Intrigue at RB

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Big news on Monday.

Jay Ajayi tore his ACL in the game on Sunday. He somehow played through it, but he’s now done for the season.

That means the revolving door at RB continues. The Eagles have five different RBs who have at least five carries this year. The Boys, Skins and Giants have a total of seven RBs with at least five carries. That should give you some idea of how crazy the Eagles RB situation has been.

And it looks like there will be a sixth RB in action for the Eagles.

We don’t know exactly who the Eagles are going after, but clearly they restructured that contract to go after someone with a decent cap hit.

Le’Veon Bell is the big name out there and he certainly would be a terrific addition. The Eagles could deal a 2019 draft pick for him and then hope to get a comp pick back in 2020. That would soften the blow of giving up a high pick for Bell (2nd or 3rd rounder).

The Ajayi injury means the Eagles will be in a tough negotiating spot. The other 31 teams have all the leverage. They know the Eagles need help at RB.

Johnson would be a terrific fit for the Eagles offense. I just can’t imagine the Cardinals would be willing to deal him. That’s the kind of player you build your offense around.

Howie Roseman did a great job of putting together the roster last year, making moves all season long. This year has been incredibly challenging already, with injuries piling up. The Eagles could try to go with the group of RBs they already have in place, but they obviously feel that a move needs to be made.

It also seems like they must feel a move can be made.

Roseman is arguably the best trader in the league. He works reasonable deals for both sides. He also has strong relations with agents so players want to come to Philly. They feel they will be treated fairly. It will be interesting to see what Roseman can pull off.

The Eagles pro scouts have likely been studying RB trade targets for a few weeks, in case someone became available or an emergency occurred. Well, it is emergency time.

The Eagles won’t have all their hopes on Bell. They’ll have multiple options, knowing that some teams will be open to dealing and others will want to keep their guys. Here are some names worth speculating about.

  • Le’Veon Bell – PIT
  • David Johnson – ARZ
  • Tevin Coleman – ATL
  • Ameer Abdullah – DET

If there is one RB I’d have interest in, it would be Bilal Powell of the Jets. He has always impressed me. I just don’t know if they’d be willing to part with him.

The Eagles could also look to the Dolphins for more RB help. They have good depth at RB. You wonder if Kenyan Drake might be available. He had 25 carries over the first two weeks and only a total of 14 in the last three games.

The Eagles need Roseman to work his magic, whether that is coming up with a splash move like Bell or finding the right guy.


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