Game Review – PHI 33, SF 10

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The Eagles were up 3-0 at the 2-minute warning.

They won the game 33-10.

The team started slow, but once things broke open late in the half, it was all over. They were clearly the better team, even though the Eagles did not play great football. I think it says something that they can be a bit sloppy and still win by 23. Also take into account that this was a short week. Plus, there was no Jason Peters. There was no Jordan Hicks. The Eagles still won convincingly. That’s a good sign.

SF came into the week with a banged up OL. They lost both OTs during the game and had no chance at that point. There was one play in the 3rd quarter that showed how overwhelmed they were. CJ Beathard faked a hand-off and the RB had a pair of Eagles all over him. Beathard ran a bootleg and had a pair of Eagles on him. He got rid of the ball just before being planted. The guy who caught the ball had a pair of defenders on him as he caught the ball. There was no gain on the play.

The defense had their best game of the year, limiting SF to just 238 yards. The lone TD was scored after an INT gave the Niners the ball deep in Eagles territory. The Eagles sacked Beathard 4 times and pounded him all game long. They came up with 2 INTs.

Another play that can give you an idea of the futility of the SF offense came on a QB sneak. The Eagles came up with one of the best stuffs of a sneak I’ve ever seen. Beau Allen went low and pushed up the A-gap, getting Beathard low. Vinny Curry came over the LG and got Beathard up high. Mychal Kendricks flew off the edge and slung Beathard down. With forward progress, no gain. Beathard ended up several yards back with multiple Eagles on him. Zero chance of success.

The Eagles offense was hardly a smooth machine, but made enough big plays for the team to stay out in front and win the game. The Eagles got the ball with 5:20 left in the game and, just like in the Chargers game, never gave it back. This wasn’t as dramatic because the game wasn’t on the line, but you still love seeing the offense be able to just methodically seal the game. You know you’ve had a good day when Nick Foles is the one kneeling the ball at the end.


Doug Pederson had a lot of things to deal with to get the team ready. Short week. Bad weather. Key injuries. Inferior opponent. The Eagles didn’t come out and play clean, crisp football, but there was no letdown. Sloppy play kept the game close for most of the first half, but that changed in a hurry. Once the Eagles created some separation, they didn’t let up. Pederson really is pushing the right buttons with this team.

There was only one management decision of any real significance. The Eagles missed the extra point after going up 9-0. When they scored a few minutes later, Pederson had the team go for two. That made the lead 17-0, three possessions. There is a huge difference in being up two vs three possessions. Smart gamble by Pederson.

The offensive gameplan made sense. Come out and play power football, trying to run on the Niners. It worked initially, but then their D got real aggressive for a while and shut down the run game. SF also caused problems with blitzing and stunting on pass plays. It took a bit, but the Eagles countered and got a quick passing game going late in the half and that woke up the offense.

The defense did what they seem to every week…stuff the run and dare the QB to win. With that OL and a rookie QB, the Niners had no chance.


Carson Wentz did not have his A-game. He finished 18-32-211 with 2 TDs and an INT.

The weather wasn’t ideal, but Wentz said that didn’t have much of an effect on the offense. SF did some new and creative things that threw off the protection early and Wentz was under a lot of pressure for a while. He didn’t always handle that well. There were some sloppy throws. Some due to pressure and some when he did have time.

Wentz missed Jeffery for TD in the 1st Qtr. Just overthrew him. There was a DL closing in on him, but Wentz needs to make a better throw there. Jeffery didn’t have a chance to even play the ball. Wentz missed a wide open Ertz in the 4th. Wentz had rolled to his left and had time to throw. He just rushed and the ball was behind Ertz. Wentz overthrew Celek in the 4th. That would have put the Eagles near the goal line. Just a bad throw.

There were some highlights. Wentz found Ertz for a short TD late in the half. Ertz was wide open, but sometimes those can be the hardest throws. They made it look like pitch and catch. Wentz hit Jeffery down the right sideline for a big play in the 3rd Qtr. Jeffery turned that into a 53-yard TD. Wentz made impressive throws to Burton, Agholor and Hollins over the middle on various plays. 

The INT wasn’t Wentz’s fault. He wouldn’t come out and say it, but Hollins stopped running and Wentz threw it out in front of him on a dig route. I love the fact he wouldn’t throw the rookie under the bus. That’s good leadership.

Wentz did make one key throw that wasn’t caught. The Eagles had 3rd/15 late in the half. Wentz fired the ball downfield toward Torrey Smith in the end zone. Smith was able to draw a flag for PI. Wentz was willing to take a chance and made a good enough throw that the DB had to do something. That led to the first TD of the game.

