More on Foles

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This is interesting.

If Foles plays a decent amount this year, he will make good money. If he leads the team to another Super Bowl, he’ll make good money.

The revised deal is a way to make him a happy camper, but also to give both sides some flexibility. This is a highly unusual situation, with a backup QB winning the Super Bowl and playing at such a high level in the postseason. Then you mix in the fact that Carson Wentz is coming off an ACL injury and we don’t know for sure if he’ll be ready for the start of the season.

The Eagles are lucky to have a pair of starting caliber QBs they like so much. The new deal seems like a good short term solution for keeping everyone happy. Who knew that winning the Super Bowl would make life so complicated?

Just wait til Nate Sudfeld hits the field and starts throwing TDs and making plays. Then things will really get nuts.

Or Wentz could start all 16 games and win the Super Bowl and no one will remember any of this stuff ever happened.


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