Rings and Things

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It looks like I forgot to mention the Eagles got their Super Bowl rings on Thursday night.


And how freaking cool is this?

I wish Dawk had gotten that as a player, but he was part of the team last year so he absolutely deserves that. So great to see him getting to enjoy being part of a Super Bowl team.

Jeffrey Lurie is an interesting guy. Jason Peters says they are close friends. I’ve heard that he was close to LeGarrette Blount and now we see this.

Not your typical billionaire, to say the least.

It was cool to see all the guys who left come back for the event. I’m not sure if that happens every year. It just reinforces how close and special the players on the 2017 Eagles were. They will need as much of that chemistry as possible this year. 31 other teams will be coming for them.

This is going to be a challenging season.


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