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As we get ready to officially start the new league year this week, it is always helpful to take a good look at the roster to see what is already in place.

By my count, there are 45 players I consider likely to make the roster at this point.

QB – 3 – Wentz, Foles, Sudfeld
RB – 4 – Ajayi, Clement, Smallwood, Pumphrey
WR – 4 – Jeffery, Agholor, Hollins, Gibson
TE – 2 – Ertz, Celek
OT – 3 – Peters, Johnson, Vaitai
OG – 4 – Brooks, Wisniewski, Warmack, Seumalo
OC – 1 – Kelce

DE – 5 – Graham, Barnett, Long, Bennett, Means
DT – 4 – Cox, Jernigan, Vaeao, Qualls
LB – 4 – Hicks, Kendricks, Gerry, Grugier-Hill
S – 3 – Jenkins, McLeod, Maragos
CB – 5 – Darby, Mills, Jones, Douglas, Worley

ST – 3 – Lovato, Johnston, Elliott

I left Vinny Curry off the list because I expect him to be cut or traded in the next few days. You might wonder about Smallwood and Pumphrey. Smallwood was basically banished to Siberia this past year, but remember that he’s young and cheap, two things the Eagles need. Smallwood knows the offense and does have the kind of versatile skill set the Eagles like. As for Pumphrey, I’m projecting him to take the Kenjon Barner role this year. This is a player the Eagles liked a lot so they’re going to give him every chance to make the team.

Here is a list of players on the roster that I think has a legitimate shot to make the final cut. I’m not saying these guys are likely to make it, but I see them as more than camp bodies.

WR – Marquess Wilson, Bryce Treggs, Greg Ward

TE – Billy Brown, Joshua Perkins

LB – Joe Walker

S – Tre Sullivan

CB – D.J. Killings, Randall Goforth

Walker was on the team last year and Treggs was in 2016, but those guys will have to play well to earn spots. Wilson fascinates me. He is 56-777-3 for his career, but has struggled with injuries. You cannot count on him because of his history, but he can play if he can stay healthy. Wilson is a big, talented receiver. The Eagles need to Sports Science the heck out of him.

What about free agents?

CB Patrick Robinson
TE Trey Burton
LB Nigel Bradham
DT Beau Allen
RB Darren Sproles
RB Kenjon Barner
LB Dannell Ellerbe

DB Corey Graham
RB LeGarrette Blount
LB Najee Goode
LB Bryan Braman

The top group is likely gone. Some of those guys are going to get pretty good deals. The Eagles would love them back, but just can’t afford to pay everyone. We’ll see if Howie Roseman can work some magic and find a way to keep one of those key players.

The bottom group could come back. They’re veterans and good role players. Blount may hope to get money from someone, but the market for veteran RBs won’t be good.

I think the Eagles will do some bargain shopping in free agency, but I don’t expect them to sign more than a few guys.

As for the draft, the Eagles have six picks as of now. Jimmy Bama has the specific details.

1st round
4th round
4th round
5th round
6th round
7th round

You can bet the Eagles will be aggressive in going after UDFAs, unless they add draft picks via trade in the coming weeks.

As you look at the big picture, the Eagles don’t have a lot of major holes on the roster. You might question whether Mack Hollins is ready to take over at WR. We’ll see if Cameron Johnston is going to be the P or if they go for someone else. I’m not sure who will play in the slot right now. Sidney Jones is the best fit, but he’s going to be raw and that might be tough on him.

Roseman has the luxury of letting things come to him. If he gets a great offer for Nick Foles, he can make a deal. If he can trade Ronald Darby for the right pick, that would make some sense. Roseman doesn’t have to force things. He did that in 2016 to work up to the second overall pick so the Eagles could get Carson Wentz. Roseman can now look for good deals. If he doesn’t like the offers out there, he can hold onto the players.

There is no question that Roseman is frustrated by the cap situation and not having a full set of picks, but those problems helped the Eagles to win a Super Bowl so I’m sure Roseman isn’t doing too much complaining.

We haven’t had a wild rumor in more than a day, but expect that to change on Monday.


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