Game Preview – Colts

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So…is anything noteworthy happening Sunday afternoon?

Oh yeah, that Wentz guy is back at QB. If my memory serves me, he was pretty good.

Wentz is back and none too soon. With skill players dropping like flies, the Eagles need a QB that can do more than just run the offense. They need a playmaker. I wrote about that and the game overall in my preview for

This game didn’t look so bad back in April, but a lot has changed since then. The Eagles are banged up and the Colts are off to a hot start. They are 1-1, but should have won the opener vs the Bengals.

The return of Wentz is a huge deal. He’s one of the best players in the league. Guys like that make a difference. Sure, he could be a bit rusty, but he’ll do things that Nick Foles simply can’t do. Wentz will make the players around him better. That will be quite the challenge since some of these players are new to him.

Wentz has never thrown a regular season pass to:

Kamar Aiken
Shelton Gibson
Dallas Goedert
Josh Perkins
Josh Adams

Wentz played with these guys in the OTAs and in Training Camp, but real games are very different. Timing could be an issue. Then again, Wentz might be able to adapt quickly. Great players don’t follow the normal rules. They do exceptional things.

I do expect Wentz to play well and the offense to show some signs of life.

The defense has played really well at The Linc over the past couple of years and a strong showing from those guys would be a huge help. The Colts OTs aren’t good so the Eagles need to win that battle.

One thing I do think will help the Eagles is the vibe we got this week. Before the Falcons game, Doug Pederson was uptight. He was being confrontational and weird in press conferences. On Friday he was joking around with the media.

The Eagles were at their best last year when they had fun and played loose. Pederson joked with the media. The players had celebrations for TDs and other big plays. Football was fun.

That hasn’t been the case this season, partially due to all the mystery around Wentz’s return. Now that he’s back, all the speculation can stop and the focus gets back to football. That’s what Pederson and the players want.

Sunday should be an interesting day. Hopefully a fun day.


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