Howie and Doug Speak

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It’s time for the NFL Scouting Combine. Drills don’t start until Friday. For now, just lots of interviews. Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson met the media on Wednesday.

Spoiler alert…they didn’t reveal any offseason moves or break any major news.

Roseman was asked about Nick Foles. Shocker…he said the Eagles are trying to “keep all our good players.” That means two things. First, the Eagles think Foles is a good player. Second, if you want him, the price won’t be cheap.

Someone asked about Nate Sudfeld and Roseman couldn’t say enough good things about the young QB. He mentioned that the Eagles see him as a potential starting QB in the future (not with the Eagles, but just to point out that he can be more than just a backup). Roseman talked about a philosophical agreement with Pederson that the Eagles would develop QBs, always trying to keep three on the roster.

It sure sounds like Jason Peters isn’t going anywhere. Roseman referred to him as a Hall of Fame player. I get the feeling JP will be back with the Eagles this season. In reference to last year, Roseman said “He was dominant.”

Things don’t sound so good with Nigel Bradham. Roseman said the Eagles want him back, but then acknowledged that the Eagles can’t bring everyone back. You can’t pay everyone big money. Roseman didn’t specifically mention Bradham as someone who might be too expensive, but he sure hinted in that direction. My guess is that the Eagles know what he wants in terms of money and also know they can’t afford that.

Roseman talked about the need to find creative ways to improve the roster. He said the organization studied free agent multiple classes and made moves last year with that knowledge as a factor. Essentially, last year was the time to be aggressive. This year won’t be about big moves. Roseman said it will be his responsibility to figure out a way to make this offseason work. The Eagles aren’t just giving away good players to clear cap room. They must be smart and creative. He sounded pretty confident.

I agree with Zach.

As for Doug Pederson…he talked about the changes on his coaching staff. Mike Groh will be the offensive coordinator, in part because he had an active role in the passing game last year, but also because he’s a former QB and has been an offensive coordinator. This won’t be new to him.

Pederson had nothing but good things to say about Duce Staley. He also mentioned they would try to grow Staley’s role in terms of offensive gameplanning. Staley worked with Jeff Stoutland last year to plan the run game. Sounds like he’ll be more involved in the passing offense this season.

My favorite nugget of the day was Pederson talking about watching the Super Bowl on TV. He talked about flipping channels with his wife and stumbling upon the game on NFL Network and then watching it. “Did we win?” That line cracked me up because I’ve had the same reaction. Even though I know exactly what is going to happen, I get incredibly nervous when re-watching the game now, several weeks later. Great to hear the coach gets caught up in it just like we might.

Pederson was asked about the defense in the Super Bowl. He gave some credit to the Patriots (as he should have), but also mentioned that blown assignments were an issue. He feels like the talent was fine and that the errors are correctable.




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