Wentz picked a good week to have a mediocre performance. He was still good enough for the Eagles to be a bad team.


LeGarrette Blount finished 16-48-1. He started well and finished well, but didn’t have room to run in between that. You could see where his lack of burst hurt on some of those plays. There were holes to hit, but they closed as he got there or before. SF has a fast defense and that showed on some of those plays. Blount was at his best late. Carried the ball 4 times for 26 yards and a TD on a drive in the 4th.

Wendell Smallwood was darn near invisible. You have to wonder if he’s hurt and the coaches were protecting him or he’s done something to get on their bad side. One run for 5 yards and one catch for 9 yards.

Corey Clement had his best game, going 10-54 on the ground. Most of those carries came in the 2nd half. Showed good speed and ran hard. Had best run of his young career when he went for 22 yards in the mid-3rd Qtr. Made a good cut and burst up the middle. Had good blocking on the play. Ran hard on the final drive and helped the offense eat up the clock.

Kenjon Barner was 2-11 as a receiver.


Alshon Jeffery was 2-62-1. Limited stats, but made impact plays. Hauled in a pass on the sideline in the 3rd Qtr. Was a 50-50 ball that he won and then outmuscled a couple of DBs and turned that into a 53-yard TD. Made the catch on the 2-point conversion late in the 1st half. Played some defense and batted down a Hail Mary pass on the final play of the 1st half. Had a good block on Blount’s TD run.

Torrey Smith did not have a catch, but still made a key play. Drew PI call late in the half. Ran full speed toward the end zone and forced the CB into a tough position. Guy panicked, made contact and drew the flag. That play only happens because Smith ran his route as well as he did.

Nelson Agholor was 3-26. No real highlight plays.

Mack Hollins was 2-30. Highlight was a 24-yard catch on a scoring drive. Ran a great route to get open for the big gain. Blocked well on run plays. Big error came in the 3rd when he ran a dig route and stopped. Wentz threw the ball to a spot, anticipating Hollins would keep running. Went right to DB for the pick.


Zach Ertz had somewhat of a quiet game, finishing 4-34-1. SF is very good against TEs so it isn’t a surprise that they slowed him down a bit. Had a poor block on early QB run. Allowed LB to make the tackle. Had good block of DE on Clement’s long run in the 3rd Qtr. The TD was simple, but ran a good route to get wide open.

Brent Celek caught one pass for 14 yards. Up and down game as a blocker. Badly beaten by OLB on 3rd/1. Led to TFL. Blocked LB for 10 yards on Blount’s TD run. Was on the backside, but kept LB from getting in on the play.

Trey Burton caught pass on 3rd/5 and delivered a gain of 15. Good catch and RAC yards. Finished 2-21.


Blitzes were a problem. So were stunts and loops.They did some things that caught the Eagles off guard. There were too many missed assignments and too much confusion. The OL was better in the 2nd half.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai made his first ever start at LT. Good game. Not perfect to be sure, but played well. Gave up a sack late in the half. Wentz didn’t help by holding the ball, but Vaitai can’t let big DL beat him to the inside. Make that guy beat you around the edge. Called for holding on 3rd Qtr run play. Looked questionable to me. Good block initially, but then DL went to ground and Big V on top of him. That drew the flag. Good block of DT created good hole for Clement on his long run.

Looked good as a pass protector. Played with good pad level and moved his feet well. Looked comfortable. Needs to anchor better. Got moved backward more than you would ideally prefer. Run blocking was very up and down. Did better than I expected. Overall, showed a lot of promise.

Lane Johnson had a bad sequence early on. False start turned 3rd/6 into 3rd/11 and then got beaten on that play, which led to a sack. Played well overall. Great block on Blount run in the 4th. Caved in DE and then got LB, giving Blount huge hole. Also had an excellent block on Blount’s TD run.

Jason Kelce had some struggles with NT Earl Mitchell, a powerful veteran who plays with good leverage. Kelce did a good job on ILB on Clement’s long run. Terrific reach block of Mitchell on Blount’s TD. Rode him wide and gave Blount a lane.

Stefen Wisniewski played LG and moved to C on the final drive. Didn’t have many highlight blocks. He and Kelce both let an interior rusher go on 3rd down play. Guy pressured Wentz. Miscommunication between the two.

Brandon Brooks had an excellent block on early 3rd down. LB lined up in the A-gap and Brooks caved him in to the left. Gave Wentz clean pocket with no traffic in front of him. Overall, played well.

