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The Eagles finally made a pick. They moved up from 52 and…

Goedert is 6-5, 256 and a gifted athlete. He has freaky good hands and will make some insane catches.

Here is a write-up I previously did on him.

I didn’t say much about him overnight because I figured he would be long gone before it even got close to the Eagles pick. Instead, there was a run on interior OL and DBs. Goedert slid down to a point where he was close enough for the Eagles to go get.

Dallas had pick 50 and was thought to be targeting Goedert. They needed him to help replace Jason Witten, who it was reported today will be retiring. Howie Roseman moved from 52 to 49 to get ahead of Dallas to add a player that can be a big help to the Eagles.

Goedert is excellent value in the mid-2nd and can contribute right away. He will likely be a role player this year, but he can play a part in 3-TE sets and can help in the Red Zone. It is possible he could challenge Richard Rodgers for the #2 spot. We’ll have to wait and see how things shake out this summer.

The Eagles did have to give up pick 169 to pull off the deal. That hurts, but they obviously felt Goedert was worth it.


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