Howie and Doug Sticking Around

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Bad news. Any chance of the Eagles firing Doug Pederson so the team could hire John Harbaugh is gone. Any chance of the Eagles having a football guy as the GM? That’s gone too.

Two years ago there were lots of questions about the duo. Even last year, there were some questions.

Not now.

Pederson is considered one of the best coaches in the league. His stature will only go up as he gets more experience under his belt (and assuming the team continues to win).

Roseman is looked at as one of the best GMs in the league.

Amazing what finding and developing a star QB and then winning the Super Bowl will do for your reputation.

Pederson and Roseman make a dynamic duo. Both are aggressive and embrace the most modern methods of football. They use analytics, Sports Science and other ideas that some older football types won’t touch.

The gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Dave.

One of the reasons that Pederson and Roseman get along so well is that they got their jobs under odd circumstances. Pederson was brought in for his “emotional intelligence”. He was here to clean up the Chip Kelly mess. Roseman was brought back from football limbo. Kelly had taken away his GM job. Lurie brought him back, but let him know that this was it. The football world didn’t covet either guy.

Pederson doesn’t seem to have any interest in being a coach/GM type. He saw Andy Reid do that in Philly and then give up those powers in KC. Reid has talked about what a smart move that was. I don’t think that’s lost on Pederson.

Roseman has changed tremendously since coming back. He is more of a leader and less of a micro-manager. He embraces being the big picture guy and then letting Joe Douglas, Andy Weidl and Dwayne Joseph run their scouting departments.

Jeff Lurie explained why he gave the duo extensions.

Nothing real groundbreaking there. It makes total sense. Neither Pederson nor Roseman was looking to go anywhere. Lurie had to throw some serious dough their way, but I’m sure he’ll be glad to sign those checks.

With a strong core of talent in place and Pederson and Roseman staying put, the Eagles should be contenders for the next few years.

Some may question what this means to Joe Douglas. He’ll want to go be a GM somewhere one of these days. I think the key for him is making sure he’s prepared to take on that role. Right now he gets to focus on scouting. The GM has to deal with contracts, hiring and firing coaches and so many more things. Douglas may want to stick with his current role for a big longer. We’ll have to wait and see on that.


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