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The Eagles got booed on Sunday night heading into halftime. A couple of people in the national media got on the fans for that. I have no problem with booing a team that had performed that poorly in the most important game of the year.

I’m not much of a booer. Athletes tend to know when they’re playing like crap. Booing just doesn’t do much for me, but I’m okay with fans booing when they see that bad of a performance. You’re in the moment. Your’e ticked off. You boo.

But this type of nonsense…

  • Mike Groh has to go. Let’s get a real OC.
  • Get rid of Jim Schwartz and his awful defense.
  • Howie Roseman can’t draft.
  • Doug Pederson was a one-year wonder


I understand the need to vent after a tough loss, but at a certain point, let it go. Stop your bitching.

This group of players, coaches and front office people brought us the friggin’ Super Bowl just nine months ago.

That doesn’t mean they are immune to criticism. The group hasn’t gotten the job done this year. You know that. I know that. They know that. They deserve to be criticized. But this notion that all these guys need to be fired or they are somehow now idiots is just ridiculous.

I wrote a piece for PE.com and one of the points I made in there is that both SF and NE struggled after winning their first Super Bowls. You can have a Hall of Fame coach and QB and still have a disappointing season.

Part of the magic of football is that things don’t always make sense. The most talented team rarely wins the Super Bowl. We have seen teams just dominate the regular season and then lose in the playoffs. We have seen wildcard teams sneak into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl.

In hockey, a red hot goalie can carry a team. In baseball, a red hot pitcher can carry a team. Basketball is all about the stars. In football, it is all about the team. An all time great QB like Dan Marino never won the Super Bowl. An all time great RB like Barry Sanders never won the Super Bowl.

Football is the ultimate team game.

The Eagles were the best team a year ago. The front office acquired the right players. The coaches got the most out of their guys. The players made clutch play after clutch play all year long. That made for an amazing season.

On Sunday night, Kamu Grugier-Hill dropped an easy pick-six. Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery failed to connect for an easy TD. Michael Bennett was inches away from knocking a ball out of Dak Prescott’s hand. Two Eagles O-linemen weren’t able to block one Dallas LB on a screen.

That handful of moments is the difference between winning and losing.

Frank Reich did a great job with the Eagles last year and has been terrific with Indy this season. He is a good coach. Losing him hurt. At the same time, the biggest difference in the 2017 and 2018 Eagles offense is the performance of the OL. Reich got the benefit of arguably the best OL in football. This year those same players are wildly inconsistent. That has nothing to do with Groh and Reich.

Jeff Stoutland is the OL coach. He got them to play brilliantly a year ago and has to be going nuts with this year’s performance.

Do the Eagles offensive coaches need to do a better job? Yes. Do they need to bring in some new guys? I don’t think so. These ideas and concepts worked a year ago. Something just isn’t clicking this season.

Jim Schwartz has caught a ton of flak. People hate him and the Eagles defense.

6th in the league in points allowed
5th in the league in 3rd down defense
4th in the league in Red Zone defense

Who exactly do you want running the defense? How many coaches can deliver a performance like that?

The defense blew leads against TEN and CAR. That drove us all nuts. The Eagles dominated for much of the game and then fell apart late. Why? Those teams were forced to throw the ball and be aggressive. The Eagles are vulnerable to the pass. When teams get desperate and just throw the ball, they have some success. The Eagles gave up some 4th down conversions in those games.

One of the reasons the Eagles won the Super Bowl last year is they converted a couple of huge 4th downs in that game. Defensive mastermind Bill Belichick couldn’t stop the Eagles on 4th downs with the Super Bowl on the line. You’re going to give up some of those.

The 4th and 15 against the Titans is the killer play. Corey Graham, a proven vet, just blew his assignment. Do you fire Schwartz for that? I sure don’t.

People are upset at the “sticks defense” or the “picket fence”, whatever you want to call it.

It works.

You may not like giving up yards, but it works. Go back and watch the 2013 defense. They struggled to stop teams on 3rd and long, especially early in the season. Teams would convert 3rd and 15 with ease. It was infuriating. Schwartz gives up some yards, but not 1st downs.

Vent. Be mad. Get it out of your system.

But we’ve got seven games left. We’re going to be talking about the Eagles for months. Not every discussion can be a total bitchfest about how half the coaches should be fired and half the players should be cut.

There will be changes in the offseason. There will be a lot of players going (age and money are going to be huge factors). Pederson may decide to shake up his staff. But I certainly don’t expect anything major.

The Eagles are having a down year, but this isn’t a dysfunctional group that needs to be ripped apart.

Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson will have some long talks in the offseason about where things went wrong and what changes need to be made. They’ll study the situation and try to come up with the right solutions.

There are definite issues to be addressed and they involve every area of the team. Still, I believe the Eagles have a strong organization and the right pieces in place at the key spots (GM, coach, QB, coordinators).

Washington might be 6-3, but would you rather have Bruce Allen, Jay Gruden and Alex Smith?

Football is a crazy game and that’s why we love it.


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