Busy Day

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The Eagles continue to tweak their roster.

For those of you who aren’t fluent in Moron, Jimmy Bama was trying to let you know the Eagles signed TE Richard Rodgers to a one-year deal. Jimmy no write fancy.

After releasing Brent Celek and losing Trey Burton in free agency, the Eagles were thin at TE. Zach Ertz is great and one of the best in the league, but you need multiple good TEs. The Eagles have shown interest in a lot of draft prospects, but relying on a rookie to be the primary backup at a key position would not have been ideal.

The Eagles will now have good competition at TE. Rodgers will battle Billy Brown, Adam Zaruba and Joshua Perkins for a spot and/or playing time. The Eagles will likely draft a TE as well and he will also compete. If the rookie wins the backup job, so be it. The point is that no one will get handed the job.

Rodgers is 26 and has four seasons under his belt, all with the Packers. They spent a 3rd round pick on him, but Rodgers never developed into the player they hoped. His best season was 2015, when he went 58-510-8. That stat line looks pretty good, but only averaging 8.8 yards per catch is an issue.

Rodgers has solid size at 6-4, 255. He has excellent quickness, whether releasing into a pass route or coming off the ball to block. He is slow. You don’t want Rodgers running downfield very much. He does have very good hands and can make some incredible catches. Rodgers is an effective blocker. He’s not going to be mistaken for a 6th O-linemen very much, but he gets the job done. You see good effort. He gets a wide base and uses his hands well.

How does Rodgers compare to Celek? He’s not as good a blocker, but might be a slight upgrade as a receiver. Rodgers is still in his prime and has the potential to improve. Green Bay has a mixed track record with skill player development. The Eagles have had interest in Rodgers for a while. TEs coach Justin Peelle was at his Pro Day at Cal to check Rodgers out back in the spring of 2014. Maybe Peelle and the Eagles offensive system can get the most out of Rodgers.

Rodgers can help if the Eagles ever need a Hail Mary.



Paul Worrilow met the media on Wednesday. We learned…he’s from Delaware and has always wanted to play for the Eagles.

That’s about it.

Worrilow did say he can play MLB or OLB and he will be a core player on STs.


An era has ended.

Goode was a solid STer and somewhat effective backup. Worrilow should be an upgrade on him on defense. We’ll have to wait and see about STs.

Interesting that Frank Reich brought in a former Eagle. Reich saw the importance of a good locker room and players that embraced their role. Goode doesn’t think he’s some star LB. He knows he’s a backup and role player. Guys like that are good for chemistry and set a good example for other players.


This was weird.

The Eagles want to be cheaper and younger at P.

Jones is still good and will likely find a home somewhere. I’m glad he was able to go out on top with the Eagles.


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