Couple of Changes

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Nothing big, but still interesting.

So the Eagles cut a former Big 12 star who made plenty of big plays and had a good Combine workout so they could add an undersized WR from East Stroudsbourg. Nothing strange about that, right?

Thomas was either awful on the field or dumb off the field. He ran 4.64 at the Combine so we knew speed was an issue coming in. It is hard to believe that a bunch of rookies and other young receivers would have run circles around him, but you never know.

One of the tests in rookie camp is just to see how players act. Do they follow instructions? Do they hustle on the practice field? Are they good in the classroom? How do they interact with other players?

Remember that chemistry was a huge part of last year’s success. The Eagles don’t expect to have a team full of angels, but they do need players who listen to the coaches and get along well with their teammates.

Thomas, for some reason, didn’t take advantage of his opportunity. Let’s hope Wilson does. He’s only 5-9, 170, but has pretty good speed and also return ability. Bob Grotz wrote a good piece on him a couple of days ago.

The Eagles found Wilson at a pro day at Temple, where a coach told him he clocked 4.42 in the 40-yard dash. There also were 17 bench presses at 225 pounds, a conversation and on Monday, a contract. The process began four weeks ago, Wilson sensing his quickness and special teams ability might be enough to earn him a chance to play some more days.

“It was about a month ago,” Wilson said. “They gave me a call after that and I got the invite. I want to show them my speed and my versatility. I play special teams, kick return, punt return. I’ll be on kickoff and kick return. I just want to fight for a spot.”

Wilson certainly has the right attitude. Now we’ll find out if he’s got what it takes to impress the coaches when he faces veteran players. Shining with rookies is one thing. Doing it against veterans is a whole other story.


The Eagles seem to want to find a slot receiver with return skills. They signed Greg Ward in April 2017. They added Rashard Davis last August. Now they’ve signed Wilson. Ward flashed last spring before fading in the summer. Davis has a full offseason to show what he can do. Wilson will get his chance this spring.

Davis is the most dynamic returner of the group and it will be interesting to see if he can stand out there this summer.


Beyond ridiculous.

Will help to keep Malc, Fletch and Lane motivated so maybe it’s a good thing.


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