An Interesting TE Prospect

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TEs coach Justin Peelle went out to Brookings, South Dakota on Friday. There are some rumors that he was out there just doing some shopping, but my sources tell me that’s not true. He was actually there to work out a TE prospect, Dallas Goedert of South Dakota State.

This will be a new name to some of you, but Goedert has been a highly regarded prospect all year. He was invited to the Senior Bowl and looked very good there, before getting hurt. Goedert wasn’t able to work out at the Combine so his Pro Day drew quite a crowd. Per Tony Pauline, there were 7 TEs coaches on hand. Peelle was one of the coaches and ran some of the workout.

I wasn’t sure what the Eagles would think of Goedert. He has excellent size at 6-5, 256. He can make some freaky catches.

Goedert had a good workout. He posted excellent numbers, showing the kind of athletic ability that was expected. His workout matched his game tape, which is what you want from a prospect.

The reason I wondered about the Eagles interest in him is that he’s a highly inconsistent blocker. There are some plays where he looks really good. There are others where he doesn’t come close to getting the job done. His scouting report will look a lot like Zach Ertz’s.

Peelle likely went to the workout to get a better feel for whether Goedert would be a good fit for the Eagles. Can he come in here and compete for the #2 TE spot right away? One way to judge that is to put him through blocking drills and see up close what you think of him. Peelle is a former NFL TE so knows what it takes.

Another question with Goedert is value. Is he worth pick 32? Is he more of a mid-to-late 2nd rounder? Heck, some team could take him before 32. The whole league is interested in Goedert.


Robinson will be missed, but overall this group is so much better now. Depth. Size. Athleticism. Experience.

There is a good chance the Eagles add another CB in the draft. They would love someone who is a natural fit in the slot.


Randall Cunningham’s “A Football Life” will be on the NFL Network on Monday night at 9pm. That will be torture to watch. At his peak, Cunningham was a great player who did truly special things. You can argue that he’s the most naturally gifted QB to ever play the game.

Unfortunately he was more interested in being a star than being a star player. Combine that with a highly dysfunctional coaching situation and you have wasted years. Cunningham won a single playoff game in his time with the Eagles. That’s hard to believe. In five playoff games with Cunningham, the Eagles scored 62 offensive points. Nick Foles just led the team to 41 points in the Super Bowl. That’s hard to believe.

As frustrating as RC was, he was fun to watch. Especially in those uniforms and those black shoes.


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