Isaac Seumalo was the jumbo TE. Got manhandled by Douzable on run play and Blount was stuffed. Did not look good early. Had a couple of good blocks on the final drive.



Vinny Curry is just a monster against the run this year. Had a TFL early in the game. Seems to live in the backfield on run plays. Played really well. Had 5 solo tackles, TFL and a sack. Got held on multiple plays or could have posted even better numbers. Just missed sacks a few times. Finally got loose in the 4th and sacked Beathard.

Fletcher Cox dominated the middle of the line. Just overwhelmed the C and came up with a sack in the mid-2nd Qtr. Almost picked off pass in the early 4th. Got his hand on a screen pass, but just couldn’t quite get hold of the ball.

Brandon Graham was disruptive at LDE and RDT. Exploded off the edge and got a sack late in the half. Flew into the backfield in the 4th and had a chance for a sack, but was called for a penalty. Bogus call.

Tim Jernigan had a couple of tackles, including a TFL. Dominated on 3rd Qtr run. Drove the C backward and then tackled the RB. Great series in the 4th. Flew into the backfield and crushed Beathard just after he threw the ball. On the next play, threw the RG aside and stuffed the RB.

Beau Allen had a good showing. Wasn’t credited with any plays, but was in on stuffing the QB sneak. Got pressure on a couple of plays and hustled in pursuit.

Destiny Vaeao had a couple of tackles. Best play came when he shed a blocker and stuffed a RB.

Derek Barnett lined up offside on early 3rd/11. Luckily that didn’t burn the defense. Had a TFL in the 2nd Qtr. Had a couple of solo tackles and got a couple of big hits on Beathard.

Chris Long didn’t show up much on the stat sheet, but the tape showed different. Got some big hits on the QB. Ate up the RT in passing situations. Got robbed of a sack when officials ruled a timeout had been called prior to the snap.


Mychal Kendricks had another strong game. He is really flying around the field and making plays. There was a play early in the game when Beathard tried to roll right so he could throw. Kendricks flew up the field and forced him to throw the ball away. Showed big time closing speed on that play. On the next play, used his speed to create TFL vs run. Made a great pass break-up in the 4th. Came from around the RB and knocked the ball away without interfering with him. Great play inside the 5-yard line. Amazing how well Kendricks is playing this year. Finished with 7 tackles, sack and PD.

Nigel Bradham had a 5 tackles and played well, but there weren’t any real highlights. Had a chance for an INT, but McLeod got to the ball first.

Joe Walker started slow, but got better as the game went along. Can be over-aggressive at times and get himself out of position. Stuffed running play in the 3rd Qtr. Hit TE as he tried to catch a pass over the middle and broke up the play. Played faster as the game went along. Got better in coverage. Had 3 tackles and PD.


Malcolm Jenkins had 5 solo stops and a PD. Blew up 2nd Qtr run by driving blocker back at LOS and creating TFL for Robinson.

Rodney McLeod was in on 4 tackles. He also had a TFL and picked off a pass. SF didn’t challenge him deep very much, but he came downhill to get involved as much as he could.

Corey Graham blitzed up the A-gap in the early 4th and forced Beathard to throw the ball away inside the 10-yard line. Lined up like a CB on a RZ pass play. Gave up completion on slant, but made the tackle.


Patrick Robinson had a good game, but got hurt and missed more than half the game. Finished with 2 tackles, TFL and PD. Played the run well. Very physical, whether making tackles or taking on blockers. Broke up a pass and the deflection was picked off by McLeod.

Jalen Mills had a terrific game. Had 3 tackles, TFL and a pick-six. Covered well throughout. Made a huge play late in the half when he read the play, jumped the route and picked off Beathard. Ran that back for a TD. Good break on ball in the 3rd and broke up the pass.

Rasul Douglas played some on the outside. Highlight came when he broke up deep ball in the 4th. Was in good position and extended to deflect the ball.

Jaylen Watkins split time with Douglas outside. Watkins stopped early 3rd down play by knocking receiver out of bounds short of the sticks. Amazing that he’s become a physical player and solid tackler.

Dexter McDougle took over for Robinson in the slot. Looked good in coverage. Was in on one tackle.



KOR – All were touchbacks.

PR – Kenjon Barner 2-14.

Donnie Jones – Averaged 46 yards per punt. Had two downed inside the 20.

Jake Elliott – All 7 of his KOs were touchbacks. 2 for 2 on FGs. Only went 1 for 3 on extra points. First miss was due to a bad hold (weather). Second miss also looked like there could have been an issue with the hold.


