was talking about last week. Eagles fans travel well, so that drives prices up. Hell, Wash and KC games sounded like home games on the radio.

  64. 64 GermanEagle said at 3:06 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Wow. I hope you will have a blast and enjoy an Eagles victory though. Go birds!

  65. 65 Sean Stott said at 3:08 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    thank you

  66. 66 P_P_K said at 5:31 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Go, have a blast. You’ll forget about the money but will remember the good time.

  67. 67 Tumtum said at 7:03 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    I feel a-lot better about the new lawn equipment I just bought.

  68. 68 Rambler said at 5:22 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Live in Phoenix, thought about going to this game. Decided against it because of the price. Cheapest ticket I could find when I looked over a week ago was around $175. Ridiculous. Also heard the parking is expensive. Kind of regret not doing it, but just did not want to spend that much (plus airfare). Good luck, hope you have a good time and the Eagles get an easy win.

  69. 69 Sean Stott said at 5:25 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Thanks. Yea the price was kind of insane.

  70. 70 Tumtum said at 7:02 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    And you say they have trouble selling out??? I’m shocked!

  71. 71 GermanEagle said at 1:32 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    If JP is not a first ballot HoFer I will personally drive to Canton, having Elliott kicking the committee’s balls…

  72. 72 Bert's Bells said at 2:16 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Hutchinson is up this year. If he doesn’t make it first ballot (he won’t), neither will JP.

  73. 73 Tumtum said at 7:02 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    He won’t?

  74. 74 Bert's Bells said at 9:37 AM on September 30th, 2017:

    Probably not. Have you read any of the pieces on HoF balloting and getting in on the first ballot?

    Seems highly unlikely.

  75. 75 Sokhar20 said at 3:13 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    We better get Jason some playoff wins, then. Postseason success is really the only thing missing from his resume.

  76. 76 Tumtum said at 7:01 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    No championship and limited play-off accolades. Might be harder than you think.

  77. 77 myartz04 said at 10:09 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    If you ever drive to Canton, come have a beer first.

  78. 78 P_P_K said at 1:51 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Wentz followed through on his paycheck promise. Came away with the weekly Community MVP award.

  79. 79 FairOaks said at 6:05 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    That amount is a lot higher (4x) than his game check (though still far less than the weekly prorated bonus amount). Wonder if that was a separate thing than the promise to Elliott.

  80. 80 meteorologist said at 8:42 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    It was a separate thing as far as I know

  81. 81 Dragon_Eagle said at 2:32 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Shout out to Mills and Curry for excellent play this past Sunday. Nothing flashy, just getting the job done.

  82. 82 Sean Stott said at 5:15 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Although Curry’s goal line stop was very flashy!

  83. 83 kajomo said at 6:47 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Half of the people here thought Mills had the worst game ever.

  84. 84 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:14 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Mills covered OBJ. OBJ makes plays on the elite corners. For 3 quarters Mills held him in check and the 2 TDs in the 4th were great catches by OBJ. OBJ is a complete asshole, but he’s a fantastic football player. Just like Tom Brady.

  85. 85 kajomo said at 11:44 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    You don’t have to explain it to me. I like Mills. I don’t wants him as our #1 long term, but he can have role in this defense for a long time.

  86. 86 GermanEagle said at 6:30 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Lol @ Eagles fans who think that will be an easy ‘W’.

  87. 87 Tumtum said at 7:00 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    Same fans are going to be calling for the heads of everyone from Howie to the ball boy with the blue vest filling in for McLeod to be thrown on the street.

  88. 88 Dragon_Eagle said at 9:19 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    We’re not favored, nor should we be. We’ve been more lucky than good, though signs are pointing in the right direction. We’re on the road. Opposite coast. Injury-wise we’re screwed. LA Chargers have played 2 tough division opponents in KC and Denver. They are desperate.

    Only advantage is that of the 25,000 fans who will be there, 24,000 or so will be in Eagles Midnight Green.

  89. 89 wee2424 said at 12:13 AM on September 30th, 2017:

    Yeah, this is going to be a tough one. Thank god McLeod is back. Not having Cox sucks. I would feel alot better with him available. At least Beau will help clog the running lanes against a good rushing offense.

    What scares me the most is Rivers very quick release. I feel as though Rivers will somewhat rebound this game simply because he is such a talented QB that he simply wont continue to be as por as he has been.

    Need Wiz and Kelce to continue to play good football so our backs can assist Peters and LJ against their DE’s as opposed to taking on interior rushers.

    On top of Smallwood having a good game on the ground he needs to continue his good pass protection.

    Would like to see Ags involved more. Wentz really needs to connect on a deep throw or 2. Those missed opportunities will hurt us sooner rather then later.

    It’s on DP to not allow an emotional hangover after last week’s V.

  90. 90 TO BLACKS said at 6:33 PM on September 29th, 2017:

    This site is a week late.

  91. 91 沃八达 said at 10:19 PM on September 29th, 2017:


  92. 92 wee2424 said at 12:20 AM on September 30th, 2017:

    I don’t see why people like Darnold so much. God, Jets fans are desperate.