The Best OT in the League?

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Jason Peters has been a stud LT since he arrived in Philly. He has been the foundation of the offensive line during that time. Peters is still very talented, but he’s no longer the team’s best OT. That title belongs to Lane Johnson. In fact, Johnson might be the best OT in the entire league.

Johnson is the complete package.







And nasty.

Having a dominant OT means a lot to an offense. The Eagles are insanely lucky to have two of them when Peters is healthy.

Johnson might already be the best RT in Eagles history. Jon Runyan was good, but nowhere close to Johnson as an overall player. Runyan could be dominant as a run blocker, but his pass protection was an issue when going against a stud like Michael Strahan. Johnson shut down elite pass rushers all year long.

That’s incredible.

Johnson is 28 years old. If he takes care of himself, he could play at a high level for another 5 to 7 years. That would make Carson Wentz one happy QB.


I have been a big fan of Johnson’s since I first saw him playing for Oklahoma back in 2012. Here is a lengthy post I wrote on him.

I closed with this line.

The sky is the limit for Johnson. If he works hard and develops to his full potential, he could be a Tony Boselli type of player. If Johnson doesn’t get that far, he can still be an above-average OT.

Boselli is the best OT I ever saw play so that is crazy praise from me. I’m shocked that I wrote that about him, but it tells you just how strongly I felt after studying him as a prospect.

Here is the first ever thing I wrote about Johnson, from September of 2012.

I was impressed with LT Lane Johnson.  He played RT last year, but has moved into Donald Stephenson’s old spot.  Johnson lists at 6-7, 303.  He’s got a slender, athletic build.  Good pass blocker.  They shuffled him around as the coaches looked at several players, but Johnson seemed to be the best LT to me.  Johnson was a TE and DL back in 2010. You can see his natural athleticism.

It’s always nice when you are actually right about a prospect.

I won’t be posting my Kevin Kolb notes…