McDougle downed a punt inside the 5. I loved the fact he didn’t try to get it as close to the GL as possible. Too many guys get greedy and the ball somehow goes into the end zone.

Barnett blocked FG in the 4th. Got the best of DL who had taken the place of OL in the FG protection team. Barnett then shoved aside the kicker and scooped the ball. Wanted to run it back a long way, but couldn’t break free of traffic.




54 Comments on “Game Review – PHI 33, SF 10”

  1. 1 Flyin said at 2:39 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    No major injuries. That sure as hell beats the lousy 3rd down stats on offense in the game. Win, win by 23.

  2. 2 CrackSammich said at 8:07 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    On that Duffy clip of the FG block, Dexter McDougle’s snap timing is nearly perfect. Beat Curry by a mile. I had to watch a couple times just to make sure he wasn’t guessing.

  3. 3 Insomniac said at 9:37 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    I’m expecting a close game tomorrow but I can also see us being in control of our fate. Brock is a scrub but that defense can drag him to a win if he can put up some points. That trio of CBs is still by far the most talented in the league and our WRs are in for the biggest challenge of the season. Also Big V vs Von Miller? Run Carson run!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4 D3FB said at 4:31 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Von lines up over the RT the vast majority of the time. They still have the luxury of lining up Shane Ray or Shaquil Barrett opposite him.

  5. 5 Insomniac said at 8:28 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    I’d like to think that but then I remember the time where you sold me on Matt Tobin. You snakeoil salesmen.

  6. 6 CrackSammich said at 10:45 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    Any news on possibly disciplinary action against Cox for the Staley hit?

  7. 7 ColorSgt said at 11:08 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    Won’t be suspended, could still be fined.

  8. 8 xmbk said at 3:09 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    I still haven’t seen anything that could indicate even a fine. Kind of a freak hit, don’t see how an orbital got broken on that.

  9. 9 ColorSgt said at 10:56 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    Wonder how other teams will approach 3rd or 4th and short after that stuff against SF… Maybe it won’t stop other teams from running qb sneaks since SF is just so bad, but I like the idea that it makes other teams think twice.

  10. 10 Gary Barnes said at 11:12 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    Really like Barnett’s growth so far this season. He finally got some payoff vs SF, but he has been playing pretty well for weeks now. If he and Graham can control the edges with Cox and Jernigan pushing the pocket, this DL could get even better, scary 🙂

  11. 11 ColorSgt said at 11:56 AM on November 4th, 2017:

    The blocked FG play was incredible. I think DE is a tough spot to come in even as a 1st round pick and make an immediate impact. But you can see his improvement as the season goes on, and I think the potential is there for him to become very good opposite Graham.

  12. 12 daveH said at 2:34 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    How much growth and what a crazy career for eagle great Graham !! Max Respekt for Brandon Graham

  13. 13 ColorSgt said at 3:59 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Gotta give him credit for not giving up along the way. He had a lot of people down on him, but his motor kept on running and he’s put it all together.

  14. 14 Bert's Bells said at 4:19 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Moves from DE to 3-4 OLB back to DE, learns them all and finds a way to be disruptive. Great football player.

  15. 15 daveH said at 5:26 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    If he gets us to the big game that would be MY first storyline ..

  16. 16 A_T_G said at 12:47 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Hmm, if only they had the greatest young kicker of all time…

  17. 17 Henly125 said at 12:54 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Haha Marvin Lewis probably has nightmares of the 61 yarder..

  18. 18 Henly125 said at 12:52 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Very encouraging to see Big V’s improvement in his second year. His mechanics are sound and JP’s influence in his improvement is evident.

    Jalen Mills is the man. His ability to read QBs while having that instinctual route recognition is a credit to his knowledge of the game. As excited as we all are to have Darby and Jones waiting in the wings at CB, I don’t see them unseating Mills from the starting gig. What a complete 180 at the CB position from 18 months ago. Pretty exciting.

  19. 19 BobSmith77 said at 1:32 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    If Mills is starting outside this time next year, something went wrong.

  20. 20 xmbk said at 3:04 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Yeah, fan analysis. 😉

  21. 21 Henly125 said at 6:42 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    How so?

  22. 22 Insomniac said at 8:31 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Darby and Jones probably not healthy. That’s what he meant I guess.

  23. 23 Masked Man said at 10:41 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Yeah he’s a tuff little pit bull ain’t he?

  24. 24 Dragon_Eagle said at 1:13 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    So, only from reading Tommy’s review above did I know that Wisniewski played C at the end of the game.

