All About the Run

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The Skins are a running team. They are 13th in the league in rushing, only 25th in passing. This is a bit of an old school offense.

The Eagles were great against the run for the first five games. As injuries mounted, the run defense began to struggle. They have allowed 135 rushing yards a game over the past six weeks.

Not good.

Breakdowns by DBs have hurt the run defense in recent weeks. Chandon Sullivan missed some crucial tackles on Sunday. Rasul Douglas missed a couple in the Dallas game. The defense tackled much better in the second half of the Giants game. That’s one of the ways they limited Eli and Co.

The Eagles must tackle well this week.

This would be a great time for the defense to get back to their old ways of shutting down the run. The DL must penetrate and be disruptive. They must get off blocks. The LBs must be in the right gaps. They also need to get off blocks and tackle well. The DBs need to do their part as well.

If you can limit the Skins run game and force them into passing situations, you can make life really tough on them.

The Eagles can play good run defense. They need to do it consistently to win this game.

Some highlights from last week:


The Giants upset the Bears on Sunday, giving them three wins in the last four games.

I’m not ready to declare the Giants a good team or anything like that, but it does make me feel better about last week’s win.


Former coach update. Frank Reich’s Colts got shutout and lost 6-0. Ugly game.

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer wasn’t happy with his team’s offense, openly yelling at John DeFilippo on the sideline.

If things don’t work out there, Flip would be welcomed back to Philly with open arms.

Keep your eyes on this situation.


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