We Know

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The Eagles started the year 1-1 and didn’t look that good. We thought the return of Carson Wentz would change things.

Then it was the return of Alshon Jeffery that was going to change things.

Then we thought October would be different, with the Eagles having some time to come together as a team.

Then we thought getting to the bye week would help, with the team getting rest and a chance to get healthier.

Then we thought the addition of Golden Tate would make a difference.

Now we know.

This team just isn’t that good. They’re 4-5. They look like a 4-5 team. They make critical mistakes. They don’t make plays. They’re good enough to win some weeks and lose competitively in others. The season has been very disappointing so far.

And the future isn’t exactly rosy. They play the Saints next week. New Orleans won today 51-14 and hasn’t lost since the opener. There is a good chance the Eagles are going to be 4-6 a week from now.

Is the season over? I will never say a season is over until it is in fact mathematically over. Life in the NFL is weird. We’ve seen teams with a 7-9 record win a division and host a playoff game.

This team had much higher aspirations than trying to win a crappy division and sneak into the playoffs. At this point, the Eagles would be lucky to pull that off.

The Eagles had a chance to bury the Cowboys. Instead, they saved their season.


Have they ever. And it’s painful.


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