Wearing and Tearing

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Running Back By Committee.

That’s what RBBC means. That will be the Eagles approach this week.

Right now there just isn’t one guy you would feed the ball to over and over. Darren Sproles has only played in one game. Corey Clement has dealt with a nagging injury most of the year. Wendell Smallwood hurt his ribs last Sunday and got banged up previously. Rookie Josh Adams missed a lot of time this spring and summer.

We know RB is a wear and tear position, but sometimes we forget that. This season has been a stark reminder. Jay Ajayi is the Eagles leading rusher and best RB. He played in games with a broken back and torn ACL. Think about that for a second. Don’t ever question that dude’s toughness. Worst of all for him, this is a contract season. He was hoping for a decent payday for 2019. Now he’ll likely have to sign a 1-year prove-it deal. Ugh.

I think the Eagles have to do something at RB, but the more I think about the trade possibilities, the less they make sense. There are good players out there, but I’m not so sure teams are ready to trade them. We’re just in Week 5. Plenty of teams still have playoff hopes. Do you risk trading an asset right now?

There was an interesting rumor on Tuesday.

I’d be all for this move, if the price was right. Someone said the asking price was a 2nd round pick. No way I do that deal. Shady is a banged up RB and he’s on the decline. He would still help out the Eagles, but you can’t overpay for his services.

It would be fun to watch him play with Carson Wentz and behind this O-line. It would be fun to have a RB who could deliver big plays.

I wouldn’t think of this as a likely move, but it is possible. If the Eagles can’t find a key RB to get, why did they clear that cap space? There had to be a reason.

It is possible that the Vikings game made the coaches and front office feel the team needed help at another spot. Maybe there is a safety the team is going after. Maybe there is a DT they want. Tim Jernigan remains a mystery. Without him, the DL isn’t as good. The other DTs are effective role players, but no one has shown the ability to do a whole lot.

Howie Roseman and his staff are always looking for ways to improve the roster. It is possible they see a player on another team that has fallen out of favor and is now available. We didn’t hear a lot about Jay Ajayi last year before he was traded. That sort of came out of nowhere. Howie has strong relationships with agents. He knows what’s going on with players around the league.

For now, all we can do is sit, wait and speculate.

It certainly feels like the Eagles are going to make some move. We just don’t know who or what right now.