A Good Day

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Some days you feel like the world is against you.

Then there are days like Monday and they give you a reason to smile.

Huge news. We don’t know when Jernigan will be back, but it would be in the next three weeks. The Eagles have an exemption for him so they can see him practice and then decide whether to activate him or put him out for the season. Obviously they expect Jernigan to play so it really is just a question of when.

Jernigan is a veteran and knows the scheme so you can’t rule Sunday out yet, but the team won’t rush him back. They want him for the stretch run, not just a single game.

It was interesting to hear Jim Schwartz talk about Jernigan’s personality being as important as his talent. It sounds like he’s one of those guys who brings a lot of energy to the field. Or “juice”, as Doug Pederson would say.


TEN 28
DAL 14


Dak Prescott threw an INT in the Red Zone in the first half. Terrible decision, terrible throw. Late in the game, trailing by 14, he threw a pass out of the back of the end zone…on fourth down. Yikes.

The play-calling was abysmal. Dallas did try a trick play, but it was late in the game and failed. Those offensive coaches are not getting the job done.

That’s good news. For people rooting against the Cowboys.

This doesn’t help matters for a desperate team.

Dallas fell to 3-5, really hurting their chances of making the playoffs.

Before you get too cocky…if they beat the Eagles on Sunday night, Dallas would jump ahead of the Eagles in the standings. Scary thought.

A loss would bury the Cowboys.

The Titans played with more energy and urgency on Monday night. That has to be very discouraging for Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett. Dak Prescott posted reasonable numbers, but anyone watching the game had real questions about him. He took some bad sacks. He held the ball too long at times. He forced some passes. That was bad Dak and a big part of the reason that Dallas lost.


McDougle really struggled against the Jags. He kept slipping and that caused a lot of problems.

Getting Sidney Jones back is the real key, but the Eagles must find someone to help in the slot until he’s back.

LeBlanc is at his best in the slot. He’s played 31 games, starting 10. He has broken up 13 passes, picked off 2 and is a good blitzer. Could be a good band-aid.



Let’s be clear. I am not happy these guys are hurt. I would never cheer for injuries or take pleasure in them. We’re talking about people’s health and their livelihood.

That said, if the injuries do benefit the Eagles, you have to talk about it. WAS has one of the best O-lines in the league. That changes with Scherff out. Lauvao isn’t anything special, but he was starting for a reason.

By the time the Eagles and Skins meet on Dec. 3, you could have Tim Jernigan and Fletcher Cox going up against backup OGs. Advantage Eagles.


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