The Eagles Got Hacked!

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That headline might be a bit deceiving.

Interesting move.

I don’t think of Hackenberg as an Eagles type of QB. Obviously they disagree and see enough they feel he’s worth taking a look at.

Hackenberg was a prep star and prized recruit. He went to Penn State and played for Bill O’Brien. Hackenberg played well as a freshman and created a lot of hype. O’Brien left for the NFL after that and things changed in a big way.

James Franklin brought in a completely different offense. The QB needed to be more mobile and to make quicker decisions. Neither of those was a strength for Hackenberg. He was more of a pure pocket-passer, being more comfortable with 5 and 7-step drops. He was more accurate down the field than on short, tight throws.

PSU also had some OL problems that compounded matters. Hackenberg rarely had a clean pocket and that brought out the worst in him. No QB likes pressure, but some handle it better than others. Think about Thursday’s game and Nate Sudfeld. There were at least two plays where he had to deal with free rushers. Sudfeld got by the pressure on both plays and one of them resulted in a TD pass.

Hackenberg’s NFL career has been a disaster. The Jets drafted him earlier than they should have and that only put added pressure on him and them. He didn’t get particularly good coaching in NY and that certainly didn’t help.

So what do the Eagles like?

Hackenberg is big at 6-4, 225. The Eagles like big QBs. He has a strong arm, another trait that is important to the Eagles. Hackenberg is a good downfield passer. The Eagles love to get chunk plays when they can. Hackenberg fits that style of play.

The Eagles have an outstanding trio of QBs in Carson Wentz, Nick Foles and Nate Sudfeld.

Stud starter.

Stud backup.

Young guy to develop.

Joe Callahan is purely a camp body from what we’ve seen so far. Hackenberg isn’t likely to ever develop into a starting QB in the NFL, but there is some logic to checking him out and seeing if you can develop him into a player for the future. He does have some NFL traits.

Foles is likely to be gone in 2019. Sudfeld would become the key backup and there would be a potential opening for another QB. Hackenberg could be a candidate for that role. He could be a practice squad candidate if the Eagles wanted to go QB heavy (three on the roster and one on the PS).

Howie Roseman is always looking for talent, especially at a crucial position like QB. The Eagles coaching staff has done amazing things with Wentz and Foles. I was not a big fan of Sudfeld’s coming out of Indiana and he’s developed nicely.

Maybe Doug and the boys can push the right buttons and get Hackenberg to finally show some of that talent we saw at Penn State.


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