Another Mock Draft

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We’re getting closer.

I did my second mock draft for I actually liked this one for the most part. There is only one real frustration…no WR.

The Eagles won’t be able to get every need addressed this week. It just doesn’t work like that. I know the team has shown serious interest in some WRs and it won’t surprise me if they go with one with the first pick. Why?

Jeffery, Wallace and Agholor give the Eagles a good trio of receivers for 2018. Mack Hollins showed serious potential last year and should be better. Shelton Gibson practiced well and has the kind of deep speed the team loves. That’s a good group. Wallace is here for a year and Agholor could be in the final year of his deal. It would help to have another player in the mix this year.

As Howie Roseman has pointed out, rookie receivers don’t tend to play well. Those guys need time to adjust to the NFL. The Eagles would draft a WR this year to get him ready for 2019, when they might need him. Might.

One other thing to consider…the Eagles did a good job of developing WRs over the past decade, but they were mostly high picks. It will be interesting to see if the current coaches can develop UDFAs or late picks.

Marcus Johnson made the team and caught a few passes, but was only a marginal contributor.  I’m still curious to see if Greg Ward can take a big step forward this year. Marquess Wilson has NFL experience. His big issue is staying healthy. I’m curious to see if he can do that and win a roster spot.


I have been way behind in my draft writing this year. I apologize for that. The Eagles winning the Super Bowl was amazing, but losing that month of draft writing and research was crushing. I spend hours every day watching prospects and doing research, but just haven’t had enough time to also put those thoughts down on paper, so to speak. I’m finally changing that.

Here are my Positional Rankings for 2018.

Here are some random draft notes on players I like/don’t like.

I will keep posting material in the next few days. There will be a 1st round mock draft, Top 100 and of course I’ll post an Eagles Draft Preview here.


Worley messed up and it cost him a spot with the Eagles. I hope he learns his lesson and stays out of trouble in Oakland. Playing in the NFL is a privilege. He’s got NFL talent, but seems to lack some maturity and focus. Hate to see guys not realize the opportunity in front of them.


Joe Douglas did a short interview with Dave Spadaro.

There aren’t any significant nuggets. It is always interesting to hear Joe talk, since he’s still learning how to deal with the media.


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