The QB Market

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Will the Eagles trade Nick Foles? Should the Eagles trade Nick Foles?

One of the things that sometimes gets overlooked in this discussion is that another team has to want Foles. In a normal year, the QB who got hot and led his team to a Super Bowl win would likely be a hot commodity. This isn’t a normal year. Just look at potential free agents.

Drew Brees
Kirk Cousins
Case Keenum
Tedy Bridgewater
Sam Bradford
A.J. McCarron
Josh McCown
Jay Cutler

Brees won’t be leaving the Saints, barring a miracle, but there are still some attractive options for teams. None of them is perfect to be sure, but this is a better group of free agents QBs than you usually see.

The draft has some very talented prospects. There could be five QBs to go in the 1st round.

Sam Darnold
Josh Rosen
Baker Mayfield
Lamar Jackson
Josh Allen

That’s a lot of players to choose from.

As for potential suitors…


The Dolphins and Colts have starters coming off injury. They could be interested in some help. The Texans have DeShaun Watson coming off a torn ACL, but he is expected to be fine for this year and looked great when healthy last year.

There are teams like the Giants that have a starter for now, but still might look to draft a QB to develop for the future.

I don’t think one of the teams listed above is going to fall in love with Foles and then trade a high pick (2nd rounder) for him. They saw how great he could be, but also know he’s got limitations and needs the right situation. The Vikings make the most sense, but I tend to think they’ll bring back Case Keenum. The Broncos have a talented team and desperately need a QB, but it feels like they are either going after Cousins or drafting someone.

The Cardinals could be an X-factor. They don’t have any QBs on the roster. They are coming off an 8-8 season and picking 15th, not ideal when you are looking for a QB. They have a new coach. Arizona is too good to be completely rebuilding, but also don’t feel like a contender. Would trading for Foles make sense for them? Foles played his college ball at Arizona so it is possible going back there could be something of interest to him.

One of the keys for Foles is having a good O-line. Cardinals QBs were sacked 52 times in 2017. That doesn’t sound like a group that would help Foles play at a high level. I’m sure they’ll be trying to upgrade the OL this offseason no matter what they do at QB, but you just don’t know how good the pass protection will be.

It certainly would make the draft more fun if the Eagles were able to deal him, but I’m leaning against that happening right now.

It is possible that Foles could be really valuable if some veteran gets hurt in the spring or summer. The problem is that the Eagles would have to add a pick in the 2019 draft so they’d be giving up a good player and not getting any immediate return.

One team some thought could be a potential suitor is off the market for a veteran.

All kinds of rumors will be coming out of the Combine this week. Lots of them will involve QBs, some possibly even Foles. We might get a better feel for things as we hear the stories coming out of Indy. This is where a lot of free agent and trade negotiations begin.

I don’t have any scoops on the Foles situation. This is just me trying to read the situation based on what I know. Mike Florio seems to think Foles will be elsewhere in 2018. Sheil Kapadia thinks Foles will be dealt in the offseason. Part of me hopes they’re right.

Another part of me says “Foles just won you the Super Bowl. Don’t be in such a hurry to get rid of that guy.”


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