Find Me a WR!

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Eagles WRs did not exactly light it up in the opener, totaling 9 catches for just 43 yards. In a word…yikes.

Give the Falcons defense some credit. Blame Nick Foles for some of that. But we can’t just ignore the lack of production from the receivers. The Eagles are looking high and low to see what is available.


Coleman is a major talent. The Browns drafted him 15th overall back in 2016. He played in 19 games for them over the course of two seasons, going 56-718-5. The Browns traded Coleman to the Bills this summer for a 7th round pick in 2020. Cleveland just wanted him gone and were happy to take anything for him. Buffalo, which has the worst receivers in the league, cut him. Ouch.

While talented, Coleman obviously has some issues. I don’t know if he’s selfish or lazy or parties too much. Something is going on there.

I think one of the reasons those teams moved on is that they didn’t have great infrastructure. The Eagles do.

  • great head coach
  • proven coaching staff
  • veteran leaders that run the locker room
  • successful offensive system
  • veteran QBs that are both good and respected
  • winning culture

Coleman would come into a great situation, but the coaches and players would let him know right away what was expected of him, on and off the field. That kind of structure can really help a player who has some issues. He feels pressured to do the right thing and to fit in

If Coleman puts out a vibe that he’s got a sense of entitlement due to being a high pick, the Eagles will say no thank you and tell him to hit the bricks. Talented or not, attitude matters to the Eagles.

Dude can play. He has to say the right things in his visit to convince the Eagles he’s worth bringing in.

As for Perriman…he has good size, speed and athleticism. What he doesn’t have are good hands.

Joe Douglas and Andy Weidl know him from their time with the Ravens. Baltimore drafted Perriman 26th overall in 2015. He was injured in his first season and then highly inconsistent in the next two years. The Ravens finally gave up this summer, cutting him.

Injuries were also a regular issue for Perriman in Baltimore. Could the Sports Science staff have any impact on that? I haven’t studied his injury history to know if that group would be of much help. As for the hands, you never know when a change of scenery and coaching can help something like that. Usually it doesn’t, but it can’t hurt to take a look and see what they think of Perriman.

The Eagles are checking these players out. That doesn’t mean they will definitely sign one. One benefit could be that the current receivers get the message loud and clear…play better or else. Guys like Mike Wallace, Markus Wheaton and Shelton Gibson have talent. They need to perform on the practice field, in the classroom and in games.


As for the practice squad guys, Braxton Miller is the big name. He is a terrific athlete and the kind of guy you want in the slot. He just didn’t develop in Houston as expected. The Eagles can take a longer look at him now that he’s on the PS.

Reggie Davis is small at 6-0, 170, but he’s got 4.36 speed. That’s certainly something you want on your team. He was with the Falcons in 2017, but was cut this year.

Dorren Miller has solid size at 6-0, 196. He is a small-school receiver who spent some time with the Jags.

It will be interesting to see if any of these players pan out.


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