Jernigan Hurting?

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Interesting report from Howard Eskin.

A herniated disc isn’t good for anyone, but that would be exceptionally tough for a DT. Jernigan is involved in a collision virtually every snap he’s on the field. That had to be painful to deal with and I’m sure it affected his play.

Jernigan missing the offseason program isn’t a big deal. He doesn’t need to develop chemistry with others the way OL do or a QB and his receivers do. DT is somewhat of an individual position. Jernigan is a veteran player who knows the scheme. Missing some passing camps won’t affect him. It also helps that he isn’t a bulky guy who would need to watch his weight. Jernigan is an athletic DT and is in good shape.

This could be a break for the young DTs on the roster who need reps.

Destiny Vaeao
Elijah Qualls
Azziz Shittu
Winston Craig
Bruce Hector

Those players can all benefit from extra reps. None of them is guaranteed a roster spot. Vaeao and Qualls have shown promise, but there will be pressure on them to take a step forward this year. Vaeao has more experience. Qualls has the higher upside.


I’m only reading this book if Pederson talks about what it was like to throw passes to Eagles legend Na Brown back in the summer of 1999. What a glorious time that was.


A lot of people want to know about Jordan Mailata. Is he really just an OT?

OL don’t run like that. Jason Kelce, as good an athlete as you’ll find on the O-line, wishes he could run like that. A buddy of mine who isn’t an Eagles fan pointed out how natural he looks while holding the ball.

You can make a good argument for the Eagles using Mailata as a RB or even a TE. I don’t mean as a permanent move, but rather a way to take advantage of his size, athleticism and rugby skills. He would be an interesting weapon.

That’s something for the preseason or the future. Mailata won’t be getting on the field in a real game any time soon. It would be a lot of fun to see him with the ball in the preseason. Can you imagine trying to cover or tackle him?

For now, Mailata will concentrate on playing OT. He has tremendous potential, but needs a ton of work. OL is a position where experience and skill are more important than natural ability. I can’t wait to see Mailata this summer. He’ll have some ups and downs, but his upside is so high that you can’t help but be excited.


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