Even Better

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The Eagles defense finished 4th in points and yards allowed last year. Then they shut down the Falcons and Vikings, before getting lit up by Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. That was a bad showing in the big game, but overall the defense had an outstanding season.

The defense has a chance to be even better this year. They will add a potential difference-maker at CB in Sidney Jones. He has a chance to be a star.

Jones isn’t the only potential help.

Jordan Hicks started 7 games for the Eagles last year. He got hurt in the 7th game and didn’t finish. Hicks expects to be completely healthy for 2018 and could be an impact player in the middle of the defense. Hicks did not have an INT, FF or sack last year. Normally he is very productive.

If he’s all the way back, I think Hicks will make plays this year. He’s got a good track record (5 INTs in 2016) so last year was the anomaly.

The Eagles do have some pieces to replace, but adding Jones and Hicks is some real firepower.


The Raiders cut punter Marquette King on Friday. Not only was he good, but he kept things entertaining.

The Eagles need a P. King would be a good fit in a variety of ways. He’s talented. He likes to have fun. He’s also a good athlete and might give Dave Fipp and Doug Pederson a new weapon for trick plays.

King isn’t cheap, though. The Eagles don’t have much cap room and need to be smart about what they do spend. If the offense is going to be dynamic and Pederson is going for it on 4th downs, then you just can’t put much money in P.

The Eagles should absolutely call his agent to see what the price is, but I just can’t see this happening if he wants good money. Teams have to cut corners somewhere. You can’t pay everyone big money. For the Eagles, P is a spot to be frugal.


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