It Begins

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The players reported to the Novacare Complex today. They didn’t show up to check out Fran Duffy’s latest mock draft (they know what a hack he is) but rather to begin the offseason conditioning program.

That might not sound like a big deal, but one year ago Doug Pederson laid the foundation for a Super Bowl team starting with offseason workouts. He preached competition and had the players battling on a daily basis for rewards such as parking spots. That sounds pretty simple, but it helped the players to push each other and also to bond.

Pederson knows the value of laying a good foundation and made sure to get his message out to the players for 2018.

The new normal…playing in February and winning titles. You don’t get there unless you start putting in the work in April (or sooner).


I wrote a piece for on the top storylines for 2018. Guess what’s number one? (in best Jan Brady voice) Carson, Carson, Carson!!! That’s all you do, talk about Carson and his stupid ACL!!!

Get ready for annoying levels of Carson Wentz rehab updates. He’s the key to the franchise and coming off a serious injury so you can’t help but focus on that. And with more than a gazillion people covering the Eagles, there will be an abundance of updates.

The weirdest thing will be the Eagles as the king of the hill. I’m used to the Eagles chasing the Cowboys or Giants or Packers or whoever. Now the Eagles are the hunted, with 31 other teams licking their chops for a chance to take down the Super Bowl champs.

That will put a ton of pressure on every game, but it is a cool issue to have to deal with.


For my money, the Eagles have the best team site in the league. I know I’m biased, but I do go check out other sites when doing research on coaches and players. I’m not sure if anyone is even close to the Eagles. If you agree, go support the site in their bid for a Webby.


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