The TE Shuffle

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The Joshua Perkins era is over.

We saw the report on Rodgers on Tuesday and it didn’t make much sense. Why bring back a #3 TE? Now we know.

Perkins has a knee injury and will be out for a while. It isn’t essential to have 3 TEs for every game, but you can’t go with just a pair of TEs for an extended period.

That wasn’t all.

Brown is a developmental prospect. Tye has played in 32 games and has 94 career catches. He could contribute if needed. The Eagles added him to the practice squad so he could learn the offense and be ready to play if needed. Should Rodgers have any kind of setback, they needed a backup plan. That’s Tye.

I’m sure some of you will see this as basically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I get that, but the organization has to continue to approach this season like they would if the team was 6-3. If/when the Eagles get mathematically eliminated, then you can talk about focusing on the future.

For now, you do everything you can to help the team win.


Great piece here from Fran and Ike.

They showed one play that worked and two that didn’t. Rather than act as if the team is flawless, they are explaining what went wrong. That helps fans to understand what some of the problems are. I think that is a smart approach.

You can see one of the reasons that Jalen Mills plays over Rasul Douglas. Mills is a good tackler. Douglas failed to tackle Zeke Elliott on a simple play and turned that into a huge gain. Douglas also had another terrible play in the game.

Douglas mistake on that play kept the Dallas drive alive at the end of the half. That ended in a TD. If Douglas stays outside on this play, the receiver has to go inside. Malcolm Jenkins is there to make the play. Dallas then punts. The Eagles go score a TD and win the game 51-6.

Okay, maybe there is a bit of over-optimism in there, but you get the point. That mistake was a huge moment in the game.


I wasn’t too keen on Doug Pederson’s press conference on Wednesday.

Jeff McLane asked a reasonable question about the offense and Pederson acted confused. Rather than acknowledge that scoring is up this year around the league and other teams are doing some amazing things, Pederson got defensive and awkward.

This may not seem like a big deal, but Pederson sets the tone for the team. Bill Belichick is Mr. Business. He’s cold and awkward. That works for him and his team.

The Eagles need Big Balls Doug. They need a loose, aggressive coach. They don’t need him being super-secretive about injuries and bickering with writers who ask legitimate questions.

I hope I’m making too much of this. We’ll see how the team comes out on Sunday.


The Eagles did catch a break. Saints LT Terron Armstead is having a great year, but got hurt on Sunday and will miss the game.

If the Eagles can get a bit more pressure on Drew Brees because of this, it will help them out.

It sounds like Sidney Jones and Tim Jernigan could play for the Eagles. That would certainly help.

And the Eagles are going to need all the help they can get if they’re going to win this game.


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