    Why? Did Kelce sustain a minor injury?

  25. 25 CrackSammich said at 1:22 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Same reason Foles was in.

  26. 26 Bert's Bells said at 2:48 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    WHAT?!?!? Wentz is injured!?!?!?!?

  27. 27 Masked Man said at 10:39 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Relief snaps in garbage time.

  28. 28 BobSmith77 said at 1:31 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Boosted the Eagles margin of victory to 12 points in wins and best point differential in the NFL (+76).

  29. 29 Insomniac said at 3:05 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    “NFL is looking to bring an Eagles game to London in 2018”

    Hell no.

  30. 30 kajomo said at 3:25 PM on November 4th, 2017:


  31. 31 Julescat said at 3:34 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    so the Eagles lose a home game?

    no thanks

  32. 32 Guy Media said at 4:00 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    It would be a road game from what was reported last week.

  33. 33 Bert's Bells said at 4:17 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Road game against The Giants? I’ll take it.

  34. 34 Guy Media said at 4:19 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    That would give the appropriate insult to that horrific fan base.

  35. 35 Guy Media said at 4:00 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Hell yeah! Think of all of the breakfast cookout possibilities for watching a game that kicks at 9:30?

    And there would be a Philly takeover of London!

  36. 36 Flyin said at 11:47 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Question for ya, ever heard of a cheesesteak with a fried egg or two added? Kinda like hamburgers with an egg on top (never tried this, but want to).

  37. 37 ColorSgt said at 4:04 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Anything other than the 4th preseason game would be a tragedy.

  38. 38 Guy Media said at 4:06 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    If you’ve been to both Jacksonville and London, you’d know London would be a huge upgrade.

  39. 39 ColorSgt said at 4:14 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    What about San Diego? Heard the weather is nice there.

  40. 40 Guy Media said at 4:15 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Those poor people. I still can’t believe the scumbags that own the Chargers moved the team.

  41. 41 Sean E said at 8:03 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    PHI@LAC was an amazing experience!

  42. 42 Insomniac said at 8:28 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    How about never?

  43. 43 ColorSgt said at 8:50 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Ideally yes.

  44. 44 CrackSammich said at 3:23 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    I feel like we’ll see a lot of 3TE sets tomorrow. Can’t showcase their 3 great corners if they aren’t on the field.

  45. 45 ColorSgt said at 5:23 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Not a bad idea. Also, they should focus on getting the ball out quickly.

  46. 46 Will Ft. The Roots said at 6:46 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    I think we are going to be disappointed in that aspect. I hope I’m wrong but I imagine Wentz getting hit a lot on long developing passing plays.

  47. 47 ColorSgt said at 7:54 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Yeah he’s held onto the ball all year, I don’t expect it to change, but it does, I’ll give Pederson a lot of credit.

  48. 48 Sean E said at 8:13 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    What’s with people acting like we shouldn’t win this game tomorrow?

    We’re huge favorites. The Broncos will have a 6’7″ stationary target, perfect for BG/Cox/Curry/DB/Long/Jernigan to tee off on.

  49. 49 ColorSgt said at 8:56 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Agree but it could be 3-0 right before halftime again. Hope they can get off to a faster start this week.

  50. 50 Masked Man said at 10:31 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Could be a game very similar to last week’s like you say.

  51. 51 Flyin said at 11:39 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    The Eagles barely beat the Giants. The Eagles were supposed to dominate their offensive line according to the experts. Eli played hot potato with the football and got it out quick. They had a good strategy.

    Huge favorites? Is that what the Denver locker-room is thinking? It sure as hell better not be what the Eagles players are thinking.

  52. 52 Dragon_Eagle said at 8:59 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Tomorrow is the game we really miss Jason Peters. Broncos 31 Eagles 3.

  53. 53 Fufina said at 9:21 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    We could punt on every 1st down and give up less points. Hell we might even still win against the Brockenator doing that.

    We will struggle to move the ball consistently, although the only weakness in the Broncos defense is slot WR’s and TE’s and we have the no.1 TE and no.2 Slot WR in the NFL this year in yards…. so we should be able to move the ball at times

    Hopefully Wentz can understand he only needs to have 2 or 3 good drives to beat the Broncos, so be conservative, take what the defense gives you and protect the ball. Do that and we should win easily tomorrow.

  54. 54 Flyin said at 11:24 PM on November 4th, 2017:

    Jake Elliott’s 65 yd.field goal will give something to cheer and remember for many years.