It’s Schedule Time

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No more guessing. The schedule is officially out.

The first four games in the graphic are the preseason. We’ve known that for a couple of weeks.

The Eagles were expected to open the season against the Vikings, but that didn’t happen. Instead, there will be a rematch with another playoff team, the Falcons. The Eagles have beaten Atlanta two years in a row, both in Philly. There will be less emotion against them than there would have been against the Vikings so that might be better for the season opener. The Eagles will be fired up enough, being at home, opening the season and possibly welcoming back Carson Wentz.

There aren’t any brutal road stretches, but playing at Dallas and then at the Rams isn’t idea.

You can argue the Eagles only have 6 true road games. Playing the Jags in London could be a mixed affair or Eagles fans could take over that stadium. The game in Los Angeles could be another Eagles lovefest unless Rams fans finally get fired up and take back their stadium.

The overall schedule looks pretty daunting. Week 4 through Week 15 goes like this:

  • at playoff team
  • NFC CG rematch
  • division game
  • host playoff team
  • face playoff team in London
  • division game
  • at playoff team
  • division game
  • division game
  • division game
  • at playoff team

That’s pretty brutal.

Then again, we have to remember that the 2017 schedule looked fairly daunting last spring. You had to get creative to find 9 games you felt comfortable that the Eagles would win. Next thing you know, the team goes through that schedule like a buzz saw and finishes 13-3.

The 2017 played one game at a time and that got them the Super Bowl. I hope this team can maintain that very same focus.


Speaking of last year…

45 glorious minutes.


Going back to the schedule for a minute, it will be interesting to see how Carson Wentz stacks up against the some of the top young QBs in the game.

Deshaun Watson
Jared Goff
Jameis Winston
Marcus Mariota
Dak Prescott

We love to judge QBs against each other. Dak and Wentz already have quite the rivalry, even if they probably don’t know it.

Goff and Wentz will always be linked, after going 1-2 in the 2-16 draft.

Watson, Winston and Mariota all have big potential. Watson certainly looked freakishly good when healthy last year.

QBs don’t really face each other, but that won’t stop us from finding ways to compare them and argue the case for who really is best.

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