A Great Move

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Howie Roseman is catching plenty of flak for the Golden Tate trade. Right now, that looks like a terrible deal.

One move that Howie made that has turned out great is the trade for Michael Bennett. He leads the team with 6.5 sacks and 8 TFLs. He’s also got a FF.

When I re-watched the win over the Giants, it really jumped out just how important Bennett was in that game.

Bennett came up with a sack on the opening drive of the second half. That put the Giants way behind the chains and they had to punt. Bennett was in on a TFL on the next series and helped that end in a punt. He helped ruin the third series by getting into the backfield on third down. Chris Long got the sack, but it was Bennett who made the play.

One of the reasons the Giants only had three yards in the third quarter and three points in the second half is the play of Bennett. He stepped up when the team desperately needed someone to. Malcolm Jenkins did as well, but it can be easier for DL to really impact a game than a SS.

Any question about how Bennett would fit in with his new team have certainly been answered.

The Eagles need takeaways if they are going to get on a hot streak. Bennett could be a key to those, with his ability to rush up the middle or off the edge. He also can make plays in the run game. TFLs can put a team in known passing situations and allow the DBs to take more chances.


Would be good to get these guys back. Jim Schwartz could play them outside and leave Cre’Von LeBlanc in the slot. LeBlanc had some good moments last week. He certainly has the kind of attitude that Schwartz loves in his DBs.

It would also  be good to see Jones play outside. The Eagles need to figure out his long term role on the defense. I’m sure they project him outside, but it would help to see him play there in some games.


Could this really be happening? I certainly hope so, for the sake of Sproles and the organization.

Sproles desperately wants to get back on the field in his final season. Watching this offense struggle must have been torturous for him. Missing 2017 was tough, but at least he could enjoy his teammates’ success. This year he watched them struggle to score points and win games.

The organization clearly made a mistake in bringing Sproles back. You can also question them not putting him on IR. If Sproles can help the team win some games down the stretch and make a strong playoff push, the organization can feel a little better about their decisions.


By now everyone knows RB Kareem Hunt was cut by the Chiefs.

Here is an excellent in-depth piece in The Athletic. That’s a subscription site, but is definitely worth it. You get great Eagles coverage from Sheil and Bo and a ton of great coverage on all other sports and teams.

The piece breaks down how he was cut and why he was cut. It also explains Hunt won’t be back with the Chiefs ever again, but the organization is willing to work with him to get him counseling and help. Their goal is to help a young man get his life back on track.

PFT mentioned the Eagles as a team that might have interest in the future. That was pure speculation. No one will touch Hunt this year. He will have to serve a suspension in the future and that will certainly affect teams interest.

My guess is that the Eagles would not make this move, but that’s just a guess.

People love to bring up Michael Vick, but he served almost two years in federal prison. There were bad crimes and there was real punishment. Hunt’s situation is very different.

Andy Reid would have to do a major sales job to Jeffrey Lurie and Doug Pederson. That could happen, but we’ll have to wait and see if Reid feels that strongly about Hunt.


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