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A couple of draft nuggets today.

Let’s talk about the players.

I am not as high on Williams as others. I think he can be a starting OT in the league, but might be a better OG. Very good run blocker. Solid pass protector, but I’m just not in love with his feet. There are other OTs I like better (McGlinchey, Crosby, Rankin).

I can see where the Eagles have some interest. They like versatile OL. If Big V proves to be your LT of the future, Williams could play LG. Or maybe Williams is your LT of the future. I wouldn’t hate the pick at 32, but it wouldn’t be my preference.

I don’t know what to say about Mailata. He’s huge and physical. It is hard not to be a little interested in a guy like that. He would be a long term project. I would rather the Eagles focus on players who can contribute now or in the near future. This is a title contender.

If Mailata played well in the preseason, you couldn’t cut him and get him to the practice squad. But would he really play well enough to help a team with title aspirations? I don’t see that happening.

Reaves makes complete sense for the Eagles. They need depth at Safety and he is a mid-to-late round pick. Watch him play and he’ll remind you a bit of Rodney McLeod. He does have some experience in the slot, but I think he’s at his best playing back and attacking up the field.

Reaves has solid size at 5-10, 202. He is a good tackler and solid hitter. He should be a good STer with his physicality and athleticism. It is possible he could develop into a starter in the future, but Reaves could be a solid role player early in his career.

He wasn’t a great playmaker in college. Reaves picked off 8 career passes and had 22 pass deflections. He did have 20.5 TFLs, which shows you that he can make plays in the box. He’s not afraid to mix it up with the big boys.


Preseason fanatics, here you go.

Foles vs Brady in Week 2? Can’t wait for that rematch.

Expect to see a lot of Nate Sudfeld.


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